Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos in 2023

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Written by Wendy Tucker

Travelling is one of the best things you can do in your spare time. Whether you’re going on a vacation or an adventurous journey, chances are, you’re going to come back with hundreds or even thousands of cool pictures and memories. Now, what most people do with those pictures is grab post them on Instagram or save them somewhere on their computer or a phone, so they can look at them from time to time and evoke some nice memories from those trips. However, we’re certain that you can do more than that and we’re willing to show you how. Let’s get started!

1. Make A Photo Album

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Even though you may feel like photo albums are a thing of the past and we should keep our pictures and memories stored in a cloud, we respectfully disagree. A nice photo album can be a great accessory for any room in your house and it can also be a very convenient way for you to enjoy some old memories in a few years.

2. Polaroid 2.0

Did you know that you can print photos directly from your smartphone, just like you could with an old-school Polaroid camera? All it takes is a small, portable photo printer that you can order off of Amazon or buy at pretty much any gadget store and you can have some of your travel photos printed right on the spot and give them a more authentic feel.

3. Make A Travel Map

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One of the easiest ways to transform your travel photos into something even cooler is to make them into a travel map. You’ve all probably seen all those “scratch” world maps that are advertised all over the Internet. Well, you can one-up them. Do a DIY project and create a world map and cut out your photos in the shapes of countries you’ve visited and watch your project develop over the years into something gorgeous.

4. Make Art

If you’re a creative person, it would be easy and fun for you to print out some of your favourite travel photos and turn them into an art piece. Whether you want to make a collage or something else is completely up to you, you can get as creative as you want with it. We’re certain you can make a lovely piece of art from the photos you took when you were travelling and who knows, maybe in a few years, you’ll have your own little art gallery from all the projects you did over time.

5. Make A Custom Luggage Tag

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Instead of writing on a piece of paper or even worse, directly on your suitcase or a travel bag, instead, use the photos from your previous travels to make a cool, custom luggage tag. You may or may not want to put your name on it, but we’re fairly certain no one else is going to have such a cool luggage tag, so you can stick with just pictures.

6. Make Custom Stickers

Take your travel photos and make them into outdoor adventure stickers. Why? Well, stickers are cool. You can put them wherever – on your car, your laptop, fridge and so on. You can even gift them to your friends that couldn’t have come with you on your travels. What’s even better is that you can get custom stickers no minimum order quantity, so if you wanted, you could just get a single sticker.

7. Make Custom Labels

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Maybe you want to sell some products and you’re looking for a cool label, but you don’t want to hire a designer. In that case, according to, you can use your travel photos and create custom labels from photos you took all by yourself. You can’t argue that this isn’t a great way to make a vacation into something useful and profitable. Maybe that one photo you took will pay for your next 10 vacations if the business takes off – you never know.

8. Make Fridge Magnets

There’s nothing that speaks “seasoned traveller” more than a fridge full of magnets. Now, one could argue that you should buy the magnets when you’re abroad and you shouldn’t make your own, but more often than not, the magnets that are being sold are either too expensive or low-quality and they don’t really match your vibe. On the other hand, if you’ve taken a photo, that image means something to you and at that point, a magnet becomes a lot more than just a souvenir – it becomes a cherished memory.

9. Make A Passport Holder

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If you’re travelling quite often, your passport must look really worn out. Now, you can’t really redesign and repair your official documentation, but what you can do, is make a travel case for your passport, so to speak. It’s easy to buy passport holders and many people use them, but we want you to be different. We want you to have a custom passport holder – the one that represents you. Use your photography and find a picture, or plenty of them, and make a custom holder for your passport.

10. Make A Phone Case

Custom phone cases are nothing new and they have been around for quite some time. Now, we understand the appeal of memes and funny images on the back of your phone, but a lot of people rock those. You, on the other hand, could use photos you took on your travels and turn your phone case into a work of art. Not only will your phone look great, but these things are often a lot cheaper than the official cases made by phone manufacturers, so it’s a win-win.

11. Create A Postcard

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For a really long time, people have been sending postcards to their friends and family every time they go on vacation. It’s a nice gesture, nevertheless, but they do feel kind of impersonal. On the other hand, if you use a picture that you took, perhaps a selfie in front of a lovely landscape, your friends and family will know you’ve gone an extra mile to make the postcard unique and personal and they’ll appreciate it even more.


There you have it. As you can see, there is more than one thing that you can do with your travel photos. You can make custom stickers, you can make postcards or you could make an art piece out of them. As long as you’re creative – you’ll be able to find a new, unique way to use your travel photos and make them more fun.


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