Best Osprey Backpacks: Finding the Osprey Backpack That Fits All Your Needs

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Written by Kane Dane

From backpacking to day hiking, the best Osprey backpacks are designed so that they fit all your needs! But you will agree with us that it’s really hard to make the perfect choice out of so many great pieces of gear the company offers. To help you decide, we devoted one whole article on Osprey backpacks, with tips on what should you be considering before buying, the best backpacks they offer and their Best use.

These backpacks are designed with the adventurer in mind, standing up to the harsh outdoor weather you can experience while hiking, camping or backpacking in nature.

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A few awards that they have won include the Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award, the National Geographic Adventure Gear of the Year Award, and the Elevation Outdoors Peak Gear Award. That’s just to name a few!

First of all we will take a look at the most important features to consider before buying any Osprey backpack. Then, we will dig deeper and take a look at the best reviewed models, their specific features, Best uses, pros and cons, and by the end of this read, you will probably know which backpack you need and which one you should buy.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightSizeSpecific FeaturesPrice
Atmos 65AG3.9 lb10 x 16 x 23 inchesAnti Gravity suspension system, ventilated, adjustable.Check price on Amazon
Xenith 755 lb14 x 35 x 15 inhcesBuilt for large loads, great for long trips, peripheral frame suspension..Check price on Amazon
Aether 706.9 lb26 x 17 x 7 inchesGreat for heavy loads, comfortable, clean design.Check price on Amazon
Aether 604.8 lb32 x 18 x 8 inchesTrekking pole attachment, quick access to compartments, external hydration sleeve.Check price on Amazon
Volt 756.6 lb14 x 33 x 14 inchesInternal reservoir, internal compression strap, adjustable torso, extendable belt pad.Check price on Amazon
Exos 582.6 lb6 x 14 x 22 inchesSynthetic, great at carrying big loads, hydration pack included.Check price on Amazon
Talon 181.2 lb9 x 22 x 9 inchesPolyester, 2 exterior pockets.Check price on Amazon
Daylite Plus5 lb14 x 15 x 14 inchesContains rubber, front stash pouch, multi function interior sleeve.Check price on Amazon
Porter1.2 lb27 x 14 x 7 inchesRugged, padded mesh shoulder harness, reinforced cord loops.Check price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Below are some features for your consideration that will help you choose your new Osprey pack. There are many types that they make, and you will need to know which accessories to choose, and the most important thing, getting the right fit.

Types of Osprey Backpacks

Technical Pack: This type of pack is best for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding.

Hydration Pack: This type of pack is best for hiking, biking, and trail running.

Everyday Pack: An everyday pack is great for everyday use, biking to your work, or just walking around an urban area.

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Kids Pack: Kids packs include child carrier and smaller packs for children.

Travel Pack: This type of pack is one that makes travel easier. It comes in wheeled bags, convertible bags, duffel bags, and other travel packs.


You will want to find a pack that has some accessories for your convenience. Some of the accessories that Osprey makes include items for:

Hydration: This would include items like reservoirs; connect kits, reservoir cleaning kits, valves and other items pertaining to hydration packs.

Pack Organization: This would include sacks, cases, and organizers.

Image showing two Osprey-Backpacks on the ground

Pack Protection: Pack protection would include rain covers and air porters to keep your items dry.

Travel: Travel accessories include sacks, organizers, and a mix of items that also fit into the Pack Organization and Pack Protection.

Size And Fit

Having the right size and fit in an Osprey backpack will make a world of difference. You can even have them custom made. You do not want your pack to be uncomfortable, too big, or too small.

Image of two hikers with backpacks on a moutain road

When you do purchase a pack from Osprey, you should consider which size and fit is best for your body.


Osprey backpacks are made of lightweight materials such as nylon, synthetic, and polyester fabrics to allow your pack to breath and not weigh you down. If material is a big aspect when looking for a pack, you can choose which material you prefer. These materials are all durable and strong, and are sure to last a long time.

Top Products on Today’s Market

Below we will take a look at some of the best Osprey models of backpacks, on the market. All of them are different and most are suitable for a wide range of activities. Take a good look at which one might be the ideal one for you, and then hopefully you’ll be ready to buy it!

Osprey Atmos 65AG Backpack Osprey Atmos 65AG Backpack

Price: $200 – $420

Dimensions: 10 x 16 x 23 in

Weight: 3.9 lb

Specific features: Anti gravity suspension system, ventilated, light weight, adjustable

Best use: Hiking and backpacking

Description: The Osprey Atmos 65AG Backpack is made of nylon, has 5 exterior zipped pockets, and 3 slip pockets. This pack comes in three colors: Graphite Gray, Absinthe Green, and Cinnabar Red. The anti gravity suspension system will ensure that you stay ventilated and comfortable. It is made of lightweight mesh that runs from the back panel to the hip belt.

This pack will contour to your body and is incredibly comfortable. Gear is accessible through the top of the pack, where there is a floating top lid that you can remove if you wish. However, it does keep your gear dry if you are in rainy weather.

Users love the stow on the go trekking pole attachment, allowing you quick access, the hip belt extends 5 inches for various hip sizes, and the harnesses are adjustable! This pack has it all! Torso sizes run from 14 inches up to 25 inches. There is also room for a sleep pad as it includes straps for that, too!


  • Very spacious
  • Comes with a removable floating front lid
  • The dual zippered front pockets make it easy to store things safely
  • Incredibly comfortable


  • The straps might give up a bit easily after a few months of use

Related: If you like the Atmos 65 AG model, you might also like this manufacturers women’s models, the Osprey Aura, and the Osprey Aura 50AG They could be a great gift for your hiking partner.

Check the price on Amazon

Osprey Xenith 75 Backpack Osprey Xenith 75 Backpack

Price: $260 – $600

Dimensions: 14 x 35 x 15 in

Weight: 5 lb

Specific features: Built for large loads, great for long trips, peripheral frame suspension

Best use: Camping and backpacking

Description: The Osprey Xenith 75 Backpack comes in the colors of Graphite Gray and Mediterranean Blue and is made with nylon throughout. It includes a dual compartment top pocket and has a built in hip belt for comfort and lumbar support.

There are zips on the sides of the pack which allow for easy access to your items. Compression straps and mesh side pockets are two more features.

Great for carrying large loads, you will not be disappointed with this pack. It is also great for long trips because it is comfortable and has a peripheral frame suspension that keeps is structurally sound. For the value, you really cannot find much better!

It can hold 75 liters, which ensures that you can fit everything you need into it, and if you do not want to store it inside, there is a hook or strap to store it on the outside! This pack is so functional and even comes with a guard so your items will not get wet if you are caught in the rain outdoors!


  • Full of compartments to easily store lots of gear
  • Incredibly durable
  • Very comfortable and distributes the weight extremely well


  • A bit pricey

Related: If you like Osprey’s products and you are in need of their other hiking and camping products, then make sure you also check out their Osprey UltraLight 12 Dry Sack, and Osprey UltraLight Rain Cover.

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Osprey Aether 70 Backpack Osprey Aether 70 Backpack

Price: $250 – $300

Dimensions: 26 x 17 x 7 in

Weight: 6.9 lb

Specific features: Great for heavy loads, comfortable, clean desig

Best use: Backpacking and hiking

Description: The Osprey Aether 70 Backpack includes stow on the go trekking pole attachments as well as an external hydration sleeve that allows you to refill your water and it is protected from other items in the pack from puncture or breakage. The IsoForm CM Hip belt keeps you balanced and comfortable while the Light Wire peripheral frame keeps the load evenly distributed.

Users love the add on attachments, dual access side pockets, dual ice ax loops, inside out compression, stretch mesh pockets, and the many other features that make this pack unique.

The pack has its own sleeping bag compartment that has a wide mouth so you can easily pull your sleeping bag out, or slide it back in with ease. It fits in the pack so it will stay dry in wet weather.

This versatile backpack gives you lots of space and allows you to stay organized while you are backpacking or mountaineering. Perfect for trips up to 10 days, you will find that it fits comfortably, is durable, strong, and fits everything you need for a great outdoor adventure!


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a hydration pack sleeve
  • Comes with an aluminum stay


  • If not packed properly, the stitches in the seam might give up a bit

Related: Having one of Ofsprey’s backpacks is a huge bonus when you are in the great outdoors, but having some of their backpack accessories offers a complete experience. Therefore, you might also check out the Osprey Airporter LZ Travel Cover.

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Osprey Aether 60 Backpack Osprey Aether 60 Backpack

Price: $170 – $520

Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 8 in

Weight: 4.8 lb

Specific features: Trekking pole attachment, quick access to compartments, external hydration sleeve

Best use: Hiking and mountaineering

Description: The Osprey Aether 60 Backpack also features the stow on the go trekking pole attachment, as well as the external hydration sleeve that can be refilled, and is protected from the rest of items in your pack.

This pack includes the IsoForm CM hip belt for balance and comfort, plus it has a front zip for easy access to the main portion of your pack. Users love its design, ability to carry heavy loads, and all of the upgrades for this version of the pack.

This particular pack is pretty light in weight and has enough storage for everything you need, and has pockets to help you stay organized while you are enjoying your hiking fun. While there is no rain cover for this pack, but the materials are strong and will last a long time.

The construction of this pack is well made and it includes one of the best suspension systems on the market today. Users say they did not have to adjust their pack, and they were comfortable while hiking and backpacking.


  • External trekking pole attachment, ideal for long hikes
  • Comes with an external hydration sleeve
  • Great weight distribution


  • Pricey
  • It has a detachable top, that if detached, leaves the backpack with no top cover

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Osprey Volt 75 Backpack Osprey Volt 75 Backpack

Price: $180 – $200

Dimensions: 14 x 33 x 14 in

Weight: 6.6 lb

Specific features: Internal reservoir, internal compression strap, adjustable torso, extendable belt pad.

Best use: Mountaineering and backpacking

Description: You will love the Osprey Volt 75 Backpack comes in two colors: Tar Black and Carmine Red, and is made from nylon. This pack includes the fit on the fly hip belt that extends 6 inches if needed. It also has an adjustable harness that will adjust to fit your torso perfectly. This pack also includes the stow on the go trekking pole attachment, for ease in using your poles.

The internal reservoir sleeve is located in the main part of the pack and allows you to easily use the sleeve when needed. You will like the internal compression strap that keeps your gear stable and tight.

This pack is pretty simple, and does its job well. It has a back panel made from mesh for ventilation and comfort, two mesh side pockets and one in the front to stash small items. Users love the dual side compression straps and the Light Wire peripheral frame that keeps the weight balanced.

Other accessories include the floating top pocket, zipped hip belt pockets, adjustable harness and the sleeping pad straps for your sleeping bag.


  • Affordable price
  • A good torso belt for very good weight distribution
  • Internal compression strap to stabilize the load


  • Not as many compartments or pockets as other models to store gear
  • The straps give up after a few months of use

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Osprey Exos 58 Backpack Osprey Exos 58 Backpack

Price: $210 – $270

Dimensions: 6 x 14 x 22 in

Weight: 2.6 lb

Specific features: Synthetic, great at carrying big loads, hydration pack included

Best use: Backpacking and hiking

Description: The Osprey Exos 58 Backpack is made of lightweight synthetic fabric that has an internal back panel sleeve attachment that can hold up to 3 liters of liquid. The peripheral frame is made from aluminum alloy and has a suspend cross strut for load support.

The EVA foam padded harness is breathable and comfortable, as well as the hip belt. The floating top pocket can be removed, and this pack includes a zip mesh pocket under the top pocket.

Coming in two colors, Pacific Blue and Basalt Black, you can expect style and comfort! Users love the adjustable torso straps, the contours of the pack, and the durability it offers.

The materials are lightweight and it has removable parts so you can take only what you need. If you are searching for a pack that is comfortable, offers support and is easy to use, then this is the one you want! All you have to do here is choose your color and size, and you can plan your next hiking adventure with your friends very soon!


  • One of the most breathable of them all
  • Lightweight
  • Good size for many different purposes
  • Hydration bladder hook and compartment


  • With big loads the backpack can be a bit uncomfortable
  • Hydration bladder is not separate from the rest of the backpack

Related: The Sawyer Mini Filtration System is a good item to buy with this backpack. Just filter the water wherever you are and then store it in the bladder and you are ready to keep on hiking.

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Osprey Talon 18 Backpack Osprey Talon 18 Backpack

Price: $100 – $200

Dimensions: 9 x 22 x 9 in

Weight: 1.2 lb

Specific features: Polyester, 2 exterior pockets

Best use: Hiking, day hiking, and backpacking

Description: The Osprey Talon 18 Backpack comes in four colors: Flame Orange, Onyx Black, Shamrock Green, and Avatar Blue. The pack has two exterior pockets and is made of all polyester.

This pack is lightweight, performs well outdoors, and is useful for various sports. The Talon line is known to fit great, and have a lot of style and features that users love. This version is even lighter in weight and has had a few design chances to enhance the pack.

While it does not come with a rain cover, you can purchase one separately for it. Users love the hydration pouch that fits up to 3 liters, and it is protected from the other items in the bag so it will not puncture or cause a spill. Your items will stay dry.

Users also love that the pack is adjustable and comfortable, and the design is not boxy or bulky, but narrow. Many people love using it for day hiking as it perfectly fits everything you need for a full day of hiking fun. It stays in place all day and they barely notice any added weight to them.


  • Incredibly light weight
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Durable
  • Good price
  • Hydration sleeve


  • Not many compartments for storage of extra gear

Related: The Osprey Ultra Light Zip Organizer is commonly bought with this and many other Osprey backpacks. It’s a small bag to store valuable items or hygiene items that you might take on trips or on a camping adventure.

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Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack

Price: $60 – $80

Dimensions: 14 x 15 x 14 in

Weight: 5 lb

Specific features: Contains rubber, front stash pouch, multi function interior sleeve

Best use: Camping and hiking

Description: You will love using the Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack because it has many great features. First of all, it comes in 6 colors: Black, Magma Orange, Eggplant Purple, Real Red, Misty Teal, and Tahoe Blue.

It has parts that are made of rubber, and includes dual stretch mesh pockets on the side for storage. The large panel-loading compartment makes it easy to find your items.

The interior sleeve can be used for a reservoir or a tablet. Also, the front panel pocket fits your raincoat or other small items perfectly. The foam back panel allows for ventilation and comfort!

This pack was designed for many uses, either strolling around the park, or going up to the top of a mountain! This also attaches to other Osprey packs that are bigger.

You can hook on a few other items that you might quickly need and do not want to search for later. This pack is classic and offers a lot of functionality and durability for hiking and camping.


  • Very practical interior sleeve to store the laptop or a valuable device
  • Very good back ventilation
  • Very good outside pockets for storage of additional things


  • The compartment for the laptop doesn’t fit very big laptops
  • Not ideal for camping, only for city use

Related: The Shandali Microfiber Travel Towel is a good item to buy with this or any other backpack. It is a compact and very good towel that will fit into any backpack to be used during any trip or travel.

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Osprey Porter BackpackOsprey Porter Backpack

Price: $90 – $140

Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 7 in

Weight: 1.2 lb

Specific features: Rugged, padded mesh shoulder harness, reinforced cord loops

Best use: Day hiking and camping

Description: The Osprey Porter Backpack is made of nylon and comes in 3 colors: Hoodoo Red, Nitro Green, and Black. The top zipped area is great for getting your water and other items you need a lot. The panel load is able to lock and it zips to keep your items secure.

There are mesh pockets for storage and foam padded sidewalls with compression to keep everything protected. There are padded shoulder harnesses that adjust at the sternum. Also included are 4 cord loops that are reinforced on the front panel to attach other items.

This pack is great for day hiking, travel, and other activities and it allows you to stash many small items, a technical pack suspension, and straps and harnesses that keep you strapped on, comfortable, and able to carry all of your gear with ease. This bag is great for the price and offers durability and a lot of room to store several items!


  • It has side walls that protect any of the things inside
  • It has front straps where another bag can be attached
  • Good price
  • Very durable



  • The laptop compartment only fits small laptops, maximum 15 inch ones

Related: The Shacke Pak Travel Organizers are commonly bought alongside this backpack. They are four smaller bags, that can all be used to carry smaller items, like hygiene items or valuable things, and then stored inside this bigger Osprey bag to be taken on a trip somewhere.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrapping Up

As you can tell, Osprey makes great backpacks that will fit anyone, and can be custom fitted just for you! There is a pack for every kind of outdoor activity, so you will surely find one that will fit your needs!

a man with a Osprey-Syncro-15-hydration-pack

Osprey is a great company that stands behind their products with their guarantee of repairing or replacing any damaged or defective product. There is nothing to lose when it comes to buying an Osprey backpack.

Now it’s up to you to go out there and purchase the model that best suits you. Are you going camping? Are you going on a long backpacking trip? Or do you need a backpack for an everyday use? Whatever your need might be, you can certainly find one backpack in the list that we gave you above.

Did we miss any osprey backpack that you might have or prefer? Tell us what is on your mind in the comments section, as we look forward to what you have to say! Thanks for reading and learning with us!


Kane Dane


  • I needed to buy a good backpack that was not too pricey, just to test the quality of Osprey Backpacks and see whether they were as cool and resourceful as advertised. The green Osprey Aether 60 Backpack cut it for me. I first loved its colour and design, but I also noticed that it’s quite easy to carry because its superb shouldering system gets the weight distributed well around the body so that hiking is much more fun easier.

  • I came here in search of a backpack a few months ago and I decided to buy the Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack. So now I have just received it and I am a glad I made the choice. It is as stylish as advertised, and comes with all the features stated in the article. I like its color (mine is black) and texture. I can’t wait to carry it to school, work and my next hike.


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