Hiking Essential: An Eco-friendly Portable Toilet

Written by Wendy Tucker

Hiking is the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the US behind running, fishing, and biking. It is inviting to do as it promises a great scenic view that can revitalize the soul.

A lot of people do it also because they think it is somehow easy to do because you just need to walk a trail and it does not need that much skill to accomplish. But a true hiker knows that there is a lot more than walking involved in hiking. You need to plan and prepare first before hiking in order to ensure that all the equipment you need is packed and ready to use whenever you need it. Because once you start the hike, it is very hard to just go back to get what you have forgotten.

Often overlooked is bringing an eco-friendly portable toilet on your hike as one might think they can just pee anywhere in the woods since it is far from other people.

Imagine yourself hiking through a mountain, savouring nature, breathing in the fresh air from the tall trees around you. You’re smiling as you feel at peace with your surroundings when oops! You feel the call of nature! Your mind is suddenly abuzz as you look around and think where do I poop? Is there enough time to dig so I can poop in there?

If that scenario doesn’t convince you yet on why you should bring an eco-friendly portable toilet, here are the reasons to convince you why you need one:

1. A way to follow the Leave No Trace Principles

The NGO Leave No Trace created a set of guidelines for anyone visiting the outdoors. These guidelines were made to remind us what we should do when we are exploring the outdoors. Here are the guidelines:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

As hikers, we should practice eco-friendly hiking and the Leave No Trace Principles to protect our nature and give chance to other hikers to also experience the beauty of their surroundings while hiking. Make sure to plan your trip not only for your convenience but also for others and always remember that even the smallest of acts can make an impact on a bigger scale.

To follow the Leave No Trace Principle, do your research and plan on bringing an eco-friendly portable toilet for your hike.

2. It is sanitary


Being outdoors, sweating and walking on mud does not mean you should forget to be sanitary. Make sure to bring your own sanitary products to make yourself clean.

During a hike, some people resort to just relieving themselves behind bushes or trees. For the sake of others and being sanitary, please do not do this! It can also affect rivers or streams nearby and may kill plants living near where you peed.

Part of being sanitary is making sure that where you pee or poop is clean. Peeing or pooping in dirty places can also lead to health issues like urinary tract infections, skin irritation, yeast infections etc.

To avoid getting diseases while on a hike, we highly suggest that you bring an eco-friendly portable toilet as not only is it a cleaner choice but will also make your hike comfortable as there are no worries about grass or insects touching your bum.

3. It is reusable


Bringing one eco-friendly toilet is enough for you and your co-hikers to use during a trip! Not only will it be comfortable for you but also for your friends hiking with you.

If you are travelling in a group, we suggest that you use the HappyLoo by Kildwick. It is an eco-friendly portable toilet that is made of sustainable cardboard which can be set up and folded flat up to 10 times in an instant. It comes with:

  • 3 compostable solid bags
  • 1 | straw pellets (for peeing)
  • 1 l Miscanthus bedding
  • toilet paper holder

You just need to provide your own toilet paper! The HappyLoo will surely give you the comfort to your adventure! You can check this product here:

4. On the go convenience


We think one of the main concerns in bringing an eco-friendly portable toilet is its size, weight and how it will fit in your backpack. Eco-friendly portable toilets come in different varieties. With the right research, you can find one that is foldable and lightweight that one person can be assigned from your group to bring it or take turns carrying it.

With an eco-friendly portable toilet that is foldable, you won’t need to worry about these things. You just need to get it from your bag, set it up behind a tree or a big rock and do your business.

No need to worry also where to dispose of your waste as eco-friendly portable toilets have solid bags that are compostable. You can dig a whole and bury them in the ground. If you don’t have any shovel with you, you can dispose it to a residual waste bin when you find one during or after your hike which is more recommended than burying it.

Put it in the list!

With these reasons, we hope that we were able to convince you why an eco-friendly portable toilet should be part of your hiking essential. As you have read, it is not an inconvenience but a way to free your mind of worrying where to pee and poo. You can now enjoy your hike an extra more knowing that you can relieve yourself comfortably and sustainably anytime you want during your trip!

Not only is it sanitary and convenient to bring but can also give you the assurance that your waste will not affect our nature. It will make your hike enjoyable knowing that you were not only able to hike comfortably but also took care of your surroundings by looking after yourself.

Research, plan and prepare in advance to make sure that you have a smooth flowing hike. And when you are sure that you packed everything that is needed for your hike, you can now proceed to your hike. Remember to relax, breathe and enjoy what nature can offer.


Wendy Tucker


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