5 Hiking Gadgets Many Forget

Written by Wendy Tucker

Going on a hiking trip is meditative, healthy and extremely beneficial for just about everyone. Taking a stroll through nature and disengaging from the polluted and noisy city life is a great way to recharge your social batteries and maintain your mental well-being.

However, a hiking trip is not something you should take lightly, especially if you never went hiking before. Depending on the trip itself, it can be quite demanding to overcome the obstacles nature can place in front of you.

That’s why it’s of vital importance to prepare adequately so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. What you’ll bring with you on a hiking trip depends on the length of the trip, whether or not you’ll be spending a day or more outdoors and, of course, the weather and other factors.

Therefore, plan your trip accordingly so you don’t forget something and people do have a tendency to forget at least something. With that in mind, here are a few hiking gadgets many people forget to bring along on their trip.

A thermal monocular


This may seem like an overkill but it’s actually not. A thermal monocular is actually quite a useful item to have when going on a hiking trip. What’s more, you can check out these gadgets for under $1000 here and find a reliable and affordable solution on Smarthomeflix.

So why do you need a thermal monocular? Simply put, you never know what’s going to happen. You may be going on a day hike but end up being lost in the woods somewhere and have to spend a night there. What better way to navigate the woods at night than night vision?

These things are designed for night hunting, which means you will be able to spot any potentially dangerous wild animals and avoid them so your hiking trip doesn’t end up in the headlines and news as a tragic story about lost hikers. Thermal monoculars also work when visibility isn’t all that great so you won’t get lost if you have one of those with you.

A headlamp


Yes this may seem like a major downgrade from thermal monoculars but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget one of these when going on a hiking trip. The main reason you need one of those is that you need light if you’re hiking after dark and you need your hands free if you’re navigating a rough terrain.

Therefore, a lamp that’s attached to your head is a must-have in such situations. Again, you may get lost or some other factor may force you to stay after dark so it’s always a good idea to have a headlight with you at all times.

A map


This may seem a bit too obvious but very few people actually have a map for their hiking trip. This can be a costly mistake. Sure you can use Google Maps and other apps on your smartphone when going on a hike. You can even use a solar-powered portable charger if your phone battery dies on you in the middle of the hike.

However, when you run out of options for some reason a paper map will be your best friend. And yes, a paper map is not a gadget duh, but it’s a necessity if you don’t know where you are, where you need to go and especially if and when technology finally fails you.

And even if you’re familiar with the terrain and you firmly believe in your navigational skills, there’s always something that may divert you from your path into the unknown like a landslide that ruined the path, for example. So, instead of hoping your ancestors will guide you, please don’t forget to bring a map just in case.

A water purifier


Staying hydrated while on a hike is of the utmost importance and you probably know this by now. However, you’d also most likely forget to bring a water purifier with you on a hike. Why would anyone need one of those you can always drag a bunch of water bottles with you, right?

Quite wrong actually because, once again, you never know what might happen to force you to run out of drinking water. Of course, there’s plenty of water in nature but it’s likely contaminated by mud, dirt, tapeworms, bacteria, viruses and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff.

A simple and even cheap water purification system can save your life when push comes to shove and you won’t have to resort to any drastic measures like Bear Grylls does on his shows.

A multi-tool knife


A hiking trip is full of unexpected events and obstacles. It’s not just walking in nature having a great time, that’s a large part of it. However, there are always some inconveniences that require a more delicate approach.

This is where a multi-tool knife comes into play. If you need to cut, stab, screw or unwind something, the multi-tool knife has your back. This is a great gadget to have but is also very frequently forgotten by hikers.

Even experienced hikers sometimes forget to bring one of those so don’t feel bad if you did the same. The great thing about a multi-tool knife is that it combines a multitude of tools into a single gadget, as its name suggests.

Therefore, you won’t have to bring a bunch of stuff in your backpack that will take up extra space when you have a multi-tool in your pocket. Since technology is so far advanced now, you have multi-tool knives with rechargeable and waterproof lighters as well. Pretty neat stuff to have with you on a hiking trip, wouldn’t you say?

Closing Words

A hiking trip may seem like a casual activity that everyone can enjoy and it is. As long as you’re properly prepared and have everything you need or might need, you’ll be fine. That’s why it’s crucial that you check and double check any essential gadgets you should bring so you don’t end up forgetting something for your hike. Many people get so excited about the trip itself that they forget something seemingly trivial but nonetheless important.


Wendy Tucker


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