Western Mountaineering Cypress LZ Gore WindStopper Sleeping Bag: The Best Solution for Windy Conditions!

Written by Kane Dane

The difference between backpacking and hiking is that the former implies you will spend at least a night in the wilderness. As a result, backpacking can be quite different from hiking, especially when you consider the duration you will be spending outdoors and the kind of gear you will need to take with you.

However, whether hiking or backpacking, a rough night spent in the wilderness could ruin your entire experience. Since a sleeping bag is crucial for most of these trips, looking for one that suits you will go a long way in ensuring you have a memorable expedition.

Product Specifications:

  • Made with durable, weather-resistant Gore Windstopper outer shell material
  • 850+ fill power goose down provides excellent warmth to weight ratio and compressibility
  • Adjustable down-filled collar helps to seal in your body heat
  • Well insulated draft tube behind zipper prevents cold drafts from keeping you up all night
  • Storm flap provides external zipper protection

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The best sleeping bag should cover you in a cocoon of comfort and warmth, enabling your whole body to recover, so it’s ready for the next day’s expedition. But selecting the right gear can be a little cumbersome.

That is why we are going to show you the Western Mountaineering Cypress Gore WindStopper -30 Degree Sleeping Bag so you will have to search no more! This semi rectangular sleeping bag is so comfortable and warm, that you can literally sleep in really frigid temperatures and still stay toasty inside! Let us dive into all of the information about this summer time sleeping bag!



Your sleeping bag will come compressed in the package that is just a little bigger than 6 x 14 x 22 inches. The package weight should be about 7 pounds and include the sleeping bag as well as the stuff sack so you can compress your bag down to a size that lets you tote it around.

Durability and Design

This sleeping bag is designed to be semi rectangular, very warm, and cozy. It is designed with a storm flap, draft tubes that keep cold air out, and is weather resistant with the Gore WindStopper. It is also highly durable, has a left side zipper, and will last you for many years of outdoor adventures! This sleeping bag has proven to be great for summer use, but it can be used on warm winter nights as well.

Man in the morning in a Western Mountaineering Cypress sleeping bag

It has a temperature rating of 25 degrees F, so it will work down past freezing temperatures. It may get too warm for you if the temperature outside is too warm, but it gives you the ability to vent the sleeping bag so you do not feel too warm or get sweaty. This bag is made to give you the perfect sleeping experience no matter where you are sleeping. If you feel the need for more padding, you can put a sleeping pad inside of it with ease.

Shell and GWS

The shell of the Cypress GWS is excellent and adds to the amazing features of this bag. This component is extremely water resistant and highly breathable as well, given its weight-to-performance ratio. The GORE-TEX WindStopper shell offered by Western Mountaineering makes the sleeping bag ideal for use in humid areas as this feature is water repellent. Good breathability, is essential in a cold weather sleeping bag as the build-up of perspiration will compromise the down’s lofting power during your extended trips.


The Western Mountaineering Cypress LZ Gore WindStopper Sleeping Bag is amazingly wide, with more girth and insulation compared to other bags, in its rating. Even though the Cypress GWS isn’t a mummy bag, it’s capable if keeping you warm at thirty degrees Fahrenheit.

With an average loft of eleven, this bag will engulf your body with a wall of the best thermal protection. The bag consists of 850+ fill power premium goose down. The Cypress Gore WindStopper is an excellent way to cover yourself in a warm goose down as each of them is filled with almost fifty ounces of it.

Western Mountaineering Cypress sleeping bag on the grass

In addition to its excellent fit, the Cypress GWS Sleeping Bag is made of a down collar that runs on the upper side of the chest to prevent heat from escaping during the night. Additionally, this product has a full zipper which is significant for venting in warm weather. The down filled draft tube is also important as it helps prevent side drafts.

A goose down is the most compressible and the lightest insulator available, giving a bag a surprisingly high warmth-to-weight ratio. In that case, a 30o down bag would weigh less compared to a synthetic sleeping bag of the same rating. Down insulation is important for hikers or backpackers who are looking to pack more efficiently.

Manufacturer Recommendations

  • Do not store a wet bag. Always ensure the sleeping bag is dry before you can store it
  • For goose down options, never store them in a stuff sack. Store them in large bags, such as the laundry bags. The synthetic options are quite forgiving and can be stored, at least for some time, inside the stuff sack
  • If you have to wash your bag, make sure you utilize a front-load machine, with some cold water and soap.
  • Never dry clean a bag, especially those filled with goose down.

 Value for the Money

The value of thus sleeping bag is one that is hard to bear. One of the greatest reasons why most backpackers would go for quality down sleeping bags is that these products have a long lifespan, and the Cypress GWS is not an exception. Compared to the synthetic products, these models can be easily stuffed and unstuffed without damaging their insulation. If you can acquire a quality sleeping bag that can handle the on- and off-trail adventures, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long term.

Western Mountaineering Cypress Gore WindStopper sleeping bag insulation

At about $1,130, the Cypress GWS sleeping bag is quite worth the investment. In addition to that, if this bag is able to withstand abuse, and can sustain being used for an extended period without losing its efficiency, then it’s worth the investment. Given its features, the Cypress GWS can be used for all backpacking adventures, as well as periodic ski tours and mountaineering expeditions. These aspects are what make it a go-to option whenever you are in need of something that can serve you efficiently while in the wilderness.

Similar Products/Competitors

Now that you have seen a review of this sleeping bag, we are going to show you 3 reviews of other sleeping bags for your to compare and contemplate when you are shopping for a new, warm, durable sleeping bag.

Western Mountaineering Puma Western Mountaineering Puma

The Western Mountaineering Puma is water resistant with the Gore WindStopper fabric on the shell and includes a hood that is a reverse differential and is spacious, plus you do not have to cinch it up.

Not only that, but it has a 6 inch spacing for V Block baffles on the sides. This keeps cold air from coming in, cold spots from occurring and keeps the down filling from moving around.

Extra spacious, this sleeping bag has 64 inches of space in the shoulder, as well as 39 inches of space in the foot box. With this extra space, you can move around better, add a sleeping pad, or simply add extra layers if you need to.

The collar is also made of full down insulation and it does include a draw cord that keeps out air when cinched. The GWS draft tubes run down the zipper as well, keeping out cold air.

This bag is made with 37 ounces of down filling and has a 9 inch loft, for maximum comfort. You can use it down to -25 degrees F, because it is so warm and comfortable. This bag also compresses easily to be packed up and head out to the next sleeping location. Users like this bag for the temperature rating, and the little touches that make this bag, great. The price is a little high, but overall the attention to detail with this sleeping bag is unmatched.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Mountain Hardwear Ghost

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost includes Q Shield Down filling at an 800 fill power, and includes an extra treatment that keeps out moisture and keeps it lofty when the weather is wet. The shell is made of Q Elite 20 denier micro ripstop and is water and windproof, has the ability to breathe well, and is light in weight.

This durable sleeping bag has a Hidden Baffle Construction that keeps the bag waterproof over time, as well as strong. This bag includes double zippers flaps that prevent water from entering, as well as a 6 chamber hood that keeps the entire bag lofty, warm, and comfortable.

This bag can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees F, has a 10 inch loft, and it packs down to 10 x 15 inches. The lining is made of 30 denier Taffeta Nylon and has an inside length of 78 inches long. The shoulder girth could be bigger, but comes in at 60 inches, and the foot box is 38 inches, so you might feel a little tight if you prefer more space.

Users like this bag because of its performance, and it is waterproof, windproof, and does not hold in moisture. They like the black color, but that is the only color it comes in, but it is also made in a Long version. Great for wet conditions, this sleeping bag is costly at around $1,000, but will stand the test of time.

Yeti International Passion Yeti International Passion

The Yeti International Passion comes in a brown and black color that is stylish, bold, and looks great. This is said to be the warmest sleeping bag made by Yeti International, plus it is light in weight, and perfect for summer time use!

It is insulated with Crystal Down filling that lets you stay warm when it gets below freezing temperatures outside. You will love how lofty this thing is, plus its under 2 pounds!

The shell is made of all nylon and it has been treated so it will keep moisture away and keep you dry. The zipper does run the full length of the bag, allowing you to vent if necessary. You can also cinch the hood down if you find your night has become a little colder.

While this bag is a little bit more costly than some, it is very stylish, mummy shaped, and has over 3 feet of shoulder circumference. It comes in 3 sizes; Regular, Large, and Extra Long, so nearly anyone can use this bag. It does come with a storage sack and can stuff down to 5 x 14 inches, which is a perfect, small size that is easy to take with you on your journey.

Users love this bag for its warmth, light weight, and the fact that it only has an ounce or so of insulated fill weight. The price is a bit much, but this sleeping bag is proven to last over time, be able to handle the harsh weather and environment, and it looks great!


Cypress LZ GWS utilizes down from free-range mother geese. With its features, you can use this bag to climb mountains and camp in areas you’ve always dreamed of. As the wind blows through the night and the cold is almost freezing your bones, you can zip yourself in the Cypress GWS for warmth. As mentioned, the bag is packed with 850+ fill power down to create a loft of about 11” so you are able to sleep soundly, dreaming of accomplishing your tour objects come the next day.

The Gore WindStopper shell fabric offers the weather resistance you desire in extreme temperatures and weather. Who would have imagined that all the warmth of this sleeping bag can weigh in at about 7 pounds?

Two adults in Western Mountaineering Cypress Gore sleeping bags

The Cypress GWS comes with outstanding features that make it suitable for your outdoor needs. These include an insulated draft tube on the inside of the zipper combined with a storm flap covering on the outside, a three-dimensional draft collar (insulated), a GWS outer shell material, and a second zipper that allows the bag to open entirely around the foot. Other features of the Cypress GWS are as follows:

  • Full down collar
  • 64/39” foot/shoulder girth
  • Insulated external hood ruff
  • 5 ¼” V-block side baffle

This sleeping bag compresses down to a smaller size in a compression sack. This is an important aspect for backpackers looking to save some space on their pack. If you are a mountaineering enthusiast, you are aware that the size of the sleeping bag is directly proportional to the size and weight of the backpack you carry, since it takes almost fifty percent of the space in the pack.

The GORE-TEX WindStopper fabric, the soft, lightweight, and lofty materials of the Cypress GWS make this product quite attractive and a suitable place to sleep in. If you prefer comfort over anything else, then this is the right product for you. It offers the softest and most comfortable touch compared to most sleeping bags within the same ratings.


  • Temperature rating down to -30 degrees F
  • 50 oz of down filling
  • Weather resistant, Has Gore Windstopper
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Warm and well insulated, includes storm flap
  • 5 inches of loft


  • Very pricey, over $1,000
  • Only comes in one color
  • Gets too warm around 50 degrees F

When it comes to choosing a backpacking equipment such as a sleeping bag, there are numerous aspects you will need to consider to ensure you make the right choice. This guide provides some essential pointers that will help you to make an informed decision as far as selecting a sleeping bag is concerned.

Make sure you choose a bag that has the features that will enable you to survive the outdoor conditions. One of the best options that would suit you during cold weather camping and backpacking is the Western Mountaineering Cypress LZ GWS Sleeping Bag.

Western Mountaineering Cypress
  • Packaging
  • Durability and Design
  • Shell and GWS
  • Insulation
  • Manufacturer Recommendations
  • Value for the Money


The Cypress GWS Sleeping Bag is intensely wide, with extra insulation and more girth compared to any other gear in its warmth range. It’s fitted with the GORE-TEX WindStopper that protects the fabric from breaking as a result of moisture. This aspect is important in preventing moisture from damaging the insulation.

This sleeping bag has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with as far as withstanding temperatures down to 25 degrees. This summer sleeping bag will keep you warm when those hot days turn into cold nights on your backpacking adventure.

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  • As far as high-end sleeping bags are concerned, the Western Mountaineering Cypress Gore WindStopper is the real deal.

  • You should expect top-notch quality performance from the Cypress Gore Windstopper. It will exceed all your expectations.


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