Best Jungle Boots: Keeping Your Feet Safe in the Jungle

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Written by Kane Dane

Would you agree with us that purchasing the best jungle boots ensures you are in possession of footwear that offers your feet with protection against any environment, and as well providing your feet with comfort and support? If yes, then you will likewise agree that the essential features of a good model, are the optimal grip and durability, to help them survive the harsh tropical environment.

They should also have a draining system to tackle the wet jungle weather. While choosing your boots, you should also consider the length at which you will spend in the wilderness. Recognizing this will help you choose a model that maximizes your purpose and helps you achieve the mission.

Now, not only have we made a list with a detailed explanation of the features to consider before buying a pair of jungle boots, we also came up with a list of the top reviewed models. The idea is to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the pair for your next trip or hike. 

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightBest UseSpecific FeaturesPrice
Stansport Jungle1.4 poundsHot, wet and humid environmentGusseted tongue, pure leather, leather insole for added comfort, perfect ventilation and drainage.Check price on Amazon
Wideaway Military3 poundsHiking and mountain climbingDurable, lightweight, wide, leather, multi-use, comfortable, convenient.Check price on Amazon
Rothco Jungle3.6 poundsCombatLeather, suede leather upper, removable inner sole, panama sole.Check price on Amazon
Shoe Artist Combat4 poundsHiking, everyday useLeather upper, breathable cordura type nylon uppers, padded insoles, lightweight, rubber outer soles.Check price on Amazon
Rothco Gi2.3 poundsCycling and everyday useCanvas and nylon upper, panama sole.Check price on Amazon
Army Universe Military2.5 poundsPaintballCanvas & nylon upper, black leather toe & heel, black rubber panama sole.Check price on Amazon
Bates Cobra4 poundsHikingRubber sole, cattle hide leather, breathable, nylon ankle reinforcement, anti-fatigue.Check price on Amazon
Timberland Direct Attach3 poundsWorkwear and outdoor activitiesRemovable shock diffusion plate, waterproof, electric hazard protection, PVC midsole, oil resistant, tremolite insulated.Check price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Making the right choice of jungle boots saves you from athlete’s foot, pain and soreness. To find a boot that offers you these advantages, you need to consider the following features before purchasing a pair.


Obviously, when choosing a pair of jungle boots, the material is the first thing you need to pay attention to. You are looking for boots that will be breathable, yet durable so that they won’t fall apart after the rough treatment in the harsh environments.

Image showing the Altama-Hoplite-Boot

Ideally, jungle boots should be made of a leather/fabric/durable rubber combination. If the lower half is made of leather and you waterproof it properly, and the ankle and calf area is made of Gore-Tex material, you will have no problems with your boots regardless of the environment you use them in.

Dual Drainage Vents

Each boot is fitted with a vent in the instep, which allows water to drain faster. It also improves the aeration and quickens drying of the interior if the boot is fully submerged in water.


This feature is important, as you never know when you might cross a deep river or a lake and you will want your boots to be dry as fast as possible.

Panama Sole

This feature was added to the jungle boots after the WWI. It helps the wearer walk comfortably in muddy and wet bushes without the fear of sliding. Boots with this kind of sole, have a good grip on the ground and can be very helpful in slippery inclines and declines.

Image showing a person's leg while wearing a pair of jungle boots

Panama soled boots have an extra feature of the major edged rugs, which increase the grip ability of tree roots and rocks preventing the wearer from sliding.

Stainless Steel Shanks on the Insole

Hiking in the thick forests and bushes expose you to sharp thorns and sometimes, stones. A good jungle boot, needs to have a strong sole that cannot be penetrated easily by sharp objects. Most models, and especially military ones, are incorporated with slight stainless steel shanks on the insole.

A man walking in a pair of jungle boots

This steel keeps your feet protected from injuries and gives you confidence when savvying the jungle. In additional to protecting your feet from injuries, the shank also increases the boot’s stability and especially if you are carrying heavy luggage.

Durable Laces

In most cases, we don’t think about the durability of the laces on the boots we plan on buying. Also, in most cases, this is not that important.

But, if you plan on walking through jungles, where the laces will be submerged in water numerous times, and mistreated by sharp bush thorns, you wouldn’t want a pair that will be shredded in less than a few hours of entering the jungle.

Image showing a pair of leather jungle boots on the floor

Therefore, keeping an eye on the manufacturer specifications, as well as user reviews, is also important if you don’t plan on walking with boots that are loose because the laces fell apart.

Top Products on Today’s Market

After taking a close look at the main features to look for on jungle boots, it’s time to take an even closer look at the best-reviewed pairs. Take a careful look at the descriptions and the Best use per pair, not all of them are for the same use. You might need hiking boots, or a pair for other activities, so our idea is to guide you towards your best choice.

Stansport Jungle Boots Stansport Jungle Boots

Price: $14 – $50

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Specific features: Gusseted tongue to keep away debris, made of pure leather, they are breathable, a leather insole for added comfort, perfect ventilation, and drainage.

Best use: Hot, wet and humid environment,

Description: If you make an excellent choice and consider all the aspects while buying boots, then Stansport Jungle Boots will not let you down. They are affordable and perfect if you are working in a night job. For someone planning a hiking trip in the Amazon, these boots are the best wear when it comes to shoes. With their leather innersole, you will have no complaints about comfort.

The leather that the boots are made of is quite strong; it is a tough leather that will stand strong in pretty much any environment. Ideally designed following military standards, they will definitely withstand the jungle, but even in more rocky environments, they will last long.

They are usually built for wide feet, so do take that into consideration. These boots have a lot of room when it comes to the width, so if you have small feet you are more suited to get a smaller size.


  • Very affordable
  • Strong leather


  • Uncomfortable
  • Can be too wide for people with small feet

Related: The Rothco Vietnam Fatigue Pants are a very common add-on for any Jungle Boots. These are the ideal pants to take with you during jungle hikes. They are made with great materials, they are breathable, and will protect your legs from undesired insect bites.

Check the price on Amazon

Wideway Military Jungle Boots Wideway Military Jungle Boots

Price: $34 – $60

Weight: 3 pounds

Specific features: Durable material, lightweight, wide, leather boots, multi-use, comfortable, convenient to wear.

Best use: Hiking and mountain climbing.

Description: The Wideway Military Jungle Boots are made of pure leather which is highly durable. Their full grain cowhide leather increases their breathability, while the nylon fabric is added on the boots upper to increase a lasting support.

The Wideway boots are lightweight and are padded with collar and cushioned with a removable insert to provide comfort as well as enough toe space. The rubber insole, breathable lining, and double, triple stitched seams of this military jungle boot give you comfort in all types of weather including boiling water.

Don’t let their combat name fool you, these boots are suitable even for other outdoor activities. For example, they are also great for mountaineering or for strong rocky hikes.

Their soles are rugged and have a great grip, so they will keep you steady and not slipping. More so, these boots are convenient for both men and women. However, like many other jungle boots, these are very wide, so take that into consideration.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Good sole grip for other activities, such as hiking in rocky terrains
  • Very lightweight


  • Might be a bit too wide for people with small feet

Related: The TRU-Spec Security belt is commonly bought with jungle boots. A belt such as this one will come handy for many occasions during any jungle trip.

Check the price on Amazon

Rothco Jungle Boots Rothco Jungle Boots

Price: $40 – $55

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Specific features: Leather, suede leather upper, removable inner sole, Panama sole

Best use: Combat, jungle, mountaineering

Description: With the speed lace, the Rothco Jungle Boots are easier to put on than other conventional boots. These boots are also very light and easy to walk in, while the removable inner soles add to the boots comfort. You can wear these boots while walking on long distance and have no complaints about blisters or sore legs.

They only weigh 3.6 pounds, making them some of the most lightweight models on this list. Weight is a very important factor when it comes to jungle boots, because if you are planning a hike in muddy or wet terrains, it is likely that along the way the boots will gain some added weight.

As said, either from the mud or the water. Hence why having a lightweight pair is going to ensure you don’t arrive to the end of the hike with sore feet. Now, we must also say that from all the reviewed models, these are not the most durable ones.


  • Lightweight
  • The padded collar makes them very soft for the ankle
  • Very easy to put on


  • Not durable
  • The sole is very bad quality

Related: The Propper ACU patrol Hat is a good hat to take with you during jungle hikes or expeditions. This is a classic item for the true lovers of jungle experiences, oh, and it will protect you from the sun.

Check the price on Amazon

Shoes Artist Combat Jungle Boots Shoes Artist Combat Jungle Boots 

Price: $30 – $50

Weight: 4 pounds

Specific features: Leather upper, breathable Cordura type nylon uppers, padded insoles, lightweight, rubber outer soles that increase traction.

Best use: Hiking

Description: The Shoe Artists Combat Jungle Boots are available in different sizes and are a perfect fit for your feet provided you pick the right size. These jungle boots are made of genuine high-quality leather, which makes them highly durable.

The leather is combined with Cordura nylon, which increases on the boots breathability. The instep of this boot has holes, which enhance in drainage and ventilation. Also, the boots have durable rubber soles and steel shank, which improve the boot’s stability.

Although these boots are not 100% waterproof, they are pretty resistant to water and humidity. They can stand strong against mud, puddles and light rain.

They will resist this water and keep your feet dry. For those who are experienced hikers, they will know this is something to look for in any type of boot, you don’t want your feet wet or humid when you still have 10 kilometers to go.


  • Keep your feet considerably dry
  • Good breathability
  • Pretty rugged


  • Uncomfortable, no cushion at all

Related: The Fantastic Zone Tactical Gloves are commonly bought with these and other jungle boots. They will keep your hands dry, as well as protecting them whilst jungle hikes or other activities such as motorbike riding.

Check the price on Amazon

Rothco GI Jungle Boots Rothco GI Jungle Boots

Price: $30 – $40

Weight: 2.3 pounds

Specific features: Canvas and nylon upper, Panama sole.

Best use: Cycling, motorbike riding, casual use.

Description: The Rothco GI Jungle Boots are affordable and just the boots you would go for when you want apart that you will dispose of after a little use. They are lightweight and perfect fit. As log as you use these for easier adventures, they might give you a few months service before changing.

If you are considering a harder task, such as rock climbing, then you should consider another type of Rothco boots. As a matter of fact, these boots are very good, the leather is good quality, they are lightweight and they are very affordable. However, they weren’t designed for hiking or explicitly jungle exploring.

They are inspired on military jungle boots, but they are designed for casual use, motorcycle riding or cycling. They are comfortable and as said, lightweight, which will ensure your comfort throughout the whole day. The downside is just this, the fact that they aren’t as strong as other models and aren’t the best fit for real jungle exploring or hiking.


  • Lightweight
  • Pretty affordable
  • Strong leather


  • They are more or less a size too large
  • Not ideal for rough hikes, they are more for casual use

Related: The Rotcho Vietnam Fatigue Shirt is a shirt commonly purchased with these boots. The shirt will give you a complete jungle army vintage look.

Check the price on Amazon

Army Universe Military Jungle Boots Army Universe Military Jungle Boots

Price: $40 – $50

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Specific features: Available in either green or black colors, sizes from 1-15 including wide.

Best use: Paintball and motorcycling.

Description: The Army Universe Military Jungle Boots are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are comfortable and have excellent breathability. They are however not suitable to use on rough expeditions, as the materials were not built to withstand contact with rocks, or any rough surfaces.

These boots were inspired by military boots, and they do have excellent traction, which makes them good for muddy surfaces, but not really strong enough for rough activities.

You should buy these boots if you are going to involve in less rugged adventures such as paintball or cycling. They have excellent traction on slippery grounds and mud and also dry out very quickly.

Plus, they have a good mixture of materials, making them extremely easy to clean. If you consistently cycle in muddy areas, or enjoy playing paintball, these boots will be a great companion.

Furthermore, we like the price, as it is an affordable one. Although they’re not specifically built for tough hikes, they are more durable than a few cheaper models, which makes those extra $15 worth it.


  • Very good traction on muddy environments
  • Extremely lightweight
  • They dry very fast


  • No half sizes, they run big
  • They are not suitable for rough surfaces, as they damage very quickly

Related: The GBFans Pads, are commonly bought with these boots, as they can be worn during paintball games to protect the knees or elbows.

Check the price on Amazon

Bates Cobra Jungle BootsBates Cobra Jungle Boots

Price: $140 – $160

Weight: 4 pounds

Specific features: Rubber sole, cattle hide leather, highly breathable, nylon ankle reinforcement, rubber rug outsole, anti-fatigue endurance performance system.

Best use: Hiking

Description: This boot is highly durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. With the cattle hide, abrasion feels leathery; the boot can be perfect for hiking in rocky areas and taking through thick bushes. Bates Cobra Jungle Boots are also very comfortable ensuring your feet are safe even after a long day’s walk.

These are more expensive than the other boots on this list, but there is a good reason for it, they are much better in both build quality and overall comfort. The materials are very good and the fit is also excellent. This brings a lot of points in favor of this pair, since they’ll be great for long hikes.

The only downside is that these boots make a “weird sound” whilst walking. The friction between the foot and the inner surfaces of the boot, gives out a particular sounds that some find annoying.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great breathability
  • Fit very well


  • Pricey
  • Give out a weird sound whilst walking

Related: The Rothco Coyote Military T-Shirt is a very comfortable T-shirt to wear during any hike, especially jungle hikes.

Check the price on Amazon

Timberland Direct Attach Boots Timberland Direct Attach Boots

Price: $85 – $150

Weight: 3 pounds

Specific features: Removable shock diffusion plate, padded color, waterproof, electrical hazard protection, PVC midsole, oil resistant, tremolite insulated

Best use: Casual wear and outdoor activities.

Description: The Timberland Direct Attach Boots are made of waterproof tremolite insulation that helps keep your feet warm and in all types of weather. The shock hazard diffusion plate protects you from any open circuits when wearing these boots. There is also a boot PRO comfort suspension feature which helps minimize fatigue.

The boot is oil resistant and has a non-marking rubber outsole, which is very durable and comfortable in any weather. The PVC midsole enhances flexibility and stability of the boot while the padded color improves on comfort and at the same time keeps off debris.

These boots are definitely more expensive than the rest. These are Timberlands, and as such, you pay more for a more popular brand.

However, you aren’t just paying for a name, these are very high quality boots, made with great materials and will most likely last longer than many of the other models on this list. Although they are not exactly boots for rough hikes, they can still resist and fit for any occasion.


  • Very comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Plate for shock hazard
  • Materials are oil resistant


  • Expensive

Related: The Timberland Reinforced Heel Socks are a great match with these boots. All boot connoisseurs know that the heels tend to get blisters when wearing boots, hence why Timberland sells these socks that will give you extra padding in the heels to avoid the blisters.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of our article. As you know by now, there are a variety of boots in the market, the best thing you can do so as not to purchase an unsuitable pair, is to be sure of how you will use the boot. It is also necessary to consider the features discussed above. By doing so, you minimize the chances of making mistakes while buying.

Image showing a man laying back on the ground and looking at the landscape

Always make sure you have in mind what you are going to use the boots for. That is why we suggest a Best use for each and every pair, so that you know what they were built for. And well, now you do, and so you should be ready to go along and buy your perfect pair.

We hope that our article helped you in making the right choice. Do you have any suggestions? Or any model we might not have included? Please just right your ideas, suggestions and thoughts in the comment section below!


Kane Dane


  • One of the most important attribute of any outdoor shoes/boots is weight, and the Rothco Jungle Boots don’t disappoint. Good choice, Max.

  • I too own the Timberland PRO Men’s Boots. This heavy-duty footwear is my favorite when venturing into the wild. I also recommend the Bates Cobra.


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