How to Earn Some Extra Money on The Side While Backpacking?

Written by Wendy Tucker

Before you can even think about starting your backpacking journey, you’ll have to spend some time preparing for the trip, more specifically, you’ll have to save up some cash. Although it’s smart to have savings before your trip, have you considered working while hiking the country?

Yup, it’s completely possible for you to earn some extra money while backpacking and if you’ve been wondering what you can do, you’re lucky since this is exactly what we’ll discuss in the article below. Here are the top eight ways that you can earn some extra money on the side while backpacking:

1. Opt For Teaching Languages to The Locals

If you’re, for example, planning on backpacking in some European or Asian countries, you could choose to earn some money by teaching the locals English or another language that you’re fluent in. Not only will you be able to have fun and earn some extra cash, but you could also end up making some friends along the way, which is always a good thing, especially when you’re in a foreign country where you don’t know anyone.

2. Seasonal Jobs Are Paid Well And Come With Perks

You might not realize this, but, no matter what country you opt for visiting, there will most likely be farms that have to hire people for picking fruits and vegetables. This can be incredibly profitable, especially if you opt for staying on one farm for a longer period of time. By doing so, you won’t only earn money, but you can also hike around the area when you’re done for the day, which means that you’ll still have time for exploring.

It’s worth mentioning that most farms will hire people willing to stay for a longer period of time and in most cases, they’ll offer accommodations and free meals. This means that you won’t have to spend the money you earn on paying for a hotel room, instead, you can have all of that right at the farm! If this is something that doesn’t suit your needs, skills, or plans, you can also choose to work in hotels or motels, which leads us to the next point of this article…

3. Ask For Work in Hotels And Motels


If you won’t camp during your backpacking journey, there could be jobs waiting for you at the hotels and motels you stay in. In most cases, there will be a job waiting for you, which is why you might want to ask the manager or owner of the accommodation whether or not they have a job for you such as washing dishes in the kitchen. They might even offer you a free stay if you complete some tasks, which won’t earn you money, but it’ll save the cash you already have.

4. Write About Your Adventures Online

-You might be a gifted writer, and if so, you should seriously consider writing about your backpacking adventure! From the places you visit the things you’ve tried, the possibilities are literally endless. Keep in mind, that you’ll need to start a blog in order to write about your adventures, and turning it into a profitable business might take some time, however, it can easily turn out to be quite lucrative later on.

5. Opt For Some Hospitality Jobs Available

No matter what country you opt for visiting, it’s highly possible that they’ll have tourist hotspots, and these spots will need extra workers during the peak seasons. You could, for example, choose to work in a coffee shop or restaurant as a waiter, you could work in kitchens, and housekeeping will also be an option. Keep in mind, that you might need to submit your resume for some positions, and if you don’t know how to write one, you can opt for one of the services from this review website –

6. Get Creative And Start Making Different Things


If you’re someone that is creative, you might want to consider gathering things while hiking – such as shells, pretty stones, and so on – and turning them into different things that you can sell! Besides making things, you can also, for instance, draw or paint portraits of people passing by. Additionally, you could paint different areas that you come across while hiking, and later on, you could sell them to people! The possibilities are endless, so, consider selling the things you create or make.

7. Take And Sell Photographs of Your Journey

You might be quite talented at photography, and if so, you should consider becoming a freelance photographer. There is a wide range of websites where you can sell the pictures you take. Now, keep in mind, that such websites will take a percentage of your earnings, hence, the more pictures you choose to post, the better your profit will be. Additionally, some sites can be used for selling videos as well, hence, if you’re good at recording and editing videos, you could do that as well.

8. Walking Dogs

Last on our list of jobs, but equally as fun and profitable as the ones we’ve previously mentioned is walking dogs! If you’re a dog person, you could opt for walking dogs in the city you’re currently in, and besides having fun, you’ll also be able to earn money from it! This becomes even better when you think about the fact that you can take the dogs hiking with you, thus, you can explore while earning some extra cash for your trip!



Although you might have not realized it, there is a wide range of ways that you can earn some extra cash while on your backpacking journey. Besides ensuring that you have the money needed for the things you need, working while hiking can also help you meet new people, which is always good while alone in a foreign country.

Since you’re now well aware of the things you could do while abroad, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time reading articles similar to this one. Instead, if you’re already backpacking, you should start looking for one of the jobs we’ve mentioned above and start earning some extra money!


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