How Tall People Can Enjoy a Struggle-free Camping Trip in 2023

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Written by Wendy Tucker

It can often be quite troublesome for tall people, while they are out having fun at camping. Here are some ways, to make it easier for tall people.

People go camping to escape the chaotic urban lifestyle of the city. Often as a breather. It’s a trip that can help to ease your nerves and make you calm. It is also a way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

Some people go camping to work on their relationship, to make their bond stronger, away from the turbulent and busy lifestyles of the city. Some organizations take young people out to camp and teach them the basics of camping. Like putting up a tent, building fire, or reading a compass’s navigation. Mostly survival skills.

As much as camping sounds fun and relaxing it has its drawbacks too. There are many obstacles a person might face while on a camping trip. It can often be tiring and uncomfortable, especially if you are tall, and you don’t fit in a tent. Some get injured, and it is pretty serious at times. You can also encounter wild animals and venomous bugs.

However, there are solutions for these problems and the rest is for you to decide whether you would go camping or not. There are also tents for tall people, You can find an extensive review of suitable tents, varying from camping to ultralight backpacking gear, at Hikers’ HQ.

Struggles and Solutions of Tall People on Camping

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There are a few problems a tall person might face while out camping.

Most of those problems usually have solutions, and those are for people whose height is about 5’5”-5’10”. So taller people obviously do not fit in those ranges. Making room in the available space can be quite uncomfortable for a tall person.

So here are some suggestions to fix such issues on your camping trip

You Need to Know Where to Sleep

The first step necessary is for you to research a solution regarding your height to avoid any kind of mishaps or discomfort you may face on your camping trip.

You might have to look for gears specially made for your height. You might not find the perfect tent for you on an online platform like Amazon.

Here are some points you need to consider before you go shopping.

1. Tent

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If you are tall, and looking for a tent you can fit in comfortably, then search for tents which will fit many people together. The purpose of a compact tent is to prevent animals and bugs from getting inside the tent.

The size of the tent mainly depends on the camping style and its requirements. If it’s a small crowd, campers can purchase small tents for individual use. However, if someone is tall they can’t even fit in those small individual tents. Hence, they have to go for tents that fit multiple people.

This way when you stand there will be some room above you. On top of that with a large tent, you’ll have more free space for your storage. So plan according to the space you need versus the time you want to invest to set up your camp.

2. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are essential for camping. We all know sleeping bags come in various sizes. So this won’t be difficult, and you can find a size that fits you well.

Now you might have questions about the perfect size of a sleeping bag for someone. Always go for sleeping bags that are feet longer than your own height. These will cover you up entirely. It won’t be too loose or tight. Just the perfect balance, and you will find the optimum comfort in it.

3. Hammocks

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Nowadays, people prefer camping on hammocks rather than getting a tent. The reason behind this is mainly because hammocks are easier to install and carry too. However, the unfortunate fact is that hammocks are made in average length, which means it is hard to find a hammock that can fit a tall person.

If you are around 7 feet tall, the bigger size hammock wouldn’t be enough to fit you. Unless you go the extra mile to customize your hammock.

4. Car Camping

If you have an SUV or any other large vehicle you can pretty easily avoid your feet dangling while sleeping during camping. These vehicles are often big enough to fit you. You can quite comfortably sleep inside them.

They are a great alternative to tents or hammocks. Another important factor, you can lock the door and windows if you are not keen on bugs or scared of facing a wild animal.

You can turn on the air conditioner or even enjoy some music on your car’s player. However, if you like the open view and want some fresh air then you can arrange to sleep on your truck’s trunk. Just make sure you get some blankets and cushions for your comfort.

Great Camping Experience for All

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Don’t exclude yourself from camping plans just because you are worried about the struggles you might face due to your height. If there are issues, there are solutions as well.

You just need to look for options that are available, and if they aren’t available go for extensive research. This will help you look into camping gear that might be of help as a tall person.

So don’t worry, pack your bag and set out to have an amazing and adventurous camping trip.


Wendy Tucker


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