Things to Know for the Best Stand Up Paddleboarding Experience

Written by Leo Klod

Are you fond of water activity? Do you love to do kayaking, or are you looking for something more exciting? If yes, then why not have experience of standup paddleboarding. It is a water sport where you stand up on the board and use the paddle to propel the boat in the water body. There exists a variation in this sports activity. This includes racing, whitewater SUP, yoga, surfing, and fishing.

It is an exciting activity that you love to do during your vacations. Most people now show interest in this activity. If you are interested in doing standup paddleboarding. But wait, you should know about the paddle boards and the essential things you should have. In case of any missing gear, then you may have to face any injury or bad surfing experience. So, before leaving, complete the kit for standup paddleboard surfing.

Inflatable vs. Solid SUP boards

There exist two main kinds of boards to enjoy this sports activity. One is the inflatable type, while the other is the solid made with some rigid material. Each type has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss each one by one.


  • Inflatable SUP

An inflatable one is best for those who are going surfing for a few hours. This boat does not have any space for the gears. Moreover, you can deflate it and roll it in a compact package. The sports board is best for those who have to come from a far distance and can easily place it in a car.

One more thing about Inflatable boards is that they are durable, easy to carry, and light in weight. These can be your companion for a day hike. The budget-friendly SUP boards are perfect for taking with you in the whitewater river as these can withstand rocks and debris.

One drawback about this type is that beginners can easily handle these because they bounce a lot. Thus, beginners may lose control.

  • Solid SUP

In contrast to the inflatable type, the Solid SUP type is ideal for beginners as they are steadier and have a rigid construction. This type offers rigid construction, so it provides a stable ride. Moreover, you can take it to the oceans with confidence as such boards can bear the pressure of waves, and you can’t lose your balance. Thus, the rigid type is perfect for experts, and they can glide it smoothly even when there are high tides.

Dress for a Standup paddleboard


The sports activity is purely based on water. Thus, you need to choose the suit that keeps you comfortable and dry. The flexible inner lining, impermeability to water, and smooth appearance make it a favorable option to wear for standup paddleboard activity and other sports like kayaking and triathlon. Moreover, the limestone-based dress construction keeps your body dry and prevents any itching issues. Thus, you can wear it all day long.

Sup board length

After deciding the type of board, you need to buy, the next thing to focus on is the SUP board length. There are available numerous board types in the market with different lengths. For the beginner’s steadier 12 feet longboat is a good option. For built of speed, experts also chose the longboards.

The board length between 9 and 12 feet long is for general use. The type of board is ideal for taking on rivers, lakes, and oceans. The size is ideal for every rider, and it is best to do activities like yoga, cursing, and fishing.

SUP board with a small length that is under nine feet is only for riders who have a complete experience of Stand-up paddle surfing. These are best to use in oceans with waves. Although these are small in length and not stable compared to longer boards, experienced riders know how to control them well.

Sup Board Shape Matter Too


SUP board shape plays an important role in making your activity full of enjoyment. The most versatile shape is the hull SUPs because you can take it to any water type and condition. Surfboard shape type offers stability and buoyancy. Displacement hull is another shape. Although it is less stable yet built for speed. The narrowness of the board makes it perfect for expert riders.

Other Accessories

Now you have learned about the type of boards, their shapes, and dress for the standup board paddling, and you should also keep other accessories in your kit. One is the SUMARPO eyewear. The performance sunglasses are adaptable for different sports activities like cycling, running, fishing, golfing, and SUP board activity. These are essential to keep your eyes safe from the bright sunlight. You can go smoothly and will have no glare in your eyes. Furthermore, you can take with you compression socks, hats and race belts with you to have a wonderful experience of this sports activity.

Final Verdict


Having SUP surfing is a very energetic activity. If you plan for this sport with friends, you are making the right decisions. You can go for it when there is light wind, a light shade of sunlight, and comfortable weather. Moreover, don’t forget to pick the right board for you. If you want to keep yourself safe during your journey, then select the board according to your experience. Moreover, choose the right dress in which you say comfortable. Furthermore, you can buy accessories from the company to stay comfortable, the glasses, compression socks, belt, hat, and anything else you need for water sports you can find here and will not be disappointed on getting these products.


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