7 Reasons To Go Camping 

Written by Kane Dane

Everyone has reasons for breaking out their camping gear and heading to the woods. For many, it is a way to disconnect from technology, while others see it as a way of appreciating nature. Other families use it to build their relationships and strengthen their bonds. Some people even use it to enhance their survival skills and learn new ones. Others just grew up camping and have learned to love a family tradition.

In other words, there are many different reasons people go camping, and focusing on your drive allows you to craft a vacation that will give you precisely what you want from your getaway. If you’re considering trying this new hobby, you first need to establish why you want to go camping to plan the best experience for yourself and your family. Here are some of the most popular reasons to go camping. Pick out why you want to undertake this journey and plan a trip that meets your needs.

1. Tradition

Like other family traditions, camping can be passed on throughout generations. People have been camping at parks for more than 100 years, and if your parents and grandparents took you when you were a kid, you’d probably be inclined to take your children and grandchildren camping. If this is part of your family tradition, keep this healthy habit. Go with your family and try to focus on making it as fun as possible for the entire group. RVing or car camping may be a good option if you have younger family members and those who prefer indoor activities in your group.

2. Explore Nature


Whether you’re backpacking or RVing, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature while camping. You get to feel the sun on your face when it’s nice out and watch the rain, snow, and wind when it’s stormy. On outings, you’ll probably see birds, reptiles, and other wildlife in their natural habitats. You can experience the mountains, ocean, and dunes at new times. You can lay out to stargaze and fall asleep to the sounds of nature. If you’re looking for a way to explore nature and learn more about it, any form of camping should be a go-to activity for you.

3. Improve Health

Camping can do wonders for your physical and mental health. If you’re backpacking through the mountains, you’ll probably clearly feel the physical exertion and understand that you’re working hard to improve your health. That said, any form of camping can offer health benefits. For example, even if you’re car camping, setting up your tents and taking daytime hikes is enough to get your blood flowing. If you want the health benefits but aren’t ready to tackle backpacking, try car camping or RVing with plenty of daytime activities planned.

Aside from the physical benefits, mental health improves when you spend time outside. Donning some outdoor gear and tackling a variety of outdoor activities can decrease negative thoughts and emotions. Plus, sleeping in a tent can help you connect with your natural circadian rhythm and improve your mental health via a good night’s sleep. If you’re going for mental health, backpacking and car camping will provide you with what you are looking for.

4. Digital Detox


Taking breaks from technology is a good idea. At the same time, it may be nearly impossible to escape it at home. Many camping places have no or very poor cell service, which can be a significant bonus. When you need to detox from technology and take advantage of other forms of entertainment, you can go camping at one of these places. Sit and enjoy nature, read a book, draw, or try creative writing at these campgrounds to get away from the tech world and detox. The key when planning a trip for a digital detox is to find a campground with deplorable cell service so you are not tempted to return to the tech world during your stay.

5. Strengthen Relationships

Even just a few nights outside will require that you have good companions with you. When you undertake your digital detox, you’ll notice that conversations will replace your electronic sources of entertainment. Plus, the experience will be one that you and your family can reflect on years later. So, if you want to strengthen bonds among your family, try camping. Sit by the fire and tell stories at night. Watch the sunrise and sunset together. Eat smores and dehydrated meals and feel the lifelong memories form. Any form of camping will work for this as long as you all agree on the destination and activities.

6. Develop New Skills


Especially if you are backpacking, you’ll need basic skills, such as purifying water, building fires, and surviving the elements. While camping can be an excellent way to learn how to use your survival gear and ensure you are wilderness ready, these skills can also make you feel more confident when you return to the rest of civilization. Even something as simple as setting up a tent can make you feel better about yourself and your abilities. Backpacking will be the best option when you’re looking to develop survival skills.

7. Use Your Camping Gear

Finally, whether you just got excited and bought a bunch of gear from retailers like Hinterland Outfitters, inherited it from a family member, received it as a gift, or found a bunch of old stuff in the back of your closet, now is the perfect time to use it. Instead of letting it sit and go to waste, take out your gear and use it so you can get various other benefits and avoid feeling like you are wasting space by having it lying around. For those looking to use their gear, start with whatever type of camping you have the supplies for.


Kane Dane


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