Best Fitness Tracker Watch: Always Know What You Can Do

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Written by Kane Dane

Do you agree that getting into exercise and fitness is very popular right now? And yet, it’s not always so easy to keep track of what you’re doing, right? But, did you know that with the help of the best fitness tracker watch you can get around your wrist, you are informed about your calorie burn, your time and a whole lot more?

What’s really important is finding a fitness tracker that does everything you want and make sure that you’re prepared for whatever you want to do. With so many different fitness trackers out there, however, you will definitely be able to find exactly what you want (and need) in order to be successful in your exercise goals.

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With this article, we’re going to help you find just what you’ve been trying to find on your own. We’ll go through the features you want to look at and we’ll make sure that you have the best options available so that your fitness watch is going to make your workout even better.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightSizes AvailableBattery LifePrice
Fitbit Charge 21.3 oz.Small & large5 daysCheck price on Amazon
Polar M6008.2 oz.OSFM2 daysCheck price on Amazon
Garmin Vivosmart 30.8 oz.Small/medium & large5 daysCheck price on Amazon
Fitbit Alta HR0.8 oz.Small, large & x-large7 daysCheck price on Amazon
Lemfo Fitness Tracker1.8 oz.OSFM7 daysCheck price on Amazon
Fitbit Blaze1.4 oz.Small & large5 daysCheck price on Amazon
LCStream Fitness Tracker2.1 oz.OSFM15 daysCheck price on Amazon
X-Cheng Fitness Tracker0.9 oz.OSFM5 daysCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

No matter what type of features you think are the most important, you’re definitely going to find them right here.

The right fitness tracker watch is definitely out there and we’ve sorted through a lot of the features you don’t necessarily need or care about the find the top ones, so you’re going to be ready for absolutely anything the next time you head out.

Screen Capabilities

Look at the size and capabilities of the screen first. You don’t necessarily need a large screen (though that’s an option) but you may want to have at least somewhat of a screen. Not all fitness watches have these, however, so make sure you do a little research on how you’re going to get your information.

Android wear smartwatch screen

If the device has a large screen you’ll probably be able to check any of the information that it tracks at any time. On the other hand, a smaller screen may only display basic information and may not have the capability for you to look up older information right there on the screen at all.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

Next, find out whether the device you’re looking at is waterproof or only water resistant. While water resistant may work for you, something that is waterproof is going to protect you in case you fall in a river or get soaked in the rain. Something water resistant, on the other hand, is only going to be okay with sweat or light rain.

A black TomTom swimming tracker by the pool

You will definitely want to consider where you’re going to be and what the conditions could be while you’re out there. If it’s reasonable to assume you could get caught in some rain you will definitely want something more protected.

App Quality

With just about any wearable fitness tracker you’re going to have some type of app. Whether that app is high tech or basic is going to depend on the specific device you choose, however. That means you want to look at the quality and see what it’s going to provide you with.

Samusung galaxy S5 and smartwatch on a wooden table

Make sure that you look at the app (you can usually download them or at least look at screenshots before you buy the device itself) and that you’ve had a chance to see if you like how it looks. This will also show you what kind of information you can expect from the device itself.

Charge Capabilities

Look at how you are going to charge the device. Does it require you to have special batteries or does it plug into a wall? You’ll want to know how you’re expected to charge it so you can be prepared when you head out onto the trails or anywhere else.

A person holding a black-silver smartwatch that is being charged

You’ll want extra batteries or a power cable with you just to be sure and you’ll want to know what the expected battery life is because that’s also going to impact whether the device is good for the type of workout that you’re planning. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in other things to look at how it charges.

Base Tracker or Smart Watch

Next, does your device have a lot of features or only a few? Are you looking at a basic fitness tracker or is the device you’re getting actually more of a smart watch? Some people might want everything together in one device while others might want a simpler device that does a little less.

A person wearing android wear smartwatch

A smart watch will generally keep track of things like notifications and even phone calls as well as your vital signs and exercise results. For some, this is an added bonus. For others it’s just not necessary. So make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Overall Looks

Keep in mind that as some fitness trackers start to focus more on adding features, others are starting to focus more on style and design. You’ll find that these trackers may keep the same type of information, but they’re not going to show you much of it because they’re designed to look more like a bracelet.

A man wearing his smartwatch while drinking coffee

Of course, some smart watches are the exception to this which have a sleek design and a traditional watch face but can be switched to show other information. It’s up to you to decide which of these things are more important to you.

Top Product Reviews

With so many fitness trackers out there it can be difficult to decide just which one is going to be the best option for you, but it’s definitely possible. You can take a look at each of these and you’ll see that there are plenty of options and definitely a lot of reasons you’ll want one.

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband  Fitbit Charge 2

Price: Approx. $130

Weight: 1.3 oz.

Sizes: Small, large

Specific features: 6 colors, 2 sizes, provides notifications, tracks sleep and activity, provides real time results, up to 5 days battery life

Description: The Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband is available at a moderate price when it comes to fitness bands. Not only that, but it offers you 6 different color options at the time of purchase and a near unlimited range of them that you can purchase elsewhere. That means you can get different colors, style and materials with no problem.

Available in two different sizes, this band is made by one of the most well-known companies in fitness watches and definitely lives up to its brand name.

It provides you with continuous heart rate tracking so it can help you get a more accurate read on your calorie burning. It also provides you with readings for steps, distance, calories burned, pace and active minutes.

If you’re looking to relax a little there’s even a guided breathing function to help reduce stress and get you back on track for the day. If you need to stay connected even when you’re in the middle of a workout it can send you push notifications at all times so you don’t have to pull out your mobile device all the time.

The connected GPS means that you can get real time updates about anything and everything that you’re doing without having to wait to get into the app.

When you do get to the app, however, you’re going to have a whole bunch more features and ways to track your current day as well as your progress from other days on just about any device you could want including over 200 iPhones, Androids and Windows phones.


  • Shows notifications easily
  • Realtime results for stats while running
  • Tracks all day activity
  • Battery up to 5 days
  • Interchangeable bands


  • Bands are somewhat large
  • Setting up a workout is time consuming
  • Step counter can be overly sensitive

Related: A screen protector is always important with a fitness band, especially when they have a large screen like this one. The Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Protector is definitely a great choice with plenty of extra screens if you need them and a super low price.

Check the price on Amazon

Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch
Polar M600

Price: Approx. $300

Weight: 8.2 oz.

Sizes: OSFM

Specific features: 2 color options, GPS technology, runs on Android platform, stores music through Google Play, 24/7 tracking

Description: With the Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch you will be paying a bit more, but there are definitely some things to look at before you decide if price should even be a factor in your decision.

Available in two different colors, this watch provides you with built-in GPS technology that will keep track of absolutely everything about your next outdoor experience.

It runs off an Android platform and provides you with your music through Google Play so you’re always going to have something to listen to. Waterproof, this band has plenty of aftermarket options for band colors, styles and types, so you can always mix and match what you like best and what fits your own personal style.

You can get up to 2 days of battery with this watch though using it with an iPhone will decrease the battery life slightly, leaving it with about 1 ½ days of battery. That depends on the other features that you’re using as well, but you’ll definitely be able to get prepared for absolutely anything you want to do with your exercise and workout.

Furthermore, it comes with smart coaching feature, a running index, sports profiles and training benefits when you use this watch because it keeps track of absolutely everything.

The full color screen is actually a touchscreen as well, making it even easier to switch between different settings and pages without having to worry about multi-use buttons and sensors.

The large size screen is great for most because it ensures you can really see what you’re doing and you can keep a closer eye on each of your stats while you’re getting through the workout. You do have to turn on the features for each workout as it doesn’t keep track of stats 24/7, but it does provide a range of information when it’s going.


  • Provides coaching to improve workouts
  • Tracks all incoming information from your Android phone
  • Personalization of information on screen
  • Up to 2 day battery life
  • Can play music while tracking workout


  • Only uses Google Play
  • Most information is sent to the phone (not available on the watch)
  • Doesn’t track 24/7

Related: If you want to get an even more accurate reading of your heart rate for your next run or other activity, the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor is definitely the best option. Priced moderately, it’s going to give you some great results and advice.

Check the price on Amazon

Garmin Vivosmart 3 Smart Bracelet
Garmin Vivosmart 3

Price: Approx. $140

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Sizes: Small/medium, large

Specific features: 2 color options, 2 size options, very thin, discreet look when not in use, monitors stress and training activity

Description: Available in 2 different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and 2 different color options to match your personal style, the Garmin Vivosmart 3 Smart Bracelet is a great option for those who want a slimmer and sleeker design.

This watch is the thinnest HR tracker from Garmin and it is designed to give you a very stylish look that no one will even realize is a fitness tracker unless you want to look at it.

You get to keep track of absolutely everything from specific sets in your workout to elevated stress levels and you can send them directly to the Garmin Connect app so that they can be easily reviewed. If you need to be in contact or available at all times you’ll love that this device gives you push notifications throughout the day.

If you want to check your heart rate at any time during the day all you have to do is raise your wrist and you’ll get the results. If you want to check your relaxation you can do that with the breathing timer and you can continue to get all of your normal information that you would expect with a fitness watch.

Track your steps, how many floors you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burned, how much you’ve been active and a whole lot more. You can even use this device while you’re swimming or taking a shower because it’s entirely waterproof and you can rely on the battery for up to 5 days without having to worry about charging.


  • Battery up to 5 days
  • Tracks activity 24/7
  • Syncs to phone or computer
  • Receives notifications from a mobile device
  • Very light weight


  • The heart rate is not as accurate
  • Not ideal at recognizing lower body workouts
  • The distance needs to be set up with individual stride

Related: If you’re looking at getting into workouts you’ll definitely want to check out the Garmin Index Smart Scale. This scale is a little higher priced, but it’s going to help you keep track of your weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage and a whole lot more so you know what you’re really working towards.

Check the price on Amazon

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Bracelet
Fitbit Alta HR

Price: Approx. $130

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Sizes: Small, large, X-large

Specific features: 3 size options, 6 color options, super slim, up to 7 days battery, accessory bands available, notifications from mobile device

Description: The Fitbit Alta HR Smart Bracelet is moderately priced and offers a slim and sleek design that works well for many who don’t necessarily want to broadcast their fitness band. It comes in three different sizes and 6 different color options with the option for plenty more bands as an aftermarket or add on piece.

Capable of providing you with absolutely everything you need in the way of tracking you can get your heart rate, calorie burn, sleep stages, distance, steps and active minutes all at the same time. It also provides you with things like push notifications, reminders to get moving and auto exercise recognition so you don’t miss anything.

The battery can last up to 7 days and all you need to do in order to check out the information on the screen is tap it to activate. With plenty more information available on the app, and plenty of record keeping going on, you’re going to have no problem looking back over what you’ve been doing and just how it’s been working for you.

While this band is smaller than many others, it’s still going to provide you with all of the features that you’re looking for and it has the heart rate tracking that many smaller units just don’t offer. You even get a warning to let you know when you should be up and moving to make sure you’re getting at least a little bit of exercise in each hour.

It can interact with the app instantaneously and you’ll be able to get a great fit just the way that you want with the features of larger and more bulky units.


  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • Records sleep cycles
  • Syncs to most mobile devices
  • Personalize ‘home screen’ data
  • Tracks well and constantly


  • Small screen
  • Requires app for most data reviews
  • Can be difficult to size properly

Related: While there are several color options for bands, sometimes you just want something unique and really stylish and that’s what the Oitom Fitbit Bands is. There are several different color and style options so you can get just what you want and they’re inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about the investment.

Check the price on Amazon

Lemfo Fitness Tracker Bracelet
Lemfo VG7QM

Price: Approx. $25

Weight: 1.8 oz.

Sizes: OSFM

Specific features: Inexpensive, syncs with most devices, provides push notifications, up to 7 days battery life

Description: The Lemfo Fitness Tracker Bracelet is designed to give you a good amount of features at a very low price. For less than $30, you can get a watch that keeps track of your heart rate, sleep quality and a whole lot more.

Push notifications are automatically enabled so you can set up all your favorite apps and of course text messages and phone calls.

You’ll even be able to connect it via Bluetooth to just about any mobile device that you have. Even better, if you’re not happy with it you can return it without 30 days for your money back, 90 days for a replacement or 36 months under warranty.

Designed to look sleek and small, this tracker still provides you with a lot of the features that you’re probably looking for in your next fitness band. It tracks everything that you do, 24/7 and provides you with a reminder, if you’ve been sedentary for a little bit too long.

The battery on this device lasts up to 7 days with normal use and the one-key touch display makes it really easy to check out your information without having to go through a lot of extra effort. Though it’s not designed to track everything, it is going to help you get in shape better and keep track of your overall health.

When you’re ready to charge it you won’t have a problem because it connects through USB, making it super easy to charge no matter where you go. Just strap it on and you’re going to have a much easier time getting yourself ready for absolutely anything.


  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • Syncs easily
  • Very low price
  • Tracks steps, heart rate and a lot more
  • Monitors sleep quality


  • Interface takes some getting used to
  • Time and features can glitch
  • Heart rate not always accurate

Related: Keeping track of your workouts and your eating habits is definitely important and this Fitlosophy Fitbook is a great way to do just that. It’s not expensive and it has specific sections for all your goals and all of your record keeping to make things easier for you.

Check the price on Amazon

Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch
Fitbit 61691

Price: Approx. $230

Weight: 1.4 oz.

Sizes: Small, large

Specific features: 6 colors, 2 size options, multi-sport tracking, connected GPS, receives push notifications, provides step-by-step instructions for workouts

Description: The Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch is a little bit more expensive, though not the most expensive one on this list. It comes with a range of different features that start with the 6 color and 2 size options and definitely continue to build up from there.

This watch is larger than many of the others, which means that you can quickly and easily see whatever it is you want to track. It’s also full color and touchscreen so you can easily get through to the pages that you want and read any of your information at the same time.

The connected GPS allows you to easily know where you are and what you’re doing and the multi-sport tracking means that you don’t have to worry about how to score your experiences. You’ll be able to record all of your workouts quickly and easily, without having to worry about a thing.

Heart rate monitoring without a chest strap is an added bonus, as are the FitStar workouts for additional training and improvement. You won’t have to worry about what you’re going to do next or how you’re going to start getting into shape on your own.

You can track all of the normal information as well, including steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Plus, you can get push notifications sent directly to your device while you’re out and about.

That way you’ll always know when you have text messages, phone calls or even emails and you can get back to your phone whenever you need to.


  • Set weekly goals and check summaries
  • Multi-sport options for real-time stats
  • Up to 5 days battery
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Plays music through the device


  • GPS is not an in-house system
  • Not comfortable for sleeping
  • Does not remind you to move

Related: The Fitbit Blaze Charging Dock  is a great addition to this band because it makes it much easier for you to get the band ready to go in the morning or whenever it needs to be charged. You won’t have a problem with how easy it is to use or the price involved.

Check the price on Amazon

LCStream Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
LCStream 06489

Price: Approx. $14

Weight: 2.1 oz.

Sizes: OSFM

Specific features: 6 color options, low price, moderate results tracking, battery up to 15 days, simple setup process

Description: The LCStream Fitness Tracker Smart Watch is the cheapest option that we have, but it will still provide you with a lot of features that make it a good choice for those who are just getting into tracking their workouts or younger users. It provides you with a Bluetooth connection that is great for monitoring all of the information.

Being able to track all of your basic exercise stats like steps, distance, sleep and more, it’s definitely something that you want from a device. You get a remote camera, an alarm clock, sedentary reminder, calendar reminders and notifications and a whole lot more, which definitely helps you get into the shape you’re looking for.

If you turn your arm to the side you’ll see the date show up right on the screen without having to hit any buttons and when you sync it to your phone you’ll be able to get a range of different features and to review everything that you want to put in.

There’s also plenty of extra features available on the app that will help you track your workouts, your diet and more. Able to track your sleep and monitor it as well, this band will last up to 15 days on a single charge and then can be plugged in easily so you’re ready to go next time.

It is somewhat waterproof, though it’s not designed to be fully submerged and it’s easy to set up and start tracking your fitness results as quickly as you want.


  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to set up
  • Syncs through Bluetooth
  • Up to 15 days of battery
  • Works with other fitness apps


  • Can be difficult to fasten
  • Strap is somewhat bulky
  • Doesn’t track extensive information

Related: If you want some additional information the EarlySense Live Health Monitor is a little expensive, but it can provide you with a lot more in the way of your health. It also checks your sleep so you’ll get a double recording, but the main focus is health summaries and a personalized analysis of your sleep, stress and activity.

Check the price on Amazon

X-CHENG Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet
X-Cheng 7VHMBM

Price: Approx. $40

Weight: 0.9 oz.

Sizes: OSFM

Specific features: Push notifications, HD display, touch screen, fast charge, Bluetooth sync, IP67 waterproof, up to 5 days battery life

Description: The X-CHENG Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet has a low price and comes with three different color bands. It provides you with the date and time right on the home screen so you can use it as a regular watch with ease. When it comes to using it as a tracker, it has even more features.

This watch keeps track of your heart rate, steps, calories burned, sleep and activities. It can provide you with push notifications so you always know what’s going on and whether you’re getting phone calls, text messages or anything else.

Waterproof and dustproof, this watch can be worn while swimming or showering and it connects with just about any mobile device via Bluetooth, making sure that you get accurate readings no matter which device you’re looking at or what you want to track.

If you want to listen to music or use the camera you can do it easily through the device and all you need to do is turn your wrist in order to light up the screen. With up to 5 days of battery life, this is a watch that you can take with you just about anywhere and not have to worry about charging.


  • Moderately waterproof
  • Touchscreen
  • Easy to pair with other smart devices
  • Sedentary alert to encourage movement
  • User friendly app


  • Most readings on app not device
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Doesn’t measure miles traveled

Related: A screen protector is definitely important and this one provides you with anything you could need for this device or any other. You get a single screen protector at a low price that you can cut down to fit absolutely anything that you want with the Red Shield Universal Protector.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrapping It Up

We have reached the end of our article and the reviews. Now, no matter which one of these you may decide to go with, you’re going to find that there are some great features in each of your options. You can go with higher tech or lower tech, but you’re going to have plenty of capabilities to go along with it.

A person holding a smartwatch in their hands

Just make sure that you’re not sacrificing any of the important features that you’re looking for when you choose the right option for you.

Now we want to know what you think. Is there a specific fitness watch that you like best out of these options? Is there a different fitness watch that you think is the best option for you? Maybe you just like some of the features or think that we should look at some additional features?

We definitely want to know everything about it so we can make sure everyone is getting the best possible fitness watch out there.


Kane Dane


  • The polar m600 is surely one of the best. At an affordable price, you get GPS tracking, HRM, onboard music storage, smart notification and reliable battery life.

  • Not sure which Fitbit model you are talking about, but all Fitbit watches are amazing and they come with remarkable features and performance.


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