MSR Hubba Hubba NX: A Perfect Tent for a Romantic Summer Outdoor Getaway for Two

Image showing the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent and people next to it
Written by Kane Dane

Nowadays, there are a lot of tent choices on the market, you could choose from. Some of them are with metal poles, big tents for long expeditions, but here we will explore the features of two person tents. A two-person tent is the most commonly used tents, since people prefer to sleep with someone they know instead of sharing it with the whole group.

Companies which manufacture tents offer different features with different price range. For this reason, before even starting to think about buying a tent you should make a small research which would help you understand and choose the right features.

Product Specifications

  • 20-denier ripstop nylon / 15-denier nylon mesh
  • Head and elbow room throughout tent; two large side-entry vestibules to store gear
  • Unified hub-and-pole system with color-coded clips; ultra-compact compression stuff sack

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For this reason and to save you the time, we have done the research for you and explained all the necessary features a tent should have in order to be considered a quality one. We have also included a suggestion of ours, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-person tent which contains all the features explained below.


If you haven’t been camping before and you want to start on the right track, this is the perfect buying guide for you. Or if you are a professional camper who is looking to improve his tent gear and looking to find the best deal on the market.

This buying guide will inform you about all the features a high-quality tent should have and give you a suggestion accordingly. However, it is up to you to balance the price range your budget allows you and the features that you require in a 2-person tent! Without further a due, here are the most important features you should focus on when looking for a tent.


The packed size of the tent is 6” x 18″ and the floor dimensions are 2,13m x 1,27m. In case you’re frantic to lighten up, the stuffed weight of the Hubba Hubba tent can be pared down to just 970g by pitching only the fly without the inward – a good thought for nice climate midge-free outdoors maybe. Packed up, it’s around 48cm in length. The tent bag is amazing as well, and well made.

Image showing a MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent packed sitting on the grass

There are some tents that must be carefully moved up to fit in their packing bag, yet with a spacious full-length opening, you can simply pack this one without stress. Two thin webbing straps, then enable you to pack everything down into a perfect load.

Likewise, for the committed ultralight hiker, there is the alternative of just utilizing the fly and exoskeleton of Hubba, which has a weight of 2 pounds 2 ounces and without stakes. Keep in mind that this design does not accompany its own footprint.

Design and Durability

The MSR Hubba Tent is produced in Taiwan and built from an assortment of lightweight textiles that are popular in the outdoor organizations. The tent’s floor is produced using 40D ripstop nylon. This enables the ten’s floor to be greatly lightweight, additionally, fit for withstanding a little amount of mishandling. However, utilizing a huge sheet of plastic or ground-cloth that is accessible from the organization is suggested to prevent your tent’s floor from tears and holes.

Image showing the MSR Hubba Hubba NX backpacking tent and a beautiful mountains landscape

The MSR Hubba tent’s floor is small, however, the upper part of the tent is huge, transparent and lightweight, because of the way that the screen-like component is built from 20D nylon mesh. The screen-like material enables air to effortlessly move through your backpacking tent, which not just cools the tent in warm weather, but keeps a lot of water content from pooling on the tent’s fly when utilized overnight.

In the event that you have at any point utilized a tent and woken up drenched with condensation, you will know that it is so imperative to get a tent that enables air to effectively go through it. So, because of the mesh material utilized as a part of the main body of the tent’s design, condensation is seldom a thing to worry about.


The weight of the tent is the most important feature. If the tent is too heavy, there is no point of choosing the best features on the market. Unless you are planning to go camping in your back yard where no hiking is necessary and the weight is an understated factor. A modern tent for two persons weighs between 1, 5 and 3, 5 kilograms and with a weight of 1.54 kg, this tent is one of the lightest on the market.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent on the grass

Perhaps you find this difference too small and irrelevant, but after a few kilometers wearing the tent on your back, every gram becomes a sworn enemy. The weight is usually written on the label which is stitched to the tent. It should also be stated on the distributor’s website if you are buying it online.


As we mentioned before, the most common tent found in a camping site is a two-person tent. These tents are easy to find, unlike one person tents which are pretty rare. This is probably because of the fact that most people prefer camping in the company. Some tents have a “porch”, which is a separated tent wing in front of the entrance, which is intended to be used as a porch. In a way, camping is a game of pretending to live in a small house while enjoying the nature outside.

People usually use their tent “porch” for leaving their sneakers outside in order to keep the inside air “pure” and have more space inside. When you consider your tent size, you should also have in mind the stuff that you are planning on putting in.

Therefore, thanks to a floor space of 4 feet and 7 feet long, 2 inches wide, the Hubba Hubba tent has much room for one individual, and surely comfortable for two, allowing enough room for two mattresses or sleeping pad. And also with the 29 square feet floor space, the top height of 39 inches gives campers adequate space to stroll around inside the backpacking tent without continually knocking elbows or heads.

A person testing the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent

Not that newbie backpackers may not feel somewhat cozy, but rather for experienced campers and backpackers, the Hubba NX tent offers a cozy room that does not make you act just like a caterpillar when going in or out of your tent. The symmetrical plan additionally helps with this, as the external tent’s wall near vertically, so there is less room yielded by the tent’s curve and enough space to move from one place to another in the tent.

The Hubba NX tent has two entryways, which is considered important in a two-person tent if are planning on using someone else. This allows you to get out during the night time, without having to wake your tent mate. The inside of the tent is not decreased at the closures, but rather rectangular, giving the inward tent an exceptionally roomy feel. The roof is sufficiently high to serenely sit up in and the close vertical side walls of the tent, make it simple to move about in the tent without having to bump the ceiling.

Weather Resistance

In windy conditions, the stability of the tent is consoling, no specific edge appearing to get the twist unduly. On the off chance that there is one kind of harsh climate that the Hubba NX Tent is best made for, it would definitely be rain.

Image of MSR Hubba Hubba NX on campground in Kungälv

The tent’s floor, for example, uses a bathtub shape, and additionally Durashield configuration to guarantee that you needn’t bother with a different footprint and that no water content will leak in from beneath. Likewise, the rainfly is additionally treated with Durashield™, which is certain to prevent rain from entering your backpacking tent, and the kickstand vents on the rainfly will help dispose of condensation by enabling outside air to go through your tent.

In any case, climate conditions with high humidity, or a lot of fog, can still make condensation in the tent since it allows for air to move around the tent, even when the vents is shut. It is perfect for the hot climate outdoors when a little level of security is still needed, yet you want high ventilation and appreciate having a perspective view of the moon and stars and your surroundings during nighttime.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The low quality one layer 2-person tent comes with a low price of 30 to 50$. However, if you need a tent which you would use for more than one hike, it might be a good idea to set aside a larger budget. Quality 2 person tents go in the price range of 300 – 700$. These are tents that you buy one time, and they will serve you for decades. However, if you are not a camper and you want to try out the camping life, a basic one-layer tent should do the job.

Image of MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent at the sunset

However, the comparison between a new brand of tents and Hubba tent are very close, with the backpacking tent performing more than other models in some aspects. The Hubba tent is still a fabulous choice for any camper hoping to put resources into a piece of gear as costly as this. The produce of this tent provides an assurance for any reasonable defect that you may face while using this tent. So contact them whenever you have an issue with your tent, and let them tell you if you are fit for the warranty provision.

Similar Products/Competitors

Kelty TraiLogic TN2 Tent Kelty TraiLogic TN 2

The Kelty TraiLogic TN2 Tent is an amazing tent for backpacking with some justifiable reason. The tent’s fly moves up on the top end and is protected at the tent’s top, and can likewise be shut by 2 individuals without having to leave the tent.

A very sturdy choice, the Kelty backpacking tent is an unattached piece with great features. Made for two individuals (obviously), this 3-season tent is an awesome expansion to your outdoor gear accumulation.

The walls and ceiling totally mesh and the tent’s fly has two vents, thereby aiding proper ventilation. The bathtub floor of the tent just goes up on the tent’s wall for around 4 inches, and until you totally adjust the base of the tent’s fly at both the foot and head, rain sprinkles up below it sufficiently far to get past the mesh wall.

However, if you do need to adjust it, don’t hope to exploit the sleep time star watching chance without trying to evacuate the guy lines, and don’t hope to have the capacity to put the tent’s fly down amidst the night without going out to attach the guy lines again. Once the guy lines are attached, this makes you enjoy you sleep during the night without getting wet due to condensation or rain.

Nemo Hornet Ultralight Tent Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent

The Nemo Hornet Ultralight Tent is a freestanding backpacking tent with two vestibules and two doors in the NEMO line-up tipping the scales at two pounds or less, giving light weight, comfort and livability. The Hornet series are billed as giving the most livable space for every weight in their category.

The Hornet tents accompany somewhat lighter weights and significantly bring down value points. For reference points, this backpacking tent has an inside floor area of about 28 square feet. The vast majority of the lost tent’s floor space is found at the foot end area.

If you indeed have two tent mates occupying the tent – assuming they are not active sleepers – one incredible feature of this backpacking tent is the double side entryways, which opens up widely in a round style to ensure simple entry from either of the sides.

Triangulated guyouts give double vestibule areas, so it is quite easy to monitor another person’s stuff or to keep track which tent mate is the messiest. Double entryways are still fairly uncommon in ultralight weight tents, but the producers of this amazing tent do a nice job of incorporating them.

MSR Elixir Tent MSR Elixir Tent

The MSR Elixir Tent is a standout among many mid-range tents. However, what makes this tent emerge is the additional features, i.e. versatility and headroom.

This tent has a trail weight of about 2.1kg on the heavy side, thus providing assurance of durability and certainty that it will withstand rougher landscape. Quickly pitched, the fly and inner are upheld by a covering butterfly arrangement of poles, alongside one additional short pole that strains the roof.

This setting sheds snow and water and forestalls vast areas of unsupported textile. Like most 3-season backpacking tents, imperviousness to intense winds is its difficulty, however, this model adapts sensibly well and joining additional guy lines would enhance the stability of the tent.

The inward part has mesh for enhanced breathability, yet keeps up a substantially higher extent of more windproof nylon. This tends to result into a backpacking tent that is still comfy in a warm climate, but likewise, exceptionally fit in colder climates, including winter.


This MSR Hubba NX 2 person tent as you can see from the features above is top of the notch tent for professional campers who have experienced the camping lifestyle before. It is a bit too much for beginner campers because it is a high-quality tent intended to be used for all 4 seasons.

The 20 denier nylon combined with 15 denier nylon is a feature which means that the tent is double layered as every high-quality tent on the market. The numbers mean that the thickness of the material is high and it is suitable for every weather condition. It can be used throughout the whole year.

Image of MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent during night time

The minimum weight of the tent is 3 lbs which mean that it is the whole weight of the tent without the additional parts which could be left out if you are going on a long hike. Hikers are usually leaving behind the bottom half or the rain fly.

By doing so, the weight is decreased and the tent weighs no more than 2 lbs. When looking for a tent, people usually fail to remember the weight of the additional rainproof material. In this case, no additional rain proofing is required, and because of this, the weight is less compared to many other tents in the same category.

When it comes to weight, most tents also require a footprint which also adds up to the tent. Although this tent’s bottom is waterproof, we still recommend that you calculate the extra weight for an additional footprint. It will increase the durability of the tent.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent on top of the moutains

However, since they are pretty hard to find, if you don’t manage to find one, don’t worry, this tent’s bottom will do just fine. The footprint is keeping your tent’s bottom clean and it is also preventing sharp objects from rough terrains have no influence on your tent.

The types of the stakes which come with the tent are needle style stakes which are easier to stake. They are strong and lighter than the mini groundhog style stakes. In the description of the site, the mini groundhog stakes are stated, but that is probably information from the previous tent version.  As for coping with the elements, this tent has no competition, it holds up pretty well in rain, wind or morning dew. It is also a tent which is recommended for 3 seasons since it has a good isolation and breathability.


  • Lightweight
  • Two doors
  • Great ventilation
  • Comfortable, airy interior
  • Two separate fast options
  • Light pitch options


  • Not very durable
  • Somewhat little for two tent mates
  • Insufficient stakes or guy lines added
  • Low-quality stakes
  • Can get damaged in moderate winds

However, if you are looking for a winter tent which could endure minus temperatures, you might want to consider other MSR tents available on the market. It is not made to endure snowstorms and will not be able to handle heavy snow. Anyways, if you decide to take it to your winter trips, make sure you clean the snow from the top in order to avoid collapse. It is a tent which is intended to be used on long expeditions and it has no problem if your trip takes weeks or even months.

Camping could easily be turned into one of the best memory in your lifetime. However, it could as easily turn into a fiasco. The difference between those two situations is choosing the right equipment for the right conditions, weather wise and trip wisely.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Weather Resistance
  • Value for Money and Guarantee


This review is about the MSR Hubba Hubba three-season and two-person backpacking tent with a creative design. This amazing tent is a great choice for durability and all-climate suitability.

The living and storage space of this backpacking tent are generous for the weight and size of the package, and it gives enough pitching choices for most weather conditions you may encounter outdoors.

Hubba tent comes with some accessories which are good for really wet climates or for a specific preference. The color style is truly perfect! What’s more, being MSR, the design quality is pretty good. No big surprise the Hubba has to gain such a great popularity. The Hubba tent is highly recommended for backpackers.

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We have provided you all the necessary information on a two-person tent’s features and provided the best suggestion according to us. However, you should consider the requirements your trip has when it comes to choosing a tent, and choose accordingly.

Hopefully, we have answered all your questions and doubts when it comes to the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. However, if you have any more questions or comment, let us know in the comment section below! Have an enjoyable camping trip!


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