Pointers For A Successful Fishing Trip On Lake Minnetonka

Written by Wendy Tucker

To those that love fishing, there is nothing more appealing than a huge lake/sea, good company, quality rods and other equipment and a great catch eventually. Few things in life bring serenity, peace and all that coupled with a competitive spirit.

As you see and can read, fishing is the topic of the day, but not just any fishing. We are taking on lake Minnetonka and we will talk to you about what you need to make a successful fishing trip there. now, depending on the season you prefer and the time you want to make this trip we need to suggest some equipment and some special things you need to make that happen. There is a place that has all you need and is explained in detail so we suggest you find here everything you need for that Guided Ice Fishing on Lake Minnetonka.

Besides this, we will also share something with you because we won’t leave you hanging here. Some of the suggestions will be already known, especially for the seasoned fisherman, but for you that are just starting out or for you that are going to Minnetonka for the first time here is what you need!


This lake is huge and there is a lot of space for plenty of you. you can make a party out there and have all your fishing buddies with you. if you want this to be both productive and fun you need some company and you will not regret it. we saw parties of up to 10 guys having fun, catching fish, and having beers. Fishing is about catching some fish and taking a rest and enjoying the lake but it is somehow better with the company. This is especially important if you are going out there in the winter. You will need helping hands and someone to talk to so you don’t feel bored and that you can stay longer and enjoy yourselves.

The equipment


When it comes to fishing here the equipment you will carry is up to you. ideally, you need bait, string, a reel, and a rod and that is it if you are going to have some fun. If you are going to catch something more serious, we would advise you to bring sonars, and a boat, that you can rent there as well if you don’t have one, you will need some pro bait and a lot of nerves. This lake will see anyone from amateurs to pros and you will easily spot both of them out there.


Now deciding on what bait to carry will mostly mean you know what you want to catch there. some baits work great on multiple fish while others need more specific baits and setups if you want to bag them. When it comes to Minnetonka you can go for:

Fresh Bait

If you want the greatest all-around bait, our Lake Minnetonka fishing guide advises live bait. You’ll have a lot of fun fishing with earthworms, nightcrawlers, minnows, grasshoppers, crickets, and other tiny insects. Match your live bait to the fish species you’re after.

Grass Jigs

We recommend bringing some grass jigs with you because many of the greatest fishing places on Lake Minnetonka are in grassy areas. Grass jigs are popular because they allow people to cross grassy regions without becoming tangled.

Texas rigs


Texas rigs are softer lures that work well with a variety of species. They’re often shaped like worms and include a plastic or glass bead for added weight.

Spots on the lake

Now how ever the bait is important, choosing the right place to fish is even more important. Picking places that are the best isn’t easy, you have to know someone that will reliably tell you or you need to read what we have to say. Here are the spots:

Upper West Lake

Minnetonka’s Upper West Lake is a rather vast region that is also one of the greatest for fishing. It has a fishing pier, one of the lake’s greatest fish hatcheries, and three distinct islands.

Maxwell Bay

Maxwell Bay is another excellent fishing location with a high probability of success. Maxwell Bay has a fishing pier as well as a public access place where you may launch a boat into the lake. The most popular species in this location are bass, walleye, and sunfish, although there is also a northern pike hatchery nearby. If you want to catch musky, you need also to spend some time fishing near the beach and weedy regions of Maxwell Bay.

Structures and Docks

Lake Minnetonka is completely covered in rock formations, piles, and other structures in addition to grassy regions. Our Lake Minnetonka fishing guide recommends these rocky regions and off-shore structures. Look for rocky places near docks or grassy areas for increased success. A combination of one of these factors will almost certainly yield a variety of fish.

The Fis

If you don’t know by now, and if you are wondering, there are plenty of fish species out there and one of those that are highly sought are:



The majority of Lake Minnetonka fishing guides say that bass is the greatest fish to catch. They may be caught all year, even in the dead of winter. Lake Minnetonka is a popular site for bass fishing tournaments because of its abundance.


Walleye is a close second or may perhaps tie for first with bass. Walleye are among the hardest fighters and best-tasting fish in North America, and they abound in Lake Minnetonka.


Although musky isn’t as common as bass or walleye in Lake Minnetonka, they’re appealing for a different reason. Rumors have circulated for decades that there is a ten-foot-long musky in Lake Minnetonka. While no musky larger than 10 feet has been captured in Lake Minnetonka, there are several giants in its waters.

So as you can see there is a lot do to and a lot to experience at lake Minnetonka. Those that have been there will gladly return anytime and those that are going for the first time will be swept off their feet. This is surely the place that offers the best of both worlds – fishing and fun. It also is a place where you can easily fish year-round which is not something you can say for other fishing spots.


Wendy Tucker


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