Gift Ideas for Campers: Best Gifting Products

A man wearing the Leatherman - Tread Bracelet
Written by Kane Dane

Buying gifts for outdoor enthusiasts, especially campers, can be tedious as well as challenging, don’t you think? This is because there is so much involved in camping that it becomes difficult to decide what equipment or gear to give as a gift. What do you buy a person whose interest is hiking and camping? How will you know what the best gift ideas for campers are?

Well, there’s no need to feel lost or confused anymore, as this article offers a guide to the most favorite gift ideas for camping. But first, let’s have a look at some of the gear necessary for outdoor survival. Remember, just about any tool or equipment you would want to include in your camping escapade may add up to your survival kit. For instance, being able to keep in touch with anyone within a given radius would require the use of a walkie-talkie, which can double up as a survival tool and a gift.

A solar charger on the ground

Apart from that, being in a position to start and purify your drinking water is crucial. This requires the use of a filter which is a vital survival gear. When all these things are kept together, you and your loved ones can be prepared for just about anything your way.

Also, always remember to pack your survival gear carefully to avoid damaging it as a result of an impact. Fragile objects must be sorted and carried separately to ensure they are not damaged. Your equipment will last longer and will always work better because you take good care of it. Organizing your gear will make it possible to access your equipment with ease in the case of emergency.

Our Top Picks

Product NameType of the ProductUsed forSpecific FeaturesPrice
Leatherman 831999MultitoolSurvival, camping, backpacking, hiking29 tools, a collection of interchangeable links, wearable toolCheck price on Amazon
Quik Shade M00YFW4 ChairRelaxing, camping, backpacking, hikingDurable steel frame supports, tough 300D polyester fabric, one mesh cup holderCheck price on Amazon
ENO DoubleNestHammockFor relaxing during camping tripsSuper strong and light carabiner, super strong nautical grade line, high-grade nylon, triple interlocking stitchingCheck price on Amazon
Sea to Summit 1700413Stuff sackFor packingRound bases, tough 210 D coated nylon, tear-proof draw cordCheck price on Amazon
Scrubba SBAG-001Laundry systemFor washing clothes outdoorsLightest and smallest washing machineCheck price on Amazon
Goal Zero Guide 10Solar recharging kitRecharging all devicesCharge up removable AA/AAA batteries, built-in LED light, 4 AA rechargeable batteriesCheck price on Amazon
Gerber Bear GryllsFire starterFor easy fire starting and cookingEmergency whistle, waterproof storage compartment, lanyard to keep the product securedCheck price on Amazon
Matador SPRTSEQIPBlanketPicnic, seatingUltra-compact pocket blanket, water repellent back side, puncture resistant, attached storage pouchCheck price on Amazon
Vortex Optics 800902MonocularEnjoying landscape and natureFully multi-coated glass surfaces, waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, adjustable eyecup, rubber armorCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

It’s important to know what features to consider before heading out to buy that camping gift. Whether you’re shopping for the entire family or a solo backpacker, you should always remember these three primary factors.


This aspect is important because owning a solid gear for camping is quite a lifesaver. No person likes the idea of restocking their equipment every time they go out camping.

Woman relaxing in a Eno Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock

Sometimes, even when the equipment is relatively costly, you should remember that an item is worth the extra dollar if it’s going to last a lifetime.


Weight is an essential consideration, particularly for the ultralight backpackers and the backwoods campers. If you are shopping for a person about to go on the Appalachian Trail, going for the lightest product would be the ideal thing to do. No one wants to carry a ten-pound equipment around when they can easily get an alternative five-pound product.


And of course, it’s not possible to ignore this issue. Camping equipment can be costly. And while no camper wants to have a cheap gear, which crumbles after a few camping phases, every person loves a bargain.

The Bear Grylls Fire Starter on the ground in a forest

We’ve taken an extra step and identified some of the best bargain options available.


What’s more, make sure you don’t skimp quality. Despite the commodity’s price, make sure that quality is always a priority.

Best products on today’s market

Everything from the utensils to the stove, your sleeping bag, your backpack, a special outdoor gear such as ponchos and raincoats, survival supplies, and other equipment can be considered essential camping gear.

You could include all these things and much more into the list of items you may need for your birthday or items you may need to pick up for someone else as their camping gift from you to them.

Whether you’re searching for a lightweight product, a low-cost gear, or want to give your family or friend a camping gift, below is a list of the most valuable products and gift ideas you may want to consider.

Leatherman 831999 Leatherman 831999 Bracelet Multi-Tool

Price: Approx. $160

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.5 x 4.4 inches

Specific features: 29 tools, a collection of interchangeable links, wearable tool

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: Take the functionality of the Leatherman 831999 Bracelet Multi-Tool with you everywhere you go. This portable equipment was designed with multiple tools to help assist with the day to day chores during your camping escapade.

The tool is made of 17-4 stainless steel link, making other tools such as a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, and box wrenches available to you at the moment you require them.

Adjustable to fit any wrist size, the Leatherman Tread Bracelet is fully customized with links you require most. It’s also a functional tool with a stylish design. Its features include”:

The Leatherman is a collection of interchangeable links that are designed to provide a variety of tools that will help you solve your everyday problems as it responds to more critical scenarios. You can wear this tool not only for its functionality, but also for its aesthetic characteristic.

When it comes to its versatility it’s the greatest tool is one that you can use it anytime you want and for any purpose. The Tread makes it possible for you to solve the everyday problems during camping and also responds to critical situations. This tool will inspire and surprise you with its versatile functionality, as well as the opportunities it provides as a handy problem-solver.


  • Wearable
  • Multi-tool
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Comfortable


  • Chunky

Related: Most buyers who bought this great tread bracelet also bought ChronoLinks CLXXS Watch Adapter that is compatible with all treads and reviewed bracelet. The price of this adapter is approximately $44 but bought together with bracelet and tread will make a great gift combination. The tread is made of stainless steel to match the feel and look of Leatherman watch and tread.

Check the price on Amazon

Quik Shade M00YFW4 Quik Shade M00YFW4

Price: Approx. $20

Weight: 5 Pounds

Dimensions: 20.9 x 35.4 x 20.9 inches

Color: Blue, green, red

Specific features: Durable steel frame supports, tough 300D polyester fabric, one mesh cup holder

Best use: Relaxing, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: Enjoy the comfort of the great outdoors with the Quik Shade M00YFW4 Camp Chair. Thanks to its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, the chair offers a lot of support and crafted such that it can fold open in a matter of seconds.

For added convenience, the Quik Chair Folding Camp is incredibly easy to carry, store, and comes with a carry bag fitted with shoulder straps to enhance its portability. Quik Chair is perfect for camping, trips to the beach, the park or anywhere else your beloved plans on seating. Its steel frame is designed with comfort and stability in mind so it lasts through years of picnics, tailgating, barbecues and campfires.

The chair is easy to use and can be easily set up so your beloved one can instantly have a comfortable seat whenever he or she needs it during any outdoor activity. Same applies to folding too, so it easily folds into a carry bag that comes with the product. The bag has a shoulder strap for additional transportability and convenience.

Quik chair also has a full armrest and is possible to keep drinks close thanks to a mesh cup holder so any thirsty camper can keep himself hydrated in a second. The construction is made from the heavy-duty polyester and is resistant to moisture which means she/she will be able to easily wipe it and wash it clean.


  • Durable
  • Price
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to fold and set up


  • 500 lb weight limit maybe not as advertised

Related:  Although Quik chair has a mesh cup holder so your beloved can keep his drinks close at hand, it doesn’t offer a cooler. This is why we would recommend buying this pack of GenTap Cooler Shock Zipper Bags for insulating, carrying and cooling drinks when outdoors. It freezes pretty fast and makes all their packs easy to carry.

Check the price on Amazon

ENO DoubleNest ENO DoubleNest

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4 inches

Color: Multiple color combination choice

Specific features: Super strong and light carabiner, super strong nautical grade line, high-grade nylon, triple interlocking stitching

Best use: Relaxing, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is durable, lightweight, easy to install and extremely comfortable hammock for two people (or even three up 400 Pounds).

This product is excellent for hiking, backpacking, or relaxing comfort and surely outdoes sleeping on the ground. The hammock is constructed in and doubles as a suitable pocket when using it. The sturdy carabiners attach every end of the product.

With the Eagles Nest Hammock, nothing beats the gentle sleep inducing motion you feel when you are well nested in it. All that is required for an ultimate comfort is the ENO Hammock, two trees, and a set of Slap Straps in just a matter of seconds; you’ll be happy and comfortable.

The product is designed from a lightweight, breathable fabric to provide the warmth you desire during the cold camping nights. Each hammock comes with a UV-treated fabric that is resistant to mildew.

The pockets built on the product are easily accessible and doubles as gear or drink pockets when the hammock is in use. It is an excellent product to gift a loved one as the hammock has been tested and validated by the Boy Scouts of America. It’s an excellent product for backpacking as well as backyard relaxation. The hammock can be set up within minutes when utilizing the optimal Slap Straps or the Atlas Straps.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Ideal for multiple uses


  • 400 lb weight limit maybe not as advertised

Related: Most buyers who bought this hammock considered this ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System useful too. It’s way lighter than other straps and don’t stretch.

Check the price on Amazon

Sea To Summit 1700413 Sea to Summit 1700413

Price: Approx. $25

Weight: Varies

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4 inches

Color: Multiple color combination choice

Specific features: Round bases, tough 210 D coated nylon, tear-proof draw cord

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: The Sea to Summit 1700413 Stuff Sack is a suitable bag to gift a loved one. This sack performs extremely well on the outdoors and can stay odor free despite holding sweat and dirt for an extended period.

Despite its daily outdoor application, the Sea to Summit still looks as good as new. However, despite these merits, some have pointed out that the bag can be a pain when trying to open or close it as it requires the right amount of pull at the right angle to get it to open or close.

Even if it’s carried while raining, your beloved one’s belongings will stay protected as water will just bead right off it. Even if it pours outside, or is taken to the rafting ride.

This stuff sack is a great small day-pack that he or she can take along when they just need to bring something for around town. This way if the weather is bad, he or she won’t have to worry that the content in the sack will get wet. Given its ability to remain odorless and good looking, this bag is still an excellent product to gift or use outdoors.


  • Water resistant
  • Odor free
  • Light
  • Can be used daily


  • Hard to close and open

Related: If you’re planning on buying this light stuff sack then we advise that you make a perfect sack combo gift and add thisSea to Summit AL05E Stuff Sack to the collection. Seams on this bag are not tape-sealed which means that the bag is water resistant.

Check the price on Amazon

Scrubba SBAG-001 Scrubba SBAG-001

Price: Approx. $50

Weight: 0.31 Pounds

Dimensions: 12.6 x 0.2 x 21.3 inches

Color: Light green

Specific features: Lightest and smallest washing machine

Best use: Washing, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: Weighing less than 5 ounces, the Scrubba SBAG-001 Wash Bag is one of the lightest and most compact product available to outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers. This item makes it possible for you to wash your attires whenever and wherever you want without much hassle. This product is a packing essential for campers and travelers who are in need of a lighter and cleaner package, and people who love saving money while enjoying their trips without having to think about a laundromat.

The Scrubba is a current take on conventional washboard. All you need to do is simply drop your garments inside and add detergent and water. After that, seal the bag and open its side valve to get rid of excess air.

The grip circles on its exterior help in preventing the Scrubba from slipping as you rub to activate the nodules that perform the work. This equipment efficiently cleans clothes in a few minutes and offers a machine quality wash. After the work is complete, the Scrubba folds down to a size small enough to carry around.

This bag is suitable for outdoor adventures, business trips, boating, backpacking, emergency preparedness, or even for people without the washing machines. Its volume is three gallons, but the optimal wash volume is a gallon when it’s full of clothes. The products also double as a dry bag. It’s constructed from the durable, hydrolysis- and microbial-resistant polyester TPU. It also comes with a transparent window that lets you see washing and filling levels.


  • Light
  • Small
  • Durable
  • Modern


  • Price
  • Agitating takes a lot longer than 3 minutes as advertised

Related: In order to make a perfect “washing” gift combo we advise to add this Hawatour CL12 Travel Elastic Clothesline and Lewis N. Clark Woolite Travel Liquid Soap to your gift box. This way your beloved one will be able to dry and wash their clothes more easily.

Check the price on Amazon

Goal Zero Guide 10  Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Recharging Kit

Price: Approx. $150

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.5 x 1.8 inches

Color: Black

Specific features: Charge up removable AA/AAA batteries, built-in LED light, 4 AA rechargeable batteries

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: The Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Recharging Kit is a go-anywhere, solar power kit which keeps your handheld gear operational throughout. With this product, it is possible to charge the AA/AAA batteries using solar energy with the incorporated Nomad 7 solar panel or a USB port.

This product allows you to power your MP3, GPS, phone, or your tablet. The Goal Zero can be used with any USB-powered device and all gadgets that use the AA/AAA batteries. However, this product is best used with a small USB powered device.

Although this re-charger is not waterproof, it surely is water resistant so any unexpected rain won’t harm it. Additional care should be taken to shield the recharger from the direct sun. Another great this about this product is that is possible to chain multiple solar panels together as this is a great way to charge any device in a short period of time.


  • Water resistant
  • Possible to chain multiple panels


  • Not waterproof
  • Price

Related: If you know that the person you’re buying this as a gift will use it it would be good to include this pack of Goal Zero 11407 Rechargeable Battery that can be charged with Nomad 7 or this Goal Zero Luna LED Light that can be powered by any USB port and Goal Zero power packs.

Check the price on Amazon

Gerber Bear Grylls  Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

Price: Approx. $10

Weight: 0.11 pounds

Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 2.8 inches

Color: Black/orange

Specific features: Emergency whistle, waterproof storage compartment, lanyard to keep product secure

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: A product of collaboration between the survival expert Bear Grylls and Gerber, the Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter is a must have for camping, scouting, and hiking escapades. Small in size, this product gives you an extended use.

Its watertight designs keep tinder dry and safe so that you can use it anytime you want to. The features of this product include a compact fire starter with a ferrocerium rod, metal striker, emergency whistle, lanyard to keep it safe and secure, waterproof storage compartment for the tinder, and air to land rescue as well as SOS instructions.

This product also a survival pocket guide that contains information on Bear’s survival essential which is important for any survivalist. Another great thing about this fire starter is that it comes with an emergency whistle that can be easily reached. This is a great gift for someone who loves outdoor adventures and loves cooking outside.


  • Durable
  • Emergency whistle
  • Price


  • Sparks burn fast
  • Bulky

Related: If you’re planning on buying this fire starter it would be good to add this LifeStraw LSPHF017 Water Filter to your gift box. It’s pretty cheap and will purify water and remove bacterias in a second.

Check the price on Amazon


Price: Approx. $50

Weight: 1.9 ounces

Dimensions: 0.01 x 44 x 63 inches

Color: Gray, red

Specific features: Ultra-compact pocket blanket, water repellent back side, puncture resistant, attached storage pouch

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: The Matador SPRTSEQIP Pocket Blanket is great for use in any outdoor expedition. This product is great for the beaches, picnics, festivals, naps, concerts, yoga, and tanning.

The Matador Pocket Blanket is compact and small enough to fit perfectly in your purse or pocket. The blanket offers adequate space for two individuals to lay. Additionally, the blankets are puncture resistant as well as water repellent to keep them dry, clean, and comfortable.

The weighted corners of the blanket are designed to improve its performance during the breezy days. In addition to that, the blankets come with easy-to-pack patterns which make them easier to fold and put it in their storage pouch.

The blanket is water resistant and is easy to keep clean and dry, not to mention that is comfortable and soft. It comes with an “easy pack pattern” which makes possible to store this small blanket almost everywhere so your beloved one can keep it with him/her at all time.


  • Size
  • Comfortable
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Possible that weighted corners won’t hold the blanket down during windy weather

Related: If you want to give to your partner something that will provide him/her a complete picnic experience then we suggest you add this Trekology Foldable Picnic Table that is compact, lightweight and easy to fold and store in a bag.

Check the price on Amazon

Vortex Optics 800902 Vortex Optics 800902 Solo Monocular

Price: Approx. $65

Weight: 0.35 pounds

Dimensions: 1.97 x 4.41 x 2.36 inches

Color: Gray, red

Specific features: Fully multi-coated glass surfaces, waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, adjustable eyecup, rubber armor

Best use: Survival, camping, backpacking, hiking

Description: Your beloved one can enjoy a landscaping with the Vortex Optics 800902 Solo Monocular. This small and easy-to-carry product offers a quality viewing experience for outdoor lovers who want to have nature closer to them.

Its multi-coated glass offers bright images in a lightweight, compact, and easy to handle product. Its fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof capabilities make it sturdy and durable for the outdoor expedition.

The monocular features 25 millimeters objective lens and 10X magnification which means that the resolution and clarity of the view are amazing. Plus your partner will be able to pick and see all those tiny details that some other monocular models show blurry. It has multiple anti-reflective coatings and multi-coated optics on all glass surfaces for max light transmission.

It’s durable and compact with lenses sealed with “O” rings to prevent dust, water and debris entering. The quality of the monocular itself is outstanding and will stay fantastic in all weather conditions. From campers to hunters to backpackers, the Vortex Solo is an excellent addition to your outdoor gear list.


  • Durable
  • Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Price


  • The focus ring is both too close to the adjustable eye piece and too narrow

Related: Buyers who usually bought this monocular were also interested in this Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System, so if you want to make a perfect gift combo then we suggest you opt for this essential item too. It’s ideal for camping, hiking, any outdoor recreation, travels and emergency preparedness. If your beloved is a doomsday prepper than this mini water filtration system will be perfect in a combination with Vortex Solo monocular.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to find a gift for someone to use for their camping or outdoor tours, or even thinking of getting items for yourself, you should consider going for the products mentioned in this review. Going out is a fun affair, but this becomes even better when you have more extra tools to use.

Man looking at his Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch

Therefore, do not forget about these extra equipment items, which can be beneficial in the long run. The best gift ideas for camping are quite varied so you would want to look for items that fit the needs of whoever you intend to give the gift. However, some products are a must have and those need to be considered as well.

So, have you decided what gifts to buy? Please let us know. In case you have any other suggestions, you can also mention the same in our comment section.


Kane Dane


  • Yes….this is such an amazing compilation of gifts for the lovers of life in the great outdoors. I know someone who would appreciate that pocket blanket and her birthday is coming up next month. And its price is really fair so I can get it and add something else. Quick question, though, do you happen to know what material it is made from?

  • Manufacturer specifications say that it is made from polyester and nylon. It is very durable and designed for long use. The blanket can be easily folded and comes with its own pouch.

  • The best gift I have ever given my parents was a few years ago when I got my first summer job in high school. They have been devoted campers for as long as I can remember so when I got my first salary, I bought them a first aid kit. I have never seen both of them so happy and so proud of me. To this day, my mom still brags about how I spent my first salary on them instead of going to the movies with my friend.

  • That’s sweet of you! I bet your parents cherished your thoughtfulness in choosing the right gift for them. First aid kits are after all the bestfriends of campers!


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