7 Accessories Your Dog Needs for Long Hikes – 2023 Guide

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Written by Dion Badillo

Hikes are, without a doubt, the best way to spend some quality one-on-one time with your furry friend. You get to go outside, engage in some form of physical activity, whether it is brisk walking or running, and you can always turn it into an adventure if you decide to camp out for the night.

If this is the case, or if you have simply chosen a path that is not in close vicinity to your house or apartment, you will have to bring several things with you. However, in this article, we won’t focus on items you need to bring for you, but instead, on those your dog will need.

1. A leash

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Naturally, the very first thing you have to pack is a leash. You wouldn’t even go on a short walk without it, right? Nevertheless, you may have to get one specifically for this journey. Why? Well, first of all, it is not recommended to take an extendable one since it doesn’t provide you with complete control. Plus, it can easily get entangled in bushes, which is something you want to avoid.

Secondly, you should get a hands-free one. This is a mere matter of convenience. Maybe you will have to carry a water bottle or a smartphone, so it will be easier just to slip the leash around your wrist. In addition, it will enable you to keep your pet close by while setting up a tent or a camping site. If you don’t already have one of these, our advice is to go with one that is adjustable, meaning that you can determine its length and also easily adjust it to your hand and wrist.

2. Dog harness

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If you are not a fan of traditional collars, you probably already use a harness when going for a walk. If this is the case, you cannot forget to bring it with you. Generally speaking, this item provides your pet with more comfort, which is something that will be vital during a hike. These are super easy to put on since they have adjustable straps. Sometimes, they even include two leash rings, so you can always ensure your dog is super comfortable.

3. Dog mittens

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These would probably never occur to you, but the truth is that they can be an invaluable accessory. Your goal is that both you and your pet have a great time, right? Well, this won’t be possible if your dog gets injured by sharp rocks and nasty splinters.

Still, you shouldn’t purchase these the day before the hiking trip. Firstly, finding the right size can be challenging since you have to ensure that they will stay on the dog’s feet when it runs and jumps. Furthermore, if your pet has never worn these before, it will need some time to get used to them. Due to this, these mittens should be at the top of your shopping list, and you should purchase them as soon as you start planning this adventure.

4. Bug repellent

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You will undoubtedly come across many bugs and insects while spending time outside. It can be easy to run away from these if you are in your backyard. However, this is not the case when you go on a hiking adventure. Because of this, you should get a bottle of insect repellent spray. When it comes to choosing this item, you have to be careful and read the content section. In some cases, these products can be toxic, and therefore, dangerous for your four-legged friend, so you should try and find a natural one.

5. Dog backpack

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Packing all of this stuff, plus the ones you have to bring, into a single backpack is almost impossible. If you were to try this, you would probably have to eliminate a bunch of things that could prove to be essential. A tactical dog backpack is another accessory you have to get before your trip. Now, several options are available on the market, so you should visit this website to find reviews of the best ones.

6. Water bottle and a bowl

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It goes without saying that these two items are vital. When it comes to the former one, make sure to get a bottle that is leak-proof. This way, you won’t have to worry whether you will waste water, and you will be able to easily carry it in your or the dog’s backpack. In addition, don’t forget to pack a water purification item.

On the other hand, there are pet bowls specifically designed for this type of adventure. We are talking about collapsible ones. Not only do these save space, but they usually have a clip, so you can attach them to the backpack.

Finally, there is a matter of food you should bring. You can always buy extra protein snacks for your pet. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in these, the dog’s regular food will be fine. However, make sure to bring some extra. Why? Well, since you will constantly be moving, the dog will need more energy, meaning that it will need to eat more than usual. When it comes to the portion size, you should consider the dog’s fitness, as well as the difficulty of the trail.

7. First-aid kit

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There is absolutely no doubt that a first-aid kit is vital for this type of adventure. You probably won’t even need it, but you have to bring it, just in case. This is true for both you and your pet. There are kits that are specifically designed for pets. Besides regular gauze and antiseptics, these also include items such as tweezers, paws bandages, alcohol pads, etc. You can turn to this site for more ideas on how to travel with your pet.

When it comes to buying one of these, you can go with the one that includes extra items, such as a pet thermometer and an emergency collar. On the other hand, if your hiking trail is near your home, you probably don’t need to carry all of these. Instead, you can create your own compact first aid kit. Finally, these kits are also very durable and water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry whether something will break.


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