7 Best Hikes In Curacao To Experience in 2023

Written by Wendy Tucker

The island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea, Curacao is a part of the Netherlands Kingdom. The country is one of the top tourist spots and attractions for the tourists who visit or want to visit The Netherlands. Curacao, due to its location, offers a wide range of activities and scenic spots, thus making it popular. The country can be reached via the most common way, airplanes, and other traditional ways, which usually include ships and ferries. The island is located at a distance of about 40 miles from the Venezuelan coast.

The island nation has a wide-ranging terrain, like warm beaches and high mountains and hills, all of which make it so popular amongst tourists and locals alike. It offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and constantly moving life of the cities, and offers a lot of activities for its visitors. You can plan your trips to Curacao and get more information by clicking on this website.

Along with its beautiful beaches and clear waters, Curacao is known for its hiking and adventurous terrain. These terrains are scattered all over the country and the island remains one of the most famous tourists for this reason. If you are planning a trip to Curacao soon, then you can consult the list stated below, which consists of the 7 best hiking spots in Curacao.

1. Jan Thiel West


This almost 5 km long trail of uneven land would leave you mesmerized. Located on the western end of the island, this trek is bordered by a lagoon which adds to its beauty. Jan Thiel is one of the simplest treks and hikes in the Curacao regions and would surely offer you a wonderful time without much exhaustion.

2. Kabrietenberg


Kabrietenberg is a 5.5 km long loop trail, with the route enclosing the scenic remains of an ancient fortress of Beekenburg. The unleveled land is a good place to hike and offers a moderately difficult trek.

The entire trekking route is lined with trees and shrubs and makes the trekkers feel relaxed and calm. You are advised to carry a bottle of water along, as the trek is comparatively longer and harder than Jan Thiel West.

3. Caracasbaai Peninsula


The lower parts of the fortress of Beekenburg form the Peninsula of Caracasbaai. This region is ideal for the ones who do not want to climb higher on the mountains. This trail offers the scenic beauty of Curacao and shines light upon the history of the country. The entire round trip would cost you around 3 hours, as the trekking loop is almost 6.5km long. This route, however, remains generally wet throughout the year, so be prepared for wet feet.

4. St Michiel’s Mountain


A perfect and hard trekking with a good hike can be found on the St Michiel’s Mountain, which is almost 6 km long. Invest in some quality shoes and do not forget to carry a bottle of water or two, as the trekking track is mostly wet and moist.

On this hike, you can find the age-old salt pan, or the salt storing unit of the country, along with an indigo plant, that was closed down in the 1720s. Moreover, there are a lot of migratory birds, which can be seen when visiting in their migratory season. This trek is ideal for anyone who is looking for more adventure and fun.

5. Tafelberg


This 300-meter high elevation from sea level is a dream for many users and hikers. Tafelberg is a flat top hill, which provides a great hiking ground. It is the home of many ores of various minerals. Ores are the naturally occurring groups of minerals, which can be later separated. This peak stands out from the rest and is easily observable. Moreover, the views provided by this hike are amazing.

6. Santa Barbara


This 85 meters elevation from the ground provides the users with a trail around the beach, where they can collect different pictures and photographs for their memory. This scenic trail is a perfect getaway for couples as it provides them with a beautiful location and offers everyone a chance to rejuvenate their bodies and souls. The entire length of this hike is less than 1.4 miles and it should be completed within 3500 – 3600 steps.

7. Full Moon Hike


The Full Moon Hike is one of the most sought-after hikes in Curacao and it should be on the top of your list for 2023. The name itself is self-explanatory and very intriguing and keeps everyone guessing about the nature of the trail. The troops assemble at the Santa Barbara Plantation at 4 pm and then they begin their hike up to the very top of the Table Mountain, or simply, the Tafelberg. Trekkers and hikers are provided with a headlamp when it gets dark outside. The full moon hike should be a must-attend on your trip to Curacao.

A few tips:

  1. Always make sure you have dressed accordingly. Hiking is a vigorous exercise and requires a lot of walking and movement of the body. Comfortable and loose clothes are always preferred.
  2. Make sure your shoes are in good condition, and they do not hurt you. The worst pain after a trek is the pain in the feet, which would intensify if your shoes are not okay or up to the mark for a trek.
  3. Always carry a bottle of water and stay hydrated.


The island nation of Curacao is a popular tourist spot for locals and tourists alike. The various visitors have everything preplanned and enjoy the various activities provided by the same. Majorly, trekking and hiking are very common as they are one of the primary sources of income for the locals.

However, users are advised to trust only reputed websites and any third-party interactions should be avoided at all costs. Many scammers and fake ticketing agents are now on the internet, who would dupe you off of your money. Users are advised to be extra vigilant and secure.


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