Hiking Boot Laces: The Best and Toughest Shoelaces

Hiking Boot Laces

When you go out to your favorite hiking activity with low quality shoe laces, chances are, you might jeopardize your safety due to slippery terrains that you walk over. Your feet may be loose in your hiking boots, or those low quality laces may end up being just threads. For this reason, you need high quality laces that are tough enough to hold your feet tightly.

A hiking activity needs reliable hiking boots with reliable hiking boot shoe laces than cannot fray away or wear out due to the weather conditions exposed to. Otherwise, your boots will be loose on your feet and will not provide a better grip no matter how sturdy the sole is.

This necessitates the importance to have the toughest shoelaces that are not only rugged but durable. We have done that part of hunting for you in bringing the most toughest shoelaces to conform to your eyelets.

hiking boot shoe laces

There are hundreds of products on the market, many of which are not tough enough to hold your feet tied and tight in the hiking boots. Some can easily absorb water or corrode if in contact with harsh temperatures. Do not be like many hikers have witnessed their shoelaces stretching out and fraying in multiple uses, and that eventually compromises the lace tightness to lace the shoes.

Some poorly designed laces deteriorate quickly with time when exposed to extreme temperatures. Even more shockingly, some boot laces get broken along the way due to their poor quality of durability. We’ve brought you the best boot laces to choose from. But let’s first help guide you about the features you need to take cognizance of when purchasing these laces.

Features to look for when buying the best laces

For every product that you want to purchase, it is imperative to take into account the specific and important features that will be helpful to you to ensure that you do not spend recklessly. As an experienced user of boot laces, it might not be a major confusion because already you know that what to expect from quality materials.

laces quality materials

But to first users it may be challenging to spot the best boot laces if the guidelines are not provided hence we have sought to guide you hereunder. Among others, you need to take into account the design materials used, the tie or lock system, and the size of the shoelaces as well as the guarantee from the manufacturer.

Design materials

The importance of design materials cannot be overemphasized because the design is as good as the durability. Some laces were designed using fibers of fabric materials while others used iron, and each material has its cons and pros. For example, you might find out that the toughest ones such as the iron are stiff, but obviously unbreakable to last you for longer.

Meanwhile, other design materials can easily absorb water and then get damaged quicker in time. It is important to look for the design materials that are corrosion and abrasion resistant, and cannot be affected by the extreme temperatures in the wilderness while hiking.


The tip of the laces is of high importance as well. Poorly designed tips fray away and the laces might not fit well on the eyelets with ease anymore.

As you consider the design of the boot laces, do not forget the color as well. Most of these shoelaces are available in various colors. You should purchase the color that matches with your boots. Even more, some have reflective materials that make it possible to be visible when hiking in the dark.

The tie and lock system

Some laces are to be tied whereas others are to be locked. It’s your call to make, that which one is preferred for your convenience. But, taking into account the freezing wilderness temperatures, we recommend the ‘no-tie’ elastic shoelaces for you if you like hiking in winter, in particular.

no-tie elastic shoelaces

They can be locked with ease with less handling needed. As for tie-able laces, it might be adversely cold when you take off your hand just to tie your shoelaces. The lock system can do all that for you to avoid the inconveniences. Each of the tie system can be adjusted to conform to your feet.

The size

The size of the shoelaces is equally important as well, especially when considering that some boot laces cannot stretch to accommodate your size. Perhaps the best choice will be to stick with the stretchable shoelaces that can easily conform to any size; whether kids or adults. But, do not forget the design of your boots as well. Thick shoelaces may be disappointments to thinner eyelets on your shoes.

stretchable shoelaces

Also worth considering is the weight of the shoelaces. As you travel you wouldn’t opt for the boot laces that will be too heavy to compromise the freedom of your movement. Lighter laces are the best choices, and as thus, we have endeavored to mention the weight of each lace below, even though some weight figures were not disclosed by the seller.

The Guarantee

The satisfaction guarantee should also be your priority in case the boot laces get damaged prematurely or do not fit you well. Some manufacturers give you 30 day satisfaction guarantee to return the product in case you are dissatisfied with it. Then you will be able to exchange or claim the funds.


Now that we gave you guidelines that what to look for when purchasing these shoelaces, let’s move a step further to introduce the products to you. We have managed to collect 6 footwear laces in addition to their related products to choose from. Take time to analyze the features, in line with the aforementioned guidelines.

Boot Laces Product Reviews

Rhino Laces – Unbreakable Shoelaces

Weight: undisclosedRhino laces

Dimensions: undisclosed

Specific features:

  • Not easy to burn, chop, destroy or cut
  • Unbreakable shoelaces; company promises a free replacement if can be broken
  • Available in various sizes

Best use: for hiking boots

The Rhino Laces are the best choices for your hiking boots more especially when you hike on rough terrains because they are strong and not easy to break. They hold tightly through your boots’ eyelets to secure your feet for a better grip. The manufacturer reassures the customer that the laces can be replaced for free in case they do not match the description given of being uncuttable, undestroyable, and unchoppable.

But, some customers have complained about falling metal ends after a few weeks of using them on the hiking boots. The other complaint emerged from the stiffness of the laces. As asserted by the manufacturer, the laces are indestructible and this means they are made tough enough to withstand any use.

The other thing is that you cannot tie them like regular shoelaces as experienced by some customers. They say there is a specific pattern to be followed. Nonetheless, some have praised their toughness and their affordability.

Related: Interested in elastic sports laces in case you run in the wilderness? You can alternatively consider the Aktivx Sports Laces. You won’t have to tie them because they are “no tie” shoelaces but they lock.

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Ironlace Lace

Weight: undisclosedIronlace Lace

Dimensions: undisclosed

Specific features:

  • Available in brown color
  • 1500 lb breaking strength
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Fire and heat resistant

Best use: to tie hiking boots

The Ironlace Laces are made to resist any damage from corrosion or any chemical spilled on your boot laces. They are also made to resist further damage by heat or fire in case you do hike in extremely hot days or amid wild fire ashes. This assures you durability, meaning you will enjoy multiple uses without any quality compromised with a strength of 1500 lb.

Other customers have reported that the minor downsides of these Ironlace laces is the fading of the color for repeated uses. The falling plastic tip at the end of the laces has also been reported as the downside although not regularly.

On the average, these laces are commended for their toughness and sturdiness. They are made of high quality material upon which we attribute their durability.

Related: The manufacturer presents yet another tough product characterized by its amazing strength, but made for sport shoes. Ironlace Sport Lace is light in weight and doesn’t absorb water.

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Sununico Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

Weight: undisclosedSununico Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

Dimensions: undisclosed

Specific features:

  • Elastic no tie shoelaces
  • Available in a black color
  • Best lock laces
  • Best use for both adults and kids
  • 48 inches long and can stretch up to 80 inches
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days

Best use: ideal for sneakers and hiking boots

These Sununico Shoe Laces are designed to be ideal for diverse uses and for everyone. They are elastic and employ no-tie system because they can lock easily. So you will never have to tie your shoelaces again with your bare hands in the freezing temperatures of the wilderness.

The lock system will come to your rescue. These laces are elastic enough to stretch from 48 inches to 80 inches. And they require no technical knowledge to use them because they are just easy to install with minimal instructions given.

The manufacturer recommends installing these shoelaces while your feet are in the hiking boots already to ensure a proper fit. The laces are different from ordinary laces that require tying. The non-slip lace clips to protect the ends and their lace lock is adjustable and simple to use to secure your feet. In the package, you will find: two shoelaces, two lock devices, two cord clip end pieces and a set of instructions on how to install these laces.

Related: You may wish to consider a similar product such as the Lock Laces with the same features that disregard “no-tie” system. These are also elastic shoelaces and can fit well with your hiking boots. Also the Qi Laces for Running can be the best choices for “no-tie” system of shoelaces. They also have competitive features to secure your feet.

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Purple Waxed Skate Lace

Weight: 0.8 ouncesDerby Laces

Dimensions: 5 x 1 0.8 inches

Specific features:

  • Treated with performance wax for tightness
  • Their tri-fold tip is molded, thus eliminating the use of plastic or metal bits
  • High quality and durable fibers with a remarkably high tensile strength
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors

Best use: for hiking boots, hockey skates, roller derby skates and roller skates

Purple Waxed Skate Laces are the best fit for a variety of footwear such as hiking boots, hockey skates, and roller derby skates. Their performance is enhanced by the precision wax to also make them feel soft. This enables them to remain tied and tight on the boots so that your feet do not feel loose while walking.

Moreover, the laces’ tips are molded to prevent fraying or breaking. It helps to extend their durability because most laces fray out due to poorly designed tips.

These laces are exclusively made of durable and high quality blended fibers known for their high tensile strength and resistance to moisture and abrasion. In turn, this helps enhance durability. You have freedom to choose from a variety of colors available, and more colors are pending.

Many customers are actually impressed with the best and comfort fit of these laces. Also commended is their high quality materials that make them last longer.

Related: You can also get the same product, this time coming with a lime green color but the same features. Waxed Skate Lace is the product of Derby Laces found at the same price. Other colors are also available.

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Moneysworth & Best Leather Laces

Weight: 0.6 ouncesMoneysworth & Best Leather Laces

Dimensions: 6.5 X 0.5 X 2 inches

Specific features:

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Rawhide used for durability
  • Kid leather softens the laces

Best use: FOR hiking boots, deck shoes, baseball gloves, moccasins, and crafts

The Moneysworth & Best Leather Laces is a great product to use on various footwear. It is sturdily made of a genuine leather that is tanned in combination with a rawhide material for durability purposes. It will not be broken or destructed by the harsh temperatures that you face in whichever sporting activity you undertake.

They are furthermore made to be soft by the Kid leather used in the design. No downsides of these laces have been reported by the customers. We assume that the product has met their needs.

Related: The manufacturer also has a black color version of Moneysworth & Best Laces. It has the same features but relatively lower in costs.

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Elastic Lock Shoe Laces

Weight: 0.8 ouncesNo Tie Shoelaces

Dimensions: undisclosed

Specific features:

  • “no tie” shoelaces – they are lock laces
  • Have buckles tail clip and a transparent spring clasp
  • Reflective cladding material
  • 2 laces + 2 snap hooks and 3 buckle shoelace tails

Best use: for sports shoes, hiking boots or casual shoes

These Elastic Lock Shoe Laces are versatile in that they can be used to tie a variety of shoes that includes hiking boots, casual and sports footwear.

Like walking at night? No problem because they are woven with reflective materials for you to be visible at night. Furthermore, you will not have to take off your fingers from your warm gloves to tie these laces because they are “no-tie” laces employing lock system.

They are stylish shoelaces to even be used on casual shoes. They are also easily perforated after multiple presses on them.

Related: You can alternatively consider a different color of these reflective shoelaces. Shoelaces by Sport Freak also come with great features such as high quality material and “no-tie” system.

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Wrapping it up

We have provided you with a variety of the toughest boot laces as well as their related competitors to help you choose what’s best for you. As emphasized in the beginning, be considerate of the type of the shoelaces in relation with your hiking boots. Some may be incompatible with the eyelets of your boots. Also the features of each laces were highlighted for you to see that which one is worth the price.

Have we left any product that you deem the toughest and affordable? Leave your comment in the comment section below. With these products we mentioned, we believe that you will be able to choose the best one in order to secure your feet when exploring the great outdoors activities.

Rebecca J. Crawford
Rebecca J. Crawford

Rebecca lives in USA, but loves hiking all over the world. Her favourite is Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. It usually takes 16 days, but she likes to slow down, enjoy mountains, company of other adventurers and take more pictures, so it took her 28 days last time. Another passion of Rebecca is ocean, so all short and long hikes along the ocean shore bring a lot of joy.

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