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Written by Kane Dane

As you probably know by now, bug-out backpacks’ popularity has risen drastically in the past couple of years due to the increased community disaster awareness. Common unpredictable disasters like earthquakes and wildfires are creeping around the corner unexpectedly. Therefore, it is never too early to be prepared to own the best bug-out backpack.

Imagine yourself in a situation where there are warnings of wildfire heading in your direction, what do you do first?  As a matter of fact, these disasters’ crisis are frightening, and if they happen, you only have a couple of minutes to grab your things.

In fact, let’s be honest here; you will not have enough time to collect these things. Thus, ask yourself: would you rather be prepared for survival in an unexpected crisis in the future, or face the wrath of panic when the disaster strikes you? Thus, this article will not only feature a list of the best pre-made bug out bags, but also provide precise details and reviews to help you choose the right one so you can be prepared in the future.

Product NameWeightDimensionsBattery NeedsColorPrice
Emergency Zone 840-214.3 lb16 x 12 x 8 inNoneBlackCheck price on Amazon
Ready America 702807.7 lb20 x 12 x 12 inNoneRedCheck price on Amazon
Guardian Deluxe15 lb12 x 18 x 7 inNoneRedCheck price on Amazon
Deluxe BKit2314.4 lb17 x 12 x 8 inNoneRed with BlackCheck price on Amazon
Zippmo Survival Gear Urban14 lb18 x 10 x 12 inNoneGrayCheck price on Amazon
Emergency Zone Tactical8 lb21 x 11 x 14 in3 AAABlack with GrayCheck price on Amazon
Food Insurance 62316 lbs8 x 13 x 24 inNoneRed with BlackCheck price on Amazon
Grizzly Gear Camerons25 lbs10 x 14 x 18 inNoneGrayCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider

But before this article dives deeper into the list, it is imperative to understand what are the key features to look out for in a bug-out backpack are? All things considered, there are many varieties of pre-made bug-out backpacks these days. It’s hard to choose the right one when there are so many features to consider when selecting the best bug out backpack for you.

In other words, how do you determine which is the best bug-out backpack for you? What are the features to consider when buying the right one for you? Is it imperative to pick the right bug-out backpack according to the compact design or comfort? Now that you understand the importance of owning a bug-out backpack, here is a list of features that will help you to select the right one.


It is imperative to understand that you have to consider the durability and strength quality, when choosing a pre-made bug-out backpack. In other words, when a crisis happens, the bag must be ready to bear all kinds of situations. That is to say this feature is the most important one to consider among others.

gear for bug out backpack

No matter how comfortable the bag is or the material is waterproof, if the fabric or the zip rips, you’re going to have a tough time surviving during the crisis. To summarize, before you consider any other factors, prioritize the durability strength in a bug-out backpack. After all, there’s a reason why this feature is listed first here.


A lot of pre-made bug-out backpacks provide a good amount of emergency kit. There are many things to consider when you’re choosing the right bug-out backpack. Some of these products, they provide more than what is necessary to survive during a crisis, and some of them provide the basic, necessary kit to survive. It really depends on the situation of the crisis and the manufacturer.

In other words, choose accordingly to the severity of the crisis you’ll face in the future and how much you can carry. Moreover, it is important to consider your endurance and strength. Are you strong enough to that bag during the crisis? The weight of bag varies, as some tend to be heavier and some are made to be light. If you’re planning to buy a light bug-out backpack with a basic, simple emergency kit and put extra supplies in it, you have to consider other factors like the strength of the shoulder straps and its materials.

emergency bug out equipment with backpack

In other words, will the bug-out backpack survive the weight of the extra supplies, and not spill the contents of the bag out in the open? Bottom line, a lot of these bug-out backpacks are different regarding their manufacturer and their emergency kit. Choose accordingly to your needs.


In spite of the higher chances of your survival rate due to the bug-out backpack, your comfort and support are considerably important for your survival too. After all, you’re going to be the one carrying the bug out bag during the crisis. But what if the bag you’re carrying is too heavy? The emergency kit may be perfect for the crisis, but what if the shoulder straps aren’t comfortable?

In other words, you’re going to be the one carrying the bag for 5 to 12 hours depending on how severe the outcome of the crisis. Given these points, if you have health issues, for example, back problem, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to buying the right one for you.


Natural disasters are unexpectedly quick and as a result; you won’t have much time to think or pack what is necessarily essential for your survival. Let’s be honest; it is safe to say that the pre-made bug-out backpack not only saves you time but also gives you the accessibility to calm yourself. In other words, what’s more of a better deal you can get from a pre-made bug-out backpack when the outcome itself provides the right amount of safety and accessibility to the emergency kit?

Moreover, these pre-made bug-out backpacks are designed to be smart and efficient as you can access the compartments. In other words, you don’t have to dig deep into the bag to find the first aid kit when it’s already in a different compartment space. Not only this design is smart, but also saves you time, as you don’t have to repack or put the things back in order.

paracord compas headlamp and bug out backpack

Now that you have the necessary, thorough comprehension of knowledge about these features, here is a list of our top 8 best bug-out backpacks. In this section, not only it will cover the main highlights of each of these products but also provide honest reviews.

Top Product Reviews

This is the part where we will show you several product reviews for your consideration. With these reviews you should be able to get a feel for what you want in this type of gear.

Emergency Zone 840-2 Emergency Zone 840-2

Weight: 14.3 Pounds

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 8 inches

Price: Approx. $120

Specific features: For 2 people, contains food

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Survival, disaster

Description: The Emergency Zone 840-2 Bag has a 5-year shelf life and the best part; the weight of this bag isn’t too heavy, which is reasonable if you consider the number of supplies that are in this product.

All these supplies are packaged discreetly in a neat design. Furthermore, the supplies are enough for 2 people in a 3-day span. This product contains USA made SOS brand food and water, which is approved by the US Coast Guard.

To be honest, this bag has a large number of excellent reviews. The price is reasonable compared to the others if you take a look at the number of supplies available in this pre-made bug-out backpack. Not only this bag is a decent quality, but also there’s still plenty of room to add more supplies. Overall, this supply kit is valuable to use for many different types of emergency reasons. Some of the supplies in this kit are food and water, tools, light, weather protection and first aid.

However, there are few reviews where some of the users didn’t like the shape of the bag. In spite of the ugliness of the shape of the bag, this product is overall excellent in many ways and proves to be useful for any emergency issues.


  • Comes in a 2 and 4 person kit
  • Has hygiene and sanitation products


  • Costly
  • Some users say it needs more supplies

Related: You may find yourself in a survival situation and you may need a radio, such as the iRonsnow Dynamo Solar Radio. It has a flashlight included and a power bank!

Check the price on Amazon

Ready America 70280 Ready America 70280

Weight: 7.7 Pounds

Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 inches

Price: Approx. $40

Specific features: 33 piece kit, light sticks, emergency blankets

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Outdoor emergencies

Description: Another handy bug-out backpack, its supplies are ready by stand in case of any emergency. Above all, the price is cheaply reasonable, considering the number of supplies available in this bug-out backpack. Ready America 70280 Kit is not only light in weight, but also, able to sustain 2 people for 3 days as it provides essential supplies, recommended by the American Red Cross.

This bug-out backpack provides a basic, good starter kit for not only a reasonable price, but also the water packets will not expand or burst during winter. This kit is very basic, so it’s perfect for simple emergency cases.

Overall, it has a large number of excellent reviews on this product. However, if you’re planning to add more items in this bag, it is not wise to do so. Not only the straps are thin, which will not withhold the weight if you add more items, but also, the bag’s space is built in such a way that it can’t hold any extra supplies.

Lastly, the water packets in 50oz and therefore, this bag are not suitable for extreme environmental disasters. In other words, this bag is perfect for simple emergencies and on the plus side; this product is light in weight and suitable for short period emergencies.


  • 33 pieces, including dust masks and ponchos
  • Emergency blanket for warmth
  • Affordable


  • Some of the items are cheap versions
  • Backpack is not the best quality

Related: In a survival situation, you will need to get yourself clean water. The LifeStraw LSPHF017 Water Filter can remove 99.99% bacteria from the water, and is easy to use.

Check the price on Amazon

Guardian Deluxe GUARDIAN DELUXE 

Weight: 15 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 7 in

Price: Approx. $90

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Specific features: Food and water, waterproof bags

Best use: Survival situations

Description: Guardian Deluxe Kit comes with multi-pocket purposes, and the supplies are well packaged. The price is reasonable considering that this bug-out backpack has many valuable supplies, which is perfect for any emergency disaster. Above all, the supplies have a 5-year shelf life, just enough for 72 hours.

So far, this product is excellent in many ways and perfect for any kind of environment disasters and human-made emergency disasters. First, the First Aid is not a basic kit as the kit provides supplies that can assist from minor injuries to health concerns in danger. Second, not only these supplies are designed to be useful in different types of dangerous situations, but also, they are meant to make you comfortable in every possible way.

Nonetheless, the bag’s material isn’t waterproof. Therefore, it is recommended to put all of these items in a zip close waterproof bag. Be that as it may, this product is highly recommended, as it is suitable for all types of emergency disasters and on the plus side; you can add more items into this bag.


  • Includes hygiene items
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Has radio


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Backpack seems cheaply made

Related: If you are more concerned with having more medical supplies, the Adventure Medical Kits 0100-0116 is a kit that includes many items you would need if something happened while on a hike or a backpacking adventure.

Check the price on Amazon

Deluxe Bkit23 Deluxe BKit23

Weight: 14.4 pounds

Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 8 inches

Price: Approx. $100

Specific features: 3 Day kit, 25 items, pack has extra pockets

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Emergency preparedness

Description: The Deluxe BKit23 has not only the standard basic kit, but also the supply kit is packed securely in different compartments, making it a little easier when you’re grabbing an individual item.

The supplies are designed for 2 people, just enough for 3 days. Just like the other products, this bug-out backpack’s supplies have a 5-year shelf life. Overall, this product has excellent positive reviews. The bag’s material is waterproof, which is an excellent advantage for any emergency disaster.

The supplies in this bug-out backpack are useful for many different types of environmental disasters, as it is meant to make your time comfortable and safe as much as possible. In other words, this bag will increase your chances of survival in any dangerous situations. On the other hand, due to the bag’s color and the mentioned of “Survival Kit” may draw attraction to whoever is carrying the bag, which is a huge disadvantage during the panic crisis.

So it is recommended to get the bag in black, cover or remove the wordings completely. Above all, the price is reasonable considering the amounts of supplies are available in this bug-out backpack. Lastly, according to few reviews, it is best to check the contents and test out the bag’s durability. If anything is missing or one of the straps broke, you can easily replace for a better one.


  • Has body warmers
  • Includes first aid kit, nylon rope, and emergency sleeping bag


  • Costs about $100
  • Flashlight does not last long

Related: Some people are concerned about having enough food during a disaster or unfortunate situation. The Survival Tabs B00S5E Emergency Food Ration have a 25 year shelf life and are not only gluten free but Non-GMO.

Check the price on Amazon

Zippmo Survival Gear Urban Zippmo Survival Gear Urban

Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 12 inches

Weight: 14 pounds

Price: Approx. $150

Specific features: Aqua tabs, light sticks, para cord

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Survival, outdoors

Description: The Zippmo Survival Gear Urban Kit is perfectly designed for anyone who’s looking for a pre-made bug-out backpack. The supplies last for 3 days, and it is packed with excellent, useful supplies that will provide not only comfort but also protection during any emergency outbreak.

Among all the products, this bug-out backpack received the best positive reviews. The backpack materials are not only durable, but also very sturdy, ensuring that the supplies will be well protected. This backpack comes with extra padding on the shoulder straps and belt around your chest, ensuring that the weight is distributed equally. With this intention, you will feel comfortable when you’re carrying the bag.

In spite of the price being a little expensive, this product proves to be useful for many different types of emergency disasters. Not only this bag will increase your chances of survival during a panic event, but also the supplies will ensure that you’ll be comfortable during any emergency catastrophes. Above all, this pre-made bug-out backpack is highly recommended.


  • 20 water packs
  • Includes para cord
  • Flashlight and phone charger included with the kit


  • Backpack is not good quality
  • Item is costly

Related: At night, the temperature can drop and you may need to start a fire to keep warm. The Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter will help you get a fire started and it includes a compass and whistle.

Check the price on Amazon

Emergency Zone TACTICAL  Emergency Zone Tactical

Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 14 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

Price: Approx. $250

Specific features: 2 sleeping bags, organization bags, food

Batteries included: 3 AAA

Batteries required: 3 AAA

Best use: Survival, emergencies

Description: Emergency Zone Tactical Bag provides sufficient supplies for 2 people, which can last up to 3 days. All of these supplies are approved by the US Coast Guard and have a 5-year life span. This product is designed to be a bug-out backpack, not because of the color that blends well in the panic, chaos, but it is known to be one of most advanced emergency kit.

The biggest benefit of this bug-out backpack is the amount of supplies, which can be useful in any human-made and natural disasters. It may seem like there are way too many supplies in this product, but in reality, all of these products serve a purpose to ensure that it brings comfort and accessibility to you.

In spite of the price, it is reasonable to conclude that the price is justifiable since the supply kit is way more in numbers than the other products. Above all, this bug-out backpack is designed to look like any ordinary bag to ensure your safety and needs in the time of chaos and panic.


  • Comes with small items you need like duct tape, gloves and a compass
  • First aid kit has a stethoscope
  • Has emergency tools


  • Very costly
  • Does not attach in a tent

Related: This kit might have a ton of items, but there is no hatchet that you can use in a survival situation. The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet has a 3.5 inch blade and is made of steel, plus its resistant to mildew.

Check the price on Amazon

Food Insurance 623 Food Insurance 623

Dimension: 8 x 13 x 24 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Price: Approx. $300

Specific features: 2 week food supply, 100 gallon use filter, first aid kit

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Survival, emergency use

Description: Food Insurance 623 Bag is a bit different compared to others, as the emergency survival kit mainly focuses on food. It contains 2 weeks of food supplies, which can be spun to 3 meals per day. The meals are stored in Mylar pouches, which not only guarantees freshness and taste in the food, but also have a shelf life of 7 to 10 years.

Despite the high price, this product lacks in many ways to ensure one’s survival in any emergency disasters. Despite a significant amount of food and water provided in this bug-put backpack, the only advantage that comes from this product is the bag’s material waterproof resilient. To be honest, this bag is perfect for situations where those who get lost easily in camping grounds or hiking/trekking trips.

Even though this product is not suitable for human-made and environmental disasters, its design is excellently compatible to ensure that the compartments are easily searched. Lastly, out of all the products mentioned in the article, this bug-out backpack is the most expensive one.


  • Has a radio with a flashlight
  • Backpack is water resistant
  • Includes a 2 week food supply


  • Some backpacks may be missing items
  • Only comes in a red color

Related: If you are in a survival situation, you may need shelter. The Grizzly Gear Mylar Cold Weather Shelter will work as a tent that reflects the cold air away.

Check the price on Amazon

Zippmo Combo Zippmo Combo

Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 18 inches

Weight: 25 pounds

Price: Approx. $175

Specific features: For 4 people, has a cell phone charger

Batteries included: No

Batteries required: No

Best use: Emergency preparedness for backpacking, camping

Description: This 3-day emergency kit survival bug-out backpack provides some of the best supplies, which ensure the maximum chances of your survival and comfort during any types of human-made or environmental disasters. Zippmo Combo Bag is slightly different compared to the others, as it is created to be available for 4 people.

The benefits of this bug-out backpack are not only the price is reasonable considering the amount of supplies available in this product, but also; this product carries everything you need to survive and be comfortable as ever.

This product is perfect for serious emergency situations, like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Moreover, this product’s material is waterproof, and its design is made in such a way that its durability strength is comprehensively strong and sustainable.

In spite of the positive reviews of this product, the weight is a little heavy and, therefore, it’s not suitable to be carried for anyone who has health problems. However, this issue can be resolved by getting extra paddings to create additional comfort and support.


  • Includes saw, fire started and para cord
  • Has a tube tent and sleeping bags that are waterproof
  • Has 4 body warmers for when the temps drop


  • Somewhat costly
  • Heavy

Related: If you are concerned that you might not have enough emergency food, the Grizzly Gear Camerons Calorie Bar contain less sugar and are more nutritious for you than others.

Check the price on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts

With this in mind, choosing the best bug-out backpack really depends on your preferences and the situation you’ll be in. Keep in mind that it is better to get a pre-made bug-out backpack right now to ensure your safety in the future in case of any disasters. Even though this article has provided the best 8 bug out backpacks for you, doesn’t mean that all of these products will be agreeable to you.

stuff laying on floor for bug out backpack

In fact, take your time and review your pros and cons depending on the situation and your preferences when you’re looking for the best bug-out backpack. Above all, all of these products mentioned in this article are perfect for storing anywhere that is accessible and convenient for you to grab anytime.

To conclude, it’s never too early to get a bug-out backpack. You will never know when the crisis will strike and it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to you and your family’s security. If you enjoyed this review, please feel free to share it! We also want to know what kind of emergency preparedness precautions you take! Please tell us what you do and what your thoughts are in the Comments below!


Kane Dane


  • There was this one time we were caught in a storm while out camping and had to run and look for shelter fast. We did not know what to grab and ended up leaving most essentials behind. Since then, my Guardian Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit is always nearby. It packs drinking water, a flashlight, first aid kit, a radio, food packets and a LifeStraw water filter in case I run out of drinking water.

    • Indeed, we are living in unpredictable times. Short of being a doomsday soothsayer, I believe that we all need a bug out backpack today. If not the threat of flooding in most major cities, there’s forest fires and tornadoes to boot. Mother nature has a way of unleashing her fury. The best thing to do is to be prepared for anything.

  • The Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag is really made to provide relief during an emergency. It is stocked with the basic first aid necessities. I thank God every day that no major disaster has befallen me while camping but still I sleep more comfortably knowing that in case of one, my emergency kit is well-stocked.

  • Thanks for posting and sharing your views Eddy. I think there are a lot of people today who are more aware of the importance of bug out backpacks. We live in a world today where disasters are more prevalent. Most of the time, our weather is a cause for concern. So, better be prepared for any eventuality, if I must say.


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