Jetboil Stove Review: The All-in-One Integrated Stove & Cookware System

Written by Kane Dane

Nobody enjoys doing chores. Unfortunately, even when you’re out in the wild these necessities can be unavoidable. Cooking, cleaning, heating, washing… these are simply requirements if you want to stay at all hygienic during your outdoor expeditions. Our best advice is to simply get them over with as quickly as possible.

The more efficient you are about these activities the faster they’ll be done and the quicker you can get on to enjoying fishing, hiking, hunting or other adventures. The easiest way to speed these things up is to utilize the right equipment and we think we’ve found a real wonder on the market. The Jetboil Flash adds a whole new level of convenience to outdoor water heating & cooking.

Product Specifications

  • 1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
  • Cozy features color-change temperature indicator
  • Adjustable burner with efficient igniter design
  • Stabilizer tripod included
  • Insulating drink-through lid and bottom cover
  • Pot support is not included
  • Compact and lightweight, the entire Flash cooking system can be stowed inside the FluxRing cooking cup

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So much so that we’ve decided to provide you with a full write up of its features and how it could be used to make your next outdoor trip even more fun by minimizing your ‘chores’ time. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into discussing the features of The Flash Personal Cooking System in this Jetboil Stove review


In less than two minutes the Jetboil Flash can help you prepare a hot drink or an instant hot meal. This is the ideal choice for anyone who is in need of efficient cooking/boiling energy. The Jetboil Flash is well-organized, lightweight and fast.

High fuel efficiency, and all-in-one package, means that you do not need additional cookware. Here are the specifications that make the Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System special.


The very first consideration to make when shopping for an outdoor cookware is packaging. The Jetboil Flash Personal is one of the lightest, weighing in at 0.88 pounds when removed out of the box. The weight along with the system’s dimensions (7.09 by 4.09 by 4.09 inches) makes the stove the ideal choice for backpackers. The cookware will fit comfortably in your backpack.


Apart from the weight and dimensions, the major benefit of the Jetboil Flash Personal cookware is simplicity. Basically, it contains fewer parts: 1 liter of the FluxRing cooking cup, adjustable burner, and fuel canister. The fuel canister and stainless steel burner stow suitably inside the cup. This makes backpacking remarkably easy.

Design & Durability

The cooking system’s construction is undoubtedly higher end with the burner being made of stainless steel and the cooking cup of aluminum. Both these metals are known for their durability, which is an incredibly important factor when assessing outdoors products. You want to know that a bit of rough and tumble won’t break your brand new stove, and we’re fairly confident you can be sure of the stove’s durability.

The cookware seems to be a cooperation of a well-made cooking cup and an unrivaled ignition system. Out of the box, you will observe at first glance the cute packaging. Each piece fits in the cup for easy transport. This simply signifies how resourceful and versatile the design is when compared to other backpacking stoves in the market.

The multipurpose plastic cover found at the bottom of The Flash Personal Cooking System’s cooking cup is very useful for the minimalist outdoor packer. You’ll find that it has three uses (that we can think of), namely use as a measuring cup, a small bowl, and as a protective cover on the bottom of the cooking cup to keep your hands from being burnt by the heat while you enjoy whatever is inside.


The cooking system has a clever tripod for added efficiency. The tripod is specifically engineered to be used on rugged terrain and accommodates the little stove perfectly. We think the idea has a fair bit of merit, and anyone who has spilt hot water on themselves before, is sure to agree. The tripod doesn’t add any inconvenience to your transportation needs either as it folds up and fits with the rest of the system into the cooking cup.

The cooking cup of The Flash Personal cookware not only includes something useful at its base (the plastic cover), but also at its top. Built into the neoprene upper lining of the cup is a wonderful little heat indication window. This window will slowly turn orange as the interior contents of the cup heats up, which is a highly resourceful feature when boil water.

You could probably tell that the cup is ready without this window when you are boiling water as the device tends to make a small bubbling sound and let off some steam. Where the heat indication window really shines is when you are cooking up a delicious rehydrated mini meal. Just sit back and relax and wait for the little window to turn orange to let you know your food is hot and ready to be consumed.


The Flash Personal Cooking System is ready to go in any weather thanks to the elemental resistance screen. The system not only runs off hot jet fuel, but protects its flame from wind and rain by utilizing a barrier around its flame area. This is great because when it is cold and rainy what can often help to brighten your mood the most is a nice cup of hot cocoa or coffee – this stove makes that possible.

Ease of Use & Efficiency

To use the stove, you have to link the canister to the clever tripod. There is an ignition button, which you have to push to turn on the stove once you have switched on the gas flow. The igniter has actually simplified your work. Then add water to the 1 liter cup and have it fixed to the stainless steel burner. The one liter capacity will allow you to prepare two cups of hot coffee or cocoa in two minutes.


Basically, the one liter capacity is sufficient, but you are strongly urged to boil less amount of water at a time to circumvent accidents. The reputation of the Jetboil Flash Personal cookware is attributed to its boil time. In actual fact, the boil time is the main reason why most outdoorsmen like the cooking system. Impressively, the stove boils one liter of water in two minutes under normal conditions, and four minutes in extreme conditions.

Storage after Use

To ensure the durability of the cookware, you have to store it correctly after every use. Once you are done cooking, turn the control valve off so as to put out the flame. Then go ahead and separate the cup from the base of the stainless steel burner. Have the stabilizer removed from the fuel canister. At that point, unbolt fuel container from the burner base.


Make sure you replace the plastic fuel cap. For easy storage, position the stabilizer in the bottom of the cup, followed by the burner base, and eventually the fuel canister. Place the lid to secure the items inside the cup. Never forget to disconnect the fuel cartridge once you are done cooking. To ensure the cup is not damaged, you are advised to wash it by hand.

Unique Features

Jetboil FluxRing Technology: The burner is handily connected to the cooking cup by use of FluxRing tech. This ensures there is minimal or no heat loss during boiling or cooking, thus better boil times.

Built-in Windscreen: Unlike traditional camping stoves that are known not to function properly in windy conditions, the Jetboil Flash Personal has a built-in windscreen that allows it to perform exceptionally in windy climate.


A Resourceful Neoprene Lining: The cooking cup is enclosed by a neoprene lining that maintains the warmth of drinks and food for the considerable time duration. The lining also incorporates a color changing window that always signals when food or drinks are hot.

Quick Ignition Ability: The quick ignition ability of The Flash Personal Cooking System makes it ideal for big families who will have multiple users handling it. There is an auto-start filament built into the system which enables the jet flame to be created without the use of matches. Anyone who has ever forgotten to pack matches for their trip will know that this is a big help.

Value for Money & Guarantee

The Jetboil Flash Personal Cookware is worth your every dollar. The price is reasonable when you consider its amazing features and performance, especially its boil time. At approx. $100, you get a fully functioning stove that prevails both in normal and windy conditions. Some individuals may consider it to be an expensive unit; but camping and hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the price.


There are compatible accessories and products that are sold separately, including: 1.5L cooking pot, 1.8L spare cup, 1L tall spare cup, and an 8-inch FluxRing fry pan. There is a manufacturer’s warranty for the cooking system in case it does not perform as expected under normal use. However, the warranty does not cover damages due to improper use, accidents, negligence, poor maintenance, and normal wear and tear.

Similar Models/Competitors

Optimus Elektra Optimus Elektra

The Optimus Elektra is the best for preparing instant hot meals and drinks. It is a lifesaver after a long hike on the trail. Weighing only 1 pound, it is significantly lightweight for light backpacking.

Unlike heavier canister stoves, the Optimus Elektra is suitable for both long and short distance backpacking. The stove system is all about efficiency and high performance, a valuable feature for camping and hiking.

What you will love most about the Optimus Elektra is its lightweight design. It certainly looks tall, but it is highly packable. Once you appreciate how useful the stove system is, you will find yourself backpacking it occasionally. There are a number of design differences between the Jetboil Flash Personal and the Optimus Elektra. The cooking cup/pot of the individual systems is not compatible.

The Jetboil Flash Personal has a more compact and windproof design when compared to the Optimus Elektra. As far as fuel efficiency and boil times are concerned, the Jetboil Flash Personal is the winner. To boil a liter of water, the Optimus Elektra does require an excess of thirty seconds. With that said the Jetboil Flash Personal is more suitable for preparing a hot drink or an instant hot meal.

Coleman PowerPack Coleman PowerPack

The Coleman PowerPack is the most convenient backpacking stove for camping. It is the ideal backup stove if your main cooking system is larger. The flame produced by the stove is fully adjustable, which makes boiling and simmering so easy.

The system’s PerfectFlow technology ensures that the heat remains steady. Therefore, providing an efficient boil time/ cook time, especially when using the stove in high altitudes or cold weather.

There are so many backpacking stoves that you will certainly come across in the market. What distinguishes the Coleman PowerPack from the rest are the PerfectFlow technology, PerfectHeat technology, and the adjustable burner. The adjustable burner allows you to lower the temperature so as not to burn food, such as oatmeal.

When compared to the Jetboil Flash Personal cookware, the Coleman PowerPack presents zero resemblance. The tank of the Jetboil Flash fits right below the burner, but the tank of the Coleman is fixed from the side of the burner. The Jetboil Flash has a built-in windscreen, insulating cozy, and an electric igniter. According to the design features and performance, the Jetboil Flash is the overall winner.

MSR WindBurner MSR WindBurner 

The MSR WindBurner is the most preferred cooking system for back country and camping expeditions. This is so since it is equipped with features and reactor technology that are crucial to any outdoorsman.

Unlike traditional canister stoves that cannot perform in the cold, the MSR WindBurner has an enclosed windproof structure and radiant burner that allows the stove to prevail in windy conditions and offer fast boil times.

Most users consider all canister stoves to be very efficient. Well, you are not far from the truth, but the MSR WindBurner is more than efficient. Those who have settled for this stove system do certainly admire its adaptability for preparing meals for two.

Unlike the other options that have annoying twists, the MSR WindBurner performance is brilliant. It has proven to be the master in the wind. It will take you roughly 2.75 minutes to boil a liter of water when operated at a higher altitude.

It never gets easier when choosing the best backpacking stoves. The aim is to decrease the weight without necessarily compromising the general performance of the stove system. The Jetboil Flash Personal is definitely the lightest when compared to the MSR WindBurner.

They both have integrated wind protection. Irrespective of the similarities and differences between the two stove systems, you should be more concerned with their ability to function in the wind. The MSR WindBurner outshines the Jetboil Flash Personal as far as wind performance is concerned.


The Jetboil Flash Personal is the best backpacking canister stove system that addresses the shortcomings of traditional cooking systems. The most defining feature of the Jetboil Flash Personal is the fact that it is an integrated stove system. As aforementioned, it combines a fuel cartridge with an effective built-in windscreen, stabilizer, stainless steel burner and a FluxRing cooking cup.

As far as the Flash Personal cooking system is concerned, every part has its unique purpose and contributes to the general performance of the stove. The FluxRing heat exchanger makes sure that the flame is uniformly distributed at the base of the cup so as to maximize fuel efficiency. The creative temperature indicator alerts you when food or drink is hot and cooked, saving fuel.

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System and two adults passing by

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The adjustable burner is enclosed by an inbuilt windscreen so as to reduce heat loss and at the same time improve fuel efficiency. You really do not need a match to ignite the stove, since the push button electric igniter is enough to start a flame. This makes the Flash Personal System a very reliable choice for emergency situations other than regular outdoor adventures.


  • Stabilizing tripod base for added convenience & safety
  • Plastic cover acts as a measuring cup, small bowl & heat protector
  • Interactive cooking window indicates when food is hot & ready
  • Fabric cozy provides helpful handle and attractive exterior
  • The overall construction is high quality with durable materials
  • Resistive barrier allows the stove to be used in any weather conditions
  • Auto-start filament for matchless immediate ignition included


  • 32-ounce capacity only provides enough room for 1 or 2 people rehydrated meal preparations.
  • Relying on the supply of isobutene and propane gas (unable to run off renewable energy)
  • Does not work well in high altitudes and very cold climates. 

A decent Jetboil stove is a worthwhile investment that can take hours off your outdoor ‘chores’ time over the course of years. The Flash Personal Cooking System is one of our favorite choices because of its clever design and easy portability. If you’re looking to create quick and easy meals or simply boil water for purification, then it’s a great option.

Jetboil Flash
  • Packaging
  • Design & Durability
  • Ease of Use & Efficiency
  • Storage after Use
  • Unique Features
  • Value for Money & Guarantee


The Jetboil Flash Personal cook system is the ideal choice if you need rapid boil time at a reasonable price. The weight of the system is suitable for backpackers, campers and hikers.

Even though it does not fare well in extreme cold and windy conditions, it is still the highest performing stove in normal and less extreme weather conditions. Get improved fuel efficiency and the best boil times with Flash Personal cookware.

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What you’ll find is that the stove allows you to spend less time on the necessities of food and water preparation, thereby increasing the time you can spend doing more enjoyable activities. The only people who might struggle with this as their camp stove are those with more refined food tastes. But then, how important is a gourmet meal when you’re exploring the wild?

Would a device that boils water for you quickly add any convenience to your trips? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • I am sure the Jetboil stove surpassed your expectations as far as backpacking stoves are concerned. You should recommend this product to your hiking/camping buddies.

  • The Jetboil is one of the best as far as backpacking stoves are concerned. With this stove, you get the best performance at roughly $100.


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