Backpacking on a Budget: Get the Most Out of Your Trip!

Backpacking Nepal
Written by Kane Dane

Backpacking can be defined as an independent, often global, low-spending way of traveling. An individual who backpacks is regarded as a backpacker. Backpackers do travel for a lengthy period of time compared to most tourists, and they have the tendency of traveling in several different nations amid their leisure period like holidays. The number of nations varies and a backpacker can keep on going from a few months to several years.

Backpacking is not the most fabulous way to travel. Very few backpackers are flying with every available amenity, tasting on champagne and eating at popular venues. No, most backpackers are either opting in for the train or hitchhiking, tasting on the goon and rationally planning for one more night of mi-goreng. Backpacking, however, is a great way to travel.

backpackers on a mountain trail in the daytime

However, just because you don’t have the cash to hire a driver does not mean that you should miss out on experiences that accompany a cost. Be it surfing on the Australian drift, snorkeling in Fiji or bungy hopping in New Zealand; it is possible to take part in these events without foregoing a supper a day throughout the following month. In this article, we will be expanding some helpful tips that can give you the best backpacking on a budget.

Tips for Backpacking on a Budget

To have a great backpacking trip, you need some helpful tips. These tips will help you spend less and also to stick with your set budget.

Pack Light

When planning a backpacking trip, packing light should always be your goal. Four set of jeans, is simply going to overload you when you are running or hiking to get a train. You have to leave some load behind and scrutinize what you are carrying along. See our piece on the utralight backpacking gear you can take on your next trip – check it out.

backpacking gear on a wooden table outside

Leave your preferred jewelry or your granddad’s watch at home as well; carrying important or nostalgic stuff will prompt a disaster. Just pack what you are able to put back, and save cash of overweight baggage charges when you fly.

Stay Outdoors

If it is possible, you should be able to stay outdoors throughout your trip. In many nations, there are a lot of comfortable campgrounds that won’t deplete your spending plans. This is an amazing choice if you have been camping before and you have the choice of conveying your own camping tent.

a tent and a beautiful sunset

In case you’re prepared and willing to grasp your internal Bear Grylls, it is possible for you to do outdoors work just about any place. Ensure that you remain safe, though, particularly in case you are backpacking alone.

Get a Hostel that has a Kitchen

Backpacking isn’t for everybody. You may not have the capacity to bring along all the equipment you need, or you may very well need the solace of a bed. Attempt one of the several backpacker-friendly lodgings across the globe.

Backpackers cooking up some fine Food

The best hostels have free meals or even a collective kitchen that has a lot of cooking gear. If you purchase foodstuffs and make some meals in the lodging, you can save a huge amount of cash over a long trek. Reward: you make new companions in the lodging kitchen.

Take along some snacks

Being on a trip and living outside of your trusty rucksack can actually deplete you. Snacks may appear like a silly expansion to your apparatus, yet it can truly help you keep vitality levels high between dinners and rests.

Cookies for backpacking

Indeed, even in the least expensive nations to visit, nearby sellers have the understanding that snacks are important amid trips, and they have the tendency of jacking up the costs of fast foods to eat; evade these unexpected expenses, and bring along some granola or protein bars. Check out our important tips on how to prepare backpacking food that are nutritious.

Purchase a Train Ticket

In many places, particularly Western Europe and throughout Asia, train passes are available that you can pre-buy. These train passes can enable you to travel everywhere throughout the nation you are in, without being anxious about cost after the initial purchase of the train ticket, for a set time frame.

Traveling with the train

In case you’re going to bounce around a specific area, a pass can reduce your expenses throughout your whole backpacking trip. Traveling by Train can truly get you an awesome view of a nation.

Walk and Don’t Take a Taxi

Try not to give the ease of a taxi ride a chance to lure you in. At times, taxicab chauffeurs drive you on the “panoramic route” to raise your taxi fare, or just cheat you. Walking, while likewise being good for the earth and your body, is really great for your budget.

travelers walking down the street

In the event that you need to go someplace and it is too far to trek, find an open transit to drive you to your destination. Trains and busses are cheap and always reliable.

Be Careful of Scam Artists and Pickpockets

Regardless of where you are backpacking, if it is Southeast Asia, Europe, or elsewhere, urban communities have some kind of scam artists or pickpockets. They can detect a traveler from a distance away, and will make a special effort to exploit you.

A Pickpocket in Action

It would be disastrous to remain on a spending plan and then have it all destroyed by a theft. With that, you should keep your cash and resources close nearby. An ideal approach? Money belts and hidden pockets.

Visit the Liquor Shop

Local organizations enjoy profiting off voyagers, and that is obviously, big time in clubs and bars. The ones close to destinations of tourist will overcharge since they figure you won’t understand. Pre-gaming at the lodging will comprehend that. Check nearby public drinking confinements before you move.

Inside a Liquor Shop

Additionally, many European clubs and bars have cards for coffee, and you can cash out when taking off. Try not to let your barkeeper over-punch, and do not lose your punch card.

Keep away from Tourist Traps

Pay attention and watch where local people go. Have lunch where local people eat. Spend Friday evenings where local people do. Keep a rundown of the nicest events to do in an area that does not cost anything: heading off to a garden and park or carrying out some window-shopping.

backpacking paris on a budget

Enjoy free strolling tours, but keep in mind that you need to tip your lead. Look for attractions that are affordable and cheap. Playhouses and museums are the right sources of these.

Go backpacking with a Group

Going backpacking alone is a freeing encounter, yet, there is always quality in numbers. Going backpacking with a group can reduce your expenses by sharing various obligations. If you have a great cook, among you, then that will help no doubt.

backpacking with a group

If one of you has much detail, then give them a chance to organize the train trips. If one of you is a seasoned backpacker, then they will have the right gear to camp easily and economically. A group muddles the planning procedure, but don’t be scared by that. You can always split away and get together later. Here are more tips on how to prepare your next backpacking trip– it’s  a must-read.

Profiting While Backpacking on a Budget

Do you want to make money while backpacking?


If yes, there are a lot of ways you can employ to make money as you backpack on a budget, so read on to get enlightened!

  1. Busking: Can you play an instrument? If yes, then you can create an arena in the street, instead of your room and arrange some sort of things, near your feet to gather donations. Why not expand the motivating force to donate and make an indication that tells bystanders of your travel intents?
  2. Teaching: If you can speak in multiple languages, then offer classes to educate others. Make some pamphlets and show them on road poles around town. The individual walking their puppy along the road side could possibly be your next student!
  3. Mystery Shopping: There are organizations that will pay you to write a review on your experience when shopping, catching a flight or eating out. Hop on the web and sign up to be a mystery shopper and you could possibly get both compensated for costs and paid furthermore to purchase your next dinner, movie ticket or clothing item.
  4. Freelance: Jump on the internet and publicize any of your skills you think you can make money. There are websites devoted to specialists of all professions, you will undoubtedly get a task you can finish.
  5. Hostel Work: Most lodgings will give you free accommodation in return for work. Two or three hours at the reception or taking care of the pool, could make you get free bed space for the night.
  6. Create: Think of what you can involve yourself in so as to make cool cash and once you’ve figured out how to, repeat the procedure. Maybe you can purchase a case of beer and offer for singles for two or three dollars each to the hikers relaxing by the pool?

Places You Can Go Backpacking on a Budget

Do you think that backpacking in some places in the world is not possible? There are a lot of places over the globe where you can effortlessly backpack for some dollars per day, from Africa to Asia, while as yet encountering authentic foods and astounding cultures. At a similar cost of an Ikea sofa, you could spend some weeks doing water-skiing in Malawi, or climb some of the world’s tallest mountains in Nepal. Prepare to gather wonderful experiences instead of things, and go through each edge of the globe without spending a fortune.

In this section, we are going to take you through some astounding and affordable places you can experience backpacking and still maintaining your budget!


Yes, you read that well. Despite the fact that Thailand has developed from its moderately obscure and out-of-the-way destination into a nation loaded with inclusive resorts, there are still a lot of chances to appreciate the Thailand’s excellence and culture without the tourist or hordes or expensive drinks.

For the perfect way to appreciate Thailand on a budget, go to the northern districts and inland-fundamentally wherever far from a beach. Their hikers can still appreciate tropical desert spring and amazing, fascinating sights while just spending a couple of dollars per day.

Backpacking Thailand

In case you are willing to live together with others, the apartments will only make you spend $3 US dollars per night, and the really prosperous individual among us can get a private bath and bed for a little above $5. The Thai meal is less expensive: genuine Pad Thai from the street may cost you $1 for a satisfying and life-changing lunch.


Need amazing Mediterranean views, design, and culture without the costly sticker price you’ll discover in Greece or Italy? Albania is a magnificent option, with similarly the same number of lovely beaches, urban communities, and museums at a small amount of the cost. While costlier than other places on the planet earth, it is an incredible place to visit the Mediterranean and Europe without having to spend much money compared to what you will spend in other nations.

Backpacking Albania

You can effortlessly arrive there from the main center points in Europe, and their room will just cost you around $20 every night, and a cheap food at an eatery will just cost you around $5.


Costa Rica might be extremely English talking friendly, yet it’s expanding fame as a tourist place and retirement desert garden has additionally made costs spike rather drastically. Fortunately, neighboring Nicaragua is the ideal option and offers a lot of Central American appeal for backpackers without having to spend much.

Backpacking Nicaragua

Indeed, even the most touristy places only cost about $10 every night for a lodge, and any number of the little towns have a lot of inns with considerably less expensive sticker prices. The regular South American charge will just cost you a couple of dollars per meal, thus making Nicaragua one of the ideal ways to visit Central America’s magnificence while on a budget.


When planning to go on a backpacking trip in the US, it is best to go to places where travel warnings have been placed. While you may somewhat be at risk, but if you apply common sense and travel astutely, you can undoubtedly appreciate modest backpacking without a traveler in sight. This experience is common in Colombia. While the nation is significantly more secure than it was before in the 80s, the majority of America appears to be persuaded that Colombia is still regulated by ex-mafia members and drug cartels.

Backpacking Columbia

However, utilize this to your good fortune and travel a great deal; you can effortlessly discover an inn room in the center of Cartagena at a cost below $10 each night; a loft on the shoreline on an island, will only cost you about $3 each night, and up to $10 for a boat ride. The meal is more expensive, but if you are willing to purchase most of your food from road merchants you can easily make due on only a couple of dollars for every meal.


Are you prepared for some serious backpacking trip? Nepal offers something beyond living out of a knapsack: the nation has a portion of the world’s tallest pinnacles and a great many miles of hiking trails and treks that are loaded with unending skies and mountain vistas.

Backpacking Nepal

The best part is that the trails are loaded with hotels, sanctuaries, and houses that give cheap lodging, sights, and meal- i.e. all the backpacking fundamentals of an extraordinary outing. Kathmandu, which is the main city of Nepal, boasts the second least expensive lodging on the planet earth, where you can secure a bed inside for just $2 every night.


Africa has many things to give to an average backpacker on a budget. While the traveling ticket to Africa may set you back, exploring around Malawi is shockingly cheap; you can effortlessly get buy off of under $20 per day, thanks partially to the nation’s poor economy, and the absence of tourist centers. Getting around the nation is considerably less expensive than arriving there, and the spending costs mean you are in for an adventure, from filled-up buses to pick-up taxis and trucks. You can effortlessly get a bed for a price around $2+ and food can make you spend as meager as $1 if you go to local eateries.

Backpacking Malawi

Entertainment is cheap also in Malawi: for just a couple of dollars, you can enjoy a similar standard water skiing event that would cost you seven days’ pay in other touristy territories of the world.


Cheap backpacking experiences aren’t restricted to only Southeast Asia. For an essence of West meets East, go to Turkey, a place where you can enjoy exploring around the nation for well below $40 each day. A night in an apartment lodging begins around $5, while Turkish food offers a lot of conventional and traditional meals that help you feel satisfied for just a couple of dollars per meal.

Backpacking Turkey

Going to eateries in the streets is one of the ideal ways to spend less, and many markets in Turkey are incredible spots to get meals for less than $5. Transportation costs wouldn’t burn up all available resources either; flight fares to Istanbul are shockingly affordable, and transport fares around the nation are considerably less expensive, with an extravagance transport ride around the nation at a price around $20 per individual.


Vietnam is extraordinarily backpacker friendly and isn’t only in prices. The nation has a lot of sights, events that are either free or should be possible for only a couple of dollars. A quarters style lodging rooms, can be gotten at a price less than $3 per night, and often incorporate breakfast.

Backpacking Vietnam

Your dinners and suppers will cost even less; a lot of road merchants and cheap eateries in Vietnam enable you to attempt some amazing ethnic meals at a price less than $2 per meal.


South America is clearly not cheap as it once might have been, yet there are still some concealed spots where travelers can explore for just a couple of dollars per day. Bolivia is definitely one of the best locations, with a lot of South American appeal and intriguing destinations with friendly accommodations on a budget.

Backpacking Bolivia

You can get rather primitive spots to stay for up to $5 per night, and meals loaded with rice and beans will cost you just a couple of dollars a meal.

New Zealand

Are you planning on going backpacking with a group? If yes, New Zealand is the perfect destination for you! The best, and least expensive, and exceptionally prominent way to see the nation is to purchase and offer a camper van; gas is not expensive, and you can get huge amounts of free or extremely economical campgrounds that are reserved for camper vans.

Backpacking New Zealand

If you would prefer not to invest the cash in advance to get you, you can undoubtedly lease one for around $100 per day, which with a gathering of people can get at around $15-25 an individual for each night; not an awful price for a day’s travel costs and accommodation.

The best wagered for cheap food on the go will be to purchase locally grown vegetables and fruits or to locate a couple of good shoddy roadside stands and pile up on grub. In any case, you can effortlessly backpack New Zealand while adhering to your budget.

Concluding Thoughts

We believe you got a lot of information from this article. Not all backpacking trip involves camping and hitch hiking. However, in many nations, travel, and lodging is sufficiently cheap to suit even the thriftiest backpacker. It is quite possible to travel a long way and remain in relatively wonderful accommodation for as low as $7-10 per day.

So, following backpacking tips makes sticking to your budget an easy one. For more information on how to plan ahead for your backpacking trip, see our must-read article on the topic.

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Have you ever gone on a backpacking trip on a budget? If yes, then we would love to hear from you! You can leave us a comment below.


Kane Dane


  • I am an average middle class earner with an expensive hobby (my great love for the adventure in the outdoors). I therefore have to backpack on a strict budget. I have had great experiences backpacking from end to end of the globe. I always prefer to backpack with a group of my friends who are also seasoned backpackers. This way we can share out on expenses and we enjoy more. We have gone backpacking in Africa and the Middle East. We usually prefer trekking wherever we can and we use buses and trains when our destinations are too far.This way we get to see the diverse cultures of different people and this makes our experience perfectly thrilling.

    • Thank you Mike for sharing your experience with us. You should also advise your friends not to limit themselves because of a tight budget. All they need to know is how to backpack on a budget.

  • As an avid adventurer I am sometimes low on cash but I want to explore. Here is where I go backpacking while on a budget. There are plenty of destinations worldwide that I can easily visit and still get by less than 40$ a week. When backpacking on a budget I always opt for public means of transport as this is cheaper travelling by train actually gives me such a breathtaking image of the areas am travelling through. I also usually eat at eateries where locals eat and the varieties of food here is amazing. I am a talented violinist so I always carry my violin with me and play it in streets. I usually make a lot of cash this way as I sometimes get invited in gigs to play.

    • Backpacking doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to make a few changes on the plan. Taking a train instead of a flight is one of the good ways of backpacking on a budget.


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