More Than Just Desert: Misconceptions About Living in Arizona

Written by Wendy Tucker

When many people picture Arizona, they think desert and sizzling hot temperatures. While there is that, there’s so much more. In fact, you’ll find everything from sparkling lakes to soaring mountains, and even snow in the winter. This shows you how different Arizona is. This shows you how many differences there are that you can see, enjoy and simply witness in a beautiful and unique place that does not exist in other parts of the planet.

According to, if you’re moving into one of the many available houses for rent in Phoenix, not only will you have access to cultural attractions, dining, shopping, sporting venues, and countless championship golf courses, but incredibly colorful landscapes. This sounds strange and unbelievable at first glance, but it is still very likely because it exists in Arizona. So if you decide to go on a short trip, to move for a certain time or to be in this part of the world forever, we guarantee that you will enjoy what will be around you and close to you. There are thousands of plant species in the desert and it takes only a tiny bit of rain to bring it all to life. With the backdrop of the mountains in the area, the scene is rather dramatic.

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix proves just how colorful it can be, featuring thousands of species that thrive in the desert, including cactus, trees, and flowers. Saguaro cactus can only be seen here and throughout the Sonoran Desert in the U.S. and Mexico. It takes at least a century for them to get just one branch and they bloom every year with beautiful white flowers bursting at the top. You can also enjoy this view if you visit.

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Phoenix or any other city in Arizona, there are many places that will change misconceptions about living in this state, including these. So let’s see a little more about that in the sequel to this article.

A Natural Water Slide Near Sedona


Sedona is only a couple of hours north of Phoenix, renowned for its stunning red rock formations. Just minutes away in Oak Creek Canyon at Slide Rock State Park you can cool off on a smooth, natural waterslide.

Formed from red sandstone, the creek flows over it, spilling into a swimming hole. The slick water chute offers endless fun in between sunbathing on the rocks. It would be a unique moment for you that we are sure we would like to repeat at least once again because such a feeling as it will overwhelm you there will not overwhelm you anywhere else because the place simply radiates wonderful energy.

A Cave with Stalactites and Stalagmites


In Tucson, Colossal Cave Mountain Park showcases a historic working ranch and a cave that was discovered (or rediscovered) in the late 1800s. Archaeological finds have revealed that it was actually used for centuries by prehistoric people. This fact surprised us, and we believe that it also surprised you because this sounds completely incredible.

A tour will bring you to see the magnificent interior with its boxwork, flowstone, helictites, stalagmites, and stalactites. On the ranch, you can go horseback riding, camp, and get up close to animals in the petting zoo. If you are a lover of nature, animals and fresh air then this place is made for you. We believe that by visiting this place you will be able to charge your batteries with a lot of energy that will serve you many days after visiting this location.

The Canyons


You already know about Grand Canyon National Park which protects the Grand Canyon, stretching for 277 miles, up to 18 miles wide, and more than a mile deep. This beauty is well known to all Americans, but it is also well known to all tourists who come from all over the world especially to go near this canyon and enjoy the scenery and beauty. But there are many other canyons in this state where you won’t bump elbows with tourists like Canyon de Chelly, considered to be one of the world’s most sacred places with beauty that can even rival its more well-known counterpart, albeit on a smaller scale.

It comes complete with well-preserved rock imagery and architecture that reveals a glimpse of the lives of its earliest inhabitants. A perfect place that captivates with its natural beauty that has not left anyone so far indifferent to what it has seen.

The Lakes


There are many lakes in Arizona for escaping the heat, bringing opportunities to cool off with a refreshing swim or take part in many other water sports.

That includes Lake Powell on the Utah border and Lake Havasu in the western part of the state, home to the world-famous London Bridge. Lake Mead near Las Vegas has 760 miles of shoreline while Lake Pleasant is the largest in the Phoenix area, a mecca for boating, sailing, and kayaking.

Mountains for Hiking and Skiing


There are many mountain ranges throughout the state offering scenic hikes and even skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff. If you are one of the many who enjoy the winters, the snow, the snow sports and the activities that can be practiced in such parts then this is something that is for you. Flagstaff’s hiking trails sit at a higher elevation, making the area one of the best places to hike while getting away from summer’s heat. This place has been used by many people to escape the heat and warm weather that can sometimes be very hard for each of us.

Prescott is another great spot for hiking with top trails at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Granite Mountain Memorial Park. There are forested mountains and multiple lakes in this region too.

Today we tried to bring you some beautiful places and locations that could interest you if they are close to the interests that interest you and fulfill. So take a look at these beauties that can be found in Arizona and choose where you will go next to enjoy.


Wendy Tucker


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