7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try River Trekking

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Written by Wendy Tucker

River trekking is an activity similar to hiking, with water flow added to the whole concept. That means, those who hike and visit canyons and mountains by the river, should be careful of the water too. Knowing that sometimes the stream can be heavier, and rocks slippery, adds more adventure and excitement, making it an excellent activity for those who want to explore nature deeper. That also means you will need some equipment, knowing that this adventure can be a little bit dangerous, so it’s worth paying a visit to to find something for you.

This activity is also known under the names river climbing and mountain stream climbing, and it’s one of the activities that cause a large boost of adrenaline, due to the excitement. It’s very popular in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, even the Philippines too. It’s one of the most unique ways to discover the beauties of the nature around you, to bond with your friends or family, or your partner, and explore the exceptional sights around us. Our planet offers a lot of hidden gems, and you have a chance to see many of them if you know where to go.

There are plenty of reasons why to choose this activity for yourself, and here are a few of them:

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  1. Connect with nature

In history, nature was the home of humans. They didn’t have buildings, and they built tiny homes made of woods. They were nomads and knew there is no reason for sticking to one place, when they can always find a better one, with more food available. River trekking is a great way to explore their way of living and connect with their past. No matter how far we are now, our predecessors knew that the Earth has enough space for everyone, and it’s all theirs. Today, in the modern context of living, we can’t really do the same all the time, but we can use our spare time to learn more about the environment around us and visit the secret hidden places of the earth.

  1. It’s good for your mental health

It’s a great combination of activities that can be done far away from home. Physical activity is good for healing, especially right after a stressful period. There is nothing better than walking in nature to boost your mental health. The surroundings and their beauty can help you heal, no matter what were the reasons for your mood in the first place.

As you explore the environment and discover exceptional places, you are able to forget about the issues at home, or at least defocus from them, and then try a different approach of resolving them. The air is clear, and you can breathe easily, inhaling more oxygen to boost your blood pressure and circulation, which means it’s relieving for your whole body. Take your time to enjoy the sights. And you really can afford this type of short vacation every now and then.

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  1. The breathtaking views

In most cases, river trekking is performed on off-road trails, which is an excellent getaway from the messy city. And you can never be aware of the beauty of the nature around us until you decide to discover it. No matter where you are based right now, you can find the nearest places and start with them, or when you have more time, travel to another destination, for your unique experience. You will have a chance to see the most beautiful places on this planet, and not everyone can do that.

  1. It’s good for your body

Canyoning, as river trekking can be known as too, is one of the activities that provide a whole-body movement, so you can be sure you are targeting every muscle in your body, no matter how demanding are the paths and trails. It’s pretty good for your physical and mental health, and you will feel the benefits the first moment you step there. Those who love trekking and hiking can be even more excited about it, and feel additional benefits of excitement and feeling proud of themselves for their walks.

  1. Breathtaking photos for your Instagram

These activities are interesting for the photographers too. Almost every person who went at least once on an adventure like this, know that nature is always pretty to take nice pictures of it. The photographers can get additional inspiration, that can make their portfolio richer and attractive. Even if you only have your phone with you, you can use it to take breathtaking photos of the surroundings. Just let your imagination, and be creative. The result may surprise you.

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  1. Feeling a huge relief after you go back home

After a day full of trekking and hiking activities, you will really get tired, but your mind will be clear and renewed. After you arrive at home, and you get in, you will feel a huge relief. As you take off the trekking clothes and go shower, you will recognize the unique feeling of relief and renewed energy, you will save for the days that come. And one thing is for sure. You will sleep better at night in the first few days.

  1. You will meet a lot of people with similar interests

Once you become regular on these tours, you will have a chance to meet people who are doing the same, even more often than you. They will share their experience, talk to you, help you discover the unseen places on the Earth, and also encourage you to go for even more challenging trails next time. And you will love all of that. These people are your potential new friends you will always have when you go out or trekking.

River trekking has a lot of benefits, and as you can see, there is no reason not to start with it today. Just grab your gear, find the place you want to start with, and go for your new adventure like a pro. And, of course, don’t forget your camera at home.


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