Best Women’s Parka: Keeping the Ladies Warm During the Winter

Woman wearing short white parka
Written by Kane Dane

Ladies, you will all agree that there is no better way of keeping yourself warm during the winter than wearing the best women’s parka you can find on the market. There is so much you can do as a woman out-of-doors during the winter, and a high-performing jacket is just what you need.

And for that reason, we have dedicated our time and effort to help you find that reliable winter parka. A good winter jacket needs to be lightweight, provide good thermal insulation and be breathable to prevent sweating, which is a hidden health threat, particularly when it’s cold.

To help narrow down your search, we have prepared a list of highly recommended women’s parka that have proven their worth in the real world. Each product was selected based on its design features and performance. You should be able to buy the ideal parka immediately you are done going through our buying tips and product reviews.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightFabricSpecific FeaturesPrice
The North Face Arctic3.3 lbPolyester blendRemovable hood, adjustable back hood webbing with a buckle, quilted lining, dropped split them with fun.Check price on Amazon
Alpinetek 1000AUD1 lb83% polyester, 17% cottonDetachable faux fur hood, two pairs of large outer pockets, adjustable waist belt, 2-way zipper closure with six buttons.Check price on Amazon
Triple F.A.T Goose Arkona0.81 lbPremium nylon taslanDetachable hood with coyote fur ruff, high quality YKK zippers, four large pocket.Check price on Amazon
The North Face Gotham1.9 lbNylon, and recycled polyester taffeta shellZipped closure, fixed hood, concealed zip at inseam hand pockets, encased waist side elastic panels, durable water repellent (DWR) coating, internal media pocket with media loop.Check price on Amazon
Columbia Snow Eclipse2 lbShell: 100% polyester; lining: 100% nylonRemovable hood with faux fur, hand warming front pockets with side zip openings, snap closure, 2-way zipper.Check price on Amazon
Horze Supreme Brooke2 lb3000 MM waterproof and 3000 MVP breathable fabricsRemovable hood with faux fur, two large front pockets in the stomach area and huge chest pockets with vertical zipper openings.Check price on Amazon
Fanala LSH0060572.2 lbBroadcloth fabricRemovable hood with raccoon fur, rabbit hair on the back, two waist pockets for keeping hands, zipper closure with six buttons support.Check price on Amazon
Yinuowei 7OXQ62 lbPolyester + memory fabric; NERI: 100% polyester fillerTwo pairs of pockets, chest and stomach located, removable hood, double zippers.Check price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Choosing the best parka does not have to be a difficult job. You just have to know exactly what to look for on the market. We have prepared the following buying information, to help you locate and single out a high performing women’s jacket for your winter adventures.


Basically, the single purpose of a jacket is to keep you warm and dry when in challenging weather conditions such as frost or heavy snow. Outwear made for active women must be leading edge, so if you want to ski or snowboard all day long it should be a blend of advanced fabrics.

Winter jackets are the highest priority so you need not to wonder if you see one with a price tag you would call unreasonable. In this case, you might be dealing with leading edge technology and such parkas really justify the very last penny invested in it. Some models we will talk about later represent such examples.

Thermal Insulation: Down vs. Synthetic

Down or synthetic is basically the only two material types used in making winter coats of any kind feel warm. Both have their pros and cons, so even though synthetic materials are constantly improving, down still remains widely used and ordered, despite many concerns coming from the fact that these are made by exploiting dead (usually slaughtered) animals.

A model wearing a thermal parka jacket

Down insulation has advanced as well, so they are no longer this heavy as some old ones. Actually, old down coats were heavy because of other materials used to support your comfort by keeping the down dry – not because of the down fill itself. The principle of down is actual thermal insulation – it prevents warm air which is heated up by your body from getting outside.

The warm air is trapped within the jacket’s inner perimeter. This material does not collect warmth by itself, nor does it repel cold air – so the efficiency of down coats in the wind might depend on the quality of its outer shell, which we will discuss later. The down used comes mostly from geese and ducks.

The quality of down is measured in “fill” which is solely determined by the down volume. Fill as a unit means the number of cubic inches taken by an ounce of down when compressed by a set weight. The higher the fill number, the better the insulation power, so a 600 fill jacket will provide better insulation than a 500 fill one.

Woman wearing in town a Hooded-winter-parka

Synthetic thermal insulation materials usually mimic what the real down does – keeping warm air trapped inside it. However, synthetic down is more water-resistant, so despite being heavier a bit it still doesn’t require a highly waterproof shell. This is another reason why synthetic insulation jackets are less expensive than most down parkas.

The Waterproof Shell

The shell is another major component of any winter coat. While thermal insulation layer keeps you warm, the shell is what keeps you and the insulation component dry. If the jacket is made with natural down waterproofing it is essential. Wet down loses most of its insulation properties and becomes very heavy, since it can collect and keep a lot of water.

Waterproof materials were heavy before and such and armor would add much to the coat’s weight, making it actually quite heavy owing to a number of layers required to make it actually water repellent. Even today, down jackets require multiple layers, though modern materials are much lighter and more efficient in keeping the down dry.

Woman wearing a red parka jacket is hiking in the forest

The technology of these layers is complex; there are the exterior waterproof layers which are laminated to breathable, super fine membrane. This membrane has millions of microscopic pores per cubic inch, small enough to keep the water out, but enough to let the air flow whenever pores are dry and open.

The external layer may have a waterproof film, which prevents water from vaporing even when the coated surface is saturated with rain. Water resistance power is measured in MM – millimeters of rain it can withstand within 24 hours without being saturated.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Among all these designs and options, choosing a good parka might be a problem. Before you order, you need to thoroughly inspect features on some of your most appealing jackets. These eight women parkas below are carefully selected by our expert team considering all the useful features and looks.

The North Face Arctic The North Face Arctic

Price: Approx. $200

Weight: 3.3 lb

Fabric: Polyester blend

Specific features: Removable hood, adjustable back hood webbing with a buckle, quilted lining, dropped split hem with fun.

Best use: Winter outdoor activities

Description: Choose among one of 15 colors of The North Face Arctic , and you will get a beautiful waist-emphasizing coat for most your winter needs. North Face is one of the top manufacturers of winter outwear so you will be assured about the quality.

What we do not like about the North Face Arctic is the pockets. It has only one side pair of pockets on the hips, and these are inclined for primary use to keep your hands inside. Had it got some large chest pockets that would have been a perfect item?

The polyester blend fabric is very resourceful compared to most women’s jacket materials. It is easy to machine or hand wash and it dries remarkably fast. Unlike other fabrics, the polyester blend will easily retain its shape after washing and drying.

This is an outstanding insulated winter jacket that combines a breathable, water-resistant peripheral with thermal down insulation. The removable bonnet is properly designed and integrated with faux-fur trim for added insulation.


  • The polyester blend fabric is not only easy to machine and hand wash, but it also dries exceptionally fast.
  • The jacket’s insulation is reinforced with a breathable, water-resistant exterior and 550-fill down insulation.
  • The jacket hood is removable for convenience, and it is incorporated with faux-fur trimming for added head insulation.
  • It comes with an adjustable back hood/bonnet strap work with a buckle system for easy operation.


  • It has minimal pockets for storage, which is quite inconvenient if you have a number of small gears to stow away.

Related: You should consider buying the Women’s The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket along with the North Face ETIP Gloves. The gloves will effectively insulate your hands.

Check the price on Amazon

Alpinetek 1000AUD Alpinetek 1000AUD

Price: $160 – $180

Weight: 1 lb

Fabric: 83% polyester, 17% cotton

Specific features: Detachable faux fur hood, two pairs of large outer pockets, adjustable waist belt, 2-way zipper closure with six buttons.

Best use: Hiking during the winter, and every other activity in cold areas

Description: Besides the aforementioned features, the Alpinetek 1000AUD has a plenty of other gimmicks, including reflective 3M Scotch-lite details for better visibility at night and a knit storm cuff in sleeve with thumb opening.

This knee-long parka comes in three major colors. You will be able to emphasize your waist with a belt and feel even warmer. This jacket is also highly water repellent surface. It is an absolute favorite for active women who are not willing to spend too much for a leading edge parka.

The most unique aspect of the jacket is the fabric, which is made up of 18% cotton and 82% polyester. Both cotton and polyester materials are machine washable and dry considerably fast compared to other parka fabrics.

The jacket’s blue color is complemented by the faux fur trimmed hood, which is easily detachable. The parka is remarkably roomy, thus allowing you to conveniently wear a sweater for additional insulation and warmth.


  • The combination of polyester and cotton materials, forms a machine washable parka fabric that dries exceptionally fast.
  • You do not have to worry about night visibility when wearing the ALPINETEK, because the 3m scotch lite reflective feature brightens the parka.
  • The jacket’s insulation is heavily reinforced with 70% duck down and durable water repellent fabric for exceptional warmth.
  • The cute parka design features a logo on the arm and it is fitted with both zipper and button closures for convenience.


  • The sizes are not as stated in the sizing chart, because they may turn out too capacious.

Related: We recommend you buy the Alpinetek parka along with the Liny XIN YXOBY Wool Sweater. The sweater will add additional insulation and comfort.

Check the price on Amazon

Triple F.A.T Goose Arkona Triple F.A.T. Goose Arkona Parka

Price: Approx. $450

Weight: 0.81 lb

Fabric: Premium nylon taslan

Specific features: Detachable hood with coyote fur ruff, high quality YKK zippers, four large pockets,

Best use: For extremely cold winters

Description: For those who do not make any compromises regarding quality, the Triple F.A.T. Goose Arkona is actually what they’re looking for. Robust but very light, follows the body shape of active women and remains waterproof in almost all conditions.

The revolutionary Teflon shield is able to always keep you dry and even prevent oil stains. This unique parka, is available in three colors, and waistband for emphasizing a fit body and adding more to the warmth of this premium parka. Not cheap, but worth every single penny.

Canadian coyote fur on the hood is a premium feature far above materials commonly found in parkas, even those with similar pricing, with the finest and carefully selected goose down. The goose down is the finest and lightweight compared to any other.

The heavy-duty down fill creates pockets that are very effective in retaining heat. It also allows moisture to be wicked out of the jacket. This particular feature ensures that your upper body is sweat-free and warm at all times.


  • The parka features a heavy-duty fabric that incorporates a Teflon shield plus fabric protector and a first-rate nylon Taslan DWR for effective outdoor performance.
  • The lightweight, machine washable and breathable fabric has a reliable water repellency rating of 10,000mm.
  • The goose down is lightweight and high performing, and it comprises of air pockets that help in effective retaining of heat and wicking of moisture.
  • The buckle closure system comprises of an elastic waistband that you can use to keep the parka tighten in the middle for style and convenience.


  • It is available in minimum color options.

Related: The F.A.T Goose Arkona jacket should be bought together with the Jennie Liu J LO-CMYA-C34H Neck Sweater. The pullover is necessary for additional insulation and warmth.

Check the price on Amazon

North Face Gotham The North Face Gotham Parka

Price: $170 – $260

Weight: 1.9 lb

Fabric: Nylon and recycled polyester taffeta shell

Specific features: Zipped closure, fixed hood, concealed zip at inseam hand pockets, encased waist side elastic panels, durable water repellent (DWR) coating, internal media pocket with media loop.

Best use: Winter walks, snowshoeing

Description: Another high end option, is the The North Face Gotham. You can choose between twelve color options of this, high warmth issue from a renowned manufacturer. The hood is fixed, but has no fur so it’s very light.

The elastic waist shaping feature will make it a good fit for every woman. What makes this jacket so great are its gimmicks such as the media pocket with loop, elasticized sleeve hem and ruched bottom hem. Despite all that, this is one of the lighter winter parkas, powerful enough to protect active women even in a Dakota winter.

The synthetic fabric is used in the creation of the jacket is stronger and ideal for active wear. The fabric is very much capable of enduring demanding friction and stretching without wear of any kind compared to most fabrics.

This synthetic parka has a competitive price range that you can certainly manage. The jacket is available in ten colors and six fits in the size chart. The zipper is strong and does not jam or present any difficulties.


  • The synthetic fabric used in the engineering of the jacket is strong, and highly resistant to friction and stretching.
  • It is incorporated with wrapped elastic waist side panels, which provides you with a perfect fit.
  • The goose down insulation (550 fill) and the incorporated fixed hood offer unmatched comfort and warmth in extreme conditions.
  • It is a very versatile parka that is fitted with additional fixtures, including adjustable hood, concealed zipper at inseam, and ruched bottom hem.


  • You have to be extra careful with the size or else the choice you make may not be the ideal fit.

Related: We recommend you buy the parka along with the North Face Cable Minna Beanie. This unique headgear comprises of a fleece ear band that improves insulation.

Check the price on Amazon

Columbia Snow Eclipse Columbia Snow Eclipse

Price: $70 – $200

Weight: 2 lb

Fabric: Shell – 100% polyester; lining – 100% nylon

Specific features: Removable hood with faux fur, hand warming front pockets with side zip openings, snap closure, 2-way zipper

Best use: Outdoor activities during the winter

Description: If you do not like the idea that what you wear, was once a part of a living being, the Columbia Snow Eclipse is a great choice for you. High quality artificial down insulation comes packed in a waterproof and stain resistant shell.

Columbia is a renowned manufacturer of active wear and whatever they make is great for use in demanding outdoor activities. Lack of useful pocket storage and color options might not sound appealing, but this parka goes for a great price as well as quite good insulation properties for a synthetic down jacket.

The jacket’s fabric is a combination of 100% nylon and 100% polyester. The two materials provide you with excellent features. They both provide the strength needed for the jacket’s high performance in extreme conditions.

The limited color options are impressive, including mineshaft, bluebell, Chianti, dusty purple, pond, chalk, and plum. Each color will suitably compliment your complexion. Columbia has indeed demonstrated how inventive they are in creating women’s outfits.


  • The 100% polyester and nylon form a strong fabric that is machine washable and dries considerably fast.
  • The fabric is highly water resistant; so light showers will not be a problem when the weather catches up with you when out-of-doors.
  • The parka is remarkably long covering almost half of your thighs, and it comes with a zipper closure for effective insulation.
  • The synthetic down insulation (rated at 150 grams) and the removable hood contribute greatly to the parka’s warmth.


  • The parka comes in limited color options.

Related: You should consider buying the Columbia Women’s Snow Eclipse Mid Jacket along with the Columbia Mighty Lite Cap. The cap will surely add the much needed insulation and warmth to your head.

Check the price on Amazon

Horze Supreme Brooke Horze Supreme Brooke

Price: $120 – $170

Weight: 2 lb

Fabric: 3000 MM waterproof and 3000 MVP breathable fabrics

Specific features: Removable hood with faux fur, two large front pockets in the stomach area and huge chest pockets with vertical zipper openings.

Best use: Winter horse riding

Description: The brand name suggests that the Horze Supreme Brooke is a horse riding jacket, and that’s true. However, if you find it attractive and good enough for all your outdoor activities and travel, you can opt for it. It is a durable and rugged item which can sustain much mechanical pressure, making it good for extreme winter sports usage, too.

This is not the lightest parka around, but is one of the thickest and most resistant ones. To make it good for a horse rider, the maker built a parka with high elastic properties for quick and abrupt moves dictated by the ridden animal.

It also has to grip tightly to your body to keep you warm even beyond such moves. It is not a super warm coat, but since it is meant to be used for high intensity activities it is actually good news. The available colors are great for any woman.


  • The parka is made up of 3000 MVP breathable and 3000 MM waterproof fabric that is high performing.
  • The parka features one of the best jacket designs that feature a faux fur, two zippers on the chest, and two front pockets with buttons.
  • The HORZE parka is quite roomy, providing you with enough space for wearing a pullover sweater for additional insulation and comfort.
  • The black and Lapis Lazuli Blue colors are cute and they are the ideal addition to most outfits.


  • The parka comes with limited color options and sizes.

Related: You should consider buying the Woolrich Laureldale Turtleneck Top. The long sleeve top will add the much needed insulation and warmth.

Check the price on Amazon

Fanala LSH006057 Fanala LSH006057 Jacket

Price: Approx. $100

Weight: 2.2 lb

Fabric:  Broadcloth fabric

Specific features: Removable hood with raccoon fur, rabbit hair on the back, two waist pockets for keeping hands, zipper closure with six buttons support

Best use: Hiking during the winter, snowshoeing

If you want the soft touch of luxury from the smoothest real furs, the Fanala LSH006057  will be your best companion. Available in two colors, lightweight and strong, it is what you will like to give to yourself to better survive winter.

Not everyone is a winter lover, so a parka both light and warm is what you demand. This is not a jacket plentiful in utility features. It is just a basic coat with strong basic capabilities to keep you warm and dry. High quality materials and on its every part invite you to spend a great and easy winter without many things on yourself.

This is a stylish design for any woman who wants maximum protection against the winter cold. The interior of the jacket is cute and comfortable to the body. It is one of the few modern women’s jackets that offer exceptional insulation.


  • The fur integrated in the hood is real, and it does offer additional comfort and insulation.
  • The stylish parka design is fashionable, especially for a casual outfit out-of-doors, and you can even unbutton it for a better look.
  • Regardless of how big it may appear, this particular jacket is lightweight and convenient for backpacking.
  • It is quite roomy, allowing you to wear a pullover sweater inside for additional insulation and warmth.


  • It is available in limited colors and sizes.

Related: You should consider buying the parka along with the MBE Basic Knit Pullover. The knit pullover will offer more insulation and warmth in extreme conditions.

Check the price on Amazon

Yinuowei 7OXQ6 Yinuowei 7OXQ6

Price: Approx. $100

Weight: 2 lb

Fabric: Polyester + memory fabric; NERI: 100% polyester filler

Specific features: Two pairs of pockets, chest and stomach located, removable hood, double zippers

Best use: For all-round winter activities

Description: Simple and minimalist but powerful regarding warming power and waterproofing abilities, the Yinuowei 7OXQ6  will be good for those who do not want much beyond what a winter coat always needed to be.

This simple and straightforward approach is chosen to come to an end of this article in case you feel that the previous seven parkas are far from your affinities. It does not mean this is a jacket for just surviving the winter with much compromise.

It still employs quality materials and wind protection at par with some of the aforementioned models. And has really large pockets, which we liked a lot. We, however, wish there should be some more color options.

The stylish design features four zippered pockets, two situated on the chest level and two at the abdomen for stowing items. You can choose to fully open the main zip to achieve a fashionable outfit.


  • The polyester and memory fabric materials form a strong fabric that is machine washable and very durable.
  • The jacket is treated with a waterproofing coating that ensures there is no penetration of water during light rains.
  • It is fitted with very ergonomic and user-friendly pockets for stowing smartphones, camera, gloves, and purse.
  • This is definitely a stylish and trendy parka for the money, because you transform it into a casual outfit by fully opening the zipper.


  • It comes with limited color options and sizes.

Related: You should consider purchasing this helmet along with the Simply Chic Outlet Dress. A combination of the jacket and dress will form a stylish outfit.

Check the price on Amazon

The Wrap Up

Ending with this Yinuowei jacket, we hope that we made a comprehensive and concurrent choice of modern parka jackets for women. Remember that a good parka is not just Active wear, depending on the climate where you reside, it is a necessity.

Woman wearing Canada Goose smilling at the camera

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to choose the best women’s parka. Most of the available parkas on today’s market are stylish. So, do not make the mistake of choosing looks over insulation abilities. A good jacket ought to protect you against the cold.

The resourcefulness and versatility of the parka, you choose, depends entirely on what you select. The buying guide and the list of product reviews should help you with your search. Beware of low quality parkas.

Did we inspire you to buy one of the highly recommended women’s parkas? If so, please share your experiences, thoughts, and concerns in the comments below.


Kane Dane


  • I’m not a girl, but some of these sound great. Warm and fashionable. I love the small descriptions of all the jackets as that will help me make my decision. But what do you personally wear? Just curious.

  • The Fanala Down Parka is very warm and comfortable. I love the fur around the collar, and the fact that it isn’t too bulky. It’s actually really durable and made from good materials. The removable hood is another reason why I love it!

  • The Fanala Down Parka because it is comfortable, sophisticated and the hood detaches! The fur is a nice addition and makes the parka stand out. Plus, it is made with great materials!

  • My partner has used “YINUOWEI WOMEN COTTON-PADDED PLUS SIZE JACKET FUR COLLAR HOODED DOWN PARKA COAT” which I have the concern. Its seems like the sizes are not actually matches in this and I found some reviews in the internet which states the same. Since we are going for a new one I would like the advise from someone who have the experience in using parka.

  • Sizes will vary by brand. The best you can do is try it on and if it doesn’t fit, then send it back.


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