Western Mountaineering Badger MicroFiber Sleeping Bag: Comfort That Won’t Let You Down!

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Written by Kane Dane

Western Mountaineering is an outdoor gear company that understands its consumer base. Making quality products from raw materials like boots, jackets, sleeping bags and accessories, you are sure to be satisfied with any product from Western Mountaineering.

Their sleeping bags are out of this world, and the company is gaining fans each day with their durable, comfortable, and roomy sleeping bags like the Western Mountaineering Badger MicroFiber Sleeping Bag. With this sleeping bag, you will not mind the cold weather, because you will be toasty warm inside, as you fall asleep.

You will not be disappointed with the Western Mountaineering Badger MicroFiber Sleeping Bag! It is made from full down, including the collar that will keep your head warm! There are spacing baffles that keep the down from moving around in the sleeping bag, as well as a 6 inch loft.

This mummy bag has a large hood that forms around your face, so there is no cinching needed. Many people love mummy style sleeping bags because they provide more space in the shoulder area and the leg area so you will not feel claustrophobic. It’s great for people with larger frames, or for those who just like a little extra space when they sleep.

Product Specifications

  • Made with lightweight, MicroFiber fabric and filled with 850+ down to make your camping night extra warm
  • 5 1/4″ spacing of continuous baffles that stretch from zipper to zipper and give you the ability to move the down on top or below you depending on the weather
  • 66/41″ shoulder/foot girth gives you room to move around a bit or add extra layers when the temp drops
  • Full down collar helps to seal in your body heat
  • Draft tube runs the full length of the zipper and prevents cold drafts from ruining your sleep
  • Protects from  cold weather down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit

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This sleeping bag protects you from cold weather down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which means this is no average sleeping bag! You will want a bag like this for when you are camping in extreme conditions. Simply using a regular sleeping bag is not ideal because you will be freezing.

Regular bags are simply not made for extreme conditions. The Western Mountaineering Badger is made for those freezing cold nights, when you need to stay warm in your tent. It comes in 4 sizes; small, regular, long, and extra long.

We will be looking at the regular version, but will touch on the other sizes as well. Look into the features below to see how this sleeping bag not only stacks up against others, but what it can do for you!



The product dimensions are listed as 10 x 10 x 24 inches, so it will come packaged in a box just a little bigger than that size. The item itself weighs 4.2 pounds but the shipping weight is listed at 12 pounds. Once inside the box, you will find your mummy sleeping bag with the storage bag and instructions and information on the product warranty


The Western Mountaineering Badger MF sleeping bag is one that you will want to use in extreme weather conditions. The sleeping bag works up to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you will stay warm if the temperature drops down that low. You will probably start getting too warm if the weather is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The sleeping bag might be warm enough to keep out the cold air, but it is not water resistant, so that should be factored in, as well. This sleeping bag is made with all down comforting, which is in the bag itself and the hood, guaranteeing you a comfortable and warm night’s sleep.

While in many areas the temperature does not get as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit, it can get that low in cold states and farther up in the mountains. If you are camping in those areas, this is the perfect sleeping bag for you!

Durability and Design

In a mummy style sleeping bag, you will not feel claustrophobic! There is extra room in the legs and shoulder areas for those who do not want to feel cramped. At the shoulder, the sleeping bag is 66 inches wide, providing plenty of space, and 41 inches at the feet.

The hood is designed to fill up around your face for added warmth, and does not need to be cinched. The hood is also a large cut so you can move your head without discomfort. When compressed, your sleeping bag is 10 x 10 x 24 inches, which can fit right into your backpack with ease!

hood of Badger MF sleeping bag

It is designed to be light in weight and easy to travel with. The entire sleeping bag and the hood has down filling in it, along with barriers that keep in the heat and tubes that will not allow the down comforting to be displaced. It would be like using a new sleeping bag time after time!

Highly durable, you will not be disappointed in this sleeping bag, as it is made out of strong materials that last a long time, which includes Micro Fiber. The feeling of comfort and durability will help you sleep better at night knowing your sleeping bag can take a beating and keep working well.


The highest quality goose down is used in this sleeping bag, made with 850 Plus Fill Power. This means the down goes through lots of testing and blow drying to create the perfect filling for your sleeping bag. The testing involves using a 70 gram piston in order to be sure the filling will work properly once it is on the market.

The down filling is one of the best types of materials to use for insulation, especially during extreme weather camping. It is an all natural type of fiber, and gives more warmth in each ounce versus any other insulation material.

Badger MF sleeping pad on floor

It is also lighter in weight than other insulation materials, plus the sleeping bag has tubes with assuring the filling stays in place. Not only is is a great insulation material, but it outlasts any other material, by up to 5 times longer! You really cannot beat that type of material in a sleeping bag.

Product Specifications

When you decide that the Western Mountaineering Badger sleeping bag is the one for you, consider which size fits you the best. You can choose from 4 sizes, but they are all the same colors. See the chart below for the information on sizing.

Badger MF Sizing Specs Badger MF in Small Badger MF in Regular Badger MF in Large Badger MF in Extra Large
Weight in Pounds 2.1 lbs 2.6 lbs 2.8 lbs 2.10 lbs
Fill Weight in Ounces 21 oz 23 oz 25 oz 27 oz
Temperature Rating -15 degrees F -15 degrees F -15 degrees F -15 degrees F
Water Resistant No No No No
Max User Height in Feet 5 feet, 6 in 6 feet, 0 in 6 feet, 6 in 7 feet, 0 in
Shoulder Girth in Inches 64 in 65 in 66 in 67 in
Hip Girth in Inches 55 in 56 in 57 in 58 in
Foot Girth in Inches 39 in 39 in 41 in 41 in
Insulation Type Down Down Down Down
Loft in Inches 6 in 6 in 6 in 6 in

Special Features

The Badger MF is made from MicroLite XP fabric, which keeps the weight of the sleeping bag lower than others, up to 20%. It is also made with over 400 threats per square inch, which is the highest ever used by Western Mountaineering. While the sleeping bag is not water resistant, the MicroLite XP fabric is slightly water resistant.

It is also very breathable and makes a great shell for a sleeping bag. Each sleeping bag made by Western Mountaineering is made with YKK zippers. Their sleeping bags have changed to the new #5 zipper with a coil that has dual directions, including a locking head.

ykk zipper for sleeping bag

This is less bulky than the previous #7 YKK zipper, as well as less abrasive on the bag, and it is also less likely to snag. While this sleeping bag is not water resistant in particular, all of the sleeping bags made by Western Mountaineering have gone through a water repellent treatment before going out on the shelves.

The process is called a Durable Water Repellent and it ensures that each sleeping bag will have an 80/20 rating. This means that after 20 times being washed, it will retain 80 percent of the water repellent feature.

Value for the Money

With the quality materials like the Micro Fiber, 850+ goose down filling, and other great features, many agree that this sleeping bag is a steal of a deal! Your money will not be wasted on this bag as its price is competitive with those on the market, and it has so much to offer.

bag with badger mf

Some say it is a bit costly, but you can not please everyone! While it might be missing pockets for your small items, and it is not water resistant, it is still worth the cost of this great sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable all night long.

Similar Products/Competitors

Below are three product reviews of sleeping bags that are similar to the Badger. Here, you can check out the different features and specifications and it will give you a broader view of sleeping bags that are on the market.

Eddie Bauer Airbender Sleeping Bag


The Eddie Bauer Airbender Sleeping Bag has many great features such as the Clima Shield HL Insulation, 15 D Pertex Nylon Shell that is very light and durable, and the 850 fill Storm Down Down Tek filling that keeps you warm when the weather is wet.

It includes an inflatable sleeping pad that has a hand pump inside of the stuff sack. It comes in one color called Dark Smoke, which is a smokey gray color that is stylish. The shell and lining are made of all nylon and it includes a 3 dimensional foot box so you are comfortable at night, with enough space.

It has a Durable Water Repellent coating on it, and it will keep its loft through any weather. It was the Winner of National Geographic’s 2014 Gear of the Year Award. Users love this sleeping bag because it is durable, strong, looks good and has many great features that will keep you warm. They also love the integrated sleeping pad, which is a huge space saver for many hikers and backpackers.

Mega Lite Sleeping Bag

megaLite sleeping bag

The Mega Lite Sleeping Bag has a 4 inch loft, 5.25 inch space baffles that are continuous, and has 12 ounces of down filling to keep you warm and comfortable all night. It can handle temperatures down to 30 degrees F and is 5 feet, 6 inches long, and it comes in a Navy color only.

Users love this sleeping bag because it is warm, roomy, and light in weight. The stuff sack is a nice feature and some say the bag works down lower than 30 degrees F. They also said they did not mind paying a little more for such comfort, reliability and warmth. The only down side is that it only comes in one color. Overall, users love this bag and recommend it to others.

Big Agnes Mystic UL 15 Sleeping Bag

bigagnes mystic sleeping bag

The Big Agnes – Mystic UL 15 Sleeping Bag with down tek fill has so many features that it is definitely worth the money! It has a fully integrated pad sleeve so everything stays in place and you do not roll off, and it has water repellent 850 fill Down Tek insulation, plus Flow Construction.

The foot box and shoulder areas are wider, thus more spacious, and it has an ergonomic hood design that lets you move around better while the hood stays in place. Not only that, but you have No Draft collar seals at the neck, No Draft wedges that keep you warm from the bag and the sleeping pad, plus a No Draft zipper tube that is insulated.

This sleeping bag includes a mesh storage sack as well as a nylon stuff sack, plus it has interior fabric loops for the bag liners, and includes YKK #5 zippers that are 70 inches and can zip to another sleeping bag that matches this one. It keeps you warm down to 15 degree F, and has 14 oz of fill weight for insulation.

Users love this sleeping bag because of its warmth, light weight, amount of comfort, and all of the parts that have No Draft. This sleeping bag is definitely worth the moderate cost, which really is not too bad when you think of how great this bag is.


Western Mountaineering products, in general, have rave reviews, and the Badger MF -15 Degree Sleeping Bag is no different. People love the products made by this company, such as this sleeping bag. Many say you will not be disappointed after you purchase it.

Many people love the down comforting, as well as the hood made of down. The added feature of the hood makes this sleeping bag stand apart from others, as it provides warmth to the head and face. There are also tubes in place to keep the down from moving around. This ensures comfort with each use.

The mummy style is quite popular because it gives you some extra room in the legs and shoulders. Those who purchased this sleeping bag also loved that it comes in 4 sizes; small, regular, large and extra large, so even those people who are tall, or have a heavy build can use this sleeping bag with no trouble at all.

The Badger MF -15 Degree sleeping bag is not only spacious but made of quality raw materials that will last a long time and protect you from the elements when you are out camping in the frigid weather.

sleeping bags in nature

The MicroLite XP fabric for a shell will block the cold weather and wind from getting inside the sleeping bag, which works with the down comforting that keeps the warm air inside your sleeping bag.

When you are done using it, it can easily be rolled up into a pack size of 10 x 10 x 24 inches, which can easily attach to your backpack or fit inside of it with ease. You can then keep on traveling by hiking or mountaineering your way around nature and see all of the beauty that the world has to offer.

There were only a few bad things to say about this sleeping bag, which include the fact that it is not water resistant, so you have to be careful to keep it dry. Some say that it feels a little bulky with the rest of their gear despite being light in weight. The other thing is that it has no internal pockets to store your keys, music player or cell phone.

However, this is still a great sleeping bag that is worth using. So, how does the Badger sleeping bag compare? It is all that it stacks up to be? Let’s compare the pros and cons!


  • Very light in weight and easy to carry and use
  • Made with all down comforting for warmth
  • Includes a hood that forms around your face for extra warmth
  • It is a mummy style, which gives you extra space where you need it
  • Made with MicroLite XP fabric for its shell


  • It is not water resistant
  • Costly
  • There are no interior pockets for an mp3 player, phone, or keys
  • Only comes in one color
  • Some say it can seem bulky with their gear, though it is light weight
  • Too warm above 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit

It is not hard to adore this sleeping bag due to the light weight, comfort level and ability to keep you cold in below freezing temperatures. With all of the positive ratings and support behind this sleeping bag, as well as Western Mountaineering, you are sure to be pleased and come back for other items from this great company!

Whether it is winter or summer, you will find products by Western Mountaineering that work for you and help you create great memories while camping and pursuing outdoor activities like hiking.

Western Mountaineering Badger MicroFiber Sleeping Bag
  • Weight & Size
  • Packaging
  • Durability & Design
  • Insulation
  • Value for the Money


There is plenty to love about the Western Mountaineering Badger MF sleeping bag! The main factors to love about this sleeping bag are that it is light in weight, made of full down comforting, has a hood that does not need a cinch, and is easy to travel with!

This sleeping bag is perfectly designed for those who love extreme winter camping and other outdoor activities like hiking and mountaineering.

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Kane Dane


  • My employees got me the Western Mountaineering Badger Microfiber sleeping bag at last year’s company party and I have to say it is an awesome sleeping it is filled with 850+ down it ensures warmth and comfort is at a premium. What’s even more amazing is that the spacious baffles that are spread from zipper to zipper allow me to move the down either to the top or lower regions depending on where I want more warmth. It is one of the best sleeping bags that I have ever used.

    • The Badger LZ is one of Western Mountaineering best sleeping bags and the top quality features prove how resourceful this bag is.

  • I got myself a western mountaineering badger microfiber sleeping bag over five years ago and though I have been using it frequently it is nowhere near wear. This is because of the microfiber used that ensures durability. A draft tube runs the length of the zipper of the sleeping bag that keeps cold drafts from disturbing me in my sleep. My sleeping bag is 66 inches wide at the shoulders and 41 inches wide at the feet allowing me much needed space.

    • The Badger LZ Microfiber is designed to keep you warm, comfortable and very satisfied. It is a product worth recommending to relatives and friends.


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