Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag: Sleeping with Great Warmth and Comfort

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Written by Kane Dane

With the Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag, the main thing that you need to think about a good night’s rest, is which side you need to face when waking up. This sleeping bag has dealt with all other things. Nemo is well known for their spoon-shaped design, superb quality, comfort, and insulation. There is nothing spectacular here with the Fusion sleeping bag, all the above feature applies.

This sleeping bag features a Downtek on top which provides comfort and warmth like your down sofa-bed at home. The synthetic insulation also provides extra solace if there is a possibility that your sleeping bag may get to be soggy due to sleeping outside of the tent.

The spoon-shaped design of this sleeping bag permits extra loft around your elbows, knees, and shoulders. The majority of people conform their resting position no less than five times every night moving from one side to the other. The spoon shape gives you a chance to do this effectively and the stretch sewing is a plus.

Product Specifications:

  • Spoon Shape: As opposed to a traditional mummy shaped bag, the Spoon Shape is wide in the shoulders, tapers down to the hips, and then gently flares back out around the knees.
  • Pillow Pocket: With sleeve opening and contrast edge binding, trap extra clothes inside the integrated Pillow Pocket to create a comfy headrest.
  • Watch Pockets: Small pockets in the hood allows you to keep your alarm or chapstick close at hand

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Stretch sewing in the abdomen level diminishes in insignificant volume and saves warm. Ultralight sleeping bags are extraordinary because they are ultralight, and thus easy to carry about in an overnight backpack. However, the way most sleeping bags get to be ultralight is to diminish the overall dimensions just like your normal mummy sleeping bag.

If you are a restless sleeper or a broad-waisted sleeper, resting in tight mummy sleeping bags can some of the times be a practice resulting in frustration. With everything taken into consideration, the Fusion sleeping bag offers you a lot of alternatives… including a great night’s rest.



Your brand new Nemo Fusion Hybrid sleeping bag will come packed down to 9 x 19 inches and will come in a box just a little bigger than that when shipped. It will weigh over 2 pounds, since the bag itself only weighs a couple of pounds. Inside, you will find the sleeping bag, along with the stuff sack and instructions.

Design and Durability

The Spoon-shaped Design is what truly caught most backpacker’s attention concerning this amazing sleeping bag. If you fall among those individuals that do experience difficulty resting on their back, or you’re one of those individuals that enjoy moving or tossing while sleeping, you will truly enjoy this Spoon-shaped sleeping bag. The two-way zipper permits you to vent your feet and legs while being zippered.

This is a little, but the extraordinary element to possess on those cool, but not completely warm evenings, when it may still be excessively cool, making it impossible to completely unzip, yet may be on the warmer edge if completely zipped.

Image of Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag

One important thing to note about this sleeping bag is that it features an EN rating of 23 degrees Fahrenheit (lower limit). If you are new to the EN13537, rating framework, the “lower limit” is usually regarded as the temperature range at which the sleeping bag will keep a normal man warm while resting for about 8hrs in a twisted position. Therefore, if you are stressed over the 30-degree rating given by NEMO, it will most likely be a warm 30-degree sleeping bag.

At 2lbs, this bag is in no way, shape or form deplorable. Certainly, there are some negligible and lighter choices available, yet if you are searching for a conventional style hood and zipper sleeping bag, this weight shouldn’t be an immense issue.

The proprietary polymer treatment likewise happens to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, which are a great plus, in case you are spending much days backpacking. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is used on the outside of the foot box to balance tent wall precipitation.

Close-up image of Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Innovation aside, the most striking part of the Fusion Hybrid is its general comfort. Both the inside lining and shell fabric are dazzlingly soft, which is refreshing when you are moving around inside. The baffle construction restrains the down from moving around, keeping up even temperature regulation, and the zippers and seams avert undesirable drafts.

Stuff Sack

This sleeping bag accompanies a stuff pack that will give you the ability to get the bag into a reasonable size for easy compressibility. NEMO gives an awesome outline contrasting the stuffed size to a water bottle of 1 liter. DownTek provides insulation, and which is possibly a standout amongst the greatest inventions in outdoor equipment as of now.

Image showing a man presenting us the Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag

The nano-innovation is an exclusive polymer treatment connected to normal down in order to make surface pressure in the down group. At the point when DownTek is opened to moisture, it forms the water particles into a round shape that moves off the down bunch instead of clinging to and dousing into it. The outcome is down that keeps up its space, and hence its insulating ability, notwithstanding when wet.


The Nemo Fusion 20 Sleeping Bag is a comfortable spoon-shaped bag with more space in the knees and elbow. The hybrid configuration uses synthetic Stratofiber on the lower area of the bag for greater insulation under pressure and 550FP DownTek on the top area for grandiose lightweight warmth. This sleeping bag has a stretch stitching in the abdomen area which diminishes irrelevant volume and maintains warmth, yet takes into consideration for free movement.

Image showing the Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is an amazing bag for side-resting campers, and it is a three-season bag which has a spoon shape that is broad in the shoulders, narrow in the midsection, and after that flares out gently in the knee area. The Stratofiber insulation layer on the base enhances solace when compressed or soggy; and the DownTek down on the top area offers warmth, weight savings and pack size.

This DownTek down retains 30 percent less dampness and dries 60 percent quicker compared to the untreated down. The insulated cover overlay is just like the turned-down side of a sofa; wrap it around the face and neck so as to clog drafts or turn it down amid warmer evenings.

Value for the Money and Guarantee

Overall, there are better sleeping bags that do cost a little more that may work for you. However, for this low price, you are getting a lot of comfort and warmth. At under $300, you are getting a good product for that price range. Nemo’s guarantee is that products under warranty will be either fixed or replaced entirely. If your product is no longer manufactured, only then will you receive credit.

Similar Products / Competitors

Below you are going to see three product reviews that are compatible to the Nemo Fusion 20 Hybrid Sleeping Bag. Here, you can see what the features of these products are and compare them to the Nemo Fusion.

Nemo Symphony Synthetic Sleeping Bag Nemo Symphony

The Nemo Symphony Synthetic Sleeping Bag is a huge sleeping bag that offers a lot of room and comfort while you are using it. This bag has a sheet inside, plus has a comforter that can peel back on either side.

Made of nylon, this bag can also fit a sleeping pad up to 25 inches and is rectangular cut but has stretchy material inside of it. The Symphony can fit a person up to 6 ft, 4 in and has a temperature rating of 25 degrees F.

The shell fabric is made of 40 D nylon ripstop with durable water repellent, as well as the foot box. The lining fabric is made of 30 D nylon ripstop with durable water repellent.

The filling is made of stratofiber that takes up just over 2 pounds of weight. You can compress this bag down to 16 liters, or 20 x 12 inches. You have a whopping 72 inches of hip girth as well as 76 inches of shoulder girth! Plus, it comes in a color called Aluminum/ Lightning, which is a gray color with a yellow interior.

Users like this bag for its style, spacious interior and easy to take along with you. Entirely warm, users say that it kept them comfortable through the night, and even bigger people found that it was extra roomy. Priced just right, this stylish sleeping bag is one you might not want to pass up!

Sierra Designs Zissou Plus Down Sleeping Bag Sierra Designs Zissou Plus

The Sierra Designs Zissou Plus 30 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is a nice, basic sleeping bag that is mummy shaped and made of polyester.

There is an integrated quilt with dual zippers, which keeps the warmth in and allows you to remain comfortable. This bag includes side wall baffles that stop any movement of the down filling inside.

The zippers are anti snag, and the liner used prevents snagging from happening, too. The Zissou Plus comes in Lime and Sleet Gray, which gives the sleeping bag a little style. Light in weight, durable, and low in price, this sleeping bag is definitely worth checking out.

Users like this sleeping back for backpacking purposes in the summer time or fall. They enjoy the thin material and light weight of the bag, as well as the comfortable quilt. Some people reported they got too warm, as this bag does keep you warm down to 30 degrees F. But since you can vent it so easily, it really is not a problem. Overall, users enjoyed using this sleeping bag and found it a steal at the price!

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Sleeping Bag Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z

The Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Sleeping Bag is a wide mummy style bag that is made for harsh winter temperatures, down to -30 degrees F.

This lofty bag has Lamina Construction so you do not feel any cold spots while you are resting for the night. The Thermal Q Insulation keeps your bag lofty, but will compress easily when it is time to pack up for the next leg of your journey.

This bag features a comfortable foot box as well as a face gasket with a hood that will block the air from coming inside. The Lamina Z is a lightweight bag that is durable and treated with Durable Water Repellent. Not only that, but the lining will wick away wetness while remaining soft.

You can find a pocket for storage in the shoulder area that zips up, and the bag includes a stuff sack and a mesh bag. Overall, this wide cut mummy bag is stylish, roomy, warm and will keep you well rested during those frozen nights outdoors.

Users enjoyed this bag because it works in the coldest of temperatures, fits correctly and wicks away moisture. Plus, they like how cold air never came inside, plus the fabrics are of great quality. The ability to compress the bag was great, as well as the deal of a price! Some users say the bag can be bulky, but overall the warmth and features outweigh that, plus you can use it for high altitudes, which is great for many backpackers!


The sleeping bag stretches out past the head-top (under 6’7″) and features an insulated fabric flap known as the Blanket Fold which can be tucked around the neck area so as to obstruct any form of drafts from the top. Likewise, there is a Pillow Pocket at the sleeping bag’s head where you can stuff a coat, cover, or any soft thing to work as a temporary pad. For breathability, the fabric on the backside gives a touch of ventilation, yet the essential means for chilling is from the 2-way zipper that can let some circulation in your legs or feet while enhancing warmth.

One potential disadvantage is that the zipper is made on the left-hand side, which is hazardous to reach in case you are resting on your right hand side. You can likewise untuck the blanket to enhance ventilation around your neck and face if needed.

Image showing a Nemo Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag on a table

With a Stratofiber synthetic insulation layer, a baffle construction, a warmth-reflective metallic film, Fusion Hybrid Sleeping Bag may very well offer you the coziest night’s rest you have ever had in the backwoods, yet it is still not going to prevent your partner from snoring.

Of course, you may not notice him snoring when you are nestled up on the Nemo’s super calm 20D polyester textile and undulated horizontal baffles, which help to keep the sleeping bag stable, flat and quite comfortable. In case you are a restless sleeper type or one who enjoys side-resting, Fusion Hybrid sleeping bags are an incredible choice for great warmth and comfort-ability on the go.


  • Lightweight and more compressible
  • Water-resistant
  • Less costly
  • Offers a lot of space to rest easily in different positions
  • Packs down little for a hood + zipper bag


  • Heavier and bulkier
  • Less water resistant
  • Costlier than synthetic alone

Now that you are more informed about the Nemo Fusion Hybrid sleeping bag, you can make a decision on if this sleeping bag is right for you! With the warmth, comfort, and durable materials it is made with, you really can not pass up this steal of a deal! If you want a sleeping bag that is a little more than basic, but is still a good price, then the Nemo Fusion is one to look at!

Nemo Fusion Hybrid
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Stuff Sack
  • Insulation
  • Value for the Money and Guarantee


The Nemo Fusion sleeping bag has a spoon shaped design, which keeps heat in and keeps your body warm all night long.

Plus, it is wider in the knee area, letting you have more room to move around. With the down and synthetic insulation, warmth is a high priority for this bag.

Highly stylish and made with high quality materials, this sleeping bag is priced just right and durable enough to last through many hiking or backpacking adventures.

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