5 Easy Ways to Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

Written by Wendy Tucker

If you choose to go camping, you don’t need to be an expert. Remember that camping is a perfect way to enjoy outdoor time together as a family. But, on the other hand, we have to remember that camping outside, in nature, is not always the most comfortable experience. Why you may ask? Well, every camper probably experienced sometimes how cold and uncomfortable camping can be – if you are not prepared well for it!

Today the outdoor industry made camping pretty much easier with so many helpful resources we can find, and so many high-tech gears. There are so many places where you can rent equipment for camping. So, even if you are not prepared, you can find a solution for it first thing in the morning, when you decide to spend some time out there in nature. Also, there are so many apps with tips, maps, and guides that you can use and in the end, you don’t have to be scared to get lost.

So, as you can see, no one has to sacrifice their comfort anymore to go camping. But, if you still feel uncomfortable being out there like that, or if you are afraid of bugs and don’t like the dirt, remember that there are a few easy ways to make a traditional camping trip more comfortable.

And now, you may wonder, how to start… Follow our little guide and learn about 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable!

1. Prepare well for dirt, weather, and bugs


Okay, we all know that if you choose to go camping you cannot avoid bugs or dirt. And, even if you watch the weather forecast, sometimes it can be unpredictable, so anything can happen when you are out there in nature.

When you think about bugs, remember to buy a few bug sprays – think about mosquitos over there and be prepared!

Remember to have a raincoat and sunscreen if you choose to go camping during summer because you never know when rain can surprise you.

And the dirt… well, it is camping! Don’t worry too much about it! Some campsites have showers that you can use. On the other hand, bring wet wipes with you – they are always a handy solution!

2. Pick the right gear for comfortable camping


One of the most important things, when you decide to go camping, is to choose the best gear for yourself. Think about all things you need to have, write them down and pick those you think are the best for you. There are so many different gear options out there – choose the best one!

So, what will you need? First and most important – a tent! It will be your little home and your shelter. When you finish all your activities for that day, you will go to your little tent and try to relax. Buy the right size for you if you want to have a good sleep in it. That is the most important thing to consider when you are buying your tent. Some other things you need to think about are waterproofing, ventilation, internal pockets, lighting, etc.

You will also need a sleeping bag. It will be your bed, so you can guess it is a super important part of your camping equipment. When you choose your sleeping bag, remember to look for the temperature rating. You can also check the sleeping bag’s shape and zipper placement – choose those that will be most comfortable for you.

3. Choose the perfect camping site


This step is very, very important! If you tend to get a good night’s sleep, you really need to plan everything very well. And to think about all little things. Picking a good camping site is one of the main things you need to consider. If you wonder where to put your tent, remember to find a place with a flat surface, without rocks or roots – it is not very comfortable to sleep on them. And they can easily damage your camping equipment.

If you choose to go camping during the summer when temperatures are high, remember to pick a place with a lot of shadows. But on the other hand, too many trees mean it can be windy. Also, if you choose to be on the river bank, it can become windy as well. Think wisely and find the best place for yourself!

4. Use a portable air conditioner


If you plan to go camping during summer, you will probably be out there in the sun when the temperatures are high and you will need some extra cooling. What is the best solution for long, hot, summer days? Buy a new air conditioner! It will help you cool your camper. And if you go out there with your RV, you won’t have to think about spending too much electricity – they do not use a lot of it! They are pretty easy to use and lightweight. If you think long term – buy an inverter and you will be able to power your air conditioner without a generator. Check for more information.

5. Plan your meals


Even if you cook outside, you can have wonderful meals. Even beter than those you prepare at home. There are so many options you can choose to make and eat well while you are camping outside. Before you leave your home, you can prepare cold salads. Or you can bring and prepare oats with different kinds of fruit – very healthy and easy to prepare breakfast.

While you are camping, you can make grilled vegetables – peppers, mushrooms, eggplants. You can combine them with chicken and make a wonderful dinner. Fish is also a great solution. Or good old hot dogs! Just be sure to think about your meals at home and bring all the necessary food with you.

The final thoughts

Camping doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Plan your trip and make good decisions when it comes to buying the right equipment for it. Follow our tips and make your trip super comfortable.


Wendy Tucker


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