Best Rafting and Hiking Destinations to Visit in 2023

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Written by Alicia Fox

Going on a holiday is necessary for every person that wants to recharge the batteries and prepare for new obligations. However, not all people imagine their holiday in the same way. Some people would rather go to some places where there are no crowds and noise. These people often need silence and peace because the urban areas where they live are often turbulent.

Still, if you are not the type of person, then you are probably looking for an adventure. If you are a big lover of nature, then rafting and hiking are two activities that would fulfill your life with joy and excitement. The question is – what are the best rafting and hiking destinations to visit this year?

You are a lucky guy because there are multiple options that will meet your requirements and expectations. We would like to highlight a couple of them and provide you with some helpful tips. Your only task would be to apply them and enjoy the memorable experience that you are waiting for a long period. Let’s go!

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

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Who says that only young people and couples can enjoy rafting? If you want to travel together with your family and enjoy rafting and hiking, then you will definitely want to visit Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The right word to describe this place is – balance. All the adults will get a thrilling experience, but adventurous enough for kids at the same time.

You will not have to travel a lot from Colorado Springs to come to this place. All the guides that will be there are professionals, and they definitely know how to act whenever grownups come with their kids. Anyway, if you would want to find out more about Echo Canyon River Expeditions, then you should check out the link we attached and ensure adventure for you and your kids on time.

Colorado River, Arizona/Utah

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Colorado River is way too long (approximately 363 kilometers or 226 miles) and it goes across two American states – Arizona and Utah. We recommend you come to this place between May and September because that is the period when the season lasts. Despite that, temperatures are decent during that period and you won’t have to deal with too cold water.

Besides rafting, you can also enjoy a few more things. You can, for instance, check side grottos and Navajo ruins that are located in this place. Despite that, if you would rather decide on hiking, then you could hike to waterfalls.

Magpie River, Canada

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We are moving to the north to analyze one of the best rafting destinations in Canada. There are a couple of things that rafting down the Magpie is going to bring to your life. Before everything, you will see some of the most beautiful secluded forests as well as wildlife that you probably don’t have the chance to see too often.

However, the more attractive thing you will see is the wonders of the aurora borealis. This is something you can only see in the places near the North Pole such as Canada, Sweden, Iceland, and others. However, can you even imagine how crazy it can be to enjoy rafting and aurora borealis at the same time?

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

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Who says that Africa is a place where hiking and rafting lovers can’t find some amazing destinations? Believe it or not, the rafting tour lasts for around 24 kilometers, and it is located between the Batoka Gorge. There are a couple of huge drops that will seem impossible to pass such as Gnashing Jaws of Death. Don’t allow the name of this drop to scare you; around you, there will be a lot of professionals that will take care of your safety.

Anyway, despite rafting, the most important thing for all the tourists that decide to come to this place is Victoria Falls. Without any doubt, you will be one of the millions of people that have come here and got impressed by this waterfall. Your entire trip will become more dramatic and memorable because of it.

Finally, are you an animal lover? If the answer is “yes”, then we have some good news for you. Rafting on the Zambezi River may allow you to see hippos and crocodiles. Of course, they will not be too close to you, but there are a lot of them, and there is a big chance you will see at least one of both species.

Futalefu River, Chile

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There were strong battles between nature lovers and some companies for this river. Fortunately, in 2014, all the plans associated with the hydroelectric that was supposed to be there were ruined while the organizations that wanted to protect different communities won the battle!

Visiting this place only once will let you understand why exactly these people were fighting against hydroelectric.

First of all, if you are a complete beginner, then there is no reason to worry. The Futalefu River is divided into different sections that can meet the needs of all categories of people. For instance, there are some drops where more experienced people can enjoy Grade V rapids. This means that there is no chance that someone will get bored.

Additionally, you can also enjoy hiking, ziplining, horse riding, and canyoning. This means that Futalefu River is a place for different groups of people; not only for those that love hiking and rafting.

North Johnstone River, Australia

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At the end of this article, we are moving to Australia to explore one of the fascinating rafting destinations. North Johnstone River goes through North Queensland’s Palmerston National Park. This may not be a perfect place for beginners because most of the rapids are Grade IV and V. Despite that, the heavy rainfall makes the entire “trip” more entertaining and adventurous.

Once again, if you are a big lover of animals, then you will get the chance to enjoy pythons, water dragons, and saltwater crocodiles. Also, you will probably see eerily luminous fungi for the first time in your life. It grows on the riverbank rocks and there is no chance you will miss them.


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