Marketing Tips and Tricks for Hiking Tour Business

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Written by Wendy Tucker

Are you looking for top-notch marketing tips and tricks for hiking tour business? Read along to find out how to make your tour business boom in no time.

Over the past few years, tourism particularly ‘hiking,’ has seen such tremendous growth in terms of profit and popularity. The number of hikers keeps on increasing every year, and this is mainly due to the social media platforms and health fitness concerns. Half of these people are adventure lovers and half of them are health concerned people wanting to stay fit and healthy.

Now with the hiking tour business growing with each passing year, the competition is getting real tough out there. Unless you step up your game, bring up new ideas and strategies to your business, it’s going to be hard surviving out there.

If you’re a starter or your business doesn’t look good, here are a few marketing tips and tricks to really expand your hiking tour business.

Set up your website

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From ordering food to booking rooms to stay in, people are opting for the easier way to get the work done. And what better and easier way than online bookings and orders! If you still haven’t set up your business website, this might be another big reason why it’s still not reaching out to many people. This is the first and the most important step when starting a hiking tour business.

Social media

Want to sky-rocket your business? Social media is your answer. What do you find mostly in your social media feeds? It’s basically filled mostly with business promotions and etc. See, all these business owners, starting from the smallest to the biggest, use social media as a tool to expand their business.

And especially for a hiking tour business, social media apps like Instagram, Face-book, Pinterest, etc play a major role in the growth of the business. Since these adventurers are always on the search of the best hiking places on social media apps, you need to be smart and participate in social media if you want your business to be seen. Also you can check similar things on IdeaFlight.

Nobody likes a boring content

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Participating in social media doesn’t mean that everything will follow accordingly by itself after you leave the account opened. You need to post from time to time. Upload pictures and videos of your hiking destinations and keep your content entertaining and lively as much as possible. Remember, your job is to attract people and make them interested for a hiking adventure.

Reach out to Instagram influencers

They are influencers for a reason. These people have a large fan base or followers who are always on the lookout of their every post. Take the help of the influencers and advertise your business through them. For sure you will start getting calls from the very next day. Nothing comes in life for free. Likewise, if you are planning to boom your business, a little sacrifice from your part will go a long way.

Start a YouTube channel

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YouTube is one of the most popular video apps in the world used by all age groups. With that being said, it is one of the most powerful platforms to publicize or advertise your business to the viewers. And especially for a hiking tour business, a YouTube channel is a must!

In order to attract travelers from around the world, you need to post videos of the hiking destinations. Then only will people be interested in your hiking tour. And guess what? YouTube is one such platform where you can upload videos daily.

Focus on reviews

One very important tip to improve and upgrade your business is to focus on reviews. Never leave out any reviews. Ask the customers or travelers to always leave a feedback, either positive or constructive criticism. That way you know where your business is going and where you need to brush it up.

Go partners with local businesses

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Partnering up with local businesses like food stalls and hotels will take you a long way. See, these local business men know more people than you do. They will suggest tourists of our hiking tour business and in turn, you will suggest the travelers of their business. It’s like helping each other out by supporting each other’s business.

Offer discounts

When doing business, it is important to offer discounts as a quick way to draw more people. Well, who does not love discounts? Everyone does! For a hiking tour business, referral discounts are one of the ways to expand your business to more people. Another way to attract customers is with gifts instead of discounts. This is especially effective if they contain your trademark. Cups, T-shirts, key chains and even backpacks – the options are endless. You can find a company near you, or go online to Shoppok or Amazon.

Don’t make it all about the money

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Plan your business in a way that it is affordable by everyone. That way you will get more customers. Do not just be about making money. Customers take good note of this as many choose affordable tours over expensive ones.

Keep your booking procedure simple and quick

With smart phones in our hands, everyone is always looking for easier ways to get jobs done. The same goes for hiking tours.

Given the pandemic situation, a safe contactless booking is what travelers want. Make sure you upgrade your website for online bookings and keep the booking procedure simple and quick.


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Hiking is one of the most loved outdoor activities. And it is now seen as a profitable business in many places of the world. As the number of tourists increases every year, so does the number of hiking guides. It means, you need to present with your best or in simple words, give your best shot.

You do not necessarily need to master the art of marketing.  Just follow and apply these basic steps on your business and work devotedly. Be dedicated to your work. Always polish yourself to be better than yesterday by keeping yourself updated and working on the flaws.

As mentioned above, give your focus on social media. Take ideas and inspirations from related sources and apply it on your business. Always listen to your customers or travelers and never disregard positive criticism.

Make it a memorable, fun-filled and knowledge gainful experience for the travelers!


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