5 Best Portable Solar Chargers For Your Sunny Adventures

Written by Wendy Tucker

If you thought solar panels were only meant to rest at homes and on rooftops, you’re wrong; they have places to explore, as do you!

Now, don’t let sunburn be the only thing you get out of the scorching sun; amp up your devices and even cut down the electricity bill! And what’s better? You can do this when you’re on the road, off-grid, and nowhere near a power outlet.

Together with Zervs, the leader in used motorhome sales online, we have compiled for you the five best to go camping with. Scroll on and get to know everything about solar chargers.

What Are Portable Solar Chargers?

Anything portable is easy to carry around, usually something that won’t take up much of your space. And solar chargers are devices that absorb solar energy and convert them to electrical energy.

So, a portable solar charger is simply something that can fit your travel luggage, especially during long journeys when you have limited access to an electrical outlet to charge all or some of your devices.

Why Should You Buy A Solar Charger?


Solar chargers don’t require any other forms of energy other than solar (a renewable resource) and give no harmful by-products. In fact, they do not contribute to waste production, making them the best options for devices that need a charge now and then.

However, like most things, they too have a shortcoming, i.e., they aren’t very efficient in overcast climatic conditions.

Best 5 Portable Solar Chargers To Boost Your Devices On The Move

1. BigBlue 3 Solar Charger

This one is hands down the most efficient option you’ll get under $100. It has three USB-A ports, has an impressive charging speed, and is a hiker’s favorite.


  • Waterproof
  • Reasonable price
  • Foldable, compact design
  • Works well even when cloudy


  • Quite bulky
  • Lacks type C USB port
  • Lacks a built-in battery

This charger ticks all the boxes regarding portability, durability, fast charging speed, and multiple charging. So, there’s really no reason not to get it unless you’re going on a one-day trip.

2. Blavor Qi Portable Charger


A portable solar charger that has two flashlights and a compass? A big yes! With Blavor’s 10,000 mAh charger, your next day out will be so much better.


  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple outputs
  • Comes with a built-in wireless charging pad
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof


  • Battery limit is at 6 hours
  • Slow to replenish battery by solar alone
  • A simultaneous wireless and solar charge isn’t possible

This charger is a handy one for campers and hikers. It has both USB- A and C ports and even a wireless charging pad which makes things so much easier, especially when you’re a gadget maniac.

3. Goertek 25,000 mAh

This is a solar battery pack with a massive 25,000 mAh battery for a device that’s just the size of your phone. It works more like a regular power bank but is still better.


  • Reasonable price
  • Quick charging speed
  • Portable size


  • Heavy
  • Low-wattage panel
  • Slow to replenish battery via solar

This charger will demand more than patience from you. It can even take you days to replenish its battery using solar energy alone. Nonetheless, it makes an efficient size to pop into your backpack or handbag and quickly charge all your devices.

4. TopSolar SolarFairy


Anything the size of a laptop can easily slip into your backpack, and so is TopSolar SolarFairy.


  • Multiple outputs
  • Foldable and compact
  • Grommets at all four corners


  • Less durable than handheld chargers.
  • Not usable while traveling.

This charger is best suited for multiple devices with different charging ports. It has USB- A and C and two DC outputs. Moreover, its intricate design helps you keep your panels facing in all directions, so you needn’t adjust them every time the sun changes. It’s perfect for campers.

5. Goal Zero Nomad 5

Do you need a portable solar charger that will even make you forget if you’ve packed it? This one comes in just 369 grams, and you’ll love to take it on your luggage-heavy trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Built-in power bank dock
  • Compact size and durable


  • Has only one port
  • Works better when paired with a power bank

This product is a nomad’s best friend, especially when it involves trips that aren’t too long. Despite being an impressive product when considering its portability, they only suit devices like your mobile phone and some smaller ones like a headlamp.

Things To Look For In A Portable Solar Charger


The tech market is full of products that speak more than they actually do, so you might want to have a heads-up on it to get hold of the best deal possible. So, we’ve listed some tips that you might find useful.

  • Get one with a battery if possible: When you’re away from home with no access to electricity, you never have the upper hand at accurately predicting the weather. So, your only power source will be a solar charger that comes with a built-in and preferably a big battery.
  • Check the battery capacity: If you’re only going on a day trip, but don’t want to splurge on a gadget, anything around 10,000 mAh will be good enough to charge your mobile phone and a few other small devices. But for trips when you’ll be away for longer, you definitely want something more significant.
  • Look for compact and portable sizes: Of course, smaller chargers mostly mean lesser efficiency, but you can get larger ones that have foldable features and fit into your bags. And these are your best options when you’re planning to be away for some time.
  • Check the number of power outputs: Depending on the number of devices you’ll carry on the trip, you need to ensure that every single one (or most of them) has a corresponding port to plug into.

Summing Up

Solar chargers will save your day when you need to head out of home and away from your regular chargers for some time. But since we’ve discussed some of the best options you can get, you’ll now have no trouble getting one to help you with your every need and occasion.

Each has shortcomings, but they’re all built to fit different situations and uses, so keep them in mind for future travels.

Now you know that solar chargers aren’t just bulky equipment that needs to be installed on an ample open space; they come in all sizes to fit your needs. Take them on your trips, and never let your devices die!


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