Off-the-beaten-path Hiking Trails In Sedona: Exploring Secret Spots And Hidden Gems

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Written by Danie Davov

Sedona has so many things to offer, but it’s mostly recognized for its great hiking adventures. Namely, there are plenty of paths and tours open for visitors that vary in difficulty, meaning that there is something for everyone, even those who have never been hiking. Having so many paths is not the only reason why Sedona is so popular, as it’s also the place where some of the most iconic photos were taken, and if there is anything these paths don’t lack, it’s the picturesque and breathtaking sights.

Also, there are some relatively new paths, and that makes Sedona an ideal destination, even for those who have already been there. Of course, just like there are some popular and widely known Sedona hiking tours, the thing that makes this place great is that there are also plenty of hidden gems not known by that many people, which we will further focus on and more info on this topic you can also find here.

The Warrior’s Wall Ruins

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There is something special about finding hidden gems, and when it comes to hiking in Sedona, you will not find a better route to take than this one. The first thing to know about this hike is that it is a great way to spend some time in nature, see some of the most picturesque sights this region has to offer, and, above all, avoid maddening crowds. As for the path, regardless of whether you are fond of cliff dwellings or the Red Rock Canyon in general, this place will surely leave you in awe.

In addition, make sure to set some time when taking this path, as the rock art panels across the canyon are something that simply cannot be described and something you need to experience firsthand. These petroglyphs and pictographs spread for more than 100 yards, and the best way to highlight their cultural and historical importance is by stating that some of them date back thousands of years. Overall, this hidden gem has something for everyone, and luckily today, it’s no longer reserved just for locals.


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Don’t let the name of this path confuse you as no, there is no need to go underground, and the name is simply because of the style, size, and terrain configuration. The fact that makes this hike so special is that even though it’s pretty close to one of the busiest and most visited paths, you will definitely avoid dealing with crowds here, meaning that you can much more peacefully enjoy some of the breathtaking views. Another interesting fact is that this path was hidden and kept away from others for many years, but since 2020 when its location was made public, everyone can enjoy it.

As for the difficulty, this path is pretty easy, so even those with no experience will not have any trouble, which is just one of the reasons why this path is gaining popularity so fast. Namely, the view is sublime, unlike anything you have witnessed before, and to make things even better, pretty close to this path is gorgeous Sinagua ruin.

The Kachina Tree Cave

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You do not need to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment to make great photos to share on social media or show to friends after going home, as Sedona has some most picturesque places. One of them surely is the Kachina Tree Cave, the home of the most famous tree in this country, seen in many photos and postcards. Those who want to take a perfect shot should visit this cave early in the morning because the light is perfect in that period, and the photo must be flawless.

Since the hike is considered moderate, it is necessary to be well prepared, as it will put some challenges in front of you, but it is definitely worth it. Besides the famous tree, there are ancient cliff dwellings worth exploring and taking pictures of, so putting some effort into finishing this hike is highly recommended.

The Stairway to Heaven

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As the name says, this hiking trail definitely is unique and will make us come home full of impressions and the best photos we can take. It will take us to the highest point in Arizona, which means we will see Bell Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, and a lot of amazing places from above, so perfect photos are guaranteed.

It is pretty challenging to get to the top, and even the locals can rarely be seen there, which means it is perfect for experienced hikers who enjoy being alone on the trail. However, once you get to the highest point and see the amazing landscape with snowy peaks and red rocks, you will definitely forget how challenging it was.

Trail of The Year

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Thanks to its location, as it is between two of the most popular trails in Sedona, Trail of The Year does not have many visitors, which means it is perfect for people who like to enjoy it alone. It provides us with an amazing view from the top, and it is just a matter of time before it becomes as popular as these two besides it. As for the name, it owes it to the hikers who were amazed by the landscapes and the view from the top.

Since there is one steep section, it is recommended for more experienced hikers, but besides that, it is pretty easy even for beginners and definitely worth visiting during the sunset or sunrise, as you will get amazing photos.

The bottom line

Visiting Sedona is once in a lifetime experience, and it is not completed without going on a hike and seeing some of the hidden gems. There are a lot of them, and these are just some of them worth mentioning, but probably the best idea is to ask locals for their recommendations. No one knows Sedona better than locals, and they will be more than happy to show you some places known only to them. You will go back home full of impressions and amazing photos, and you will probably want to come back to Sedona and explore more.


Danie Davov


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