Best Fitness Tracker App: Find Your Ideal Personal Coach!

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Written by Kane Dane

Whether your goal is to get rid of some excessive weight, or make more steps every day, or perhaps motivate yourself to have a strong morning workout, there are apps that are designed to be used with your fitness tracker and they act as your personal coach, pushing you to work out more and harder and to achieve your goals.

Fitness Tracker Apps for Smartphones are the perfect assistants for those who are fitness freaks, as they are with you all the time, and constantly keep reminding that you got them because you need help in your fitness, health, and weight-loss routines.

We are all aware that staying true to your fitness plan requires plenty of sacrifices and that you need to change your lifestyle and daily routines drastically. That is exactly why these apps were invented! They can’t do all the hard work for you, but they can remind you when the time is for a workout, and keep you motivated by instantly showing you the results. Giving a small push in the right direction actually means a lot more than we realize.

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In this article, we decided to present to you some of the most popular fitness tracking apps that are compatible with most activity trackers. Most of the reviewed apps are tools for tracking your progress, where you can keep track of your heart rates during or after working out, the number of steps during the day, the distance you covered, how many calories you burned, as well as collecting the information from bike riding, running, walking, all essential for having an insight into the progress you made.

On the other hand, some of the apps can also connect you with your real life personal coach, or a nutritionist, for an even better planning of your fitness routines. And, there are apps that combine both tracking, workout music, and connecting you with your coach, all together. Now, without any further ado, we give you some of the best Fitness Tracker apps that are currently available.

Top rated Fitness Tracker Apps

In this section, you will have a cnahce to get more familiar with the popular apps, but to also see which features they offer, so that you can decide which one is the best for you.


This is one of the best and most popular fitness tracking app that bicycle riders are using. The Cyclemeter, designed and released by Abvio, is, unfortunately, only available for iOS platform users. But, those who already use iPhones, will be happy to know that this app tracks and gathers data from a plethora of physical activities, not just bicycle riding.

Image showing the Cyclemeter app

Image credit: abvio.com

Furthermore, all the data it collects is very precise and accurate. The app itself offers a number of very useful and nicely organized features that are ideal for people who are involved in more than one type of physical activities.

Digifit iCardio

For those who want to have a true insight into how their body is reacting to physical activities, having a GPS and keeping track of how many steps you made, isn’t going to cut it. For the most accurate information about how good a workout is affecting you, you need a heart rate monitoring tracker and an app that can accept such information.

Image showing the Digifit iCardio app

This is where Digifit iCardio jumps in and saves the day! It is both Android and iOS platform compatible, and can be paired with most of Fitness Trackers that offer Heart Rate monitoring. Once connected, it will keep track of your runs, bicycle rides, walks, various workouts, and offer suggestion based on all the gathered information, including the number of heart beats during a specific activity.


If you are looking for a reliable app for your Activity tracker, that is also simple to use and comes with an intuitive interface, the Endomondo might be the perfect one for you. It can keep track of your physical activities, including running, walking, swimming, and more, and has a pretty good accuracy.

Main application page of Endomondo app

The basic version of this app is free, but if you want to have all the features unlocked, and have coaching  features and training planning, you will have to pay for the Premium subscription. However, considering how the full app will improve your lifestyle and health, it is definitely not a deal breaker.


This app can actually be used even without a smartphone, and it will accurately track how much calories you burn during the day, how many steps you made, but this means that you have to carry your phone with you even while running or working out and we all know how complicated that is.

Image showing the FitBit dashboard

Furthermore, the app itself, just with the use of your smartphone, can track some other body information like keeping track of your weight loss or gain, by calculating the number of calories you intake or burn. But all this, you have to add manually.

Now, if you pair this app with the Fitbit tracker, all this becomes much easier and less frustrating, thus more motivating, because it’s all done automatically and all you have to do is check your progress when you want.


The FitStar is an app designed to create your workout plan based on your personal level of physical readiness. When paired with the Fitbit tracker, the app will let you know, after your workout, where you need to slow down, where to push harder, and where to keep the pace you had.

Image showing a tablet with Fit Star app on

Thanks to the information it got from the Fitness tracker, the app will create an ideal fitness plan that will challenge and motivate you to push yourself to achieve your goals, thus you will lead a much healthier lifestyle and feel better. It also features workout advice from Tony Gonzales, a former NFL star, and his hard exercises and positive encouragement is exactly what you need to get into shape, without any excuses!

Jefit Workout

Have you seen people at the gym using paper and pencil to keep track of their exercise? Of course you haven’t because we live in a modern era where apps do all that boring data collection for us. If you use a gym app like the Jefit Workout, keeping track of your progress instantly is much easier and quite motivating once you see how much progress you made.

Image showing a Jefit app workout

Image credit: thinkandroid.com

This app offers useful tools that help you in making effective weightlifting plans, based on the information it gets from your tracker. It isn’t one of the most feature rich apps, but it will definitely help you out in making significant progress with your body.


People who like to jog, ride bicycles, and do all kinds of outdoor physical activities, have numerous choices for keeping track of their progress. But, with Stava app, is designed for those with a competitive spirit.

Image showing a person using Strava app before riding his bicycle

You can have yourself as your main opponent and run to beat your own lap time, or you can check the times other people made on your favorite running path, or that hill that’s been giving you problems, and try to beat them and move up on the leader board. This is an app perfect for those who want to include a bit of aggression in their workouts and push themselves to be even better.

Google fit

This is an app that has been available for a while now, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. Actually, it is still one of the best apps for fitness freaks available!  The best thing about it is that it is compatible with almost every existing Activity Tracker, so if you have one, this app will definitely work on it and provide you valuable information regarding your fitness progress.

Image showing the Google Fit app dashboard

The Google Fit is a great app for those who are new at keeping track of their physical activities, and it offers some basic features like analyzing the gathered information and turning it into statistics, as well as letting you know if you achieved your set goals and reminding you to work out if you are slacking. The app is completely free and quite popular in the fitness fan community.

Up by Jawbone

Up app is designed by the famous Jawbone fitness tracker manufacturer, and it is quite a useful addition to your physical activity routine. It can be used only with a smartphone, but if you already own a Jawbone tracker, you will unlock its full potential!

For those who plan on using the app without a tracker, we should mention that it uses your phone’s sensors to keep track of information like covered distance, steps made during the day, and the amount of burned calories.

An image showing the Up by Jawbone app

Image credit: wearable.com

It can also calculate the intensity of your activities based on the information it got from the phone’s sensors. You can also enter data like duration of sleep, how much food abd drinks you had during the day, and offer a plan how to improve your fitness progress based on that.

All in all, a great app, but it gets much better if you use it with a fitness tracker.

Wrapping It Up

With Jawbone’s Up app, we’ve  reached the end of our article. We hope that you found the app you were looking for and that your Fitness routines will start improving.

Regardless of which app you use, you need to be aware that if you want to get yourself in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a strong will to let go of the bad habits that are not good for your health. The apps can’t do that for you, but they can be a great motivator that will give you that much needed push in the right direction.

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Now it’s your turn to let us know your thoughts on this topic, or ask questions if you have any doubts or would to like to know more. You can do that by leaving a comment or question in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and exercise regularly!


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  • Workout with the digifit iPhone app in hand, and you will see great personal health stats for your bike rides, runs and so on.

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