Great Hiking Destinations in the USA

Written by Wendy Tucker

For people looking to get some exercise, while also spending time in nature, hiking is the best option. It has been shown that hiking is not just great for fitness, but has a number of health benefits, that will make your life better and easier. For example, hiking is a great cardio workout, which lowers the risks of heart disease. On top of that, it is great for improvement of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and for strengthening your muscles and bone density. But it isn’t just physical health that hiking helps with. Exercise, combined with time spent in nature is also an amazing way to improve mental health, as is drastically lowers stress levels.

The United States has some great sites for hiking all over the country. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few great hiking destinations in the USA.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is renowned throughout the world as the Gambling Capital of the United States. Known internationally as “Sin City”, it isn’t unfair to say that Las Vegas is most popularly known for its grand casinos, vibrant night life, and extravagant stage shows. Many people visiting Las Vegas come out with a passion for gambling, and so it isn’t much of a surprise that online casino sites like Novibet are hugely popular among tourists who are leaving Vegas.

However, Vegas is not just a city of gambling. It is also a great place to visit for people looking to hike on some of the most beautiful trails in the United States. For example, the Red Rock Canyon, located only 10 minutes from the city’s outskirts, is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the United States. With a wide range of trails, coiling through the gorgeous scenery of the canyon, any hiker would have a blast navigating the Red Rock. The most popular trail on the canyon is the Calico Tank, however, it is not the only one. The Ice Box Canyon offers a fantastic workout, with a view at the end that makes it all worthwhile.

Of course, we can’t talk about hiking in the States without mentioning Yosemite. One of California’s main attractions, the National Park is truly a sight to behold. Strong waterfalls, sequoia trees, thousands of years old, and towering cliffs, standing tall, as if to challenge the visitors to climb them. The best part about Yosemite is, that it offers a wide range of trails, some of which will appeal to seasoned hikers, while others will attract inexperienced newcomers to the hobby.

Glacier National Park, Montana 


Located on the border of Canada and the USA, the Glacier National Park, is considered by many to be the best hiking destination in the country. With sites like the Grinnell Glacier, and the Trail of Cedars, the Glacier is truly a must-visit destination for hikers. The National Park is quite busy, however, there is a short period of the year, the so-called quiet season, when the Glacier National Park is silent. Visiting it during this season is great for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and just enjoy nature.



Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho and it is considered one of the most beautiful and popular places that hikers are visiting. Since it provides 1,000 miles of hiking trails across more than 2.2 million acres, we can freely agree that this could really be a hiking paradise. All of the trails there are including 15 boardwalk miles that visitors are used to seeing some incredible attractions such as thermals called Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Additionally, there are some other famous routes that hikers can take such as Lake Village and Canyon Village. Both of them are going to offer an unforgettable experience for hikers. Even though those backcountry trails are kinda lonely, there is a huge chance that hikers can see some amazing animal species such as wolves, grizzly bears, mooses, etc.

Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon can provide a really adventurous experience for hikers since the Arizona national parks have a huge size and a unique climate. The Grand Canyon’s trails are very difficult, so they are rather recommended for the more experienced hikers. However, whether or not you are a good hiker, you will definitely enjoy many magnificent panoramic views. There are some popular routes such as the Bright Angel Trail and the Rim Trail that you will find along.

In case some of you do not like the crowd, we suggest you choose the North Rim instead of the South Rim. There, you can try an adventurous path called North Kaibab Trail. However, no matter which trails you are going to explore, the unforgettable experience will be guaranteed and we also suggest you make a plan of things you want to see on time.

Jasper National Park


You probably have heard of the largest national park that is located in the Canadian Rockies called the Jasper national park. If you decide to visit this destination, prepare yourself since there are truly so many trails that you can consider. All routes are perfectly marketed which means that visitors will not have a problem navigating where they are and they can easily explore the huge part o the Alberta park which is almost 3 million acres.

While you are hiking, you can be amazed by wild animals such as moose, deer, elk, and mountain goats. There are different levels of difficulty for the trails, so you can choose easy, moderate, or difficult categories. Therefore, different types of hikers can have their own adventures without worrying about how they will manage challenges. The most popular hiking places are Maligne Canyon and downtown Jasper.

Lake Tahoe


Finally, one more interesting hiking destination that people enjoy is the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail that orbits around Lake Tahoe. The panoramic view is literally breathtaking and there is no one who will not be amazed by this hiking adventure. We suggest you start your journey with half-mile hile to the Eagle of Rocks and catch a memorable sunrise before you start with the more challenging trails like the Mount Tallac Trail is. Additionally, it is recommendable to visit this place when the weather is warmer since Lake Tahoe is reserved for skiing in winter and cold periods.


Wendy Tucker


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