Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag: A Comfortable Sleeping Bag for a Great Camping Trip

Man sleeping in Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag
Written by Kane Dane

Your camping sleeping bag is ostensibly your most vital piece of boondocks gear. If it is a comfortable one, you are a happy camper. If it is too not sufficiently warm or too warm, elastic-room constrictive, or sticky just like a plastic wrap, a terrible sleeping bag will result in a bad camping experience.

The trick is to choose the appropriate bag for what you are doing. If you have not known about Klymit yet, then you need to spend some time to get acquainted with them. These people are not kidding about their gear and they have invested much energy and time to understand your camping needs and then surpass desires.

Klymit is well known for great innovations and its Klymit KSB lives up to expectation. Dynamic Junky tried sleeping bags on different outdoors trips in Colorado and Utah. The unique baffle system of this sleeping bag was found to be a lovely development in design and was further astonished by the reasonable price tag.

Product Specifications:

  • Lofty, warm, ultralight: High-end lightweight that’s comfortable, compact and designed with detail
  • Temp rating: Tested and rated at 20 Degrees F for three season comfort – fill: 650 fill-power white duck down
  • Sleep comfortably all night long: A draft collar, over-stuffed foot box, insulated mummy hood and flexible baffles at the body’s core
  • Expanded chest area and flexible baffles provide room to move

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You must have used different sleeping bags in the past, but this particular one beats all others when it comes to the superior qualities, ease of use, warmth, comfort and most of all, the unbeatable price. In today’s review, we take an in-depth look at the Klymit sleeping bag and what it has to offer to all the backpackers out there. This might just be what you have been looking for.



You can order for your sleeping bag in two sizes; regular or oversize and pick between the red, blue or black colors. The bag weighs about 2 pounds and its shipping weight is around 4.75 pounds.  The package size is about 13*8.5 inches, which is manageable and won’t cost you a fortune when it comes to shipping and delivery.

Man in Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag and a dog next to him

The sleeping bag will also come with two stuff sack bags for that much needed extra storage and space for your bag and other items you might need for your trip. You won’t find any other bag that comes with an extra stuff sack. If you are in need of sleeping pads or pillows, you just have to purchase these items separately since they are not given with the purchase.

Design & Durability

The Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag consolidates design inventiveness with quality, reasonable materials. Loaded down with 650-fill Down, it is not as compressible as other down sleeping bags, yet at 3lbs and below $200, this sleeping bag model is an all-out deal.

This 20-degree sleeping bag features 650-fill control white duck down kind in a 20D nylon coat that is dealt with to enhance moisture resistance. It is held up by rubber baffles, which is a Klymit invention.

The Flex baffles extend and contract with your motion, enabling you to move in your sleep without tightening you and keeping a cozy fit. The footbox features a half-moon configuration to enable you to move your feet also. The Active Junky analyzers valued this framework in the sleeping bag’s body itself; however, they found it to be somewhat less cozy in the hood, which is where the baffle supplants the normal drawstring.

Man in Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag laying on a table outside

The extended chest section has a pocket in which you can store a handset, flashlight or wallet. Moreover, this sleeping bag offers a warm wrap that fits over your shoulders mainly to retain warmth. The sleeping bag weighs just under 3 pounds and stuff into a 13 x 8.5-inch bag, therefore making it useful for most hiking adventures however not as advantageous as ultralight ones.

You will be surprised at how durable the fabric is. The bag is made with a light and tough rip-stop nylon which has a high strength to weight ratio that goes a long way in preventing wear and tear. Its outer fabric also has a durable water repellant treatment that protects insulation from moisture. Any excess moisture affects the thermal performance of the bag and adds more weight.


What you will love most about your sleeping bag is that it has a silk nylon sheet that will provide you with maximum comfort and won’t absorb any moisture. The fill enhances this comfort by being very warm and breathable such that you will not need extra items for the cold nights.

And that’s not all. The bag has a three-dimensional foot box that has a half-moon shape that not only helps retain warmth, but also, it provides additional room. You can even use your sleeping pad inside the bag without worrying about the fit.

Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag on top of the mountains

The expanded chest area expands the girth right at the chest to give you all the comfort you need and the freedom to move throughout the night without impacting on the thermal performance of the sleeping bag.

You are cautioned against using a dirty sleeping bag because not only is it un-hygienic, but it also makes it quite uncomfortable to sleep in. Whenever there is a need for a wash, do it in a large washing machine on a gentle cycle. You can then dry your bag with 3 tennis balls in the dryer. Keep in mind that down sleeping bags take more time to dry as compared to the synthetic ones.

Temperature Ratings

If you were wondering how the sleeping bag will perform in terms of the temperatures, worry not. The manufacturers have tested and rated the bag at 20 degrees F, for 3 season comfort. This is not to say that you cannot use it when the temperatures drop lower or go higher than the given rating.

Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag

However, when in extreme cold temperature zones, you should consider carrying some extra clothing with you. The temperature rating is always a base rating and should not be fully relied on

Ease of use

This sleeping bag is intuitive to handle in spite of the fact that there is a touch of play regarding the zipper, which is ¾” Full Length with a covering that is two-way, which means it can zip either up or down.

However, on the off chance that the bag is zipped, it feels incredible and moves along with you. This sleeping bag features a Velcro fix that helps in securing the Draft Collar that fits cozily, yet not constrict under the neckline and, not at all like conventional bags, stores all the dead air around your body within the sack when moving.

A man with Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag on his shoulders

The weakness of down is that it effortlessly absorbs dampness when soggy and when it gets moist, the plumes lose their loftiness and the heat insulating features are missing. Down sleeping bags likewise take much time to dry out compared to synthetic sleeping bags. Therefore duck down bags are appropriate to frosty yet dry conditions

Unique Features

The sleeping bag is incredibly light. Weighing a mere 2.75 lbs., and made with 20D rip-stop nylon, that is your perfect backpacking partner. The compact design allows you to compress and carry it around without feeling that extra weight.

Has a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the down sleeping bag suited for the cold seasons, which are only limited to early fall, cold summer nights and spring. You might experience a few problems using it in winter.

A stash pocket that is integrated into the draft collar which will come in handy when you want to store a headlamp, wallet, mobile phone or even some midnight snacks. Having all the items you might need at night at an arm’s reach is definitely a plus. The flex baffles provide complete freedom of movement through the night and keeps the insulation closer to your body for exceptional comfort and a more efficient thermal performance.

Close-up of Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag

Draft collars have been incorporated to help maintain thermal comfort all through the night. There is an insulated tube that wraps around your shoulders to minimize heat from escaping as you sleep. This guarantees that you keep warm from the time you sleep until when you wake up. Has length locks that allow the sleeping bag to reduce in length, up to 15 inches.

The adjustable length is efficient in sizing, down to fit a 5’3 inch person, and being big enough to fit a 6 inches person. The ¾ inch full length zipper with guard has a tow-way sliders that you can unzip either from the top or the bottom for maximum ventilation. Having a full length zipper guard helps you to seal out all the drafts.

Value for Money & Guarantee

Can you buy this sleeping bag without breaking the bank? Absolutely! The regular sizes come in either black or red and will cost you about $150 to $160. If you go for the oversized one, which comes in black or blue, you will only need approx. $200.

Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag on a wooden table

Not much has been said about the guarantee after the purchase, only that you will get a limited lifetime warranty. You are advised to contact the manufacturers for more information about the warranty and any guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with your product and need to return it for a replacement or refund of your money.

Similar models/competitors

Klymit KSB 20 Klymit KSB 20

Klymit manufactured another sleeping bag, this time the Klymit KSB 20, a synthetic one, for those backpackers who are looking for cheaper options, and a synthetic feel.

It weighs more than the down sleeping bag, at 3.2 lbs., but it’s still very lightweight, compact, roomy and comfortable. The flexible stretch baffles hug your body and eliminate any air movement as you sleep providing maximum warmth.

Additionally, the neck collar is also designed to minimize heat loss and give perfect insulation. The sleeping bag has been tested and proven to have a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, just like the reviewed one. You can get it in two colors, black and extra real camo. Its dimensions are 32*22*85 with a shipping weight of about 3.5 pounds.

What you will love most about this sleeping bag is that it stays put in extreme weather conditions, like being in sub 40 degrees zones. For such great qualities, the price is one to die for, at just approx. $140 on Amazon, which is on the lower side when compared with the down sleeping bag earlier reviewed.

The only issue you might end up having is with the compression. The sleeping bag is able to compress decently, but not as good as you might want. When this happens, consider getting a compression bag.

If you cannot spend a lot of money on a sleeping bag, but still need one that’s lighter, cheaper, comfortable, low maintenance and that can keep you warm all through the night, then this is your perfect pick.

Slumberjack Lat20d Slumberjack Lat20d 

The Slumberjack Lat20d sleeping bag is a synthetic bag that comes in two sizes, long and regular for all your hiking and camping needs.

It only weighs 3 lb. which makes it a lightweight bag that you can carry around without experiencing any issues. The flip over hood enables you to flip the hood inside out whenever you need a flat hood or a contoured hood.

The bag has a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps you keep off the cold during your camping expeditions. The best part? You can use it on nights with temperatures as low as 16 degrees and as high as 65 degrees.

This bag has a slippery soft polyester taffeta inside for that snuggly feel when you are sleeping. The zipper is designed to provide maximum insulation without letting the cold air seep in, and the draft collar prevents any heat loss around the shoulder and neck area. Moreover, the trapezoidal foot box will provide extra space so that your feet remain in a natural position all night, which enhances your comfort.

So why should you consider buying this bag? Well, the cost is one you can live with. It will only set you back around $50 to $150, which is a great value for your money. Additionally, you will also get a stuff sack with your purchase that will enable you to carry your sleeping bag easily.

The only flaw worth mentioning has to do with the temperature rating. If you know you will be camping during winter or in extremely cold weather, consider getting a down sleeping bag, like the reviewed Klymit bag instead.

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 

If you are looking for a lightweight sleeping bag, with a varied range of colors for a great price, try out the Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 bag which comes in 5 colors; red, blue, black, light blue and maroon, and two sizes; long and regular.

It has microscopic air clusters that create a loft that traps heat and keeps you warm from around 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit. With this bag, you get 50% more fill and 50% warmth as you also get to save on space and cut down on weight.

The duck down insulation capabilities will always keep you warm throughout the cold weather. What’s more? The bag is available at just 3.5 lbs. for regular sizes and 3.32 lbs. for the long size, which enhances the lightweight feature.

It also has ultra-light water repellent 400T 20D rip-stop nylon fabric with 2 YKK zippers that go a long way in making this bag durable for a very long time. You will also get a stuff sack to carry the bag around in with your purchase.

The major reason why you should consider buying this bag, apart from its great price of approx. $130 is the fact that there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The two sizes are also a plus because if you cannot fit in a regular sleeping bag, then you don’t have to worry at all.

You just need to order the long size and voila! Your camping nights will never be the same again. This bag is highly recommended for any backpacker on a budget, looking for a light, comfortable and a warm sleeping bag for an enjoyable camping experience.


In case you are aspiring to get a three season sleeping bag, we strongly suggest that you get the Klymit KSB 20. This bag is warmer compared to other similar 20-degree sleeping bags, wraps cozily without moving even when turning and twisting, and has perfect features including sturdy materials that are both light-weight and packable.

Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag laying on the ground outside in the wild

With a growing client enthusiasm for ultralight camping, some producers are making contrasting options to conventional sleeping bags. A hiking quilt or hoodless bag can be a lighter-weight choice to consider.


  • Extremely comfortable – the stretch baffles are flexible enough to hug your body, eliminate air movement and give you the much needed comfort all night long.
  • Good price – depending on which color you want, and the size, you will get a good value for your money.
  • An incredible stretch
  • Packable – The bag is light and compact and can be fully compressed to fit well in the stuff sack.
  • Lightweight – It’s made of lightweight materials; 20D rip-stop nylon , which is both light and compressible.


  • Uncertain temperature rating
  • The string can be felt in the hood when cinched
  • The zipper tends yo get caught
  • The fit can be a bit loose on the shoulders
  • The package size is large for a down bag; you might consider buying a compression sack

While not really lighter, some of the “bed style” camping sleeping bags have an oval opening over the middle region with an appended, customizable comforter. Other sleeping bags may feature a top layer that is removable. Both styles give versatile solace in a wide temperature range.

Klymit KSB
  • Packaging
  • Design & Durability
  • Comfort
  • Temperature Ratings
  • Ease of use
  • Unique Features
  • Value for Money & Guarantee


There you have it! One of the best down sleeping bags there is in town. Our review wouldn’t be complete without a summarized table of all the perks that come with this great bag.
This will definitely come in handy when you need to purchase a sleeping bag and need a quick guide to tell you what exactly you should be looking out for.

The Klymit down sleeping bag is not only compact, comfortable and warm, but it gives you a great value for your price and long term durability that most backpackers wish for.

You will find yourself enjoying your camping expeditions more because you don’t have to worry about the cold nights or the bulk of packing and moving around with it all day. If you do not shy away from spending money on superior products, then this might just be the sleeping bag for all your outdoors needs.

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