Can You Wear Workout Clothes for Hiking – 2023 Guide

Written by Wendy Tucker

Hiking is one of the best activities you can partake in your life. This is no exaggeration. It combines physical activity with a chance to enjoy nature in its most natural state. Are you a fan of hiking? Is this the activity you choose to spend your free days on? If this is the case, you are probably an amazing person and an adventurist. If you are only planning your first hiking adventure, it’s fine too. But, this is not an activity you should take lightly.

For beginners, hiking can be quite hard on both the body and the mind. Yes, the landscape will still be there for you to observe, but if you’re not properly prepared it can quickly turn the best dream into a nightmare. In addition to being physically and mentally prepared for hiking it is also important to dress properly for this activity. Depending on the trail you’ll be trying to conquer, hiking can be quite a challenge for everyone. The surroundings and weather play a great role in what you should wear when planning a hiking weekend.

Most people believe that they can wear anything, especially if they’re not going too far or too high. But, this is not quite true. Even regular gym goers often decide that they’re good to go in the clothes they’re using to work out on daily basis. All of this begs a few serious questions. The biggest one is can you wear workout clothes for hiking? This is a fair question, and we’ll try to provide you with the best possible answer. In any case, if you don’t want to go through this 2023 guide of ours on this subject you can always cut the story short at and save yourself from overthinking. If you want to know more about this by reading and learning, please stay with us and keep reading.

What Not to Wear to Hiking?


There’s no straightforward answer to this question. First of all, it all depends on what you see as your workout clothes. This was the initial question in our title. For many people out there, only shorts and a t-shirt paired with some regular sneakers is what is seen as gym clothes. If you plan to go on hiking wearing this type of outfit we recommend that you skip this activity. Even the lowest trail on any hiking adventure means you’ll be going up a mountain. What this means is that temperatures vary even during the summer months. When you put a t-shirt and shorts into this equation what you get is a huge mistake. Ned Stark trusting Lord Baelish kind of mistake. The one that could cost you your health if not even your life. Hiking is no child’s adventure let us reiterate that. So, now you know that you can’t wear that type of gym outfit outside of your local gym. If you’re serious about hiking you need to have the proper equipment.

What to Wear?

This is where one serious question pops up – can you wear yoga pants hiking? The answer is yes. But, the selection needs to be the right one. The cotton ones you’ll wear to the gym sometimes or that you’ll pull on quickly when you need to get something out of the grocery store are out of the question. If yoga pants are what you find comfortable wearing, for hiking, you’ll need to make a wise choice. If we’re talking about a short trail, and only a day of hiking you can get regular moisture-wicking type. As we said, avoid cotton, as you never know the weather on the mountain. The main thing when hiking is that you’re out there in nature. So, you’ll naturally want to avoid getting wet. So chose a model which is thermo-insulated and made out of materials such as spandex or nylon.


If you plan to have a proper hiking adventure you need to make shopping for yoga pants seriously. There are special leggings designed uniquely for hiking. Hiking leggings look a lot like regular yoga pants but they aren’t. they’re full of pockets where you can put all the small essentials needed on the trail; are made out of water-repellent materials, and in some cases can protect from light and heavy precipitation. Also, fabrics used for hiking leggings are usually designed in such a manner that you can also be protected from abrasions. People behind specially designed leggings for hiking had long walks, heavy weather conditions, and unpleasant nature in their minds when they were creating this product. So, if you want to be safe rather than sorry you will leave your regular workout clothes at home, and go prepared on any hiking adventure.


This isn’t an alternative, but rather it could be anyone’s first choice. We’re talking about hiking pants. Regular leggings can serve a day of hiking. Special hiking leggings can do the trick for longer trails. But, those who excel in this field are going to recommend hiking pants and leave you no other option on the table. When it comes to hiking standard hiking pants fill all the dots and leave little to coincidences. Sylvester Stallone wished he had a proper pair in the Cliffhanger.

What are the issues with these pants? Well, they have plenty of pockets and zippers. They can be a home for everything you might need while you’re hiking. It serves well for keeping a knife close by, a smartphone, and even money and other valuables. They’re ideal for the moments before hiking, for the adventure itself, and for everything that comes after. While useful, they’re even more practical. Designed especially for hiking they allow your body to breathe but not at the expense of durability. Their design allows you to wear any type of underwear. Most models allow shortening and you can make them into shorts in a few zipper moves. It’s their flexibility that makes them ideal for this type of activity. Even as an amateur hiker you’ll find this appealing. Hiking is better when you approach it professionally even as a beginner. That’s how heavy mistakes are voided.



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