Best Sleeping Bag Liner: Keeping Your Sleeping Bag Clean

Man Sitting in a Sleeping Bag Liner Outside
Written by Kane Dane

So, you love camping in the great outdoors, and you love the comfort your sleeping bag provides. But, you are not so excited after camping, when you need to clean out your sleeping bag, right? Have you ever considered getting the best sleeping bag liner to keep your sleeping bag clean and help it live longer?

There are perfect reasons for getting a sleeping bag liner to cover your sleeping bag. For example, it won’t get dirty, you will prolong its lifespan, and you might even get additional insulation and warmth if you are camping in the cold weather. But, with so many different models available, how to know which one to pick?

Image showing a sleeping bag in a sack on the ground

Choosing the right liner for your bag, specifically, can be a trial. But, this article will soon send you on your way with something useful and right for you. From materials that are right for you, to temperature insulation tech, we will take you through all that you need to know and more, as we take a look at the best sleeping bag liners on the market.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightMaterialSpecific FeaturesPrice
Cocoon Silk0.6 poundsRipstop silkLightweight and machine washableCheck price on Amazon
Alps Mountaineering Poly Cotton1.5 poundsPoly cottonVersatile, unique and comfortable shapeCheck price on Amazon
Teton Sports1.15 pounds100% cottonGives you a large amount of roomCheck price on Amazon
Swecatch Travel0.4 poundsPolyesterSide opening with Velcro closure, silky softCheck price on Amazon
Alps Mountaineering0.7 poundsMicrofiber soft fabricIncludes a standard stuff sackCheck price on Amazon
Dimples Excel Luxurious0.52 poundsSatin with an amazing silky textureLightweight and compact, satinCheck price on Amazon
Sea to Summit Reactor0.88 poundsThermolite constructionCompact and with Thermolite fibers that provide ample warmthCheck price on Amazon

Important Features to Consider Before Buying

If you are looking to buy a sleeping bag liner then you need to know more about a few features that make one different than the other one. We will help you by explaining all the necessary features that are needed for a great sleeping bag liner. To make it easier for you, we are going to elaborate each one separately.


It is quite obvious that material is one of the most important features when you are considering purchasing a sleeping bag liner. If you are looking for a more natural feeling, then you have to choose a proper material that will feel natural to your skin like cotton or silk.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a liner that will be durable and offer great insulation, then a synthetic material liner is what you should be considering.

Image showing the Sea-to-Summit-Cool-Max-sleeping-bag-liner

Both of these types of materials are great in their own way and you won’t make a mistake with either, so there is one less thing to worry about.  If you are an environmentally friendly person then you will go for a more natural material.

At the same time, if you like getting the job done easier, you will choose synthetic materials. It all depends on your personal needs.


Lower temperatures shouldn’t stop you from spending some time away from that urban jungle. Besides keeping your sleeping bag  clean and adding extra comfort, sleeping bag liners can act as great insulators.

For example, if the temperature is too low, a good, thick liner will add a layer of insulation and help you keep that warm air trapped close to you.

Image showing a woman sitting in a sleeping bag outside

Also, if the temperatures are high, then, depending on the chosen material, the liner can act as an added layer of insulation from the heat. Meaning that it will stop the hot air from the outside, from entering your sleeping bag.

So, it all comes down to the season you plan to use the liner in. If it’s for winter, then natural, thick materials that are not breathable, will do the job, while the synthetic ones will keep you from getting overheated during the summer.


This is an obvious feature that you should consider before hitting that order button. However, many people tend to forget to check if the size of the liner fits their sleeping bag and end up with a liner that is either too big, which is not that much of a problem, or with a liner that is too small, which makes it practically useless for the intended purpose.

A woman in a sleeping bag in a tent reading a book in the night

Therefore, before buying a sleeping bag liner, make sure that its size matches the size of your sleeping bag. Ideally, it should be just a little bigger than the bag so that after washing, in case it shrinks, it doesn’t become too small to fit your sleeping bag.


Another obvious thing, yet people either don’t think about it, or they simply forget that just like sleeping bags, the liners have specific shapes as well. For example, if you have a classic, rectangular shaped sleeping bag, a mummy shaped liner would be of no use to you.

Image showing the Big-Agnes-Lost-Ranger-Sleeping-Bag

That is why you need to pay attention to the shape of the sleeping liner. As you might have guessed already, it needs to match the shape of your sleeping bag. So, if you have a mummy shaped sleeping bag, a rectangular liner is not for you, but a mummy shaped one.


If you are using your sleeping bag in dry conditions, than any type of liner material will do just fine. However, in case your camping trip includes areas that are known to be rainy or accumulate plenty of damp during the night and especially in the morning, then what you need is a liner that is fully waterproof.

A man in a sleeping bag holding a cup of hot coffee

This way, not only that you will keep your sleeping bag from getting all stained up, but you will also keep yourself warm and dry no matter the weather conditions. But, keep in mind that waterproofed liners usually don’t have good breathability capabilities, so they are not that good for hot weather areas.

Top Products on Today’s Market

Now it’s time to get familiar with the best models the market has to offer. Read the reviews carefully and see which one has all the features you are looking for.

Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner

Price: Approx. $50

Weight:  0.6 pounds

Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 8 inches

Specific features: Lightweight, machine washable

Best use: Hiking, trekking

Description: The Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner comes with a high quality silk, which is one of the best materials for minimizing packing size and weight. Also, this material offers a pleasant, soft feeling against your skin.

Furthermore, this sleeping bag liner is great for every season as it responds well to changing temperatures, meaning that it will keep you warm in colder temperatures, and at the same time, keep you from getting overheated if the temperatures are too high.

For those who are worried about washing the Mummy Liner, we should mention that this model is easy to hand or machine wash, and it dries out quickly.

Furthermore, this special, Ripstop silk is woven with a grid-like structure of strong silk threads, making it more durable and resistant to tearing than regular silk.  All in all, this liner is easy to carry and comfortably made, and is definitely a model worth checking out.


  • Temperature regulated
  • Ripstop technology keeps the liner from splitting


  • Could use some more length

Related: Now that you found the ideal liner for your sleeping bag, you should make your level of comfort even higher. Therefore, we can suggest considering a hiking/camping pillow, and the one we recommend is the Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow. This pillow will definitely help you in getting the best good night’s rest under the stars.

Check the price on Amazon

Alps Mountaineering Poly Liner ALPS Mountaineering Poly Liner

Price: Approx. $28

Weight:  1.5 pounds

Dimensions:  33 X 80 inches

Specific features: Unique shape, versatile use

Best use:  Camping, hiking

Description: The ALPS Mountaineering Poly Liner is a sleeping bag liner with the unique shape that offers great features. It definitely makes the job of keeping your sleeping bag clean and durable much easier.

The size is standard so all members of your family will be able to use it for their bags as well. If you like family oriented hiking then we recommend giving it try.

Comfort and quality should always go together, and the Alps Mountaineering Poly Cotton Rectangle offers you both and with that natural feeling that you can only get from cotton.

This is not just the simple cotton, but the poly cotton, which offers more rugged quality and the highest level of endurance. If you are not a big fan of cotton there is a second option and these are micro fibers. There is a choice for everyone.

Furthermore, five separating zippers are there to enable you to keep the sleeping bag safe and clean. This means that there is not a single chance that your sleeping bag will lose its protection. Speaking of cleanliness, it is machine washable so you can bring it anywhere you go. It is surely worthwhile to check it out.


  • Made from a poly cotton micro fiber material
  • Machine washable


  • Five separate zippers can be a little confusing at times

Related:  This liner is usually bought together with a camping pillow for an improved comfort. We can recommend the Kalili Ultralight Inflatable Pillow. Why this one? Well, since it is extremely light and inflatable, your backpack will not even know it’s there when you pack it in deflated.

Check the price on Amazon

Teton Sports Sleeping Bag Liner Teton Sports Sleeping Bag Liner

Price: Approx. $35

Weight: 1.15 pounds

Dimensions: 0.25 x 58 x 91 inches

Specific features: Roomy, 100% cotton

Best use:  Hiking, trekking

Description: The Teton Sports Sleeping Bag Liner is made for all hiking enthusiasts who tend to do a bit of extra activity while they are hiking. There is no need to get back home after the nightfall anymore. Not even mud can stop you from staying out.

Active people will enjoy this sleeping bag liner as they will be getting the most for an affordable price. It is not just another cheap bargain as you will be getting a roomy and lightweight sleeping bag liner. This means that it will not add any extra weight to your sleeping bag.

Natural feel to your skin will make you sleep for a long time, so you can be sure that you will be rested for the next adventures. You will have enough room even for larger sleeping bags and your sleeping bag will be protected from that dirty floor.

It is easily dried and machine washable, which practically makes it ready when you are. One specific feature is warranty, so you can get the fullest support. This makes it one of a kind considering the overall role of the sleeping bag liner.


  • Roomy size available
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable


  • No side zip
  • Can be complicated to get in and out of it

Related: For those warm camping nights in a tent, you will definitely need a way to have light before going to bed (sleeping bag/liner) and you will also need something to keep the heat down so that you can have a good night’s sleep. Why not have both in one package? We recommend checking out the Image Portable Lantern. It will give you light and keep you cool at the same time as it comes with an inbuilt fan.

Check the price on Amazon

Swecatch Travel Sleeping Bag Liner Swecatch Travel Sleeping Bag Liner

Price: Approx. $25

Weight: 0.4 pounds

Dimensions: 0.79 x 5.51 x 7.48 inches

Specific features: Side opening with Velcro closure, silky soft

Best use: Hiking, camping

Description: When looking for a great liner, you should look for comfort, high-quality, and fair price, and with the Swecatch Travel Sleeping Bag Liner, you get all of that. It’s not just made for hiking and trekking, but for any kind of travelling which requires a sturdy protection. It is made out of polyester, but due to the high-quality, it feels like sleeping on the silk.

The Swecatch liner is big enough so it can even fit on the sleeping bags that were meant for tall people. It is folded easily and it is made to fit anywhere you want it to. Furthermore, this liner has just one opening so you will be able to put in your sleeping bag quickly. Do not worry about it falling out as it comes with the Velcro opening.

This is a versatile sleeping bag liner that can be used in a variety of different occasions. It comes in two different colors blue and white, and the price is quite reasonable.


  • Comes in two different customizable colors
  • Compact packing solutions


  • Made out of polyester materials

Related: For a great night’s rest, the only thing that you additionally need is a sleeping pad to add extra comfort. That is exactly why we recommend the Klymit Static V Lite Sleeping Pad. It will make your camping nights much more comfortable and you will feel much more rested in the morning.

Check the price on Amazon

Alps Mountaineering Mummy Liner  ALPS Mountaineering Mummy Liner

Price: Approx. $30

Weight: 4.0 pounds

Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 3.35 inches

Specific features: Includes a standard stuff sack

Best use: Hiking, trekking

Description: The ALPS Mountaineering Mummy Liner deserves  to be included in this list due to its excellent features. If you want to go hiking in the winter, then this sleeping bag liner is definitely worthy of being checked out.

Double layer provides the feeling of extra warmth and comfort. You cannot just sleep on the ground if your sleeping bag gets dirty, so having a good sleeping bag liner is obligatory.

This sleeping bag liner is another standard one so it is suitable for every body type, i.e. for every type of sleeping bag. This makes it easier to share it with your friends and family.

As it is usual with this company, you can choose between two materials. One is poly cotton and the other one is microfiber. If you are looking for increased warmth, then you need to choose microfiber. Microfiber increases the comfort so you are getting all of these in one compact sleeping bag liner liner.

It is well protected from any dirt and filth. This means that you do not have to bring additional clothes so your backpack will be lighter. This sleeping bag liner is easily washable too. You are getting all in one with this model.


  • You can choose between two materials; poly cotton, or microfiber
  • Double layered


  • Only fits standard size campers

Related:  This manufacturer also offers an additional matching product and it is a pillow. You should definitely check out the  Alps Mountaineering Microfiber Pillow if you want to add some comfort during your outdoor nights.

Check the price on Amazon

Dimples Excel Luxurious Liner Dimples Excel Luxurious Liner

Price: Approx. $17

Weight: 0.52 pounds

Dimensions: 86 x 41 inches

Specific features: Luxury design, roomy

Best use: Hiking, camping

Description: Elite camping is not only for the richest as you are going to enjoy in this luxurious sleeping bag liner. The Dimples Excel Luxurious Liner deserves its name truly, as you will be getting a lot more space than with standard sleeping bag liners. This means that it is suited for the sleeping bag of any size.

You will be able to carry it everywhere as it is quite lightweight and its silky feeling will give you a great night’s rest. The side entrance is large enough to be used without any problem and it has  a Velcro closure so there is no chance of it falling off.

Also worth mentioning is that this company offers satisfaction guarantee, and in case you are not happy with the liner, you have 90 days to return it and get all of your money back.


  • Ultra comfort
  • Spacious fit
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not breathable
  • Not for colder climates

Related: When you are outdoors, your hygiene should not suffer and regular face face and hand washing are a must. But, what about the towels? We can recommend Relefree’s Microfiber Towels that are ideal for outdoor adventures as they are highly absorbent, antibacterial, quick dry, and light as a feather.

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Sea to Summit Reactor Liner Sea to Summit Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner

Price: Approx. $68

Weight: 0.88 pounds

Dimensions: 84 x 36 inches

Specific features: Compact and with Thermolite fibers that provide ample warmth

Best use:  Camping, hiking

Description: The Sea to Summit Reactor Liner is suited perfectly for an extreme hiker. Taking your hiking to the limit and staying another day is not such an extreme challenge anymore. This liner offers exceptional warmth and it is even highly compressible and packable, and you will be able to carry it easily in your backpack.

How does it keep you warm? This bag liner is completely covered with Termolite; this means that you will be safe from cold all around your body and it will increase the overall temperature by  25 °F. It is proven to be useful in the coldest weather.

As for the color choices, it comes only in red, and the package includes also a stuff sack for easy packing and storing of the liner. All in all, with high-quality materials and exceptional insulation properties, this liner is perfect for those who plan on spending the nights with temperatures below zero.


  • Covered in Thermolite to promote heat retraction
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Comes only in red

Related: If the nights are too warm for a sleeping bag, then you could pair up your liner with the Therm-A-Rest Mattress for the ultimate comfort during the night and a fresh, energized feeling in the morning.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

This is the end of our today’s guide to the finest sleeping bag liners on the market. We hope that we have given you enough information about this usually overlooked equipment for hiking.

With the knowledge you gained here, not only that now you know which models are the best, but you also know which features are the most important ones, which makes picking the perfect model for you easier.


If you are planning on camping in the winter with the temperatures going below zero, then, the last liner we reviewed, the Sea to Summit Reactor, might be your best choice.

On the other hand, if you plan on using your liner just for keeping your sleeping bag clean and as a protection from mosquitoes, then we suggest checking out the Dimples Excel.

Now, it is your turn to share your experience with the rest of our readers. If you think that we forgot to mention a liner that should definitely be on the list, or if you have some questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


Kane Dane


  • I’ve tried many different sleeping bag liners and nothing has topped silk for me yet. It’s ridiculously soft and comfortable, usually easy to wash if you have the right blend, and sometimes surprisingly affordable. The Cocoon Silk Mummy liner is my all-time favorite liner, and their color selection is impressive.

  • For a person whose work entails travelling much, I sleep in different places and one time, circumstances forced me to sleep in a tent for a few months. I looked for a sleeping bag online and someone highly recommended the Cocoon Silk. Every time I use this sleeping bag, I am glad that I took his advice because other that being warm and comfortable, it feels quite beautiful to sleep in.

  • I am considering buying the TETON Sports 179-P, one reason being that it has a warranty. I never bought one before so I do not have an exact preference. I have a very expensive sleeping bag that I am so attached to and I would like to keep it in good condition for the longest time possible. I think the sleeping bag liner is ideal since it is easily dried and machine washable so I can always sleep in a clean sleeping bag.


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