From Camping to Surfing: The Best Adventure Activities for Teen Travelers

Written by Scarlett Saunders

Are you a teenager looking for a way to have fun in nature? Or are you the parent of a teenager who loves to discover exciting adventures? Maybe the goal is to find an activity that the whole family will have fun with. That’s why we prepared this article for you, in which we will reveal some interesting activities that teenagers could do in their free time. Most of them are safe, but for some, you will need a professional instructor.

There are a variety of adventure activities that teen travelers can enjoy, depending on their interests and physical abilities. Sometimes it can be a group activity, or an individual sport they can focus on. According to Bold Earth reviews, you can send your 13-18 years old teen to plenty of nature exploring activities, and you can really find here some bold ideas on how to do that. And the sole purpose of it is to find something that is safe enough, but still very exciting for the young kids who have a lot of things happening in their heads.

That’s why we decided to compile this interesting list. Here are some of the best adventure activities for teen travelers:

1. Camping with mates


Camping is a classic adventure that many people enjoy. The thing is, it’s so easy to set it because you’ll only have to choose between national parks or traditional campgrounds. It’s a great way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature – which is something today’s teens really need. Additionally, it can be a very affordable way to travel. So no hotels, no restaurants, and no additional expenses for entertainment – only the people and nature. Teens can learn valuable skills like setting up a tent, starting a fire, and cooking over an open flame.

Surely, you’ll have to find an organization with instructors who can handle the whole thing, without risking anyone’s safety. But in general, camping is an activity that can teach the kids valuable lessons from living in nature to loving everything our Earth provides to us.

2. Hiking and exploring the nature


Hiking is another example of a popular activity that can be done in nature. From easy day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips – it’s up to you to choose what you want to do this weekend. Hiking is a great way to explore scenic areas and get some exercise. Surely it’s a good opportunity for teens to learn about the environment and how to navigate in the wilderness.

Again, finding a reliable organization is even more important, because sometimes hiking can be such a challenge, especially for inexperienced teens.

3. Surfing on the waves


This is such an exciting thing to do, especially if you love water and waves. Surely, some teens aren’t comfortable with surfing, so they can focus on other activities in the meantime. Surfing, as we know it, is a fun and challenging activity that requires a lot of focus and skills. It can be enjoyed in many coastal locations around the world.

Teens can take lessons from experienced instructors to learn the basics of surfing or rent boards and wetsuits to try it out on their own. It’s one of the best ways to build confidence and learn new skills. The only exception is made when a person is afraid of water and doesn’t feel safe even with an instructor by their side. So, no need for pushing.

4. Rock climbing


And we get to the more exciting activities, just for the bravest teens there. Rock climbing is a thrilling adventure, but it requires strength, skill, and mental focus. If you aren’t ready to embrace the challenge, stick to hiking since it’s a more comfortable form of activity. But when it comes to rock climbing, teens can first try indoor climbing at a local gym or take a guided outdoor climbing trip with a professional guide.

When they feel confident enough, then they can try rock climbing alone. Still, less-challenging locations are better options for inexperienced young people. Rock climbing can be a great way to test your limits and build self-confidence.

5. River water rafting


If you don’t have a sea or mountain around, but you can easily access a river, then water rafting is a nice option to try. It’s a thrilling and challenging adventure for anyone, but you may still need to find an instructor to work with.

If you decide to go water rafting, you need to be ready for challenges and an adrenaline rush, because rivers can make your life harder in many ways. That’s why you will have to focus on calmer water masses, so you won’t put your safety at any risk.

6. Zip lining everywhere


Zip lining can be one of those exciting activities that can be done worldwide, close to rivers, mountains, canyons, or even forests. The lines usually include plenty of interesting activities that can boost your confidence and make you believe in your own skills. And some say the adrenaline rush makes the whole thing appealing and even addictive. We can say it’s a thrilling option for everyone that loves speed and heights. And we are aware not everyone likes the idea of zip-lining.

On the other hand, many cities already have a zip line in their activity features, so you may not need to travel for hours to get to one.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many adventure activities that teen travelers can enjoy, from camping to surfing to rock climbing. No matter if you are a teen, or a parent to a teen, we are sure you can choose at least one activity that fits your usual routine best. And don’t be afraid of trying new things, as long as there is an experienced person by your side. By trying new activities and challenging themselves, teens can build confidence, learn new skills, and create lifelong memories.

And that’s the whole goal behind this encouragement. Teens need to learn how to handle challenging situations themselves, and outdoor activities are the most perfect option for that.


Scarlett Saunders


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