Best Fleece Jacket: Warm, Breathable, and Excellent Insulation!

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Written by Kane Dane

Not only that it’s soft and warm, but the best fleece jacket will also be highly functional. It is invaluable for staying warm during cold-weather outdoor activities, from hiking and backpacking to mountain climbing. But, fleece jackets are also comfortable enough to wear around the house, and stylish enough to wear around town. Because of the versatility and functionality of fleece, investing in a quality fleece jacket is a worthwhile investment. With so many makes and models available, it can be difficult to find the best model.

That’s why we have made it easier and compiled a list of our top picks, including information on each specific one that will help you decide which fleece jacket to choose. Depending on what you intend to use it for, some of the factors you will want to consider include the weight of the fleece, the features of the different jackets, and overall versatility.

In this post, find a summary of our top product picks for men’s fleece jackets. Included are a range of different styles and options, depending on whether you are looking for a lightweight mid layer, or something more specialized and technical, such as a jacket designed for alpine climbs.

Our Top Picks

Product NameMaterialWeightColorBest UsePrice
Arc’teryx Delta Lt100% polyester17.6 ozBlack, Adriatic blue, Admiral, Iron oxide, Cinnabar, Roolbos, Nautic gray, Legion blue, Sangria and BourbonCasual wear, aerobic activity, Mountaineering, Backpacking, Trekking, climbingCheck price on Amazon
Black Diamond Coefficient87% polyester, 13% elastin24 ozSapphire, Vibrant greenMountain climbing, skiing, and other outdoor winter activitiesCheck price on Amazon
Mountain Hardwear Microchill Zip Tee100% polyester8 ozBlack, Azul, Greenscape/Utility green, Dark fire, Titanium, Hardwear navy, Phoenix blue, Smolder, Shark black, Red/Hardwear navyHiking, casual wearCheck price on Amazon
Merrell Big Sky61% polyester, 26% wool, 11% nylon, 2% polyurethane16 ozBlack, Ink heather, Cappuccino heather, Silt heather, ManganeseHiking, casual wearCheck price on Amazon
Outdoor Research Starfire100% polyester19.2 ozCharcoal, Earth/Diablo and Dusk/NightWinter sports, hiking, casual wearCheck price on Amazon
Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man 20097% polyester, 3% elastin (body); 88% polyester, 12% elastin (panel)14.8 ozBlack, Azul, Greenscape/Utility green, Dark fire, Titanium, Hardwear navy, Phoenix blue, Smolder, Shark black, Red/Hardwear navyHiking, camping, casualCheck price on Amazon
Arc’teryx Fortrez100% polyester13.5 ozCarbon copy, Thalo blue, Nighthawk, Chipotle, Oxblood, Mantic green, Riptide, Anaconda, Adriatic Blue and Steller orangeClimbing, alpine sportsCheck price on Amazon
Marmot Reactor100% polyester12 ozBlack, Cinder, Leaf, Dark fern, Cobalt blue, Team red, Green lichen, Dark crimson, Blue night, Sunset orangeWinter sports, casual wearCheck price on Amazon
Patagonia R1 FleecePolartec Power Grid (93% polyester, 7% spandex)12 ozClassic red, Forge gray, Black, Electron Blue and Hunter greenHiking, climbing, casual wear, touring, expeditionCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

While buyers should direct their search to their particular needs, there are 6 key features that most fleece jacket users will want to consider before getting one. These 6 essential features include material and weight, water resistance, breathability, windproof layers, zippers with wind flaps and a good number of pockets.  

Material and Weight

Most fleece jackets are built with polyester and wool. While early fleece kinds, were fairly combustible, modern fleece jackets, normally feature flame resistant technology or fire retardant. The main purpose of a fleece jacket is to provide adequate warmth for the user.

Nonetheless, the circumstances in which the fleece jacket will be utilized may generally vary among users and can influence the fleece style that is eventually picked. Fleece jackets are usually lighter compared to wool coats. Among their own class, they run from lightweight to mid-weight, and heavy weight.

man in fleece jacket with his hand in his pocket

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On the label, the fleece jacket’s weight limit is shown by either a 100 or 200 or 300 classification, and with 300 being the heaviest kind of material. To decide on how heavy a fleece jacket ought to be, buyers should consider the level of flexibility they will require while wearing the fleece jacket.

Water Resistance

Most fleece jackets are usually not waterproof. Not every one of them are water resistant, since water resistance usually impedes breathability. Those fleece jackets that have constrained water resistance features an impermeable layer inside the material.

While the fleece jackets will probably give some protection against light drizzle or snowfall, they may not function well in a frosty winter rain.


Breathability and airflow are likewise vital. Trapping the greater part of the warmth inside will cause users discomfort, especially if they are participating in an exercise that requires much exertion.

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Purchasers who plan to put on the fleece jacket for high-energy exercises should guarantee that it satisfactorily obstructs the cold while still sufficiently enabling ventilation to alleviate overheating or sweating.

Windproof Layers

Wind-proofing is likewise an essential feature to consider when buying a fleece jacket, because the rain and snow of winter usually accompanies biting winds. Shockingly, windproof layers may make the fleece jacket lose some of its flexibility and suppleness. Wind-proofing likewise limits breathability just like water resistant.

For strolling or mild outdoor exercises, a windproof jacket is a great choice. For exercises that requires strenuous physical exertion, buyers might need to avoid the windproof layer for better flow of air.

Zippers and Wind Flaps

Apart from filling in as a helpful closure, a zipper gives an approach to vent a jacket if the user is getting to be noticeably overheated. The zippers present on fleece jackets ought to have wind flaps to additionally decrease the potential convergence of cool air.

man wering fleece jacket with zippers

A wind flap is generally long, narrow fabric piece sewn in just underneath the zipper, giving an additional layer of insulation so that the user’s body heat won’s escape, and frosty air doesn’t get in.


Most stylish fleece jackets either possess very shallow pockets or have none at all. However, if the fleece jacket is being utilized for a hike or for an outdoor trip, some extra pockets may be helpful.

Buyers need to search for the pockets that are designed at the waistline, and possess sufficient depth to retain keys, a mobile phone, chewing gum, snacks and other little things. Flaps or zippers with buttons helps to hold pocket closed so as to prevent your items from dropping.

Best Fleece Jacket

Some fleece jackets made for winter sports and hiking have pockets on the arms and chests. Buyers who want to put on their jackets for sports or for other vigorous exercises might need to look for a fleece jacket that has mesh pockets for extra ventilation options.

The Best Models Available on The Market

Below are the nine best men’s fleece jacket options available today. The reviews underneath are based on the important features of the fleece jackets, the amount of warmth they convey, and even their stylish design is considered alongside their overall longevity and function.

Prices of the jackets are likewise included as an essential consideration, yet one you need to consider optional to the solace a fleece jacket gives. The best uses are also included for each product, so go out there and choose the one that meets your need!

Arc’teryx Delta Lt JacketArc’teryx Delta Lt Jacket

Price: $104 – $140

Weight: 1.1 lb

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 3 inches

Specific features: Full-length zipper, high collar, sleeve pocket, gusseted underarms, and laminated zip pocket

Best use: Casual wear, aerobic activity, hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, climbing

Description: The Arc’Teryx Delta LT jacket is a versatile jacket that can either be worn on its own or used as a light mid layer. Because it’s so lightweight, this jacket is very packable, which makes it a great choice for backpacking or bringing on travel.

The athletic fit and moisture-wicking Polartec® Classic 100 Micro Velour Small Grid material – which is light, quick-drying, and breathable – ensure that the jacket stays dry during aerobic and other physical activities. Although the Arc’Teryx Delta LT fleece jacket can easily fit under an outer shell jacket, it may not be sufficiently warm for activities in very cold weather.

This fleece jacket is highly lightweight, thus great for individuals who need a superb insulation layer for high-intense exercises. The jacket is well-known for being highly breathable, pill-resistant, highly breathable and quick-drying. In addition, the Polartec Classic fabric likewise offers great warmth-to-weight proportion due to the hurled fiber structure that produces thermal air pockets so as to effectively hold the body-warmed air.

With its high-performing material, the Arcteryx Delta LT fleece jacket likewise offers awesome functionality. It is furnished with a full length zipper at the front with drop back hem, chin guard, two zippered pockets at the sides and a sleeve pocket.


  • Weight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathability
  • Can be easily worn under a shell


  • The insulation is thin

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Check the price on Amazon

Black Diamond Coefficient HoodyBlack Diamond CoEfficient Hoody

Price: Approx. $160

Weight: 1.5 lb

Dimensions: 18.4 x 12.3 x 4 inches

Specific features: Under-the-helmet hood, zipped chest pocket, fitted cuffs, lined neck

Best use: Mountain climbing, skiing, and other outdoor winter activities

Description: Breathable and form-fitting, the Black Diamond CoEfficient Hoody is meant to be worn under a shell, making it a great insulation, mid layer for ice, alpine, and rock climbers, or for anyone who likes to actively participate in winter sports.

The proprietary Polartec PowerDry fleece fabric is soft and warm, but also lightweight and breathable, designed to dry quickly and wick moisture away from the body. This practical jacket – which can also be worn on its own – comes with a fitted hood that can comfortably be worn under a helmet. The jacket’s neck lining is made of soft, comfortable Microsuede.

Overall, this fleece jacket is exceptionally amazing from a breathability point of view and works incredibly as a lightweight, mid-layer for mountaineering and ski touring. It is likewise a pleasant external layer choice for climbing and hiking in hotter temperatures. And, despite the fact that not sufficiently warm to wear as an independent piece during cold weather, the thin fit is quite comfortable to wear under an insulated jacket or shell.

Within the fleece jacket comprises of little rectangular block of bouffant high-loft downy, which are set in a waffle design on top of a slim, air penetrable wool. The thought is that the little blocks trap a slim layer of air all over your body, keeping your body warm while idle.


  • Incredible breathability for a fleece.
  • Fits and feels great
  • Dries rapidly with negligible retained moisture by the day’s end.
  • Negligible mass, thus making it quite easy to handle
  • Feels and fits awesome.


  • Not warm enough to be worn as an independent piece in frosty conditions.
  • It has a thin fit and thus may not be perfect for those with bigger builds.

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Mountain Hardwear Microchill Zip TeeMountain Hardwear Microchill Zip Tee

Price: $48 – $55

Weight: 8 oz

Dimension: 24 x 15 x 3 inches

Specific features: High collar, pullover style (half-zip), chin guard

Best use: Hiking, casual wear

Description: Extremely lightweight (weighing only 8 ounces), this jacket is great for backpacking and takes up very little space in a pack.

Because it’s so light and versatile, the Mountain Hardwear Microchill Zip Tee is perfect for bringing along when the temperature or weather is uncertain. A pullover-style jacket with a half-zip feature, it can be worn as a mid-layer on a very cold day, or on its own over a base layer.

Other features include UPF 50 sun protection, a chin guard, flat-lock construction, and a high collar. Although the fabric does wick away moisture, the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Microchill Zip Tee is not, like most fleece jackets, water resistant. In terms of fit, it runs on the snug side.

This fleece jacket is ideal for the individuals who need a simple yet durable and warm jacket that can put on either as an external layer or mid-layer. The fleece jacket is built with Microchill fleece which proficiently wicks the dampness to the outside and dries quick. The material is likewise breathable and gives incredible warmth.

The fleece jacket has two zippered pockets at the sides and a double stitch drawcord. The drawcord enables you to fix the jacket at the base and thus reduce the loss of heat. The pockets at the sides could be placed somewhat higher so as to permit simple access when wearing a climbing harness or a backpack.


  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Warmth
  • Great for layering
  • Good quality


  • No chest pocket
  • No interior pockets

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Check the price on Amazon

Merrell Big Sky JacketMerrell Big Sky Jacket

Price: $77 – $140

Weight: 1 lb

Specific features: Full-length zip, two hand pockets, adjustable hem, stand-up collar, lined medium-weight fleece

Best use: Hiking, casual wear

Description: The Merrell Big Sky Jacket is a stylish, full-zip jacket made of a wool and polyester blend with a bias-cute side panels. Perfect for those chilly falls days, it has a stand-up collar that provides additional warmth; this jacket also has an adjustable toggle feature.

Made of medium-weight fabric, it’s great for everyday casual wear. It’s regular fit, but some users have noted that it tends to run a little large.

The timeless thermal advantages and all climate toughness of fleece never leave style behind, and neither will the Big Sky fleece jacket. This fleece jacket pullover pieces chilling winds with its fleece blend exterior, and consolidates with a warm fleece backing to make a definitive single layer fleece jacket.

This fleece jacket is ideal for being on the go amid fall or spring or as a liner for bigger jackets. The windproof material truly proves to be useful, the fit isn’t too loose or too tight and the pockets are awesome for tossing your keys in, incredible coat.


  • Breathable
  • Warm
  • Comfortable,
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy


  • Low quality fleece

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Outdoor Research Starfire HoodyOutdoor Research Starfire Hoody

Price: $66 – $115

Weight: 1.2 lb

Specific features: Full-length zip, fitted hood, two exterior pockets, chest pocket

Best use: Winter sports, hiking, casual wear

Description: The Outdoor Research Starfire Hoody is a slim-fitting full-length zippered performance fleece jacket. It comes with a fitted hood, three zippered exterior pockets (two hands and one chest), and thumb holes. Some of its technical features include durable flat-seam construction and Polygiene active odor control.

The fleece fabric is quick-drying, wicking, and lightweight, making it ideal for layering. This jacket can also be worn on its own, and it’s a great choice for hiking and other outdoor activities. This fleece jacket is designed for the outdoors with speedy drying, dampness wicking features, smell control, and also a Balaclava-style hood for an additional layer of protection.

In spite of the fact that the night climb to the lodge is short, it is still sufficiently frosty to see your breath when carrying a pack with food, sleeping bag and drinks for the yearly getaway.

Furthermore, even after your team has packaged inside and stirred the wood-consuming stove, you will want to ensure that your Starfire Hoody, is zipped up tight for quite a while. Technical in appearance and fit, the Starfire fleece jacket is a warm lifestyle hoodie that has a smooth-faced heathered appearance.


  • Warm
  • Very comfortable
  • Soft material
  • Great length
  • Zipper works fine
  • Wide varieties of colors
  • Hand pockets are made high, thus good for wearing under a trekking backpack


  • Poor fit
  • No extra insulation in the zipper area, so wind may penetrate your chest
  • Absence of waist string at the base of the jacket, so warmth may constantly escape
  • Very small hood
  • Very loose fabric around the wrist

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Check the price on Amazon

Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man 200Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man 200

Price: $100 – $150

Weight: 14.8 oz

Dimension: 24 x 15 x 3 inches

Specific features: Full-length zipper, three exterior zip pockets (two hands, one chest), insulated, adjustable cuffs, Polyester Thermal Pro Monkey Phur Lite fleece, Polartec PowerStretch panels

Best use: Hiking, camping, casual

Description: Very soft and comfortable, the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man 200 hi-loft fleece jacket is an updated version of Mountain Hardwear’s original Monkey Man jacket. This design offers moderate breathability and a regular fit (although some reviewers have pointed out that it tends to be slim fitting).

It can be worn on its own, or under a hardshell in cooler weather. This jacket is thinner and lighter than the original Monkey Man, and therefore easier to layer, but might still be a bit too bulky to bring if space is very limited. The proprietary MicroClimate Zoning feature offers targeted warmth and fabric stretch. Fitted cuffs, made from Polartec Power Stretch, offer additional warmth

The fleece jacket has a chest pocket with great size for storing maps or other vital things. This jacket is an upgraded version of the first Monkey Man model, which has conditioned down on the measure of down, thus enabling you to layer other things with the jacket rather.

The lightweight feature makes this fleece jacket a coveted design, and the measure thermal productivity the coat offers guarantees you can bear the cool climate outside in maximum solace. Personalization of the fleece jacket is a breeze, simply select from, the varieties of colors available.


  • Breathability
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Insulation
  • Cuffs fit great
  • Side panels
  • Durable jacket design
  • Very comfortable


  • Somewhat thin at the elbows
  • May be a bit tighter on the shoulder area for some people

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Check the price on Amazon

Arc’teryx Fortrez HoodyArc’teryx Fortrez Hoody

Price: $135 – $533

Weight: 13.5 oz

Dimension: 14 x 11 x 3 inches

Specific features: Full-length front zipper, three zipped exterior pockets (two pockets, one chest), hood with built-in face mask, gusseted underarms, articulated elbows, chin guard, flat locked seams, Polartec Power Stretch fleece, Hardface microprint finish

Best use: Climbing, alpine sports

Description: Specifically designed for sports such as ice and mountain climbing, the Arc’Teryx Fortrez Hoody is a fitted jacket that is ideal for alpine enthusiasts. Water resistant, highly breathable, and permeable, this jacket features a hood with a built-in face mask.

It also has gusseted underarms, articulated elbows, and other performance features. The Hardface microprint finish resists not only the elements, but also abrasion. With its stellar alpine-specific features, the Arc’Teryx Fortrez Hoody is very specialized and therefore somewhat less versatile than other options. It can be worn alone or under a shell.

This jacket is perfect for climbers looking for a warm, functional jacket. The fleece jacket is fitted with Polartec power stretch and with Hardface technology. Made with elastic fibers with enhanced versatility to enable extending of the fabric and coming back to its normal position.

This fleece jacket as various high-performing features which ensures that it holds up well amid performance-based exercises and gives the advantage of simple product care, moisture wicking and breathability, and dampness wicking in addition to the wonderful stretch versatility.

The fleece jacket has a smooth face, thus allowing for dampness shedding and layers. The coat sticks near to the body, thus enhancing dampness vapor exchange and increasing and thermal proficiency. You get two hand pockets and a chest pocket for storing your vital things.


  • Hard-face material makes it withstand light rain
  • Cozy fitting hood, does not cause an obstruction
  • Slimmer construction makes it perfect for layering
  • The Neck gaiter adds additional resistance from the components


  • Not a cheap option
  • The slim design implies less warmth compared to some others

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Check the price on Amazon

Marmot Reactor JacketMarmot Reactor Jacket

Price: $60 – $223

Weight: 12 oz

Dimension: 19 x 16 x 2 inches

Specific features: Full zip, wind flap, drawcord hem, chin guard, flat lock construction, sleeve pocket, zippered handwarmer pockets

Best use: Winter sports, casual wear

Description: The Marmot Reactor Jacket is an outstanding choice for a warm, well-performing non-technical fleece jacket. Lightweight and versatile, it features a regular fit with a relaxed shoulder and is ideal for layering or wearing on its own.

The soft, comfortable Polartec Classic 100 Microfleece fabric dries quickly and offers good breathability when you are out hiking, on the slopes, or out about town. In addition, it’s less expensive than comparable jackets.

This fleece jacket gives an Angel-wing movement which enables you to raise your arms above your head without stressing over the inconvenience of the jacket crawling up your mid-drift. Also, the Bonded zipper sleeve side pockets guarantees that your storage stays safe inside your pocket.

This fleece jacket features a wind fold to guarantee prevalent warmth. The level lock construction guarantees a cozy fit against your body and thermal effectiveness.

Though the coat is warm, it is breathable and the dampness vapor movement isn’t limited at all. You can guarantee enduring solace even in the coldest circumstances by utilizing the drawcord hem to tighten the jacket coat, and shut out approaching wind and air.


  • A great value
  • Breathability
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Insulation
  • Cuffs fit great


  • Not warm enough

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Check the price on Amazon

Patagonia R1 Fleece JacketPatagonia R1 Fleece Jacket

Price: $120 – $314

Weight: 12 oz

Dimension: 16 x 10 x 3 inches

Specific features: Internal pockets, zippered hand pockets, off-shoulder seaming, Polygiene odor control

Best use: Hiking, climbing, casual wear

Description: The Patagonia R1 Fleece Jacket is a multipurpose fleece jacket that’s suitable for many different activities. In cool weather, it can be worn on its own; it’s also perfect as a lightweight, slim-fitting mid layer that wicks moisture away from the body.

Made of special Regulator R1 grid fleece, the Patagonia R1 Fleece Jacket is designed to dry quickly and offers great ventilation and airflow. Stretchy and comfortable, it also features internal pockets and Polygiene odor control.

The fleece jacket arrived in a thin-fit so they fit easily to the body, thus escalating thermal proficiency. The pockets are many, in certainty numbering four, along with two zipper pockets and also, two fit in interior pockets within the fleece jacket.

The jacket has a grid structure which promotes the thermal proficiency and also enhances the dampness-wicking and breathability performance. The fleece jacket is likewise highly stretchy, tough and treated with Polygiene element for enhanced smell control.

Other than the exceptional material, the fleece jackets likewise include raglan sleeves for free movement, two inward mesh pockets, two zippered hand pockets and thumb circles. The hand pockets are situated somewhat higher so they permit simple access when putting on a climbing harness or backpack with hip belt.


  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathability
  • Insulation
  • Stylish
  • Highly functional
  • Less bulky
  • Clean design cuffs enable easier layering


  • A bit expensive
  • Not warm enough

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Check the price on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts

In this post, we’ve gone over some of our top product picks for men’s fleece jackets. Fleece jackets are not only warm and comfortable, but also very functional. Depending on your interests, you may want to pick a fleece jacket that is lightweight and packs well or one that is heavier weight and warmer.

Black Diamond CoEfficient Hoody

If you’re looking for a serious alpine jacket, the Arc’Teryx Fortrez Hoody or the Black Diamond CoEfficient Hoody is a terrific choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more versatile, you can’t go wrong with the Arc’Teryx Delta LT jacket.  The Marmot’s Reactor fleece jacket is another solid all-around pick that’s also a very solid value.

Whichever model you ultimately decide to go with, you can never go wrong with investing in a quality fleece jacket. Not only are fleece jackets, functional and warm, they are also so comfortable that you’ll want to wear yours not only on the trail but also at home.

Think we missed one of the great fleece jackets out there? If so, leave us a comment and let us know!


Kane Dane


  • Fleece is a great material for a sports jacket! It is light enough that you don’t overheat and it is excellent for fall hiking. I love mine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  • Fleece is a great material for jackets. They provide warmth and coziness that’s essential. Most are functional and warms you up. Features such as fabric-stretch is a good addition.

  • The Mountain Hardwear Men’s Microchill Zip Tee is a really nice fleece jacket. It is strong enough to withstand the vigorous demands of any backpacking trips. It is light enough you don’t feel too hot in it and it dries pry fast, making it perfect for my hubby.

  • Thanks Grace and while you’re at it, you can also find some nice women’s fleece jacket to match your husband’s. I think you’ll both look picture-perfect and ready for any dipping temperature. As my girlfriend who loves her fleece jacket always say, “bring on the ice!”.


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