How to Go Backpacking in Limburg – Transportation & Culture Tips

Written by Ronda Hamilton

Traveling abroad is something that most people have in plan, but not everyone is actually willing to set some time aside and really explore other regions, countries, and cultures. Now, that’s a mistake, as only when we learn more about some culture can we really understand the true meaning, origins, and historical heritage. On the other hand, backpacking is on the rise, which is great news, but finding the right place to start can be a bit challenging. That is why Nederland is the ideal country for tourists and why so many people are interested in coming here. So, if you seek an adventure, we will discuss how to go backpacking in Limburg, what to expect and how to get around, and more info on that you can also find here.

How to save some money?


One of the most important concerns of every backpacker is how to save some money and enjoy their journey even longer than planned, and luckily, visiting the Netherlands does not need to cost a little fortune, as there are a few ways to spend less. Understandably, it all starts with the research, as if someone plans to travel abroad, regardless of the country, and doesn’t want to do at least a bit of research in advance so that they would learn more about the country, what to expect, and what to keep away of, then almost everything in this article would be for nothing.

Tap water

First of all, there is no need to buy bottled water, as the tap one is perfectly fine for drinking wherever you go around this amazing country. Now, this might come as a surprise for those who have never been to Europe, and especially the Netherlands, as one of the most common beliefs is that tap water is not healthy, which is a mistake. Namely, tap water in most of Europe is good, and everyone can drink it, but there are certain things to keep in mind even here. Namely, those who are not used to drinking tap water might find the type of tap water here a bit different, and it’s mostly because of chlorine, which is used in many public water systems. That is why those with bad stomachs should opt and buy bottled water just in case, but even that is simply because they are not that used to drinking tap water.

Above all, this might seem like unimportant information since bottled water is not too expensive, but we can actually save a lot of money if we drink tap water on our journey. Just think about how much water we consume on a daily basis, and if we plan to stay for a week or more here, then, in the end, the cost of bottled water can play a huge role in our budget decision-making. Of course, we will leave this up to you, but it’s highly recommended not to spend money on unnecessary things like buying bottled water if there is no need.



When it comes to food, it is a much better idea to buy groceries in local stores and prepare them on your own, as eating in restaurants is not cheap at all. Of course, it would be nice to visit some restaurants and try their local food, but if you decide to eat every meal in a restaurant, that can be pretty expensive. Understandably, this entirely depends on the location you plan to stay at, as certain parts of the country are known for high-priced restaurants, but that also means there are places with more than affordable prices. On the other hand, this also doesn’t mean one couldn’t find a restaurant with affordable prices in Amsterdam, for example, but in order to actually do so, once again, you simply need to set some time aside and do some research in advance.

Ask the locals and use online platforms for tourists

As for the people, the Netherlands people are open and communicative, and most of them are used to tourists, so it is not a surprise that they offer the accommodation for free. Although it seems impossible at first glance, it is true, and there are online platforms that connect travelers from all over the globe with people willing to receive them for free. It is a great way to save some money for accommodation, and probably meet new friends and get a local tour guide for free. That’s just one of the perks of living in this modern digital age, so why not use it, save some money while at it, yet still get a great time while in Nederland?

Do not be surprised by schedules


Although most of us do not create detailed schedules with, for example, time for eating or spending time with friends, it is crucial to know that it is completely normal in the Netherlands. They have a predetermined time for lunch, walking, and even enjoying themselves with friends, so if you want to visit someone, make sure they are available. Being well organized is something they learn from a young age, and if you are visiting the Netherlands, try to respect it. Regarding that, if you make an agreement to meet someone, always arrive on time, or they might feel disrespected, which is not something you would like but is something that most tourists overlook.

Dutch people love small gifts

Although giving someone a gift in the Netherlands, Dutch people prefer smaller and less expensive gifts, such as a glass of wine, chocolate, or some nice bouquet, but be careful when choosing the flowers. Some flowers are only for funerals, and it is not appropriate to bring them to someone, and that are chrysanthemums and lilies in white color, so it is always better to choose something colorful. If someone brings you a gift, it is important to open it in front of them, or they might feel disrespected if you leave it for later. Overall, you can say that people here value the thought more than the gift itself, and the more time and dedication you place into searching for the right gift, or even better, making one on your own, the more grateful they will be.


Ronda Hamilton


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