Nemo Hornet 2 Person Tent: Two Person, Two Doors, and Two Pounds

A dog in Nemo Hornet 2P tent in the forest
Written by Kane Dane

You want your backpacking tent to be lightweight, yet not extremely cramped. Comfortable, but not too complicated. The NEMO’s Hornet 2 Person, focuses on those two pleasant spots for those hoping to travel light and fast on the trail. This backpacking tent brand is a free standing tent which offers incredible space for such a lightweight camping tent with two convenient side doorways and little vestibules.

The blend of fabric and mesh on the inward tent makes it particularly appropriate for camping in hotter atmospheres. Read on to know more about the amazing features and performance of this outstanding backpacking tent.

All too often when you purchase a backpacking tent you have to make a choice as to what is the area you want to give up on.  For some it is the weight, others hit you in the space inside the tent, and still others give you such odd layouts that any movement will wake everyone in the tent.

Product Specifications

  • A large side door makes entry/exit and access to your gear easier
  • Includes luxury details
  • Hubbed pole intersections create a single pole for quick setup
  • True tub floor construction reduces seam construction and seam tape

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Something we dislike about these backpacking tent models is that they are normally hard to get in and go out of without exasperating the other occupant. The Nemo Hornet has two side entryways rather than one entryway at the tent’s head, with guy outs that significantly make two different vestibules on the two sides. The Hornet is basically a smaller model of Nemo’s bigger and heavyweight Blaze tents, with less space and certainly less weight.



With a packed weight of only 2 pounds 5 ounces, this will be a light box when it arrives at your home.  Inside you will find the tent, aluminum poles, 6 tent stakes, stuff sack and a rain fly.  A foot print, or ground cloth, is not included but would help to lengthen the useful life of the tent.

Similar to all fast packing and ultralight gears, it’s worth saying that in order to lessen the weight, compromises in interior space and durability are created. These are the struggles with which outfit designers battle with, and we think Nemo dealt with a sensible compromise by selecting materials that are still durable to some extent, although the inclined walls normally cut into its required space.

Design and Durability

The Hornet 2P model is a semi-freestanding backpacking tent implying that the inward tent dangles from an exoskeleton style center and spoke shaft utilizing plastic clasps. Setup is staggeringly simple and fast. Simply disperse out the inward tent, embed the shaft into the connectors attached to the floor, and after that stake out the corners.

Then hang the inward tent from the shaft utilizing the plastic snares given. Other than simple setup, the upside of this post engineering is that it makes an extensive air hole between the inward tent and the rain fly, which enhances interior airflow and disposes of inner condensation exchange onto your rigging.

A man setting up the Nemo Hornet 2P tent in the mountains

Once the inward tent is pitched, station the rain fly above it, interfacing the back corners to the Jakes feet connectors. Do likewise for the corners in front, which do not have Jakes feet, however, basic string guylines that are slid over a similar corner stakes you utilized to stake out the internal tent’s front corners.

Stake out the vestibules and add tension to the entryways with line loc tensioners, similar to those discovered on most single-walled UL backpacking tents. The whole pitching procedure is amazingly snappy and simple for one individual to do while your accomplice deals with other outdoor tasks.

Nemo pride boast of being at the cutting edge of fabric and material design for lightweight apparatus. One of their pillar products is the DAC Featherlite NFL pole framework, which is popularly known to be one of the most lightweight poles available. When holding it, it is incomprehensibly light, and we were really amazed that it held the backpacking tent so solidly set up in high winds.

Nemo Hornet 2P Tent in the forest

As anyone might expect, the Nemo Hornet 2 person is made up completely of thin fabrics. The fly is a ten-denier nylon ripstop, and which is thin, even according to ultralight tent standards. Meanwhile, the original Hornet tent had a significantly thinner 7D nylon. However, it has proven to be proficient in foul climate.

The backpacking tent canopy features mainly a lightweight mesh that takes into consideration vital visibility and airflow through the upper tent, yet you will need to take great care to maintain a strategic distance from snags. What’s more, the floor utilizes a thin 15D nylon. Some other ultralight tents such as the MSR FreeLite utilize a 15D textile for the floor, and we recommend treating them warily. We have not put a gap in either the MSR or Nemo, however, it is quite good to utilize a footprint to increase their lifespan.


The most imperative feature in any 2-Person backpacking tent is having 2 entryways so you can exit from the tent around night time without awakening your sleeping partner. NEMO improves that by situating the entryways so you can enter in and go out of them without moving any gears or packs that you have already kept safe in the vestibule.

Both entryways and the vestibules over them, can be packed up and secured open utilizing flips, a pleasant touch that includes a considerable measure of function without including much weight. However, the inward tent is tapered to have a wider head where you require more space and marginally smaller at the feet.

The tent sides are likewise inclined, A-casing style, with sloping sides and a high center point. While these design choices help to lessen the weight of the tent, they do lessen its livability to some degree contrasted with heavier 2 person tents with rectangular floors and vertical side walls.

Nemo Hornet 2P Tent on top of the mountains

These are the bargains NEMO spared weight. While the brand makes the Hornet 2 person somewhat cozy, the tent still does not feel binding with two grown-up occupants. The usable space within the tent is 84 inches long, 48 inches wide at the head end,  40.5 inches wide at the foot end, 36″ of stature at the inside pinnacle, and 30″ high over your head when lying in the tent.

The tent model’s head end, is more extensive compared to the foot. While cozy, the inside space doesn’t feel bound, with additional space at the head end and foot end to keep belongings you need simple access to during night time.

Ventilation and Weather Protection

Tent quality in some cases is traded off when cutting weight, however, the Hornet turned out to be durable in quite huge winds. We have not had it out in a solid British Columbian rainstorm at this time, yet it held up commendably in the light downfall. The rainfly only gives halfway coverage at the tent’s head end, yet the raised bath floor and great seam fixing with the tent body faced the task.

Nemo Hornet 2P Tent on top of the city

One advantage of the raised area of the rainfly is that it enhances air flow. Consolidated with heavy utilization of mesh in the body of the tent and a substantial air crevice between the inward tent and rainfly, the Nemo Hornet has incredible ventilation. There is less chance of condensation gathering along the inside, which makes the Hornet tent an incredible decision for pretty much all conditions, however especially humid situations similar to that of the Appalachian Trail.

Interior Space

Having a 28 square feet floor space, the Hornet is like other 2 person lightweight backpacking tents, and can suit a couple of 20-inch wide sleeping cushions. However, there is small extra space along every side and it is a constricted fit for two individuals. We do not prescribe using the tent with somebody with whom you have not known. Gratefully, with the two entryways every individual can go in and out without stumbling over their tent mate.

Like the ultralight tent models from Big Agnes, the inward tent of the Horne model is tapered to be more extensive at the head and somewhat smaller at the feet. The walls of the tent are inclined with sloping sides and high center point. And the tent’s foot end is tapered vigorously descending beginning at about the abdomen.

The Hornet 2P has been designed to allow for maximum use of internal space when fitting two bodies inside.

While these design options shave off weight, they do add to tight living sterns. There is a certain crest in the tent, and thus, just a single fortunate individual can sit well at any point in time. In 2 person tents, it is preferable to sleep in inverse directions in order to enable more shoulder space for each of the occupants.

The twofold vestibules are possibly a major advantage for two hikers. You will find out that you will effortlessly fit your packs and climbing boots in the vestibules, which are typically 8 square feet each and a fundamental thing due to the fact that there is minimal extra room within the tent. You will likewise observe that apparatus set against the sides is intended to make the tent wall give in a lot, so you should ensure to set it far from the body of the tent.


Nemo Hornet weighs around two and a half pounds without the discretionary footprint and gives enough space to two backpackers with 85×51 floor dimension, narrowed down at the far end. There is somewhat less headroom, however, around 40 inches, and there is no forehead shaft so the sides poles tend to bend inward.

Those two features consolidate to make this tent brand feel somehow crowded inwardly than it actually is. There is a concession you may need to make as a compensation for the light weight of Nemo hornet.

A woman near Nemo Hornet 2P tent camping in the wild

The rainfly is built from surprisingly lightweight 7D nylon ripstop, unlike the 15D to 20D typically utilized for these tent types, which therefore means less insulation against chilly climate. The floor and canopy are made of the 20D nylon ripstop feature, and the casing has DAC Featherlite structure.

Assembly together this Nemo 2 person backpacking tent takes a short time to get used to, however, after a couple days you will just need about 5-10 min to set the tent up and dispatch it and the rainfly clips on effortlessly.

Value for the Money and Guarantee

For the price point of this tent you will want to be getting something that is lightweight but will last.  This tent has definitely been crafted to be a lightweight choice but the debate comes if you should consider this truly a two person tent.  Some might find that there isn’t enough room to comfortably fit two bigger people and then may ask the question do I want to spend this for a solo tent?

At the end of the day that is an answer you will have to make. Nemo offers a lifetime warranty on all their products to cover manufacturer defects.  They state on their website that they extend this to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase.  The company also says that at their discretion they will repair or replace.

Similar Models/Competitors

Big Agnes Copper Spur Copper Spur

To stick with the thought of two person backpacking tents, another option would be the Copper Spur from Big Agnes.  Big Agnes is a company that has had a reputation for putting out high quality tents for those that are serious about their outdoor pursuits.

This tent will end up costing you more than the Hornet, but it is a truly free standing backpacking tent. One of the major differences to note between these tents is that the Big Agnes offering only has a single door, as is more common among backpacking tents.

They have also gone with a thicker material to construct the tent out of. This choice means a more durable tent, but one with added weight as this offering comes in just over 3 pounds.

Mountainsmith Morrison EVO Mountainsmith Morrison EVO

The Mountainsmith Morrison EVO is a great option if you are looking for something at a bit of a lower price point.  This is another fully freestanding tent that gives you 36 square feet of usable interior space with which you should be able to accommodate two adults.

Unlike other tents that you might find, the Morrison EVO includes the tent footprint, giving you not only extra protection for your tent, but also the option of setting up just the footprint and the rainfly for a lightweight option.

To add some more space to your living arrangements this tent gives you an extra 19 square feet of space in the vestibule under the rain fly.  That is a great area to store things like your boots and pack to keep them out of the weather while not taking up all the space inside your tent.  The downside to this option is that the tent comes in with a trail weight of 5 pounds 9 ounces, which is more than twice the weight of the Hornet.

Nemo Dagger Nemo Dagger

Nemo likes the idea of giving a backpacking tent 2 doors and just like the Hornet, you’ll find that feature included in the Nemo Dagger.  This backpacking tent offers 31 square feet of space to fit two campers and has an interior height of 42 inches.

Adding the rain fly adds an additional 23 square feet of room, but that is split between the two doors, giving each some extra storage space.  The rain fly does have to be staked out to function properly.

This tent also has a dual stage stuff sack.  This allows you to fit everything in the sack if needed, but also gives the change to split up the load so that one person isn’t carrying the whole tent.  But with a minimum weight of a mere 3 pounds 5 ounces, this tent won’t add all that much to your pack, even if you have to carry the whole thing alone.


The Nemo Hornet 2 Person Backpacking tent weighs only 1 pound 14.3 ounces rivaling numerous 2 person single-walled ultralight tents when it comes to cost and weight, something unfathomable a couple of years ago. The light weight of Nemo Hornet likewise makes it conceivable to enjoy the many advantages of twofold walled camp tents which have been dominated by weight factors and pushed numerous campers to less convenient single-walled tents.

In spite of the fact that some of the space and volume compromises that NEMO produced with the Hornet 2P gear to keep its weight beneath 2 pounds, this backpacking tent is a brilliant option if you enjoy the twofold walled tents more than single-walled ones or need a lightweight tent for a couple of backpacking trips that is similarly practical as a roomy one individual tent.

Camping with Nemo Hornet 2P Tent in a gorgeous camping area

It truly is astounding how lightweight 2-person twofold walled tents have gotten to be without totally yielding livability and comfort. This tent model is an extraordinary example of the ultralight twofold walled tents accessible and worth considering in case you are hoping to change to a lightweight camping tent.


  • The Nemo Hornet is extremely lightweight yet at the same time has two functional entryways and vestibules.
  • The ventilation is incredible due to the mesh canopy and fly
  • Very simple to set up.
  • Bright colors


  • Slanted walls restrain head room when sitting in the tent. So, just a single individual can sit comfortably at once.
  • Tapered end diminishes space starting from the waist.
  • Not really freestanding.

Finally, regardless of a couple issues with condensation and droopy corners, the Nemo Hornet 2P is still a remarkable tent. Having much living room with a tent that packs so little and measures so little nearly appears to be inconceivable, however, Nemo made it possible. The huge interior gives extraordinary livability, with plentiful star gazing options with the blustery mesh wall.

Nemo Hornet
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Livability
  • Ventilation and Weather Protection
  • Interior Space
  • Lightweight
  • Value for the Money and Guarantee


Some of the benefits of this particular tent are that it is semi-freestanding, which enables you to set up a tent in seconds without worrying so much about the surface and staking conditions. This, therefore, makes the setup significantly idiot-proof.

It has nearly zero inner condensation exchange since the dampness is caught by the rain fly. This is a solidly built tent that will not weigh you down on the trail. It is a great 3 season option for those that need a 2 person tent.

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The inventive guy out the tensioning and points of the body make a great stable tent from any edge in spite of the constrained framing. You need to take some time to set up the tent appropriately in order to keep away from a droopy body and include some guy outlines and stakes. This backpacking tent model is a brilliant option for individuals who prefer maximum space and minimum weight.

Thank you for reading our article. We shall be glad to have some comments and provide a solution to any of your questions.


Kane Dane


  • If you have tried many tents, you will certainly appreciate the resourcefulness of the Nemo Rhapsody. It is certainly a great choice for the money. But you should try out the Nemo Hornet.

  • The Nemo Hornet is definitely a great choice. It will fit a mesh cot for comfort after a long and eventful day.

  • If you are new to Nemo tents, then you should start with the Nemo Hornet. The price range is budget-friendly, the features are amazing and the performance is unmatched.


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