Best Winter Gloves: No More Cold Hands During the Winter

Image showing a pair of Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves on rocks
Written by Kane Dane

You have to agree with us that when it comes to gloves, they do not always come to your mind when you think about the winter. But, you will also agree that their significance cannot be denied. Sure, they are not always appealing to the eye, but without the best winter gloves you can slip your hands in, on a really cold day, your hands can be close to useless, right?

Whether you are on a skiing mission, building an igloo, in a snowball fight, shoveling the driveway, or going across the country, it’s imperative to ensure your hands remain warm throughout. The most important part for ensuring that is knowing the type of gloves to pick for the specific tasks you intend to undertake. For extreme sports which require extreme cold-weather gear such as ice climbing, search for gloves that can offer a balance of dexterity, warmth, and waterproof.

In the case of ice climbing, look for gloves that have palm leathers as these have a better resistance to rope burn and are also durable. A pair or warm mitten can also be used to keep you warm during the climb.

Selecting the right glove can make a great difference when you want to keep your hand dry throughout the winter season, and that is why we made a list of the most important features you need to keep an eye on when searching for a pair that completely suits your needs. Furthermore, to make your choice an easy and right one, we have reviewed some of the best models on the market, and at least one of them will fit all your personal preferences. Keep reading to find out more.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightMaterialDimensionsPrice
The North Face Freeride1.2 poundsLeather13 x 6 x 3 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Canada Goose Northern1 poundsLeather15 x 5 x 3 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Black Diamond Legend1 poundsPolyester3.4 x 8.1 x 14.4 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Outdoor Research Revolution1 poundsLeather0.5 x 7 x 5 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Hestra Morrison Pro0.61 poundsLeather12 x 7 x 4 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Hestra Army Leather Heli1 poundsNylon and leather11 x 5 x 3 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Salomon Propeller GTX0.88 poundsLeather17 x 7 x 4 inchesCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying a winter glove might seem a straightforward thing. What else is there for the purchase of a winter glove than just going to where they sell the gloves and see if it fits and buy them? We will like to let you know it is more than that. There are a lot of things you need to consider before the purchase of winter glove.

These factors depend on what occasion or purpose you want to use these winter gloves for. Some use them for outdoor adventures like hunting, cycling, hiking and so on, while some use the winter glove as part of their casual wears for occasions and work. For outdoor use, which is our primary focus, the factors you have to consider, include the following;


There are two main types of insulation materials used for making the winter gloves – Synthetic and down.


This is an excellent insulator and light, easy to compress, durable, and breathable. This insulation material is more costly compared to synthetic, but its loft remains for an extended period, compared to synthetic, making it the right choice over time.

Image showing a pair of Gore Universal Gore-Tex Thermo Gloves

Because it loses its insulation ability when wet, it is seldom used as an insulation component. If used, the down is protected using a waterproof shell which helps to keep it dry. Gloves made from this material are a suitable choice for snowboarding and skiing in dry and cold climates.


This material of a synthetic glove is less costly compared to a down glove. It offers insulation when wet and dries faster. The synthetic insulation is an excellent choice for use in snowboarding, skiing, and play in the snow, particularly in damp climates.

Image showing a pair of Outdoor Research Lucent heated glove on the ground

The disadvantage of this material is that it provides a little warmth for its weight. Moreover, it is bulkier than the down, and its insulation properties reduce every time it’s compressed. The synthetic insulation option is suitable for cross-country ski, downhill ski, and snowboarding.

Waterproof Properties

Most mitten and gloves designed for use during the winter include a breathable, waterproof barrier that helps in preventing moisture from rain and snow from getting in and allowing moisture from the sweat to escape.

This barrier may be in the form of membrane laminated to the fabric, a coating applied to the fabric, or an insert placed between the insulation and the outer shell.

Image of a man wearing waterproof-winter-gloves

The Gore-Tex® technology is employed in snowboard and ski mittens and gloves due to the waterproof, breathable protection this component offers.

Nonetheless, many manufacturers of gloves utilize their proprietary technology like the North Face HyVent®, Marmot MemBrain® which are less expensive and efficient. The waterproof gloves are also a hundred percent windproof.


The weight of the glove is also a major factor to consider when buying them. On your adventures, you already have more than enough loads to carry. You do not want something else slowing you down. A good glove should be as lightweight as possible and not heavy.

Image showing a man wearing gore-windstopper-thermo-winter-cycling-gloves

A lightweight glove will help you in covering more ground faster than a heavy glove. So, you should always aim for a lightweight glove when you want to buy one.

Size and Fit

An excellent fit is vital to your hands, staying comfortable, warm, and maintaining your dexterity. If you happen to purchase mittens and gloves that are large, it will be difficult to operate zippers, hold ski poles, and undertake other outdoor tasks during the winter.

On the other hand, gloves that are too small will limit your movement and leave the skin exposed at the wrists. A well-fitting mitten or glove will have about a quarter an inch material at the outstretched fingers’ end.

Image showing a pair of black-winter-gloves

The fit should not be too restrictive or tight when you try to make a fist. If it is impossible to try on a glove before purchase, it is advisable to consult the sizing chart from the manufacturers for the hand measurements before you buy it.

  • Long gauntlet cuffs: These extend over your jacket’s sleeve and the cinch closed to prevent cold air and snow from getting in
  • Leather palms: They offer excellent grip and can endure abrasion better compared to the synthetic palms
  • Zippered pockets: These can be found on the back side of the gloves. They are designed to fit disposable warmer packets and can also be utilized as vents during warmer days
  • Wrist cinches: These features snug the gloves at the wrists to offer a secure fit and the right amount of comfort
  • Leashes or wrist cords: These features secure the gloves to your wrists, so they will not fall off when undertaking your outdoor tasks
  • Thumb wipes: A good number of gloves designed for the winter incorporate soft materials on the thumb for wiping yourself when it starts to drip.

Additional Features

Yes, your winter gloves will protect you from the cold temperatures and yes, some models are also waterproof meaning that in case of a rainfall, or during prolonged exposure to snow, they will keep your hands warm and dry. But, who says that it has to stop there?

A man weaaring a pair of winter gloves alos used for touchscreen of the smarphone

Some models can be used, for example, for snowmobiling. In this case, beside the regular features like good insulation and waterproof abilities, they can also offer knuckle support and additional protective layers that come in handy in case of a fall. Such gloves would also come in handy if you plan to do some winter mountaineering.

There also also some models that are touchscreen compatible, allowing you to use your smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget that has a touch screen (like a GPS tracker), without the need to take the gloves off. This comes in handy for everyone who likes to go on winter outdoor adventures and stay in touch with the world.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Now that you know the different types of winter gloves, as well as the features you need to think through, let’s take a look at some of the best products on the market today.

North Face Freeride Glove North Face Freeride Glove

Price: Approx. $80

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 3 inches

Specific features: Touch-screen-compatible, radiometric articulation, silicone grip patterns.

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: Equipped with full palm and finger conductivity, The North Face Freeride Glove  lets you text, make calls, and surf the internet on your smartphone, without having to take the gloves off.

The Five Dimensional Fit™ utilizes five hand measurements to create gloves with a consistent and accurate fit. These gloves come with silicone grip patterns on their palms to prevent your phone from slipping off. These patterns are perfect for holding other objects apart from your phones too, like your survival knife and backpack.

The Radiametric Articulation™ enhances warmth and the flow of blood to your fingers by emulating the natural, relaxed shape of the hand.

While these gloves are suitable for use most of the time, it is not the same as utilizing your bare finger, so do not purchase the ETIP thinking that. However, if you want to be covered over the winter, then this would be your most ideal choice.


  • Lightweight
  • Enough room for your hand to move
  • Keeps your hands warm even in the severe weather conditions
  • Comes with zip pockets, and a cord lock
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Too hot for warmer weather

Related: Since these gloves are mostly covered with artificial leather, which just as the real leather, needs protection from dryness and harsh weather conditions (skiing and other winter sports), you should invest in leather protection. We recommend checking out this, 1 gallon pack, of Leather Honey’s Leather Conditioner. Not only will your gloves be protected for seasons to come, but everything else you have made of leather will be taken cared of, as well.

Check the price on Amazon

Canada Goose Northern Utility Glove Canada Goose Northern Utility Glove

Price: Approx. $225

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 3 inches

Special features: Nylon zipper pocket, glove clips, Velcro closure for wrist cinch

Best use: Camping, backpacking, hiking, survival

Description: The Supreme Arctic technology in conjunction with the goose down fill, offers you unparalleled freedom in the Canada Goose Northern Utility Glove. Specifically designed for the harsh winters, this high-function gear will keep you warm, equipped, and prepared.

The gloves feature a zip pocket, a cord lock, and Velcro closure which cinches your wrists for warmth as well as secure fit. The removable insert enhances insulation and accommodates various weather conditions.

This glove is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities. It can be used at home too or in your place of work, but it works best outdoors. It is expensive, but worth every penny you spend on it.

Its index finger provides touchscreen capability, and the silicone print grip on the palm ascends to the index finger. With these kinds of gloves, you will be able to master the outdoors.


  • Comes with a nylon zippered pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Glove clips
  • Velcro closure for wrist cinch
  • Offers excellent warmth
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

Related: On your adventures, especially during the winter, you will need to protect all your exposed body parts from the cold, which is why we suggest adding a winter beanie to your regular winter outfit. The Top Level Cuffed Beanie is more like a cap, that helps keep your head and ears warm in the cold winter weather.

Check the price on Amazon

Black Diamond Legend Gloves Black Diamond Legend Gloves

Price: $40 – $130

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 3.4 x 8.1 x 14.4 inches

Specific features: Full goat leather shell with neoprene cuff, 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining, XCR product technology

Best use: Backpacking, hiking, survival, camping, kayaking

Description: Warm, waterproof and designed to withstand abuse anywhere you go, the Black Diamond Legend Gloves are one of the warmest under-the-cuff gloves that incorporate an all-leather construction.

The gloves feature a zip pocket, a cord lock, and Velcro closure which cinches your wrists for warmth as well as secure fit. The removable insert enhances insulation and accommodates various weather conditions.

Breathable and Lightweight Thermolite Micro insulation provide versatility for weather protection on the mountains. It’s reinforced leather palm is meant to withstand the tear and wear of mountain sports while offering a secure grip. The glove also comes with a full goat leather shell with neoprene cuff.

A breathable Gore-Tex and a waterproof insert guard against the wettest storms of the season. The PrimaLoft One insulation is designed to keep your hands warm even in the coldest winter. Kevlar stitching has been added for increased durability and an EVA padding incorporated to defend against knuckle bashing.


  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Keeps you warm
  • Waterproof
  • Full goat leather shell with neoprene
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit expensive

Related: A winter scarf sure goes well with these gloves, it also keeps the cold out and conserve heat around the neck and other covered areas. Therefore, we suggest checking out the Alpine Swiss Winter Scarf. Unisex, long enough for any kind of wear, and offers great warmth and protection from the cold wind.

Check the price on Amazon

Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves

Price: Approx. $65

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 0.5 x 7 x 5 inches

Specific features: Waterproof, breathable, quick drying, soft and tactile leather palm

Best use: Winter survival, kayaking, camping, hiking

Description: A breathable/waterproof Ventia insert, a ski hill mapped insulation, and leather fingers and palms, make the Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves, durable, warm, and an all-around performer when in the outdoors. Other features of these gloves include:

The 340 g EnduraLoft insulation at the hands’ back and a 200 g on its palms help prevent the fingers while playing in the snow.

They have a durable nylon shell featuring breathable and waterproof Ventia® inserts which helps in keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Also, the soft patches on the thumbs’ back, provide a conducive place to wipe the face and nose.

The DuoCinch™ gauntlet ends are simple to operate and keep out the biting snow and the wind. The wrist cinches are designed to fine tune the gloves’ fit across the hand back.

The gloves incorporate removable wrist cords which secure them to the wrists. These great features coupled with a good price make this glove one of the best you can find on the market today.


  • Lightweight
  • Gives enough room for your hand to move
  • Keeps your hands warm even in the severe weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Keeps out biting snow and the wind
  • Fits the hand perfectly
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for warmer weather

Related: Winter adventures are always cold, which means you have to prepare adequately before you embark on your adventures. Besides the gloves, winter socks are perfect to keep the harsh cold weather out. Best choice? Our suggestion would be the Pure Athlete Ski Socks.

Check the price on Amazon

Hestra Morrison Pro Ski Gloves Hestra Morrison Pro Ski Gloves

Price: Approx. $200

Weight: 0.61 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 4 inches

Specific features: Waterproof and breathable membrane, Hestra handcuffs, fleece lining and Thermolite insulation

Best use: Outdoor sports, survival, hiking

Description: The Hestra Morrison Pro Ski Gloves are constructed from strong cowhide leather and feature a new, reinforced leather on the palm and thumb. This combination makes them one of the toughest pairs of outdoor survival and winter sports gloves on the market.

With its extreme dexterity, incredible feel, reliable durability, and above average warmth, it’s one amongst the greatest gloves you can ever own. The only downside the manufacturers identified is that the Morrison Pro is not entirely water resistant and it requires extreme care to maintain its performance.

The gloves feature a zip pocket, a cord lock, and Velcro closure which cinches your wrists for warmth as well as secure fit. The removable insert enhances insulation and accommodates various weather conditions.

The level of water resistance these gloves offer is quite respectable, but they are not completely waterproof and won’t keep your hands dry if submerged in water. Combined with other features, this is a pair of gloves that you will definitely enjoy for many seasons on the slopes or winter hikes.


  • Lightweight
  • Keeps your hands warm even in the severe weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable membrane
  • Fits the hand perfectly
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

Related: Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry, but what about the cold wind and your thighs and calves? Especially if you love skiing and are exposed to strong, cold winds. Besides winter or skiing pants, you will need an additional layer of insulation. And, a pair of high-quality leggings would do the job perfectly. The Carthartt Wicking Cotton Leggings offer great warmth, and the high absorbing cotton blend, ensures that you stay dry as well. Plus, they are quite affordable.

Check the price on Amazon

Hestra Heli Ski 3-Finger Gloves Hestra Heli Ski 3-Finger Gloves

Price: Approx. $97

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 3 inches

Specific features: Waterproof and breathable membrane, Hestra handcuffs, fleece lining and Thermolite insulation, Hestra Carabiner

Best Use: Winter hiking, skiing and other outdoor winter sports

Description: The Hestra Heli Ski 3-Finger Gloves are a pair of the new classic gloves, with a lot of functions. This is a suitable model for people who ski on the powder snow, and require a warm and durable companion.

This model can be with different liners. Their waterproof and breathable capabilities make them an ideal choice for your snowboarding and skiing.

The Hestra Army Leather gloves also come with fleece lining and Thermolite insulation, which makes your hands warm even in the worst weather conditions. The lining retains heat and repels outside air that tries to enter the gloves, which make them an incredible option for the harsh winter weather.

The Hestra handcuffs prevent the hands from coming into contact with snow and cold while the Thermolite insulation provides the insulation you deserve. Beside skiers, this model is a great choice for hikers and backpackers as well. They are lightweight and also come at an affordable price.


  • Lightweight
  • Keeps your hands warm even in the severe weather conditions
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Breathable membrane
  • Hand washable
  • Hestra handcuffs to secure gloves to wrist
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Takes time to get used to 3-finger style

Related: A super cold weather crew neck top is a great choice to wear on your outdoor adventures in the winter. The Carthartt Super Cold Weather Base Layer Top keeps your body warm and also prevents cold air from reaching your body.

Check the price on Amazon

Salomon Propeller GTX Gloves Salomon Propeller GTX Gloves

Price: $35 – $165

Weight: 0.88 pounds

Dimensions: 17 x 7 x 4 inches

Specific features: Velcro wrist closure, short cuff design, elastic leash

Best use: Winter outdoor sports, ice fishing, hiking

Description: The Salomon Propeller GTX Gloves are suitable as they provide waterproof protection in a high-quality package with the incorporation of many great features. The stretch fabric enables you to grasp tools and poles and operate straps and buckles.

This material is constructed from a soft shell that can resist abrasion as well as Advanced Skin, Dry waterproofing which keeps the hands dry and allowing for a freedom of movement.

Breathable and lightweight, the Thermolite Micro insulation provides versatility for excellent weather protection on the mountains. The reinforced leather palm is meant to withstand the tear and wear of mountain sports while providing a secure grip.

The Propeller Gloves also come with other features such as the Velcro wrist on a short gauntlet to keep out the cold wind and snow, a nose wipe on its thumb, as well as a touch-screen-compatible feature. Sold in pairs, these kinds of gloves can be found in a variety of sizes and color to suit your needs.


  • Comes with a nylon zippered pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • The gloves enable you to grab the poles, tools and so on.
  • Offers good warmth
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not perfect for extreme cold temperatures

Related: Since the gloves are waterproof, you will need to keep that feature by re-applying a waterproofing solution. The Kiwi Heavy Duty Water Repellent Spray works well with tents, hiking shoes, boat covers, and most of your camping gear. It will protect and waterproof your gloves as well.

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Wrap Up

With the waterproofing spray, we have reached the end of our article. Hopefully, it was an interesting read, and hopefully, you now know how to choose winter gloves and end up with a model that suits your personal needs. Also, we are certain that among the models we reviewed, at least one got both yours and your wallet’s eye.

A person wearing a pair of winter gloves

Regardless of the model you liked the most in our reviews, rest assured that they are all perfect for those who find their features useful. So, make a list of the most important ones you expect a glove having, and go through the models we presented, again. Just to make sure you made the perfect choice.

Not to forget, if you own a pair of winter gloves that we reviewed, we would love to hear your experience with them and our readers would appreciate that as well. You can leave your comments in the comments section below.


Kane Dane


  • I have super tiny hands and they always get cold while I am riding or hiking in the backcountry, however, these winter gloves are nifty. Strong and durable, I am drawn to the leather variety such as the Hestra Moriison. I can rock this season using them. Plus leather doesn’t smell either. 🙂

  • Hi John! Make sure you check the materials used as insulation so your hands don’t freeze. Down insulation are best if you’re going skiing or in extreme cold temperatures. It also pays to examine whether the gloves are water resistant, as well.

  • I own quite a collection of winter gloves from different brands but my absolute favorite while backpacking have got to be the Black Diamond brand. The gloves look stylish and sturdy with the all-leather design and even additional leather strengthening for the palm.

  • I think when you have quite a collection of gloves, you can easily compare the features of each brand. Most users swear on the durability of this product because of its full goat leather shell. The GORE-TEX lining is also a remarkable feature of the product.


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