6 Transport Tips When Hiking in Denver

Written by Daniele Murillo

Hiking is one of the activities enjoyed by a large number of people around the world. If you are a fan of nature and its beauties and want to have an incredible experience that you will remember for a lifetime, then you should prepare for a hiking trip. One of the advantages of this activity is that the planet Еarth abounds with beautiful landscapes covered with natural beauty that you can visit. For hours or even days, you can enjoy the clean air, and nature and indulge in this incredible experience.

Some of the more experienced hikers say that you should start with one of the most amazing places in Colorado, which is Denver. And if you already have enough experience, and you haven’t had the opportunity to walk this amazing region, then you definitely have to put it on the list for the future.

One of the biggest problems hikers can face is transportation to the amazing destinations they visit. A large part of them does not own a transport vehicle that would help them reach some locations they want to visit, because they either don’t have one or they are big opponents of motor vehicles that pollute the air and nature. But there is a suitable solution for this problem as well. If you’re one of these hikers who don’t own a vehicle and have a strong desire to visit Denver and enjoy hours of walking through the beautiful scenery this place has to offer, then stick with us until the very end as we reveal some transportation tips how to do it.

1. Air transport


If you live in a location further away from Colorado, that is, from the city you want to visit, which is Denver, then this option would be phenomenal to start this amazing journey. Air transportation will save you a lot of money and time that you can invest in exploring the beauties of this city. Airline tickets are cheap, and Denver has one of the best first-class airports in the area. As an added advantage in choosing this transport is that it is safer, unlike some others. So pack your backpack and book yourself a direct line that will bring you to this city.

2. Bus ride


Once you land at the Denver airport, there are many other transportation options waiting for you right outside the airport to your next location. One of those options is bus transportation, which has lines to all possible locations in the city and beyond. If you want to save extra, then this is a great choice for you. Just be sure to ask which bus you need to get on to get to your desired destination. Some of the bus routes take you right to the ideal hiking spots you set out for. An advantage of using this type of transportation is that you can meet other hikers who could point out perfect places for you to visit, and you can also join them.

3. Private transport


I think we have the ideal solution for you. If you’re looking to get to your desired location across town or further afield from Denver, then you’ll find the answer you’re looking for at This is a company that has been professionally transporting passengers from one location to another for 15 years, and their drivers will provide you with incredible service. Not only can they drive you to some closer locations around the city, but they can also take you to some more distant places like parks and suburban locations that are ideal for hiking. If you were to ask us, our advice would be to contact them immediately and book your transportation. In return, you will receive impeccable service and a comfortable ride to any location you wish.

4. Railway lines


If you want to try something different and more fun, then choosing the train is the right thing. As well to buses, there is also a train station at the airport itself which you can use to connect to anywhere else in the city and beyond. This is another inexpensive way to get around Denver, with trains running every 15 minutes throughout the day from 6 am to 8 pm. So if you miss the train, you can take a short break for a coffee or a meal until the next one arrives.

5. Scooter or bicycle rental


If you are more oriented towards enjoying the fresh air and good weather, rather than being locked in a car, then a scooter or bicycle can be a brilliant idea to get to the hiking location. There are scooter and bike rental places in several locations around the city, so you won’t waste a lot of time until you get what you want. However, a better option would be if you choose to rent a bicycle, as it is ideal for hiking areas.

6. Taxis


If you want a slightly more comfortable ride, then the ideal solution would be to choose a taxi. Taxi companies are constantly present at the airport exit, and you can immediately jump into a free vehicle and continue your adventure.

As an additional tip, you should know, that some people choose to share it, so you can opt for an Uber that you can share with one other person if you are headed to the same location. Thus, the expenses for the hiking place would be cut in half.

Here we come to the very end and conclude with the tips we had on the subject of transportation when deciding on a hiking adventure in Denver. There are quite a few other options, but we highlight the best ones for you. In our opinion, these are the best choices you could make, but we still leave it up to you to decide which of the above would be right for you. One thing is for sure, all of them would lead you to the perfect hiking location outside the city where you can enjoy the natural beauty of this place for hours. Finally, we just want to wish you a good time on this little adventure of yours.


Daniele Murillo


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