Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping Bag: The Best Sleeping Bag for the Back Country!

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Written by Kane Dane

Sleeping bags for tent or car camping are essential requisites when one is planning to explore the great outdoors. A distinct advantage that is connected to the use of these bags is their ability to ensure you always have a peaceful night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling energized and ready come the following day. No one would like to remain awake the entire night, tossing and turning due to the cold that penetrates their sleeping gear, as such experiences would render them ineffective the next day.

The right sleeping bag should be one that packs with ease, is durable, comfortable, and versatile enough to use in multi-days trips. When it comes to backpacking, durability is of great importance if you intend to use your gear for camping in different seasons. Before you can start looking for a sleeping bag, it is prudent to remember that cheap products are not necessarily the best.

If any dealer is offering their products at a great discount, be careful to ascertain there aren’t any defects and that their quality is not compromised. Since this type of equipment is a huge investment, and probably a one-time purchase, it’s always advisable to look for something of high quality irrespective of the price tag.

Product Specifications:

  • Women’s specific design has extra down fill in the footbox and increased insulation to enhance warmth
  • Spoon shape is wider at the knees and elbows for side sleeping
  • Top shelf features like the stretch stitching, waterproof/breathable footbox, FlowGates, and high-end fabrics set Rhapsody apart
  • Spoon shape allows room for side sleepers knees to naturally bend and shift throughout the night, 
  • Blanket fold provides tucked-in comfort

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Also, you need to remember that sleeping bags come in different sizes and shapes, with different temperature ratings that are ideal for specific situations. If you are of an average size, you need to look for something average that would fit your size. Moreover, you need to look for a sleeping bag that is within your budget.



This bag comes with a number of unique features and extra accessories to make your outdoor experience quite memorable. The bag is cover using a Durable Water Repellent fabric that acts as the barrier to condensation and moisture and keeps the user dry through the night. Its spoon shape makes it possible for you to twist and turn with ease. The Nemo Rhapsody comes with an included stuff sack which you can use to store the bag when you are trekking or hiking.

Design and Durability

Offering space, where it most needed, the Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping Bag by Nemo Equipment is broad at the elbows, tapers down on the hips, and widens again for maximum knee space. In comparison to the mummy-style bags that taper around the hip section and get narrower downwards, you will find that the Rhapsody offers more comfort due to the flexibility of movement.

If you are a person who loves sleeping on your back, the mummy models will not bother you; however, if you like sleeping on your side, you will require a bag that allows you to move comfortably without any restrictions. The Rhapsody makes it possible for you to shift and move your knees as you sleep rather than finding yourself awake because you are twisted in a disastrous position.

Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping Bag

While the bag works perfectly if you are of average height, it can be a little tight if you have broad shoulders. In addition to that, the construction of Nemo Rhapsody keeps the down in position, preventing it from shifting about when you are snoozing.


The Nemo Rhapsody sleeping bag is extremely comfortable, mainly due to their Spoon Shape style. Instead of narrowing as it approaches the bottom, like in the case of the mummy design, the knee box section opens up to make room for more space. This implies that during cold weather conditions, there are plenty of pockets inside the sleeping bag to warm up using your body heat.

nemo-sleeping-bag-laying on the grass

Moreover, with the vertical baffle model, the opportunities of the down in the bag being displaced with time is much less. With time, this bag looks like it would hold up better compared to other products. The extra space inside the bag is sufficient to allow you to roll around when sleeping.


The extra space at the bottom of Nemo Rhapsody results in extra weight. While a regular bag is two pounds, six ounces, and the long is two Pounds, eleven ounces, this gear probably isn’t the right bag if you are an ultralight, backpacking extremist.

As an enthusiastic backpacker, this is something you can frequently take on your backpacking expeditions. One of the benefits of the mummy bags is their lightweight feature, which makes them possible to strap on the back along with other backpacking equipment.

Unique Features

The Nemo Rhapsody 15 features a tuckable Blanket Fold hood. This flap of fabric is insulated and can be wrapped around the neck to block drafts and ensure you remain extra toasty. The Blanket Fold is celebrated as one of the best features that come with the Rhapsody. When cinched via drawcord, the hood is not as comfortable, but this aspect improves when left open. Therefore, the fabric flap is very useful when you want to open the hood and do not want to wake up with a neck stiffened by the cold.

A girl in a sleeping bag sitting in a tent in nature

Other features of the Rhapsody include a pocket for storing your clothes or a pillow. The pillow pocket will, in fact, amaze you with what it can do as most sleeping bags do not this feature. Additionally, there is a zippered pocket where you can store your phone, so it’s possible to hear the alarm in the morning. There are also a roll-top compression sack and a storage bag. Other aspects of this sleeping bag include:

  • Stretch stitching
  • FlowGates
  • Women’s specific design
  • Breathable/waterproof foot box

Durable Water Repellant

The Rhapsody feature a DWR coating that is used on the fabrics to make them hydrophobic and water-resistant. A Durable Water Repellent finish does not compromise the product’s breathability, which makes the Rhapsody ideal for the adverse conditions in the outdoors.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping Bag is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag that gives you value for your money. The product is made of different components that utilize various kinds of technology such as DownTek, DWR, and OSMO. This product is available for about $379 to $399 for the small and regular sized models respectively.

Two people laying in sleeping bags watching the sunrise

Although this may be on the higher side, you can be surprised that the Rhapsody is able to offer maximum utility compared to sleeping bags within the same price bracket.

Similar Models / Competitors

Sea to Summit Trek Sea to Summit Trek

The Sea to Summit Trek is insulated using high-loft 650+ fill down to provide you with the utility you desire during your outdoor expeditions. This trek series has a lighter fabric, a fresh color palette as well as an improved 3D hood.

It is suitable for camping during the summers or traveling in areas with temperate climes. Its zipper (full length) and the secondary foot box zipper makes it possible for the Trek II to be fully opened and utilized as a comforter when the temperatures become mild.

It is a three-season bag which is suitable for backpacking, camping, and other outdoor expeditions. The bag has been filled with down that has undergone water-repellent treatment to provide protection against internal condensation and external moisture. A draft tube runs around its hood to provide maximum warmth around the face region when camping.

The outer shell is made using a 30 denier shell fabric along with a 20 denier soft lining. To accommodate the female frame, these bags are shaped wider at the hip section. Its foot box features a Thermolite layer to offer additional warmth during the night. These bags come with quality compression sacks.

Therm-a-Rest Mira Therm-a-Rest Mira

Now featuring the Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, the Therm-a-Rest Mira is an all-time winner when it comes to three-season outdoor adventures. The temperature range of the Therm-a-Rest Mira is ideal as it keeps you warm from low elevation spring hikes to the late traverses in the summer at the high alpine.

Its unrestrictive cut that is specific to women shifts the volume from the bags shoulders to its hips for the purpose of retaining warmth. Additional, key aspects such as the Toe-asis Foot Warmer, the reflective ThermaCapture mattress and lining, and the compressible 750+ goose down are essential in keeping you warm.

Big Agnes Ethel 0 Big Agnes Ethel 0

The Big Agnes Ethel 0 feature the right kind of technology that is designed to help keep you warm during the cold nights. The Insotect Flow is an insulation technology that helps in ensuring an equal distribution of heat as well as natural body contouring through the outstanding baffle design.

The advanced heat management system helps in the transfer of heat from the body’s core to your extremities for a uniform comfort and warmth. This bag all features a brilliantly designed hood that increases your ability to move and lift your head even when zipped. The bag’s vaulted foot box creates room for your feet to move about.

The Ethel 0 is rectangular in shape and specifically designed for women who love to explore the great outdoors. It is a roomy bag that packs small and is light enough for the cold weather expeditions. It is designed for women with more width at the hip section. Its 650FP DownTek down maintains loft and repels water, even when the sleeping bag is exposed to moisture. Its InsotectFlow design is instrumental in keeping the insulation close to your body to ensure a more efficient distribution.


Nemo’s Rhapsody Sleeping bag, along with other models from the company are packed with high-quality features in their fifteen- and thirty-degree rated versions. The New Rhapsody bag features 750-Fill-Power down that is treated using DownTekTM that help in keeping the down dry.

The water resistant and lightweight fabric with Durable Water Repellent surface constitute the outer shell of this sleeping bag, while its 750FP down utilizes nanotechnology aspects that help in keeping the moisture and cold at bay. This nanotechnology is also instrumental in protecting against bacteria, odor, and mildew.

The Rhapsody also features a quality blanket fold around its collar and a pillow pocket in which you can stuff your garment. There’s also a watch pocket where you can store your valuable. There’s an OSMOTM breathable/waterproof foot box that helps in protecting the down from condensation or moisture which you may get as a result of rubbing up against the tent’s wall. If at one point you have experienced the misery of a damp bag around the feet, then you can agree that this is quite an important feature.

Nemo sleeping bag on a sleeping pag

The amazing and award-winning Nemo Rhapsody sleeping bag is a suitable bag for the side sleepers and people who are in need of comfort and ergonomic room. This bag uses Nemo’s extraordinary Spoon Shape design that offers comfort and weight savings to the backpacker. The innovative contour on the bag’s surface gives you that extra space you.

The bag’s cut begins wide at the shoulders and tapers down to the hips for warmth and comfort, then flares back out at the knee section making it possible for you to shift and bend freely throughout the night. This women’s gear offers true comfort when sleeping while maintaining its efficiency in a compressible, low weight option which is suitable for three-season temperatures.

Two adults in Nemo sleeping bags looking at a lake

As mentioned, the Nemo’s soft Blanket Fold design is an essential part of the product’s comfort. It’s an insulated panel at the bag’s collar that mimics a home bedding. You can tuck it around the face during cold nights or lay it flat when you are not utilizing it. A down-insulated draft tube along with its contoured zipper keep the cold out of the bag. The drawcords can be tightened or loosened around the face as required.

The Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping bag includes a storage and stuff sack for placing items so you don’t have to misplace them when you go to sleep.


  • Great insulation warmth
  • Fairly priced
  • Breathable/water resistant
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable


  • Relatively heavy

The information given above can assist you to decide whether or not the Rhapsody is ideal for you. However, it’s important to note that the interpretation of the information given depends on what you find to be suitable for your case.

Overall, those who have had the opportunity to use the Nemo Rhapsody have declared their satisfaction. However, it is imperative you that you compare this product to what is available in the market so you can be certain that whatever you pick is the right choice for you.

If you are in need of a comfortable night’s sleep while on the outdoors, you should consider this item. Make sure you also find out more about its contenders so you can know how these products compare. Check their prices and the features they offer so you can know whether they are better than Rhapsody.

Nemo Rhapsody
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Unique Features
  • Durable Water Repellant
  • Value for Money and Guarantee


The main distinctive feature of the Nemo Rhapsody Sleeping bag is its Spoon shaped design. This kind of approach to the shape of a bag gives an individual an additional room around the elbows and knees to move around at will.

If you are a side or a stomach sleeper, this is an excellent gear if you are looking to get an excellent night’s sleep. The stretch stitching in row baffles provide addition give without compromising warmth or adding weight.

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Buyers who have compared the Nemo Rhapsody with other products on the market say that they loved it because it offers the right amount of comfort and warmth. They also appreciate the fact that buying this bag is a long-term investment since it can last an extended period of time.

Have you made a decision about what you want? If you think the Nemo Rhapsody offers the Qualities you would like to have in a sleeping bag, then do not hesitate to purchase it. In case you have suggestions or comments regarding this guide, do not forget to post them in our comment section below.


Kane Dane


  • If you are new to hiking or camping, then you should look no farther than the Nemo Rhapsody sleeping bag.

  • You should not think twice about buying this bag if you are a side sleeper. The spoon shape will allow you to maneuver naturally.


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