10 Best Fishing Trails You Need To Visit in 2023

Written by Wendy Tucker

People who aren’t into fishing can’t understand the excitement of these activities. Fishing has always been a great way to relax and enjoy nature. There are many types of fish that you can catch using various methods.

Fishing is a sport that involves catching and releasing live fish from a body of water. The sport dates back thousands of years, and today it continues to be enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

There are several ways to fish, such as casting, trolling, jigging, fly fishing, spearfishing, and deep sea fishing.

Fishing is one of the oldest sports practiced worldwide. It has been around since ancient times, and it continues to play a major role in people’s lives today. The sport is also very popular in Asian countries such as Japan and China. Also, you can find interesting clubs and organized championships in the USA and all around Europe.

Although it looks simple at first glance, fishing requires skill and patience to master. There are several techniques involved, from bait selection to choosing the right type of equipment, like boats, saltwater lures, and many more, as you can find on

Also, we suggest finding some of the best fishing trails, for a complete experience.

Let’s see some of them:

1. Lost Lake via Hessie Trail


This beautiful landscape is located in Colorado. It is considered an easy challenge, as you complete it completely in about two hours. Many people love this beautiful place because it is great for camping and fishing. You have a beautiful environment to explore, and you can come any day of the year.

Of course, bring your camera, because there are many beautiful landscapes that you will want to remember forever.

2. Manhattan Rail Trail


This place is located in Massachusetts. According to those who have visited it, it is a really well-maintained track that is suitable for both small cars and bicycles. The only thing that visitors don’t like is that it is very commercial and lacks the amenities of other lesser-known trails.

3. Austell Trail


This place is great for all those avid fishermen who enjoy beautiful nature. It is located in Arkansas, in Village Creek State Park.

To get to Lake Austell you have to go through a thick forest, but we can promise you it’s really worth it. The experience is wonderful and absolutely unforgettable.

4. Saint Mary’s Glacier


This is another beautiful place in Colorado, near Idaho Springs. It is a very popular area, where it is best to stay in the period from April to October.

Of course, it is interesting during the rest of the year, but it can be a challenge because it is a moderately challenging route, but in winter it can be even extremely difficult to climb and walk.

5. Waterfowl Way


This trail is located along Millwood Lake, which is a popular spot for both fishermen and bird watchers. Although the lake is not big, it really offers a lot of fun for fishing enthusiasts.

6. Silver Dollar Lake and Murray Lake Trail


This is another fabulous place in Colorado. The trail is of medium complexity, and you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as bird watching or sport fishing.

It’s also great in the winter when you can hike in the snow or go skiing. There is always interesting content to explore, so you might plan to return to this area multiple times.

7. Upper Charles Trail


This track is located in Massachusetts. It is 24 miles long, much of which is laid out for comfortable walking, and the rest are completely natural trails.

There are several dead ends, so you should research this trail well, especially if you plan to travel by car. Most of the rest points have parking lots and toilets, so it would not be difficult for you to conquer this part of the trail.

Of course, sport fishing is just a bonus to what you will see during your adventure.

8. Black Pond Trail


Black Pond Trail is located in New Hampshire. The trail itself is short but connects with other trails. The scenery is amazing, which means an incredible adventure awaits you. It is great for sport fishing, although you have dense forest by the time you get there.

Of course, don’t forget your camera or bring enough power banks to charge your phone. We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss a single moment of this treat.

9. Battle Creek Linear Park


This is a commercial and beautiful place in Michigan that is not complex at all and offers fun content for everyone. You can hike, bike, and enjoy sport fishing. Most of the path is asphalted, which means that it is also accessible to people with wheelchairs or other types of impaired movement.

The path runs along rivers and lakes, and there are several sections for recreation, as well as restaurants where you can eat or drink coffee.

10. Cleveland Trail


We end this list with a beautiful trail in Oklahoma. Although it is only 2.5 miles long, you can easily enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including sports fishing.

The trail is available for year-round adventures, and during the winter you can see the bald eagle. Although it is really short, this trail offers various kinds of fun for everyone.


We hope that with this article we have helped you find your favorite path and devote yourself to your hobby, sport fishing. We’re sure you know of other places that offer the same fun.

The trails we have mentioned are also wonderful for those who are not fond of fishing because they are great even for a short vacation and escape from the big cities.

We should all take some time and visit the natural hidden games and trail escapes. That’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our mental health. So, we hope that at least you are inspired to spend more time in nature because it’s great and relaxing at the same time.


Wendy Tucker


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