6 Reasons You Must Bring A Flashlight To Every Outdoor Adventure 

Written by Wendy Tucker

As you go on an adventure, you need to ensure you’ve packed everything you need as there’s no coming back, and you’d have to settle for what’s in your bag. Apart from bringing your food and drinks, carrying a flashlight should be on the top of your list.

A flashlight is a simple device that comes with replaceable or rechargeable batteries. According to EveryDayCarry, going for those with universal serial bus (USB)-rechargeable batteries is a better option as they’re more convenient and deliver superior performance. They’re also more environmentally friendly as you can recharge a lithium-ion battery about a thousand times.

Listed below are the reasons why you must bring a flashlight to every outdoor adventure:

Provide Light In The Dark

Going on an outdoor adventure will always have an element of surprise. The experience can get pretty challenging, especially when the sun starts to set. It’s like being in unfamiliar territory. You could easily get lost or disoriented in the dark if you can’t see the usual landmarks that you rely on for directions.

When you’re going camping, having a fully charged flashlight is essential as you may not have another light source aside from the campfire. A flashlight provides just the right illumination if you need to leave the tent at night for whatever reason, do your camping chores, or look for a missing item.

Even if you’re going on a day hike, make sure to pack your flashlight as you don’t know if the hike will take longer than planned or expected. Better to have a flashlight in case you get caught in the woods at nightfall.

Save Your Phone Battery

Bringing your flashlight while experiencing the outdoors at night can help you save your smartphone’s battery. Even though all smartphones now have a built-in flashlight, it’s logical to bring a flashlight and conserve your phone’s battery for other purposes such as taking pictures, communicating with others, and, more importantly, making emergency calls. If you’re using your phone as your flashlight, it’ll run out of juice sooner than you think, and you’ll be left with no means of communication and no light source.

Prolonging your smartphone’s battery life when you’re on an outdoor adventure is essential. You’d certainly want to take a lot of photos either for posting on social media or simply to capture your daring adventures.

Emergency Situations


You need to be prepared for the unexpected when going on an outdoor expedition. You could experience a sudden change in the weather, you or someone else could get separated from the group, or someone could get injured. Packing a flashlight along with other necessities can help you in these dire situations.

If you’re lost in the woods at night, you can use your flashlight to signal to the others who may be trying to find you. Or you can rely on your flashlight’s illumination to try to find your way back to camp without tripping, stumbling, or walking into a tree.

For worse scenarios, such as being stranded outdoors under extreme weather conditions, your flashlight enables you to signal for help. Some flashlights have an SOS (distress signal) and beacon mode for emergencies like this. When you turn on the distress signal on your flashlight, it will emit light in a distinct pattern adopted from the Morse Code for the letters SOS. In beacon mode, your flashlight will repeatedly flash long bursts of light at regular intervals.

These two functions help you send a signal that you need help and could attract the attention of rescuers.

Identify Potential Threats

A flashlight can help you identify potential threats at night, especially when hiking or camping in the woods. So, if you spot anything that could be dangerous, such as a wild animal, you can avoid it by immediately turning back or going on a different path.

Since flashlights provide brighter light and longer beam distances, they allow you to see if the path or trail is free of hazards and safe for your group to travel through.

Disorient an Attacker

Going on an outdoor adventure could sure be fun and exciting. But there’s a possibility, no matter how unlikely, of encountering a wild animal wandering in the woods or an attacker waiting for the perfect opportunity. In dangerous situations like this, your flashlight comes in real handy.

A tactical flashlight has a strobe function that could temporarily blind your attacker with flashing bursts of light. This could leave your aggressor dazed and disoriented, giving you time to escape.

However, use the strobe mode only if you’re reasonably sure you’re under threat of bodily harm. You wouldn’t want to use this feature on another hiker who’s simply enjoying the outdoors, same as you.

You might think that you don’t need this advanced feature along with the SOS and strobe modes, but it’s better to have them and be prepared for all eventualities.



A typical heavy-duty flashlight is sturdy and made of durable materials, making it a suitable non-lethal weapon for self-defense. Apart from blinding your attacker with intense bursts of light, you can use your flashlight to hit your attacker, helping you make a quick escape.

A flashlight with a jagged bezel or a heavy-duty one is suitable for this purpose. Hold it firmly, then strike your attacker with it, as you would with a baseball bat. Be sure to target your aggressor’s weak points, such as the eyes, throat, nose, and groin. Even a compact flashlight packs quite a punch if aimed at the right place. In addition, you can use your flashlight to ward off an assailant’s blows.

Carrying a flashlight makes you feel more secure when you’re on an outdoor adventure because it serves not only as a handy light source but also as a blunt weapon to protect yourself from a potential aggressor.


As you go on an outdoor adventure, you need to equip yourself with the right tools to make your excursion enjoyable, convenient, and safe. A fully charged flashlight is among the first things you should pack in your bag. As discussed above, a flashlight is more than a handy light source. It could very well save your life.


Wendy Tucker


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