4 Reasons You Should Always Bring A Flashlight When Hiking

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Written by Wendy Tucker

Everyone loves going hiking. Hiking acts as a natural distraction from your everyday busy life, giving you a venture to let it all out. That’s why when summer breaks start, or you take a vacation from work, most people often choose to go hiking in the mountains. While this is one of the safer sides of adventuring, hiking still has several risks that can prove fatal if ignored.

One small slip of a rock or resting your back on the bark of the wrong tree, there are many horrific things that can happen while hiking. That’s why to avoid these occurrences, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind when you go hiking. One of these things is a flashlight. A flashlight has many uses and purposes especially for hiking where a single flashlight can save your life. With sites like offering various types of flashlights for everyday and adventure use, there is little nowadays that flashlights can’t do.

In this list, we’ll discuss the various reasons why a flashlight is an essential component in your hiking gear. You’d be surprised to know how useful a flashlight can be and we guarantee you won’t forget to bring a flashlight for your next trip after you finish reading this article.

1. Flashlights provide safety in emergencies

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Honestly speaking, it’s a pessimistic thought to have that each of your hiking trips may not turn out to be as ideal as you’d expect them to. Emergencies can occur anytime during your hiking trip.

This can be anything from taking a casual detour that took longer than you’d thought to get entirely lost in a forest or mountain range. These things can happen and many hikers think it essential that you prepare your hiking gear in times like these accordingly.

One of the most vital things to have during emergencies is a flashlight. When it gets dusky, it doesn’t take much time for darkness to envelope everything around you. If you don’t have an ideal light source during this time then you’ll be in big trouble for finding your way back home. Relying on your phone battery at times like these is not at all recommended as hiking emergencies are the most important time where you need to get signals to run mapping apps or call emergency services. Having a flashlight for each hiking trip is thus a good idea to ensure some semblance of safety in emergencies.

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2. Flashlights can deter animals

Another way you can use your flashlight for major use is deterring off dangerous animals. Let us make it clear here and now that not all animals are scared by flashlights, but a majority of animals do. Animals like coyotes and bobcats are scared of flashing lights and loud noises. If you ever find yourself face to face with one of these wild animals and have a flashlight at hand, then using it to scare them off can serve as a last resort.

However, and we cannot stress this enough, it’s very important to know that not all animals are scared by flashlights. Most bears don’t care if you have any kind of light, they don’t see them as a threat or something they should be scared of. We strongly advise against going hiking in areas teeming with dangerous wild animals in the first place but if you ever find yourself in a situation like this and know that the animal can be deterred off with your flashlight, you can very well use it to save your life and of everyone with you.

3. A flashlight can find your items for you

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Most hikers are well aware of the feeling when they pack their tents to go back home from their hiking trips but can’t find an item or two. This can induce an acute feeling of anxiety and helplessness especially if the item is expensive or important. Finding such items becomes more of a mammoth task during times like dusk or night where visibility is low.

At times like these, a flashlight can be your one and only true savior. Flashlights often come with modes of concentrated lights and wide lights and both of these can help you search for the important items that you may lose while camping. The forest floor is wide and ever-changing, especially if they are on the slopes of a mountain range. Not immediately finding your item can mean saying a permanent goodbye to it. No one in their right mind wants this to happen and that’s why you should always bring a flashlight with you in case you ever lose something of value while hiking.

4. Flashlights help you provide medical support

No human is immune to making mistakes and so it’s very likely that your child or family member will scrape their knee somewhere or get scratched by sharp thorns on the road. At times like these, you need a flashlight along with your medicine kit. Now you may ask, why would you need a flashlight in your medkit to provide first aid or medical support?

Well, for starters, injuries are more prone to happen during nights where everything is dark and it’s hard to notice things that may hurt you. At times like these, you need a flashlight to show exactly where your wounds are and how severe they are. Secondly, even during the daytime, you will find a need for flashlights because most of us when we get injured, seek shade to get some rest.

A shade of a tree can offer considerable light but not enough to detect tiny needles that might have pricked someone’s foot or very thin cuts made by extremely sharp objects. This is where a flashlight comes in – it can provide all the light necessary to show the thinnest cuts and the tiniest thorns. This is why flashlights are not only a must-have for your hiking gear but also for your medicine kit.


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Flashlights are an essential component for all your hiking trips. Going hiking without a flashlight can prove extremely dangerous and lethal, and that’s why we heavily suggest never going on a hiking trip if you don’t have a flashlight available. We hope this article helped you out and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.


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