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Written by Wendy Tucker

Are you looking for ideas for gifts for nature loving child with the desire for your child to be in harmony with nature? Here are some of our best recommendations for gifts for children who enjoy being outside and desire to become young naturalists. The best kid-friendly presents from nature may be adored and used by your tiny outdoor enthusiasts. No smartphones, no video games, these gifts will be unique, helping to increase the inspiration for your children to explore the vast natural world.

So that you may leave a lasting impression this year, read about these great gifts for nature lovers that appreciate nature. While they are learning, your children will enjoy collecting insects, keeping a nature journal, working on activity books with a natural theme, or making crafts from nature.

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Pressed Flower Art Kit


One of the great gifts you should consider giving your child is a pressed flower art kit. This pressed flower art kit will help children satisfy their creative passion. This product has a flower press, glue, brush, and double-sided tape; with the kit’s 4-inch flower press, children can make attractive cards, bookmarks, trinket boxes, etc.

Planet Board Game

Children are at an age of curiosity about the world around them, so giving a planet board game is a great idea for your child to enjoy the earth. For science and nature enthusiasts, this will be a gift that children will love. This nature-inspired gift is suitable for up to 4 players. Therefore, parents can play together with their children.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a great gift idea from the list of gifts for nature loving child to give to your kids as they can take it with them wherever they go while exploring the natural world. This water bottle with straw is a great gift because children can enjoy an easy one-handed drinking experience at the push of a button. With its beautiful and compact design, this gift will be loved by your children.

Sun Hat


This product will be a companion gift for your child on the way to exploring the natural world outside. A sun hat with UPF 50+ sun protection will be a gift to help children satisfy their passion; this hat will help children always feel dry and cool thanks to the mesh side vents for superior airflow and an internal moisture-wicking sweatband. That’s why it would be a perfect gift.


A binocular will be a gift that inspires your child to explore everything around. This Obuby real binocular for kids has a mini design so kids can take it anywhere. This gift is easy to focus on and adjust by turning the center knob. Because it is easy to use, this will be suitable for children.

Floating Dip Net White

A gift that encourages children to explore the natural world and create creative ideas is a floating dip net white. This floating dip net white is a gift that has a molded polyethylene net guard that abrasions when scraped against the inside of bait tanks. With a lightweight design, this will be a great product from gifts for nature loving child suitable for children to carry when playing outdoors.

Bug Bungalow


A bug bungalow is a 4-piece play set that helps instill your child’s exploration of creatures and nature. This bug bungalow has a mesh critter case, a container with a magnifying lid, a tweezer, and a magnifier. This product will help your child observe the creatures up close. With a handle design, this product can be carried anywhere.

Telescope for Kids

Children are explorers, so giving a telescope to kids on an important occasion is a great idea. This telescope for kids with a tripod makes kids enjoyable and simple to explore wildlife during the day or the stars and constellations at night. So, this is a great gift for your children to impress.

Nature Walk Journal

For hikes, nature walks, or just taking in the great outdoors, The Nature Walk Journal makes the ideal travel companion. Because it is loaded with easy-to-reference images of leaves, cloud formations, and animal footprints, this notebook is a great method to record the sights, sounds, smells, and observations you make while walking. So, Nature Walk Journal is one of the best gifts for nature loving child.

Gardening Tool Wooden


This wooden gardening tool is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. These products have shovels, long spout watering cans, and rakes. Although the tools are made of high-quality materials, they may be used repeatedly and for a long time. Moreover, with their compact size, these products are easy to use.

Leather palm work gloves

In your child’s exploration of nature, make sure they’re safe at all times. Therefore, giving leather palm work gloves will help keep your children’s hands safe. With a sturdy design, this product will help your child explore the natural world without hesitation. If you are looking for a gift for your children, let’s refer to this present.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Game

If you are looking for a gift for your child, let’s refer to this one for its fun. No smartphone, and no video games, then this product will be the ideal choice for you. This present encourages kids to play imaginatively in nature and enjoy outdoor activities that encourage curiosity and self-assurance.

Ant Farm


For children who love to explore nature and creatures from the outside world, giving an ant farm is a great thing. From the list of gifts for nature loving child, this gift will be a great product because it allows children to observe fascinating creatures directly. With this gift, children will be able to explore and gain confidence in their natural exploration.

Teepee Kids

This portable kids’ teepee is one of the great products to give to children. This teepee has an eye-catching color and compact design; it is suitable for children to use. This teepee is also water resistant because of the polyester material. Therefore, this is one of the fun products you can give your child.

Adventure Set

Let’s set off on a journey to find bugs! Kids may have fun while learning about the wild and woolly critters that reside right outside their doors with the Bug Finder Adventure Set from Learning Resources. This outdoor discovery kit provides kids with everything they need to conduct useful scientific experiments in their gardens.

Birdhouse Kit


A great gift that you can refer to from the list of gifts for nature giving the child to give to children on their birthday or Christmas is a birdhouse kit. Children who love nature will most likely love small animals. Therefore, this gift will encourage children to protect animals, especially birds.

Kite for Kids

A kite for kids is a great gift from the list of gifts for nature loving child

to encourage children to play in the outside world. This gift will help children have fun; children can fly kites at the park or beach combined with exploring nature. So, this product is a great gift for you to give to children.

Woodland Pencils

Woodland pencils would be a great gift for kids who love wildlife. These are colored pencils, hence they will be loved by children. Moreover, with the unique design, children will have ideas to fly and be creative with their thoughts. This woodland pencil is one of the gift ideas for kids from the list of gifts for nature loving child.

Brave Bow and Arrow


A gift that will impress your child would be the brave bow and arrow. This product is a gift your child won’t expect. This brave bow and arrow is a child-sized gift. With a safe design, you can be assured that your child will use this product to have fun in the outdoor world.

Bird Call

Your aspiring birdwatcher can use this bird call to mimic a variety of sounds created by wild birds. By making them think that other birds are nearby, the call is meant to attract other birds. Giving your children a sense of connection to nature is typically healthy. So, this is one of the perfect gifts for your child.

Fanny Pack

This product is an ideal gift for children who love to explore nature. Because of their love of the outside world, children’s need to travel to explore a lot. Therefore, a fanny pack will be a perfect gift for your child. With a comfortable and compact design; This product is a great gift to give to your child from gifts for nature loving child.

Collapsible Bucket with Handle


This collapsible bucket with a handle is an ideal gift for your child to take when exploring the outside world. This collapsible bucket with a handle is made of safe polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber material, so it is safe for children to use. With a watertight design, children can carry it to store water at BBQ, camping, beach, and camping.

Camp Board Game

With no smartphone and no video games, this camp board game is one of the best gifts you should consider. Kids can learn intriguing facts about nature while playing the game camp board game. Beginning questions and a progression geared toward the player are included in the animal identification process.

Butterfly Growing Kit

One of the gifts your child will be very impressed with is the butterfly growing kit. This butterfly growing kit is a reusable kit. Thanks to this product, children can witness first-hand the changes of butterflies, as well as the magic of nature. From the list of gifts for nature loving child, this product is a perfect gift for your child who loves nature.

Ceramic Flower Pots


One of the gifts that you might consider giving your kids is ceramic flower pots. The ceramic flower pots will be an interesting gift for young children. With these flowerpots, children will be creative to decorate. So, this product is one of the best gifts you should refer to; this product will promote the creativity and thinking of young children.

Kids are inspired to engage with their surroundings and disconnect from technology when they spend time in nature. Our young children have access to a variety of things in and around us for investigation and enjoyment. These presents will encourage your children’s imagination, creativity, and spirit of exploration while promoting outdoor play and a connection to nature. Do your kids enjoy going on outdoor adventures? If yes, let’s refer to 25 gifts from gifts for nature loving child to find the best gift for your child.


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