Most Comfortable Camping Bed: The Comfort of Your Home Bed in the Great Outdoors

Written by Kane Dane

Every camper knows that camping is a wonderful experience if you are well prepared for it, right? Making a camping gear list and gathering the items that you are going to need for camping, is also part of the process. Choosing your camping equipment might be even more enjoyable experience than the preparation itself.

For this reason, it is important to choose the proper gear and prepare yourself for the trip in order to enjoy it. Even though, it is perfectly good to sleep in a sleeping bag, if you are planning on sleeping in the nature for more than a few days, it is best that you get a comfortable camping bed.

Now, you need to know that choosing the most comfortable camping bed is not an easy task. It requires a looking for and processing a lot of information. In order to save you the time and enable you to make the right choice, we have decided to find and review some of the best air beds on the market which are available at an affordable price.

Our Top Picks

Product NameSpecific FeaturesWeightDimensionsPrice
Soundasleep Camping Air Bed Rechargeable pump, easy inflation, outdoors design14 lb78 x 60 x 9 inCheck price on Amazon
Lightspeed Outdoors Air BedPVC-free air bed, battery pump, stabilizer system6 lb79 x 55 x 6.25 inCheck price on Amazon
Coleman SupportrestPVC material, double height, airtight system10 lb16 x 58 x 76 inCheck price on Amazon
Soundasleep Dream SeriesInternal pump for easy inflation, double height, extra thick material19 lb78 x 58 x 19 inCheck price on Amazon
Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed Soft flocked top, thick material, powerful pump system1 lb90 x 80 x 8.5 inCheck price on Amazon
Serta Raised Air Mattress Powerful pump, comfort level adjustment pump, double height35 lb18 x 60 x 78 inCheck price on Amazon
Intex ComfortDouble height, automatic pump, easy for storage and transport21 lb22 x 60 x 80 inCheck price on Amazon
Aerobed ClassicPVC material, oval coil construction, flocked top fleece8.8 lb74 x 39 x 9 inCheck price on Amazon
Coleman Airbed CotVersatile design, steel construction, battery pump, airtight system42 lb78 x 22 x 59 inCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

In order to choose the perfect camping bed there are some features you should consider. By understanding the features a camping bed should have, you would be able to better choose more comfortable bed without being astonished by some feature terms which you don’t even need.

Mattress Height

The mattress height is to be considered because it improves the comfortableness. There are usually two types of mattresses; one with a normal height of around 9 inches. The other type is double height mattresses. Double height mattresses are more comfortable to get up from and go to sleep in.

They are also firmer, although this depends on the pump system. However, the firmness of these mattresses is harder to maintain. They tend to deflate a bit in the middle of the night.

Pump of the Mattress

The pump of the mattress is the sole of the mattress. The pump and the material are the most important thing you should consider when buying an air mattress. However, those are the only two features which could raise the price or decrease the price. So you should balance between these features.

Image showing pump-of-the-mattress

Usually a mattress contains one pump for inflating and deflating purposes. These processes are either automatic or half automatic. The automatic pump systems allow you to turn on the motor and the rest it taken care of. The half automatic ones, however, are inflating themselves, but the deflating process requires an assistance from your side.

There is also an option of having two pumps. The first one will inflate and deflate your mattress. And the second one will maintain the firmness of the mattress the way you adjust it. These are usually mattresses with a higher price.

Mattress Material

Most air beds are made of PVC materials that are waterproof and tear resistant. It is a material which is thick, and it decreases the price compared to the PVC free materials. PVC free materials, however, are considered the healthier option and they are more temperature stable.

family-relaxing-in-the-tent sitting on a camping bed

They are used for winter camping or other harsh conditions, camping or backpacking. They are also extremely lightweight, which is why backpackers are the main users of these mattresses.


The durability usually depends from the previously mentioned features. However, some users report that even though their mattresses were made from the thickest materials they got punctured from sharp objects or even small rocks.

Image of a woman sitting on a Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

When it comes to durability, it is considered that the higher quality the material has, the more durable the mattress is. So, the trick is simple, the durability in most cases is proportional to the price of the mattress.

Top Product Reviews

Here are suggestions, which our professionals consider to be the most comfortable ones for the price range they are in. Each and every one of them has advantages and downsides. Before balancing between them, make sure you decide when you are going camping and are you going with a vehicle.

By answering these questions you would get your personal preferences considering air mattresses. By matching your preferences with the features, you would get the ideal camping bed option for you.

Soundasleep Camping Air Mattress
SoundAsleep L021OU

Price: Approx. $80

Weight: 14 pounds

Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 9 inches

Specific features: Rechargeable pump, easy inflation, outdoors design

Best use: Camping

Description: This Soundasleep Camping Air Mattress  uses Comfort Coil technology which is specifically designed for outdoor use and durability. A durability technology is something you should focus on when choosing a mattress for camping since over the time they are getting easier to damage from small rocks.

The material which is being used for the manufacture of this mattress is PVC, which proves to the fact that this is an outdoors mattress.

If you have been camping before with a mattress that you needed to inflate yourself you would know to appreciate this external pump which makes the inflation easier than ever.

The pump works with a rechargeable battery which could be charged anywhere, including your car. The battery is also very durable and it would last you for years before having to change it.

For an increased durability an extra thick layer of material is added to the mattress in order to protect if from sharp objects which are normally found in the outdoors. Although every mattress you purchase usually contains an extra material to patch it up if it gets damaged, it is better that you don’t go through all that trouble.

It is also very quickly inflatable. It will be ready in 3 minutes and you wouldn’t have to do a thing, only start enjoying your camping trip. It is also convenient that you don’t have to inflate it every night as some of the competitive choices.

Its only downside is its height. It is not a high mattress which is more comfortable since you have a bigger air isolation between you and the ground. However, as the height, the price is also lower, so this kind of compensates for the lack of this feature.

There is also a carry bag included in the package which would allow you to transport the mattress easily. The mattress is also available in two sizes, queen and twin size.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Pump included


  • Needs to be topped off after a few hours of use
  • The valve tends to be with the issues

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Check the price on Amazon

Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress
LightSpeed 254CY

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 6 pounds

Dimensions: 79 x 55 x 6.25 inches

Specific features: PVC-free air bed, battery pump, stabilizer system

Best use: Camping, backpacking

Description: This Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress is made especially for camping and travelling. It comes in only one brown-blue design and it looks very nice. The lighter blue part is on the bottom as for you to be able to check it for damage easier. The mattress is made from a combination of thermoplastic materials which means that it is suitable for outside use.

The thermoplastic polyurethane materials give the mattress an improved durability. The combination of materials also makes it extremely lightweight, which is a good feature for camping. It also comes with a bag which is compact and easy to travel with.

The most important feature this mattress has that separates it from similar competitive products is that it is a PVC free mattress. This means that it is convenient to be used in colder weather conditions since it is more temperature stable. It is also more abrasion resistant, which is of crucial meaning if you don’t use a pad under your mattress.

And the best thing is that you won’t have to inhale the PVC smell which every mattress has. The main difference between the PVC and TPU materials is that it weighs 40% less than traditional air beds and it is much less prone to ballooning or stretching.

However, its biggest advantage is its weight. It weights much less than most air mattresses compared to air beds or this size, which makes it the most portable air bed.

The Lightspeed mattress has a patented stabilizing system which is keeping the bed’s surface flat by evenly distributing the weight throughout the night. These stabilizers are connecting the top and the bottom, which minimizes the movement disturbances, so two people could comfortably sleep on it.

This mattress contains Boston valve design which means that it has a pretty complicated inflating system. It consists of two caps. One of the caps is only for inflating and deflating the mattress and the other one is for keeping your mattress fully inflated over the night.

The second cap is allowing the air to get inside, but not out. Even though this is a feature which adds to the comfort while sleeping, there is a downside to it. If both valves are closed tightly, they are preventing air to leak from the outside. However, if the mattress is fully inflated on a lower temperature and the temperature rises, it could damage the mattress.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Very comfortable


  • Bad smell
  • Low quality pump

Related: Since most users complain about the stock pump that comes with this mattress, we can recommend this high-quality Coleman Quick Pump for quick and simple inflation of mattresses, inflatable pillows, and anything else that needs inflating since it comes with adapters of various sorts.

Check the price on Amazon

Coleman Double-High Supportrest Mattress
Coleman 17704

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 10 pounds

Dimensions: 16 x 58 x 76 inches

Specific features: PVC material, double height, airtight system

Best use: Camping, indoor use

Description: The Coleman Double-High Supportrest Mattress is a double height air bed which is quite comfortable for sleeping. It is perfect for the campers which are not keen on sleeping close to the ground, at least while they get used to it. There are 35 coils which are providing you added comfort while sleeping.

The mattress is inflatable, with an automatic pump, which has an Airtight system that is guaranteed not to leak, so you would only have to inflate it every few days. It also comes with a bag which is not so small, because of the height of the mattress. It is deflating pretty easy, although you must assist the process.

When you start the deflating pump it deflates to some extent, but after that, you must push the rest of the air out. It is done by folding and rolling it. It wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, but it is something which you must do every time before storing it.

Its main downside is its weight. It weighs 1 pound, which is a bit heavy for transport. However, if you are planning on camping with a car, this air mattress would be an excellent choice for you. You should also be aware that the pump is not included in the price, so if you prefer an automatic inflating and deflating process, we advise you to also get the pump.

It is extremely durable, you would be able to use it daily for months without any issue. However, you should be careful if you are using it outside since the material is not reinforced and it could get damaged from sharp objects such as stones.

Before ordering make sure you double check the sizes, since the queen size doesn’t have the dimensions of a queen mattress. It is also very comfortable and firm and two persons could comfortably sleep during the night without ending up in the middle of the mattress.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • High-quality pump
  • Not expensive


  • Needs to be used with a blanket over it because the material feels cold

Related: For a good night’s rest, you should also consider buying an inflatable pillow. We recommend checking out the Outsmart Inflatable Camping Pillow. It is very comfortable and durable and it will make your mattress sleeping experience even better.

Check the price on Amazon

Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress
SoundAsleep SAAM-01

Price: $120 Approx.

Weight: 19 pounds

Dimensions: 78 x 58 x 19 inches

Specific features: Internal pump for easy inflation, double height, extra thick material

Best use: Indoor use, camping

Description: The design of this Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress  is very nice. It has a light beige body and a dark blue top which is convenient because the top is usually getting dirty and if the color is light you should clean it more frequently. Luckily, with this air bed, you wouldn’t have this issue even after months of using it outside in the nature.

The mattress is double height, which gives you a better sleep quality. The mattresses which are higher tend to be firmer and it will remain flat even though two people sleep on this air bed. The mattress has 40 internal air coils which provide your body extra support.

There is a pump which is responsible for the inflation and deflation process which is completely automated. Even though the mattress is suitable for outside use, the pump only works with electricity. Having this in mind, it is safe to conclude that it is only convenient to use if you are going camping on campsites with electricity available.

The pump doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, nevertheless, you could buy a plug in and charge the mattress by using your car’s accumulator. However, this plug in is not included in the price, and even though it is a pretty accessible item which is easy to find, this mattress company doesn’t offer it.

In fact, this double height mattress is recommended to be used for indoor use only. If you are using it for camping out in the open, make sure you also use a pad under the bed so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Multilayer materials were used in the manufacturing process for increased durability and added comfort. The material which is being used is thick and puncture resistant.

However, the mattress itself is not temperature stable, so if you are going to use it for the outdoors, keep in mind that its firmness will change during the night, together with the changing of the temperature. Also make sure you don’t inflate it too much at night since it could puncture when the temperature rise in the morning.

A carry bag for easier transport, and a patching material is also included in the price. The air mattress also has a 1 year guarantee and a great support center, which would assist you if you have any troubles using it.


  • Nice design
  • Double height
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Durable
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Has a “breaking-in” process in the first few uses, which can be mistaken with a puncture

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Check the price on Amazon

Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed
ALPS Mountaineering MRA7

Price: Approx. $97

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 90 x 80 x 8.5 inches

Specific features: Soft flocked top, thick material, powerful pump system

Best use: Camping, indoor use

Description: This Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed  is available in one design with a combination of a gray bottom and an orange top. It is also available in two sizes, a twin and a queen one. Keep in mind that the queen size mattress is not the same dimensions as a queen size bed.

This mattress is intended for indoor, as well as outdoor use. The main material it is made of, is PVC, so expect that plastic smell the first few times you are using this air bed. Or you could leave in to ventilate in your yard.

In order for this air bed to be suitable for outdoor use, the manufacturer included a 17% thicker side fabric and the bottom. The top is also made 10% thicker that competitive mattresses in this price range and with similar features.

It is inflatable, with an air pump system, which is included in the price. The pump also includes a wall charger as well as a car charger. The whole inflation process, wouldn’t take more than 4 minutes and it is extremely easy to do.

The deflation process is also quick and easy and it doesn’t need any assisting, it is completely automatic. It also has a coil system for increased comfort and support of your body.

In order for it to be used in the outdoors, the pump is rechargeable. The charging process lasts for 12 hours and it is recommended that you fully discharge it before recharging.

This means that you would be able to use it for a month or maybe even more, before having to recharge it. The pump’s size is also pretty small, which is very useful if you are backpacking.

Its only downside is the battery, which is with a decent quality during the first few months, but if you use it more frequently, after a while, the battery life quality is starting to degrade. After a few years, you would have to run the battery connected to the power, constantly.

A nice additional feature is the top which is covered with a velvet flocked material in order to ensure that your bedding doesn’t slide down if you are a restless sleeper.


  • Can be bought in Queens size
  • Thick
  • Durable
  • Automatic inflation and deflation
  • Doesn’t allow you to slip off during the sleep


  • Smelly
  • Batteries tend to lose the strength over time

Related: To prolong your mattress’ life by keeping it safe from rocks and other debris that might puncture it when you use it in the outdoors, we recommend getting the Outad Watreproof Camping Tarp. It can also be used for the protection of the tent’s floor or for adding an additional waterproof layer on the tent’s top.

Check the price on Amazon

Serta Raised Air Mattress
Serta ST840017

Price: Approx. $135

Weight: 35 pounds

Dimensions: 18 x 60 x 78 inches

Specific features: Powerful pump, comfort level adjustment pump, double height

Best use: Camping or for use at home

Description: This Serta Raised Air Mattress has a top of the notch technology and it is a bit pricier option than the previous suggestions. However, at the moment it is on sale, which is why it entered our top quality air bed list with a decent affordable price.

The whole bed is 18’’ raised which is a very comfortable height for getting in and out of bed. It is high as a normal hard construction bed and it is almost as comfortable as one.

The biggest advantage of this Serta mattress is that it has two pumps which are a breakthrough in the air bed technology. The issue with the traditional air mattresses is that they tend to deflate during the night or after several nights sleeping on them.

This happens because of small leaks or simply because the weight of your body. The Serta mattress brand started with this issue on their mind when this air bed was invented. For solving this they added two pumps and each one of them has a different function.

The primary pump is, for automatically inflating and deflating the mattress. This pump also has a regulatory system which you could comfort adjust according to your preferences. You could choose to inflate it firm or medium. Once the bed is inflated to your desired level, the air pump automatically turns off.

On the other side, when you turn the motor on for deflating of your mattress, it also has an automatic turning off system, which does this for you.

This is done because if the motor works, and there is no more air to deflate, it could burn out, and you might need to replace it. The most important thing to you in this system, is that these automatic controls will maintain your preferred level of comfort which you have previously adjusted before going to bed.

You would sleep the whole night, on the same surface which you have adjusted. This way, you will avoid the cuddle hole which is common in air mattresses.

In order for the pump to work properly, you should make sure that it is always on, even during the night. Otherwise, the whole automatic system will not work and you will sleep on a traditional mattress which you overpaid.

The material blend, this mattress is made of, is puncture resistant and contains a circular coil system that provides additional support and a stable mattress structure.

The bottom is covered with grip in order to prevent your bed from moving in case you must place your bed on an uneven surface.

The travel bed is customized and it has a cord storage which is built-in. The weight of the mattress, however, is one of its main downsides. It weighs 15 pounds, which means that you could only use it on a camping trip if you are going by car.


  • Double height
  • Puncture resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Two automatic pumps for automatic inflation during the use


  • Price
  • Weight

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Check the price on Amazon

Intex Comfort Plush Airbed
Intex 64411E

Price: Approx. $41

Weight: 21 pounds

Dimensions: 22 x 60 x 80 inches

Specific features: Double height, automatic pump, easy for storage and transport

Best use: Camping or for indoor sleepovers

Description: The Intex Comfort Plush Airbed is an excellent option if you are looking for an air bed with the most competitive price and the best features for the given price range. It is a double height sleeping bed from the Intex brand which is very quick and easy to inflate.

It is inflated with an automatic pump which should be plugged into a power source. It doesn’t have a battery, so it is not recommended to be used outside. Another reason why it is not recommended for an outside use is because the material used for its manufacturing is too thin to be used on the ground.

If you, however, decide to take it out camping, make sure you put an isolation pad between the mattress and the ground since even small rocks could damage it. Nevertheless, it is perfect for indoor use and it is very durable if used like that.

Another advantage is that during the night, it doesn’t deflate, unless there is a great change of temperature. However, after every few nights spent on the mattress, you should inflate it a bit more.

When it is inflated enough, the mattress is firm enough so that you sleep comfortably with a great support to your back. When using it, make sure you adjust the pump to deflate or inflate.

However, it is important that while you sleep you turn the pump knob all the way up to the inflate sign. Otherwise, it will leak air through the pump and you will wake up in the middle of the night sleeping on a “water bed”.

If you apply this, you could use it as much as you like and it will hold up. All in all, it is an air mattress with an excellent quality which is a great deal for the price.


  • Automatic inflation and deflation
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t deflate when used


  • Doesn’t have batteries for the pump

Related: For a full comfort during the night, we recommend buying the Inflatable Camping Pillow as well. The mattress itself is quite comfortable, but sleeping without a pillow can leave you with aching neck in the morning so a pillow is a must for a great night’s rest.

Check the price on Amazon

Aerobed Classic Air Mattress
AeroBed 9820

Price: Approx. $125

Weight: 8.8 pounds

Dimensions: 74 x 39 x 9 inches

Specific features: PVC material, oval coil construction, flocked top fleece

Best use: Indoors, for camping

Description: This Aerobed Classic Air Mattress  is a 9 inch high mattress which comes in two sizes; a twin and a queen mattress. It comes with a pump which is making the inflation and deflation process easier. The surface of the mattress is made from fleece and it’s very soft touch, and pleasant to sleep in.

However, it is not recommended that you use the mattress without sheets because the top is white and it could get dirty after a few uses. The construction is oval coil which adds to the comfort and support.

The material it is used in the manufacturing process is PVC vinyl material which is a puncture resistant material. This means it could be used for camping outside in the nature or even backpacking. It is also lighter that some competitive versions and it is very easy to transport; it weighs only 8.8 pounds.

If you are planning on using this mattress on a winter camping trip, make sure you use an isolation pad or put a blanket on the mattress. This is recommended because when the temperatures drop your mattress will get cold. All in all, this air mattress is a great investment for the features it has to offer and it is highly recommended.


  • Comes in queen sizes as well
  • Soft surface
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Puncture resistant


  • Gets dirty easily due to the white color design
  • Smelly

Related: If you want to protect your mattress from getting dirty and to prolong its lifespan, we suggest investing in the Bedsack Mattress Pad. It will make your mattress even better looking and it will protect it from punctures, stains, and dirt.

Check the price on Amazon

Coleman Airbed Cot
Coleman 12376

Price: Approx. $125

Weight: 42 pounds

Dimensions: 78 x 22 x 59 inches

Specific features: Versatile design, steel construction, battery pump, airtight system

Best use: Camping

Description: The Coleman Airbed Cot is not designed as your common, air inflatable mattress. Its design is a unique combination of an inflatable air bed and durable steel frames placed under the mattress. There are two side tables are a very nice addition and they could be used for putting your drinks or your phone while sleeping.

You could even put your alarm clock there. This system has a greater durability because there is a decreased probability that a sharp object will damage the mattress.

It is also easily foldable, and you could carry it in a carry bag, which is included in the price. The best thing is that you should not worry about leakage of air with the Coleman system because there is a guarantee that it won’t leak. The warranty lasts for 1 year and it is limited.

The battery system is also of top quality. A 4D battery is included together with a pump, which means you could carry it everywhere, no matter if a power source is available or not. You could also carry a backup battery so that the bed would never let you down.

An important thing to mention is that batteries are sold separately from the entire mattress and they are not included in the price.

The weight of this camping bed, though, is its only downside, which is making it impossible to use for backpacking. However, if you are going camping with a vehicle, it is better that you include this camping bed in your essentials list. It will provide the satisfaction which you need!


  • Unique design solution that separates the mattress from the ground
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Comes with two side tables for drinks or other small items
  • Foldable


  • Batteries for the pump are sold separately
  • Price
  • Weight

Related: Since the pump doesn’t have rechargeable batteries as the standard package deal, we recommend checking out this 12 Pack of Alkaline Batteries. This way, you will be on the safe side when it comes to keeping your mattress inflated all the time when using it.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrapping It Up

By going through our suggestions we are positive that you are going to find what you are looking for in a camping bed. Whether that is easy inflation or deflation, or a solid and comfortable construction which would provide great support for your back, the suggestion above are the safe way to go.

Two adults sitting outside on the most comfortable camping bed

We have reviewed and rated them and we are presenting you their advantages and their downsides. Choose the comfort of the indoor bed for your camping trip and make sure you have a great trip and a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our suggestion or you would like to share some camping bed experiences, write us a comment in the comment section below! Good night everyone, have a comfortable night and sweet dreams!


Kane Dane


  • I have a friend who has raved about the LightSpeed Outdoors Mattress for its low weight and durability. Finally caved and bought one for myself! I can confirm the hype, it’s very comfortable and at only 6 pounds I can carry it easily in my daypack. It’s a good price for a 2-person mattress as well.

  • Been hearing about the Coleman Double-High for a while now, I googled it and found this nice list. It’s also got a good price for the value, along with being lightweight. Where can I find more information about how comfortable it is? It looks like there are lots of options on the market so I’d like to know more.


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