Best Winter Hiking Boots for Women: Choosing the Right Outdoor Footwear for Your Hiking Trips

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Written by Kane Dane

Have you dreamt about having a great outdoor adventure among tall trees and camping beneath breathtaking summits? In your dream, is your feet comfortable and well-supported?

Outdoor enthusiasts know that a good hiking boots are an absolute essential if you wish to make the most out of your outdoor trips. When braving the challenging environment of the great outdoors, you need a footwear that will provide the appropriate protection, comfort and support. This becomes even more important once the colder months hit.

A good pair of winter boots specifically can make hiking in the winter exponentially better. When it comes to hiking boots, women have different needs and requirements than men. Today, we will help you find the best winter hiking boots for women by providing factors to consider when shopping and a number of helpful footwear reviews.

Our Top Picks

Product nameBaseInsulationDimensionsWeightPrice
Baffin ChloeAnti-microbial molded Ortholite® sockliner, Molded EVA midsoleIncredibly light 200g PrimaLoft® insulation12 x 8 x 4 inches4.2 lbCheck price on Amazon
Baffin Ice FieldArctic Rubber Shell, EVA Midsole,Double B-tek insulation13 inches (height), 19.7 inches (circumference)2.2 lbCheck price on Amazon
Under Armour ClackamasAnti-microbial molded Ortholite® sockliner, Molded EVA midsoleIncredibly light 200g PrimaLoft® insulation12.5 inches (height)2 lbCheck price on Amazon
Bos. & Co. GliderThermo rubber sole, Soft fabric lining, Fixed elastic lacingInsulated 4mm latex foam12 inches (shaft height), 14 inches (circumference), 1 ½ inches (heel height)1.18 lbCheck price on Amazon
Sorel TofinoWaterproof breathable membrane construction100g insulation11 ½ inches (shaft height), 15 ¼ inches (circumference), 1 ½ inches (heel height)1.33 lbCheck price on Amazon
Sorel Joan of ArcticRemovable 6mm felt inner boot, 2.5mm bonded felt frost plugNone11 ¾ inches (shaft height), ½ inch (platform height), ¾ inch (heel height)1.95 lbCheck price on Amazon
Vasque Pow Pow IIQuilted panels and faux-shearling liningInsulated boot featuring ghillie-style lacing8 inches (shaft height)2.68 lbCheck price on Amazon

Main Factors to Consider Before Shopping

Finding the best snow hiking boots for women can be quite challenging at first. However, you need to understand that it’s all just a matchmaking process. There are several factors to consider when shopping for a pair of winter boots, and it’s not just the price.


Hiking in the winter presents a perfect opportunity for you to pamper your feet. More often than not, women choose to sacrifice style over comfort. However, you just can’t afford to sacrifice comfort when hiking in winter. Snow and cold temperatures, already give you a perfect excuse to hang your heels or flats, so why not go for something more comfortable?

That’s not saying that you can’t have both comfort and style when it comes to hiking boots. If you hike or walk significant distances during winter, it’s important to make comfort a priority.


Hiking boots are typically high-performance footwear because they’re built to deal with harsh outdoor conditions. A pair of boots’ performance is directly correlated to its construction, so the better the is, the better performance can you expect from a pair of winter hiking boots.

The warmth

The warmth provided by the pair depends on the insulation used, the footbed design and the material and thickness of the outsole. Another characteristic that’s related to performance is water resistance.

women hiking in winter boots

If you live in an area with winter precipitation, you need water resistant hiking boots and this is also correlated to construction.


The main source of support in hiking boots will be the underfoot midsole portion along with the cuff that goes around the ankle. Stiffer, sturdier midsoles, give the feet protection from impact which greatly reduces the likelihood of injuries. The higher the cut of the pair, the better the support.

For backpackers and trekkers that carry heavy packs, boots with high ankle support and stiff soles are ideal. Low-cut boots provide lesser support, but gives more freedom of movement.


Naturally, you want a pair of snow hiking boots that will fit you perfectly. As a rule of thumb, the pair should provide a snug fit everywhere, tight nowhere and gives room to wriggle your toes. Thus, it’s important that you know the length, width and arch length of your foot. It goes without saying that you should try on the pair in person in order to find the right fit.

woman on snow

In relation to that, make sure that you also wear the appropriate socks. If you are going to shop online, consider buying from a brand you’ve worn before since they tend to have a consistent foot model. Breaking in the pair is also important to facilitate a good fit.

Traction and slip resistance

Snow and ice could cause you to slip and result in injuries unless you have a pair of boots with good traction and slip resistance. When choosing winter hiking boots, make sure that they have slip resistant features such as treaded soles to provide grip for wet and slippery ground. In general, the more aggressive the tread pattern, the better the traction.


With their layers, thick rubber soles and insulation materials, snow hiking boots can get rather heavy. Heavy isn’t exactly bad when it comes to hiking boots, but there are times when you need a lightweight pair.

In this regard, snow hiking boots that are made from light, synthetic materials are worth the consideration. However, keep in mind that the materials tend to wear out faster because of excessive exterior stitching.

Fashion vs Function

Here’s the debate for the ages. When talking about boots, it’s hard not to go into the discussion of whether you go for fashion or function. However, since we are specifically talking about hiking, it’s best if you prioritize function over fashion. Shopping for women’s winter hiking boots can be quite daunting, especially with all the models and brands out there.

woman jumping on snow

However, once you take these factors into account while shopping, it shouldn’t take you that long to find the outdoor footwear that’s right for you. You have probably stumbled on this article because you are in the market for the best women’s snow hiking boots. Regardless of where you go, you will likely receive one answer: it depends. It depends on where you are going and what you are doing.

With that said, we’re sure you won’t mind if we throw a couple of footwear recommendations your way. Hopefully, this section will help you find the right pair for yourself.

Top Products on the Market

Baffin Chloe Baffin Chloe

Price: Approx. $75

Weight: 4.2 lb

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches

Special features: Rubber & canvas upper, incredibly light 200g PrimaLoft® insulation, Anti-microbial molded Ortholite sockliner, Molded EVA midsole, Rugged back pull strap & metal hardware lacing system

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: Leather is a great material for hiking boots because it’s water-resistant, durable, abrasion-resistant and rugged. If you are leaning towards buying a leather snow hiking boots, you can’t go wrong with Baffin Chloe Boot.

The rubber compound is designed to last and challenge even the coldest conditions. The Chloe’s upper is water resistant, which means that it should have no problem being soaked in standing water or snow. The inner boot contains a multi-layer foam which provides the much-needed insulation. On top of that, Baffin also added moisture wicking and thermal layers which keep the heat.

One of the most standout features of Chloe is its stylish look and a good height. It definitely provides a great balance between function and style. As for the comfort department, the Chloe also hit the home run here. Overall, this is an excellent pair of winter hiking boots that provides excellent performance, durability and style.


  • Durability and stability
  • Water and abrasion resistant
  • Insulation
  • Stylish appearance
  • Affordable price


  • No temperature rating

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Check the price on Amazon

Baffin Ice Field Baffin Women's Ice Field Insulated Boot

Price: Approx. $60

Weight: 2.2 lb

Dimensions: 13 inches (height), 19.7 inches (circumference)

Special features: Temperature rating: -100c/-148f, removable, multi-layer inner boot system featuring double B-tek insulation, arctic rubber shell, EVA midsole, polar rubber outsole, Diamond-Lite insulated nylon upper

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: If you are in the market for a seriously heavy duty snow boot, the Baffin Ice Field Boot comes highly recommended. This top of the line boot can withstand temperatures as low as -100C / -148F which means your feet will be protected from extreme cold.

The 7-layer removable inner boot system ensures that your feet are well insulated. The nylon snow collar of the pair provides excellent waterproofing qualities. Ideally, when wearing snow hiking boots, you need to wear wool socks. With this pair, you might not even need to such type of socks.

The Ice Field’s comfort rating passes with flying colors as well. The Arctic rubber shell, EVA Midsole and Polar rubber outsole ensures top-notch support.

For such a heavy duty boot, the price is quite reasonable as well. Baffin’s Ice Field will keep your feet warm and toasty as you hike the great snow outdoors.


  • Temperature rating
  • Good insulation
  • Stability and comfort
  • Stylish appearance


  • No waterproofness

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Check the price on Amazon

Under Armour Clackamas Under Armour Clackamas

Price: Approx. $95

Weight: 2 lb

Dimensions: 12.5 inches (height)

Special features: Rubber & canvas upper, Incredibly light 200g PrimaLoft® insulation, Anti-microbial molded Ortholite sockliner, Molded EVA midsole, Rugged back pull strap & metal hardware lacing system

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: Under Armour Clackamas Boot isn’t exactly an obscure brand when it comes to quality athletic apparel and footwear. Thus, you can trust that the Clackamas will bring down the goods with regards to quality and reliability. The first thing you’ll notice with this pair is that it’s very light – something you’ll never thought just by looking at the pair.

The incredibly light 200g PrimaLoft insulation gives warmth, water resistance and top-notch breathability. Your feet will stay dry, warm and comfortable despite the coldest conditions. The Ortholite sockliner is has anti-microbial properties which is a nice bonus. The molded EVA midsole provides the all-important support and durability.

Traction is also excellent due to the non-marking rubber lug outsole which is good for snow and standing water. This pair comes in two colorways: Pirate blue and Charcoal black. Overall, it’s both a great pair for hiking and daily-use. Many users have said that these boots are very stable and durable in harsh weather plus they keep your feet comfortable, never clammy.


  • Stable sole
  • Anti-microbial sock liner
  • Insulation
  • Stylish look


  • No waterproofness
  • No temperature rating
  • The price

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Check the price on Amazon

Bos. & Co. Glider Bos. & Co. Glider

Price: Approx. $185

Weight: 1.18 lb

Dimensions: 12 inches (shaft height), 14 inches (circumference), 1 ½ inches (heel height)

Special features: 100% Leather, waterproof suede upper, insulated 4mm latex foam, thermo rubber sole, soft fabric lining, fixed elastic lacing

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: When it comes to shopping for women winter hiking boots, many customers tend to go after style as one of their main criteria. This is not necessarily bad per se but comfort and performance tend to be placed in the backburner. With Bos. & Co. Glider Boot, you have an extremely stylish 13-inch high cut boots that delivers on what makes a hiking boot great.

The stylish look is almost a given but it would be a disservice if we don’t talk about the comfort. The waterproof suede upper and wool lining of the Glider provides comfort in spades. The boot is fully insulated with 4mm of latex foam that ensures long lasting warmth and breathability.

On the support front, the Glider features a Thermo rubber sole that offers excellent stability and traction. If you have the budget for a premium snow hiking boots, the Glider is definitely worth checking out.

The traction is achieved by the sole of good quality which is also the source of stability. However, these boots are not meant for freezing temperatures since they do not have the official rating.


  • Stylish design
  • Waterproofness
  • Stability
  • Comfort


  • No temperature rating
  • The price

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Check the price on Amazon

Sorel Tofino Sorel Tofino

Price: Approx. $55

Weight: 1.33 lb

Dimensions: 11 ½ inches (shaft height), 15 ¼ inches (circumference), 1 ½ inches (heel height)

Special features: Waterproof breathable membrane construction, waxed quilted canvas with leather overlays. microfleece lining, 100g insulation, removable molded EVA, microfleece top cover

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: Sorel Tofino Boot is a very popular winter hiking boots for women. One look at it and you will know that the design resonates well with many users (as apparent on the reviews).

This pair oozes with sleekness and sophistication, but still manages to provide the best kind of protection against extreme cold. The waxed quilted canvas with leather overlays and the microfleece lining are simply beautiful and really completes the overall look of the boots.

The 100g insulation provides great warmth without making the boots too heavy. One of the best aspects of Tofino is definitely the fit. With normal winter boots, you’ll usually go half a size higher to ensure a good fit. The Tofino is true to size and fits like your favorite sneaker. Another great thing about the Tofino is that it’s available in many colorways like all 12 of them. This pair of boots is very practical and features a lot of style.

Many women have said that these boots do not only have amazing design, but they really protect your feet and keep them warm and comfy.


  • Stylish design
  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Warmth


  • No waterproofness
  • No temperature rating

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Check the price on Amazon

Sorel Joan of Arctic Sorel Joan Of Arctic

Price: Approx. $60

Weight: 1.95 lb

Dimensions: 11 ¾ inches (shaft height), ½ inch (platform height), ¾ inch (heel height)

Special features: Waterproof suede leather upper, Seam-sealed waterproof construction, faux fur cuff, removable 6 mm felt inner boot, 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: Aside from the clever name, the Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot is a great pair of winter hiking boots that also strikes the perfect balance of style and function. The suede leather upper is waterproof which is great for the winter.

For the insulation, the pair features a removable 6mm felt inner boot. The Joan of Arctic is very well-constructed and it’s apparent once you get to try it on. The fit is not as good as Tofino but they’re winter boots so don’t expect them to fit like regular shoes.

However, after breaking them in, the boots fit like a dream so keep that in mind. One fun fact about the pair is that you can replace the faux fur trim which is just great in case they get all sweaty and worn someday. Sorel is a great company that offers top of the line winter boots and the Joan of Arctic is no exception.


  • Good design
  • Waterproofness
  • Stability


  • No temperature rating
  • No insulation

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Check the price on Amazon

Vasque Pow Pow II Vasque Pow Pow II 

Price: Approx. $80

Weight: 2.68 lb

Dimensions: 8 inches (shaft height)

Special features: Leather and fabric, rubber sole, insulated boot featuring ghillie-style lacing, quilted panels and faux-shearling lining, 400g 3m thinsulate ultra insulation, ultra dry waterproofing system, molded rubber heel kick

Best use: Winter hiking, camping, trekking

Description: The Vasque Pow Pow II Insulated Boot makes for a perfect go-to footwear for cold weather and heavy snows. The UltraDry waterproofing system that goes with the leather and textile upper ensures that your feet will stay dry.

The 400g 3m Thinsulate insulation will keep your feet nice and warm whether you’re snowshoeing or winter hiking. The insulation is synthetic so it’s very light while managing to provide great warmth.

The outsole benefits from Vasque’s proprietary ColdHold technology which gives the pair solid traction to prevent slipping. The EVA midsole and TPU midfoot stabilizer delivers great support but still comfortable.

The 8-inch shaft is just the perfect height for most folks who want a good balance of support and mobility. What else can we say? It’s a heavy-duty snow hiking boot that delivers on all fronts and should serve you well in a variety of conditions.

These boots are not suitable for extreme weather and alpine hiking, but they can still provide you with good comfort and stability during your short trekking days.


  • Waterproofness
  • Stability and durability
  • Insulation


  • No temperature rating

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Check the price on Amazon

To Wrap Things Up

If you want to make the most out of your winter hiking trip and feel comfy and pain-free, investing in a good pair of winter hiking boots for women is pretty much a necessity, not just an option. We know how frustrating and overwhelming it is to shop for the best boots for winter hiking.

Our advice always is to do your own research and equip yourself with knowledge as to which products will meet your needs and requirements. On top of that, read reviews and feedback from customers as well. Having the best pair of boots for your hiking trip is literally starting your journey on the right foot.

What’s your favorite pair of winter hiking boots? Let us know in the comments and get a discussion going. Lastly, please share this post among your hiking buddies who might be on the lookout for their next winter hiking boots.


Kane Dane


  • Very timely post. I like hiking year-round, but my feet get so cold and once that happens, I’m no longer having fun. I don’t like to have to sacrifice looks for function, either. That said, those Bos & Co. Glider boots are to die for. I see they have them in other colors and I adore the red.
    It gets very cold and snowy here and I can’t always park close to where I work. I think these would do quite nicely as an addition to my winter wardrobe as well as for hiking trips in the cold. Thanks also for including the weight. Some of those boots are heavy!

  • Those Bos & Co. Glider Boots are real pretty, aren’t they? I also love how form and functionality were merged into this one. They are lightweight and keeps our feet warm. I’m also particular about the material so the 100% leather is a great come-on for me.
    Thanks for dropping by Tracy!

  • The Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boots are the best snow boots I have ever owned. The waterproofing is of excellent quality and these boots have kept my feet warm and dry during wet and heavy winters. Highly recommended especially for those people who have to walk their dogs out during winter weather. These boots are a lifesaver for those who want to have dry feet while walking out in the snow.

    • I used to wonder about the name Joan of Arctic – great play on words but based from the numerous feedback I’ve received, these boots are tops! Who would want to have their feet wet, right? It looks great and my friends tell me you can even replace the faux fur trim, which is great.


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