How is Hiking Beneficial for Children?

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Written by Wendy Tucker

Kids today would rather sit inside and play video games all day than go outside and run about. Staying inside, meanwhile, has been linked to increased rates of sleeplessness, anxiety, and sadness. Therefore, we need to take regular breaks from our indoor activities to go outside, get some exercise, and breathe in some fresh air. Getting out of the city, where the air is stale and polluted, is essential for a healthy perspective. On top of that, research has shown time spent outside and engaged in physical activity to be healthy for both children and adults. Taking them on a hike is a terrific way to introduce them to the outdoors. Getting started won’t be simple. Hiking is a lot of work, but the long-term advantages for kids are well worth it.


There is a growing amount of evidence demonstrating the health benefits of regular outdoor activity for people of all ages. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of even a short trip, youngsters can improve their balance and agility by navigating obstacles on the trail, such as rocks, exposed roots, and downed trees. This is especially crucial in today’s world of perfectly manicured playgrounds. A mom observed as her young son had to use his balance to get over a short rock climb. He improved his ability to solve problems and his sense of self-worth after achieving what he considered to be a major goal.


Some parents will let their kids run free on the trail, where they will be away from traffic and other potential risks. One mom mentioned that her son conquered a hill or figured out how to get across a creek or a branch in his path, his mother heard him shout, “I did it!” with great joy on multiple occasions. He went his own way, pushed himself to the brink, and achieved his goals.


Source: seattleschild.com

Even in urban parks like this one, animals can be seen from the comfort of a hiking route. Along with his son, a father stood on a little bridge and counted a variety of birds and insects, including a gorgeous heron that preened for several minutes. When a youngster is exposed to the beauty of nature, their sense of wonder is piqued, and they develop strong, lasting relationships with the outdoors.

Be One With Mother Nature

All around us are examples of nature. And it’s crucial to instill in kids an appreciation for the outdoors from an early age. Hiking with kids is a great way to foster a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. It’s an opportunity for development and discovery in a natural setting that most youngsters have never experienced. They are shown the true beauty of nature and are freed from the dreary confines of man-made structures. There’s no substitute for firsthand knowledge when it comes to appreciating anything. If you teach your children to value and protect the world around them from a young age, they may grow up to be environmental advocates.

Learn About Littering

Increases in the number of litter-free parks are noticeable. Some parents had to explain to their children why are there water bottles and other trash strewn about the park, as well as discuss what they’d do with the food wrappers their children had used. It was a wonderful chance to explain to them why they should not discard their rubbish in the park and how it is dealt with.


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Hiking is a wonderful family activity that allows you to connect with your little ones in a natural setting. Every family needs a break from technology every once in a while. While hiking, you and your kids may spend quality time together away from screens. By strengthening your link in this way, you will be better able to raise your child. There are countless opportunities to make memories that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. Your kids will look back on their time spent in nature with you fondly. Therefore, take your children on frequent outings to the peaceful outdoors and engage them in deep conversation.

Pushing Limits

Even though it drives parents crazy, pushing their limits is an essential aspect of a child’s development. When it comes to testing one’s limits, it’s simpler to accept the kind that occurs during hiking, where one’s endurance and physical abilities are put to the test within a reasonably safe context. When they hike a record-breaking distance, climb a challenging slope without assistance, or accomplish any other personal milestone, they will be overjoyed.

Thinking Creatively

To find the most effective answer to an issue or means of accomplishing a task, it’s often important to think creatively. For some children, imagination comes easily; for others, it takes exposure to new situations and ideas. Hiking is only one outdoor activity that can help foster kids’ creativity by allowing them to make their own choices and explore their ideas without interference.

Learn About Safety

Source: startribune.com

Learning the skills necessary to keep safe outside is an integral element of constructive, enjoyable outdoor play. Hiking is an excellent method to show off these abilities; some, like using one’s feet properly, using equipment, and administering first aid, need to be taught, while others, like navigation and camp cooking, are simply picked up along the way. It’s a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to learn about field safety, a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Stress Tolerance

Non-linear or divergent thinking is akin to creative thinking. It’s the ability to think creatively on the spot, using your creative flair and imagination. Younger children may be encouraged to employ divergent thought when given the chance to develop their imaginations while hiking.

Improves one’s resilience to hardships

Even if we wish we could shield our children from all danger, we know that this is neither possible nor healthy. They will develop the resilience necessary to face setbacks in life with the help of your unconditional love and encouragement as well as the lessons they learn from overcoming even little challenges. It’s important to note that spending time in nature is also associated with greater stress resistance.

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