Best Boots for Snowshoeing: The Ultimate Guide for Women

A pair of Salomon Wings Sky GTX boots for snowshoeing
Written by Kane Dane

Planning to spend your weekend snow hiking? Trying to find the best snowshoeing but don’t know where to start? Let’s face it; there’s an art to this activity, and that can only be accomplished by finding the perfect pair of boots. After all, doing a winter backcountry hike is a refreshing way to enjoy the white snowy region and the crisp cold air.

The fact is, snowshoeing is getting more popular these days. On top of that, with the right snowshoe boots, it is easy to learn. Snowshoeing is fun and offers good, aerobic exercises that can be enjoyed with family and friends. In other words, it is an easy sport to enjoy snowy winter trails.

Now, to make your search easier, we need to mention that some of the boots are designed for women. The reason is – women have different feet wide size and stride than man. So, it is imperative for women to find women-specific snowshoes. After all, it’s all about the right size and comfort.

Be that as it may, not all snowshoe boots mentioned in this article will be women-specific snowshoe boots. Some of them are known to be unisex models.

A pair of boots for snowshoering for women

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Regardless of that, the snowshoe boots mentioned in this article are highly recommended for their comfort, durable construction, and insulation protection. Therefore, it is important to find the right snowshoeing boots. Thus, this article will focus on the top snowshoe boots for women.

But, before this article jumps to the list, it is imperative to understand these features, for instance, the snowshoeing sport you’ll be doing or winter conditions, which will help you decide better on choosing the perfect pair for you. Keep reading for more.

Our Top Picks

Product NameMaterialInsulationWaterproofPrice
Columbia Bugaboot IILeather, synthetic200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Eddie Bauer SnowfoilLeather, synthetic200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Keen Revel IILeather, fabric200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Vasque SkadiaLeather, synthetic200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Baffin ImpactLeather, nylon, rubber200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Sorel Glacy ExplorerTextile, synthetic200 gYesCheck price on Amazon
Merrell Polarand 8Leather, fabric400 gYesCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Before you go out shopping, consider the features below for buying snowshoes. These tips can save you a lot of headache, especially if you are new to buying this type of footwear. Be sure to get a durable, secure set that will allow you trek through snow like a champ!

Types of Boots

On today’s market, there are many types of different snowshoe boots. In other words, winter boots can be used for hiking in cold, snowy environments and snowshoeing. Although many various kinds of categories and features define a particular type of snowshoe boots, it can be a little confusing to decide which the best is.

A person holding a pair of snowshoeing boots

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With this in mind, to select the right boots, it is best to categorize the type according to winter conditions. To sum up, if you choose the wrong kind, your feet will either be too cold or too hot. Either way, it will be very uncomfortable for you to wear them.

Weather Conditions

Light/mild winter conditions: One of the most popular choices of winter conditions, a lot of people usually spend in this kind of weather during the holidays. Thus, a lot of popular winter boots manufacturers, for instance, Columbia shoes and Baffin shoes, create many different types of boots for this kind of weather.

This sort of weather conditions aren’t very harsh, and therefore, boots like Columbia Women’s Bugaboot II Snow Boot, Eddie Bauer Snowfoil boots, the Keen Revel II Winter hiking boot and Vasque Women’s Skadia UltraDry Snow Boot are perfect to be worn in this type of winter conditions.

They offer plenty of features that resist the usual type of winter elements, and they are light in weight. Another thing you’ll notice is that most of the shoes’ construction recommended for this kind of weather are either made of leather or synthetic. Some even, are made from leather and synthetic, for example, Columbia Women’s Bugaboot II Snow Boot and Vasque Women’s Skadia UltraDry Snow Boot.

Backcountry winter conditions: If you’re planning to do snowy hiking adventures or backcountry hiking, snowshoe boots are slightly different in their built to accommodate this type of weather conditions.

The terrain is a bit higher, and the weather is a bit colder, but not too cold as the extreme winter conditions. It is best to get a model that has excellent insulation and waterproof construction, for example, the Vasque Women’s Skadia UltraDry Snow Boot and the Sorel Glacy Explorer.

They are not only light in weight, but also offer excellent proportional ankle height that allows you to cover much greater distances for hiking adventures and backcountry recreational sports like, sledging and hunting.

Extreme winter conditions: Severe winter conditions are something that should be taken seriously when it comes to choosing the right boots. It is best to select a pair that not only perform best in deep snow layer and frigid temperature, but also provide excellent comfort.


Therefore, it is best to choose the type of boots, for instance, the Merrell Women’s Polarand 8 Waterproof Winter Boot, which can perform their very best in this kind of winter condition. Above all, it is best to select the type of boots that come with excellent features like EVA foam and waterproof construction for extreme winter conditions.


It’s a truth universally acknowledged, without proper good soles, your boots won’t survive for a very long time. Therefore, it is imperative to get snowshoe boots that provide an excellent sole.

Boots like, the Merrell Women’s Polarand 8 Waterproof Winter Boot, the Sorel Glacy Explorer, the Baffin Impact Boots, and the Vasque Women’s Skadia UltraDry Snow Boot come with a rubber sole that ensures ultimate protection to prevent slips and falls. Not to mention, with rubber soles, it will prolong the life of the boots.


It is recommended to get boots that have secured, non-compressible top straps. After all, you don’t want to get unpleasantly frozen toes that can lead to serious circulation problems.

A person walking in a pair of snowboots

Boots like, for instance, The Vasque Women’s Skadia UltraDry Snow Boot, the Sorel Glacy Explorer, the Merrell Women’s Polarand 8 Waterproof Winter Boot, and the Keen Revel II Winter hiking boots, have the best sturdy features. Not only these features prevent cold air entering into your boots, but also, allow breathable circulation for comfort.


Again, very similar to the waterproof construction, most of these models come with built-in insulations. However, each boot has various types of insulations according to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is recommended to buy a pair that provides excellent warm insulation.

Without a warm insulation, it can create extremely uncomfortable situations and lead to severe blood circulation problem. Be that as it may, all of the snowshoe boots come with excellent warm insulation to ensure comfort. On the other hand, the boots mentioned in this article, have different types of insulation that compliment to their best usage.


Getting the right traction is important when it comes to choosing the best type of boots for snowshoeing. The grounds are soft and not to mention, snow and ice add to it, which can create an awkward walking ground..


Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right boots with lug patterns. Though these boots come in the different type of lug patterns, it is best to choose those that are compatible with the winter type conditions.

Also, the lug patterns are there to prevent snow build and isolate your feet from any suspicious impacts. Above all, all the recommended models in this article, come with excellent yet different lug patterns.

Top Product Reviews

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of the best models. Each snowshoe boot listed in the section below is uniquely different in regards to specific adaptations, and yet, each of their ultimate goals is to provide ultimate comfort and the very best warmth insulation.

Columbia Bugaboot II Columbia Bugaboot II

Price: $40 – $110

Weight: 4 lb

Material: Leather & synthetic

Insulation: 200g

Shelled upper: Molded shell

Temperature rating: -25

Shaft: Mid; 6.5” from arch

Specific features: Rubber sole, omni-grip non-marking traction rubber, waterproof leather upper, waterproof seam-sealed construction, techlite lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning & high energy return.

Best use: Flat-terrain backcountry conditions for trekking and commute winter walking

Description: Columbia is known for its excellent range of affordable and durable winter boots in the market. Thus, it’s not a surprise that the Columbia Bugaboot II is first on this list.

The Techlite support shell provides excellent comfort and protection. The Omni-grip provides a distinctive light footstep pattern for maximum traction in the snow. Overall, the Columbia Women’s Bugaboot II Snow Boot is not only light in weight, but also; it’s ultimately warm and spacious for your foot.

You can find this shoe in three colors, Light Grey, Sea Salt and Black, which are stylish and comfortable. The rubber sole assures your feet stay in place on the ground, thanks to the Omni-Grip traction made into the rubber itself. The comfort comes from the cushioned sole, and the boots are seam sealed to be waterproof.

Users like these boots because of the comfort, waterproof factor, and the fit. A whopping majority of users say that these boots fit as they expected, so there is no need in worrying about ordering a size up.


  • Priced right
  • Fit as expected
  • Waterproof, with rubber traction sole


  • Some ordered a size up thinking they would be too small
  • Not many colors choices

Related: Your feet shouldn’t be the only part of you that is warm and comfortable! The Columbia Snow Gun Pant are a cozy snow pant that fit great and are made of nylon on the shell and polyester insulation. Plus, they will protect your clothing from the snow and wet conditions!

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Eddie Bauer Snowfoil Eddie Bauer SnowFoil

Price: Approx. $100

Weight: Unlisted

Material: Leather & synthetic

Shelled upper: Injected mold shell

Specific features: Waterproof/breathable membrane, EVA foot bed for added comfort, 200 gram & thermafill insulation for warmth.

Best use: Light/mild winter conditions for commute walking and trekking/hiking.

Description:  The Eddie Bauer Snowfoil  are the perfect winter boots for winter commute walking and recreational hiking. It offers waterproof TFR breathable membrane for protection. Also, it comes with ThermaFill insulation and EVA Foot bed for long-lasting warmth. Overall, this pair of boots is perfect for those who are planning to stay in a cold, snowy region for a couple of months. Above all, this pair of boots is perfect either for women or men.

You will find this boot in two colors; Carbon and Cocoa, which are nice, but don’t really stand out. Not only is it waterproof, like we mentioned, but it is resistant against rain, which means your boots will not hold onto moisture! Your feet will remain dry and cozy, which is what users love most about this pair of boots.

Those who have purchased this boot also state that the tread is great, and they are absolutely a warm pair of boots. The comfort level is better than a lot of other brands, and users state that the boots will last at least a few years!


  • Great tread, waterproof
  • Resistant to rain
  • Warm and dry


  • Rather drab colors choices
  • May feel snug in the toe area for some

Related: If your boot laces are worn, the National Leash 2VUMU Hiking Laces will help! They are under $5, made of polypropylene fiber, and are waterproof! What more could you need from a pair of laces that will work well with any boot?!

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Keen Revel II Keen Revel II

Price: Approx. $160

Weight: 2 lb

Material: Leather & fabric

Insulation: 200 g

Specific features: Synthetic sole, shaft measures approximately 5” from the arch, lace-up boot featuring speed-lace hooks & protective toecap, logo deposed at quarter panel, waterproof, breathable dry membrane & traction outsole.

Best use: Light/mild winter conditions for commute walking and trekking/hiking.

Description: One of the best winter snowshoe boots, this Keen Revel II , can be worn either by men or women. It features one of the best breathable and waterproof KEEP. Dry membrane to ensure comfort and warm inside-insulation.

For those who have wide feet and worry about wide size, you don’t have to worry about this type of winter snowshoe boots as it offers the best, accurate sizing for women. Overall, the Keen Revel II Winter hiking boot is another excellent recommendation for casual hiking and recreational winter snowy purposes.

Those who have purchased this boot claim that they love the speed lace hooks, as well as the protective toe cap. This allows them to not only lace up their boots quickly and get on the trail, but the toe cap allows them to feel freer when they walk, as it gives them extra protection.

Users also like the traction that this boot provides, giving them confidence in their step in harsh terrain. While these boots might be a little expensive, users say that they have been worth the cost so far!


  • Great traction
  • Speed lace hooks
  • Protective toe cap deters stubbing of toes


  • Pricey
  • One color choice

Related: If you hate tying your boots up, consider the Lock Laces QSCQ Elastic Shoelace which are made of elastic material so you can secure your boots without tying them together. This is helpful when hiking as some can trip over their laces, causing injury. Be safe with the Lock Laces!

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Vasque Skadia Vasque Skadia Snow Boot

Price: Approx. $115

Weight: 3 lb

Material: Synthetic & leather

Insulation: 200 g

Specific features: Rubber sole, shaft measures approximately 6” from the arch, ankle-high snow boot featuring reinforced toe/side panels and single-pull bungee lacing, & ultradry waterproofing system.

Best use: Light/mild or backcountry winter conditions for commute walking, trekking/hiking and simple, recreational sports, for instance, snowmobiling, sledging, hunting or fishing.

Description: The Vasque Skadia is known for its lightweight. It offers excellent, well-protected waterproof features to keep your feet dry. The single-pull bungee lacing is an outstanding advantage, compared to the other boots, as it ties the lacing very efficient in a quick pace. On top of that, the boots come with 200g Thinsulate insulation ensuring warmth and long-lasting comfort. Overall, this pair of boots is recommended for those who want to travel light.

Those who have bought this boot absolutely love the lacing system, claiming it is easy to get up and go! However, while this boot is great for mild winter days, it is not meant for heavy winter days, or deep snow. Keep this in mind if you need a pair of boots for heavy snow.

Otherwise, users love this boot for their multi-purpose, comfort factor, and design. They would recommend the boot to those who love the outdoors, outside of heavy winter days.


  • Comfortable
  • Single pull bungee lacing system
  • UltraDry Waterproof System


  • Pricier than others
  • Two color selections only
  • Not very warm

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Baffin Impact Baffin Impact Boot

Price: Approx. $125

Weight:  3.6 lb

Material: Nylon, rubber & leather

Specific features: Rubber sole, 8-layer inner boot system with thermaplush insulation rated to -148 degrees Fahrenheit, gelflex midsole & deep traction rubber outsole.

Best use: Extreme winter conditions for commute walking and trekking/hiking.

Description: Baffin boots are one of the most popular choices for winter and snow boots in the markets. Not to mention, Baffin Impact are made for extreme cold winter conditions and thus, this type of winter snowshoe boots has earned its place on this list.

It comes with 8-layer inner boot system with Termaplush insulation ensuring that your feet will always remain warm and comfortable during extremely cold conditions. It fits amazingly on your feet, and they are surprisingly light.

The only downside of the Baffin Impact Boots is that it is not suitable to be worn in mild winter conditions. This pair of boots is built in such a way that the insole materials will keep your feet warm and comfortable for extreme winter conditions.

Users like this boot because of the high shaft, the comfort, and the warmth that they get. While they aren’t a fancy looking boot, they do get the job done. And you can put in some boot liners if needed, for extra warmth. Great for extremely cold weather, your feet will stay toasty warm in these!


  • High shaft
  • Made for extreme weather
  • Insulation system works great


  • Sizes run small
  • Can be narrow
  • Feel bulky for some

Related: If you need a little more warmth in your boots, you can slide in some of the Brand Felt Ltd 816GWR Boot Liners which are made of wool and have a reinforced heel, which is great when you are snowshoeing through harsher terrain!

Check the price on Amazon

Sorel Glacy Explorer Sorel Glacy Explorer

Price: Approx. $140

Weight: 3 lb

Material: Textile & synthetic

Shaft height: 12 ¼ inch.

Specific features: Rubber sole, molded rubber outsole, waterproof breathable membrane construction, removable molded EVA footbed, fleece topcover & fleece lining.

Best use: Light/mild or backcountry winter conditions for commute walking, trekking/hiking and simple, recreational sports, for instance, snowmobiling, sledging, hunting or fishing.

Description: If you’re looking for lightweight boots and ‘cool & stylish’ design, then the Sorel Glacy Explorer is definitely recommended. In other words, this pair of snowshoe boots offers a unique yet an excellent blend of fashion and comfort. It comes with the removable molded EVA foot bed, to ensure long-lasting warmth.

Not only that, the Sorel Glacy Explorer is ideal for those who don’t like to wear leather material boots. The only downside of this product is that it’s not suitable to be worn in extreme winter conditions. Be that as it may, the Sorel Glacy Explorer is highly recommended for those who are looking to spend their winter breaks doing recreational sports in light or mild winter conditions.

Overall, users like the style of this boot as well as the fact that it is knee high. This means snow will stay out of your shoe and your legs and feet will stay dry and warm.


  • Waterproof
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Knee high boot with quilted panels


  • Come too big in size
  • Feels bulky
  • Pricey

Related: Make sure you have some warm socks to wear with your new boots! The Icebreaker 100326002M Hike Sock come in many colors, are made of wool and are odor resistant, too! The combination of this boot and these socks mean your feet will stay dry, warm, and smelling good!

Check the price on Amazon

Merrell Polarand 8 Merrell Polarand 8 Winter Boot

Price: Approx. $85

Weight: Unlisted

Material: Leather & fabric

Shaft height: 8 inch.

Heel height: 1.5 inch.

Insulation: 400g

Specific features: Rubber sole, M-Select dry waterproof technology & ICE GRIP outsole, TPU molded heel for compatibility with snowshoe straps, grade 3 nylon straps, EVA foam cushioned midsole, waterproof winter boot in high-cut silhouette with metallic shimmer lacing hardware and color pops.

Best use: Extreme winter conditions for commute walking, trekking/hiking and recreational sports, for instance, snowmobiling, sledging or hunting.

Description: One of the best snowshoe boots in the market, the Merrell Polarand 8 is known for its excellent features that will ensure your ultimate comfort and warmth for hiking purposes in extreme winter conditions.

The TUP molded heel is made for snowshoe strap that provides ease compatibility and robust structure. It comes with an EVA foam midsole, for the ultimate cushion comfort.

Not only that, it comes with a unique feature, M-Select DRY waterproof technology and ICE GRIP outsole that seals the water out and allows full circulation in the boots to ensure your feet stays dry while you’re on the move. Above all, the Merrell Women’s Polarand 8 Waterproof Winter Boot is very comfortable to be worn during extreme winter conditions.

Those who have this boot love it for harsh weather conditions. The boot is warm due to the insulation, and is durable because of the quality materials used. The tread will keep you going, even on ice. Overall, users would recommend this boot.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Great tread
  • Best for extreme weather


  • Not for summer use
  • Feels rigid at first

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Concluding Thoughts

To conclude, think about which one works the best for you when it comes to choosing the perfect snowshoeing boots. After all, you’re going to be the one wearing it. Choose the boots according to the weather, the amount of loose snow, duration of your trip and lastly, the type of activity you want to do.

Close-up of a pair of snowshoes

Remember that without proper insulations and secured straps can lead to cold feet, serious health problems and injuries. One last thing to remember is that snowshoeing is fun! Not only it’s inexpensive, but also, it’s good to enjoy the white snowy sceneries.

In short, just follow the guidelines, mentioned above, to have a memorable and enjoyable snowshoe experience. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will do our best to give you and answer as soon as possible.


Kane Dane


  • I know it says that those Columbia Women boots are waterproof but do they keep you completely dry like if you are out on the ice whole day? I know some brands that say waterproof but then the water starts to soak through after some time. Will these keep someone’s feet dry all through the day?

  • The Columbia women boots are waterproof and keeps the feet dry. It will not soak your feet, don’t worry. This is a stellar brand that can be trusted by outdoor lovers. It is also very durable and affordable. 🙂

  • Thanks for such a comprehensive article. I am looking for some new snow boots and you shared some really interesting tips on the features to look for. Anyway, how good is the sole of the Vasque Women’s Snow Boot? Does the brand make snowshoes too? I usually prefer buying such items from the same manufacturer.

  • The boots have rubber soles and have excellent ankle support. As for snowshoes, you can try checking their website to be sure.


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